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A police thriller, full of mysteries and bizarre twists. Written by James Mavor, and based on the idea of Ian Rankin, the creator of Detective Inspector John Rebus, Reichenbach Falls presents a complicated story that will keep you breathless because of his twisted plot. The title refers to the place where the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes died, suggesting the literary foundation of the film and explaining this way the appearances of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the film. Alec Newman successfully play the role of Jim Buchan, a hard drinking cop whose wife left him for his best friend, Jack Harvey, a successful writer. The disappointment of losing his wife makes Buchan fall into the path of self destruction. After the death of his partner, who was shot by the so called The Monkey, Jim Buchan is given a new partner, Sinead Burns and a new case that will carry them into the dark underworld of Edinburgh. The appearances of Arthur Conan Doyle, who was supposed to be dead, make the plot even more interesting because he helps Buchan realize that his whole life is just a story and that he is just a character in one of Jack Harveys novels. It is interesting to notice that the director, John McKay uses for the writer, the pseudonym of Ian Rankin when he was writing his first novels, and that is Jack Harvey. Another curiosity related to the film is the end, which corresponds with that of The adventure of the final problem by Arthur Conan Doyle, in which the main character apparently dies falling of a cliff in a struggle. The place of death is also the same for both characters and is Reichenbach Falls. In both stories, the main character is resurrected somehow by the author because the public was not prepared for the death of their hero. The cast was properly chosen and Alec Newman managed to fit very well the role of the drinking cop with attitude. Around him, Alistair Mackenzie playing his former best friend and Laura Fraser as his ex wife can be considered supporting characters. Nina Sosanya was also good in the role of female detective but I think that she didnt manage to make herself noticed too much. Even if he had a small support role, I liked the interpretation of Richard Wilson, who played the intriguing role of Arthur Conan Doyle, and I think that he fitted very well the character. The film is a very well produced drama although it contains lots of swearing and a bit of violence. The challenge is the one who makes the film worth watching. Reichenbach Falls is a clever film which will surely incite the fans of crime thrillers. Reichenbach Falls, 2007 farse[@]radiozu[.]ro
Writer: James Mavor Director: John McKay Producer: Gaynor Holmes Cast and Crew DI Buchan: Alec Newman Jack Harvey: Alastair Mackenzie Sinead Burns: Nina Sosanya Clara: Laura Fraser

Professor Bell: John Sessions Arthur: Richard Wilson %20estetic%202%20de%20AC.htm*articleID_18756-articles_details.html