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Drali VILLAGE OF NAPLES VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES REGULAR MEETING, VILLAGE ANNEX June 15, 2011 PRESENT: Mayor Braun; Trustees Frappier, Letteney, Williams and Scott; Attorney Miller; DPW. Supervisor Schwartz; Florence Presler; John Cowley; Elisabeth Johnsen-Cowley; Emily McFaul; Nick Fargnoli; Sue Kingsbauer. 7:00 PM Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance. ROLL CALL: Mayor Braun Present Trustee Williams Present Trustee Frappier Present Trustee Nichols-Scott Present Trustee Letteney Present MINUTES: A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to approve the minutes of the April 11 Budget Hearing, April 20 Regular Meeting, May 3 Sewer Hearing and Special Meeting, and the May 18 Regular Meeting, Property Nuisance Hearing and Property Maintenance/Grass Hearing. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and carried with a vote of 5 ayes and 0 nays. PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR: Harwood Lane/Library Program Request: Elisabeth Johnsen-Cowley requested permission for the Library to host a car show and family night along Harwood Lane. The date for the car show is tentatively set for 7/22 or 29 from 5-7PM. The family night would be on 7/15 and include an ice cream social and various street games from around the world, No fees would be charged. Supervisor Schwartz offered to barricade the street for safety. The following resolution was offered by Trustee Letteney and seconded by Trustee Williams: BEIT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Naples in order to protect public safety and welfare, Harwood Lane be closed from 5-7 PM on July 15 and 22 or 29 during the proposed Library Program. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the DPW Supervisor be directed to erect appropriate barriers warning the public that Harwood Lane is closed during these times. ‘The adoption of the foregoing was duly put to vote and upon roll call was as follows: Present: Voting: Trustee Frappier aye Trustee Nichols-Scott aye Trustee Williams aye Trustee Letteney aye Mayor Braun aye DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS ZONING: Report: Trustee Frappier reviewed the monthly report, attached. Sewers: Mayor Braun reported that the sewer meetings have been held, there have been articles about it in the newspapers and the vote will be held next Tuesday. MING6-15-11 reg Drali PUBLIC SAFETY: Crossing Guards: Trustee Nichols-Scott reported that there was an incident involving a tractor-trailer driver and a police report was issued. Fire Contracts: Nothing new to report. DPW: Report: Supervisor Schwartz reviewed the monthly report. Water: Supervisor Schwartz reported that supplementing the water supply with the well has allowed them to slow production through the springs and tripled the life of the filters. He added that the Dept. of Health is allowing use of the well as long as it is chlorinated. Since it is only being run 8 hours/day, the wellhead is not depleted and all test results have come back with no problems. The item with the highest concentration is salt. He has been monitoring electric bills, which have been about $300/month to pump from the well - much less than filters. Fluoride has been discontinued. ‘Sweeper: The sweeper was returned from the shop last week and the DPW is working to hook up the hydraulics. Streets: Supervisor Schwartz suggested replacing curbs this year since the NYSDOT is planning to resurface Rt. 21 in the spring. There was a discussion that it may be better to wait to see if the sewer project will go forward and affect the work. West Ave. Drain: Supervisor Schwartz noted that there is a drain running across West Ave through Bob Harris’ property emptying onto Jim Rector’s property. He asked if there is any ROW and who is. responsible for maintaining the pipe. There was a discussion that if Mr. Harris’ property is sold; the prospective buyer is considering building where the pipe runs. Attorney Miller noted that the deed should be reviewed to determine if there is a ROW. He asked how important the current setup is to the Village. Supervisor Schwartz said that alternatives include re-routing it to run parallel to West Ave until it crosses further down or it could be run south and tie into the existing pipe that runs over to the soccer field. He said that re-routing it could be a $50K project. It was agreed that more research is needed. Water Pressure: Trustee Williams asked if there has been any progress with Sarah Martin’s water pressure, Supervisor Schwartz noted that he needs to see her. He believes the pump above her is robbing pressure. He suggested a pressure vessel and pump, which would cost about $900. Mayor Braun asked to have pressure readings taken off the hydrants. Fluoride: Mayor Braun reported that Dr. Chanler contacted him and is doing more fluoridation research. He contends that the NYSDOH needs to approve the discontinuance of fluoridation in the public water supply. There was a discussion about how the decision may be made and that a motion ‘was made by the Board authorizing the discontinuance of fluoride, therefore a resolution would not be needed. Streets: Mayor Braun had a concern that there is much emphasis on water issues and streets need to be addressed. Supervisor Schwartz said that they have been adjusting to the additional workload due to filtration and he is making an effort to address public works projects now that the weather is permitting. MING-15-1] reg 2 Drati Trustee Letteney Service Recognition: Mayor Braun thanked Trustee Letteney for his 4 years of service and a short recess was taken for refreshments. : Trustee Williams reported that the program starts a week from Monday. Director Gossoo did a great job writing rules for program employees. There was a discussion that over $1000 has been collected and only one negative comment has been received regarding fees. INSURANCE: Claim: Mayor Braun reported that the Village's insurance company has notified that they will not cover the $200 deductible for the claim for Jim Rector’s tire and rim. ATTORNEY: Zoning Change: Attorney Miller reported that the Planning Board has proposed that the current Light Industrial Zoning District be changed to a C-3 District. The purpose is to expand the permitted uses. The LI District only allows manufacturing. They propose allowing more residential, small business and special events. Attomey Miller met with them and discussed changes. He would like to put it in local law format and distribute to the Board for consideration. There was a discussion that helicopter use is allowed in the proposal. A motion was made by Trustee Nichols-Scott to remove helicopter use from the proposed law. The motion was seconded by Trustee Frappier and carried with 4 ayes and 1 nay, Mayor Braun voting nay. Grass Law: There was a discussion that the purpose of the law is to save time and expense. There is already regulation at the state level regarding maintenance of grass, brush and weeds. Mayor Braun discussed examples of where lawns are overgrown. He noted that lime disease is promoted by the lack of maintenance. A similar law was passed in Rushville last week. Trustee Letteney had concerns that it seems to apply to every property in the Village and it could be used as a tool for feuding neighbors and that there are bigger issues to be addressed. He would agree with the proposed law if it were ‘modified to apply to vacant properties. There was discussion that the CEO would need to use discretion. Trustee Williams felt the law is overstepping. A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to pass the grass law as written. The motion was seconded by Trustee Nichols-Scott and carried with a vote of 3 ayes and 2 nays. Trustees Letteney and Williams voting nay. CLERK: No business. ‘A motion was made by Mayor Braun to order and erect three signs designating ‘Schwartz Trail on the road from Ontario Street to Rt. 245. The motion was seconded by Trustee Frappier and carried with a vote of 5 ayes and O nays. Periello Park Request: Mayor Braun reported that the Masonic Lodge requests permission to have a hot dog stand in the park during the Grape Festival. There was a discussion regarding the Mason’s organization and similar requests in the past. Trustee Frappier suggested further discussion with the CEO. Chlorine Booster Bid: A motion was made by Trustee Nichols-Scott to accept the sole bid for the chlorine booster materials from Applied Specialties Inc. The motion was seconded by Trustee Frappier and carried with a vote of 5 ayes and 0 nays. MIN6-15-11 reg. 3