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i wt en C VILLAGE OF NAPLES VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: REGULAR MEETING, VILLAGE ANNEX May 18, 2011 PRESENT: Mayor Braun; Trustees Frappier, Williams and Nichols-Scott; Attorney Miller; DPW Supervisor Schwartz; Fire Chief Elwell; Emily McFaul; Sue Kingsbauer; Derek Brocklebank; Chris Baker; Hope and William Vierhile; Bill Cooper; Christopher Bier; Nick Bier; Bob Harris; John B. ‘Cowley; Sarah Martin; Christopher and Barbara Wesenaire; Kenn Murray. 7:00 PM Mayor Braun made the call to order and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. ROLL CALL: Mayor Braun Present Trustee Williams Present Trustee Frappier Present Trustee Nichols-Scott Present Trustee Letteney Excused MINUTES: None at this time. PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR: Property Nuisance-West Ave.: Mayor Braun suggested tabling the topic until the June meeting to allow Mr. Harris to get started on abatement. A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to table the topic. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and carried with a vote of 4 ayes and O nays. Water Pressure: Sarah Martin, who lives on West Hollow Road in the Village, reported that their water pressure is very low. She said it has been tolerable most of the time since 1979 but since last summer it’s been much worse. They don’t have enough pressure to run the second floor shower. She said that the pump at the trailer park may be a contributor but whatever the case, it is much less. They have been taking readings. It was 22Ibs in February at the basement, less upstairs. Supervisor ‘Schwartz reported that they have discussed several options; it depends upon what the Board feels their responsibility is. Since the Village stopped overflowing the storage tanks, the pressure is lower. They did replace and enhance the pump above their house as well. Mrs. Martin noted that the water service line from the street had been replaced previously. ‘Supervisor Schwartz noted that the Mt. Pleasant storage tank was filled today from the well. Mrs. Martin said that they did see some improvement. She asked if the Village would maintain the current water level at the tank. Supervisor Schwartz said that they would since they’ve received permission from the NYS Dept. of Health to supplement with the backup well. If the filters clog, as they have been this spring and tend to do overnight, the tank levels drop then we clog more filters trying to bring the levels back in the storage tanks. He suggested that a bladder tank and booster pump might be helpful. If the Village opts to purchase them, it would be less than $1000 but the homeowner would need to maintain it. This would be less expensive than filtering more water to increase the pressure. Mayor Braun said he would like to have someone come in soon and evaluate the problem and get back to Mrs. Martin. Fire Truck Grant: USDA Rural Development has recently advised us that their program funding has been allocated. Clerk Hicks reported that the grant we originally applied for last June is no longer available, The agency has asked if the Board would consider the purchase of the quint with loan-only funding from USDA. They would like to know as soon as possible so that the application may be MINS-18-11 reg 1 Dratt graded next week. Chief Elwell advised that there are sufficient reserve funds to offset the loss of the $90,000 grant. He added that the loan is low-interest and over a longer timeframe than is available from other funding sources, which makes it affordable. The payment was budgeted in the event of a successful application. Attorney Miller noted that a resolution would be needed to authorize the additional expenditure of $90,000 from the capital reserve fund. A second resolution would also be necessary to finance the balance of the purchase price. Chief Elwell noted that there was a price increase since the truck was originally bid a year ago. A motion was made by Trustee Williams to proceed with the purchase subject to the outcome of the two permissive referendums: One on the capital reserve withdrawal and the other on a new bond resolution. The motion was seconded by Trustee Nichols-Scott and carried by a vote of 4 ayes and 0 nays. Bob Harris Concern: Mr. Harris reported that he was in the Clerk’s office today catching up on the sewer project when several men came into the courtroom. He said that since he believed they were with the Village’s sewer engineering firm, he asked to join them and all seemed to have no problem with it except Reggie O” Hearn who closed the door on him. Mayor Braun noted that the meeting was not regarding this sewer project. There was a discussion that there is a meeting regarding the sewer project on June 8 at 7:00 PM at the fire hall. DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS, ZONING: Report: Trustee Frappier reviewed the monthly reports, attached. Surveys: Mayor Braun reported that a bill has been received for Clark-Patterson for work done on the survey project, which should go to the water department. He would like to approve it with the vouchers for this month. Grass Law: Mayor Braun advised that he would like the topic postponed and more research done. PUBLIC SAFETY: Report: Trustee Nichols-Scott referred to the Fire Department report and noted that other than the ‘ruck funding, there was nothing out of the ordinary to report. DPW: Report: Supervisor Schwartz reviewed the monthly report, attached. Water Filtration: Supervisor Schwartz noted that the telemetry upgrades would result in overtime savings by automating a portion of the monitoring process. Since the tanks appeared to be relatively clean, a decision had been made not to empty and clean them prior to installation of the mixers. Since installation of the Eelpot and Blodgett units, there has been some residue showing up in the system. The Village received an additional quote from Blair for the spring flow meter purchase approved at last month's meeting, which is a lower price. Brush: There was a discussion about the frequency of brush pickup. Mayor Braun noted that the bi- weekly pickup schedule was for May and June. He left the schedule up to Supervisor Schwartz for July through leaf pickup. MINS-18-11 reg 2 Draft Flowers: Supervisor Schwartz reported that they would be cutting back on flowers this year. There ‘was a discussion that the business council may be starting up again. Street Signs: There was a discussion that the existing street signs should be repaired vs. purchase new at this time. Paving: Supervisor Schwartz reported on paving quotes from Suite Kote. Potential micro paving projects include: Elizabeth, Monier, James, Ontario, Reed, Vine, Weld and West Ave, The cost to do all would be $48,000. This is to seal/resurface. Academy Street would need to be topped with hot mix now then seal in years to come due to bus traffic. On Lyon Street there are drainage problems. The ‘Town agreed to assist with tile if we opt to do this project. Material alone is $50,000 for Academy. It would be an additional $5000/day for a roller with operator. Lyon Street would be $36,000 for material. ‘The roller/operator fee would need to be added to this as well. Another charge of up to $10,000 might apply to Lyon Street for true and leveling. The entire allotment for streets in the new budget is $56,000. Trustee Williams asked whether micro paving is allowed under CHIPS (NYS Consolidated Highway Improvement Fund). Supervisor Schwartz reported that the process has been reinstated as an allowed practice this year. For the last several years, the annual allotment from the state has been about $32,000. There is a balance remaining from last year because no large projects were done. There was a discussion about Lyon Street. Supervisor Schwartz. agreed to circulate emails tomorrow along with the spreadsheet from Suite Kote to get a consensus on how to proceed. There was a discussion about Tobey Street. Crosswalks: Trustee Nichols-Scott had an inquiry from the business council about when the crosswalks would be repainted. Supervisor Schwartz reported that the state plans to mill-out and repave Rt. 21 up to Rt. 53 and Cohocton Street in 2012. They have advised that the crosswalks won’t be remarked until after the project. Water Operator Certification: A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to approve the fee for tuition for Supervisor Schwartz and MEO Caves to take the IA Water Operator Certification course through Rural Water. The motion was seconded by Trustee Nichols-Scott and carried with a vote of 4 ayes and Onays. Creek Overflow: Mayor Braun reported that he had written a letter to the NYS DEC regarding Naples Creek overflowing onto Village property. This has been happening near the Rt. 245 bridge. They responded that if the Village would like to do work on the banks, permits from the DEC and Army Corp of Engineers are needed. He added that the DEC and DOT plan to take out some of the stones built up in the creek and remove the log jams, but that won’t be enough to alleviate the problem. Reed St. Tree: Mayor Braun read a letter from Kim Willis regarding a limb that fell from a tree adjacent to her home on Reed Street. The tree is in the Village ROW. There was a discussion that because power lines are involved, Mayor Braun and Supervisor Schwartz have contacted NYSEG regarding the tree. Fluoride: Mayor Braun reported that he has a request for a presentation in favor of fluoride at the next meeting. An associated article was left for the Board, attached. He asked Supervisor Schwartz how strong the solution is in the Village water. Supervisor Schwartz reported that the saturator makes a constant solution of 7800 ppm, which is injected into the water for an optimal range of .08 to 1.2. ‘There was a discussion that the well is not being fluoridated. Mayor Braun asked what the Trustees would prefer to do. All the Trustees were in favor of eliminating fluoride from the water. A motion MINS-18-11 reg 3