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Level :4AM BEM Blanc Dear Sonia, Matire: Anglais

April 2011 Time:01h30

Im writing to seek your advice. I think my parents are very unreasonable. Let me give you the facts. First of all, I have to eat fruit and vegetables every day. I like fruit so thats OK, but I really hate vegetables. I think I should have the right to choose what I want to eat. In addition, they give me money to buy clothes, this should be good, but it isnt. My mum always comes shopping with me. However, I cant buy the clothes I want, she chooses really boring things for me and I always hate them. Moreover, I have to go to bed at 9.00 I dont have the right to watch TV. Furthermore, I have to share a room with my sister. Im very tidy and she isnt. The problem is that mum gets annoyed with both of us when the room is a mess. Its not fair. To sum up, Im fed up, what should I do? Best regards Lina

Questions: Section one: Reading comprehension: A- Read the text carefully and answer the following questions: 1- The letter is.. a- A letter of opinion b- a letter of advice c- an agony. 2- Is Lina happy? Justify. 3- Who chooses the clothes for her? B- Write true or false. Correct the wrong statement: 1- Lina hates vegetables and fruit. 2- She goes to bed very late. 3- She sleeps with her sister in the same room. 4- Linas sister is messy. Page1/2
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C- Find in the text words or phrases that are opposite in meaning to the following: Interesting. messy Find in the text words or phrases that are closest in meaning to the following: Conclude =. But=. Section two: Mastery of language: A- Complete this table: infinitive Past simple Past participle To have . Had To think To come .. Come B- Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1- If I (to be) you, I (to have) a long discussion with my parents. 2- Yesterday at 9.30, Lina (to sleep). C- Choose the correct word: 1- (May/can) they understand? Im not sure. 2- Lina (might/is going to) have her own room. Her Father is painting it but she (might not/will not) Like the colour pink. Who knows? D- Pick out from the text words that have the following .sounds. /e/ (then) /i/(big) / /(lot) //(October)

Part II: You are aunt Sonia and you received Linas letter. Give her some advice (in about 6 to 8 lines) Start like this: Dear Lina, If I were you, I would.. Here are some notes to help you. Ask my sister to help me tidy the room/ discuss the problem with my mother. Ask if I can go to bed later at week ends. Page2/2
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