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VILLAGE OF NAPLES VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES REGULAR MEETING, VILLAGE ANNEX, November 16, 2011 PRESENT: Mayor Braun; Trustees Frappier, Williams, Nichols-Scott and Donadio; Attorney Miller; DPW Supervisor Schwartz; Emily MeFaul. 7:00 PM Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance. ROLL CALL: Trustee Frappier Present Trustee Nichols-Scott Present ‘Trustee Williams Present Trustee Donadio Present Mayor Braun Present, MINUTES: A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to approve the minutes of the October 19 regular meeting and the zoning map amendment and hydrofracking moratorium hearings. The motion was seconded by Trustee Williams and carried with a vote of 5 ayes and 0 nays. PRIVILEGE OF THE FLOOR: None. DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS ZONING: Report: Trustee Donadio referred to the monthly report, Mobil Food Vendor Regulation: The Board discussed draft legislation, attached. Trustee Nichols- Scott noted that the reference to a barbecue in Section 7 should be updated. She suggested issuing permits to property owners who rent to festival vendors. ‘There was a discussion that it would apply to all types of vendors and the potential fee would be $40. Supervisor Schwartz noted that he currently distributes letters advising that trash is not to be left for Village pickup. Trustee Frappier suggested notifying residents of any new requirements in their water bills. There was a discussion that this could apply to pie and other sales but not tag sales unless it is a long-term sale, Enforcement was discussed as well. Attorney Miller agreed to expand the definitions in the proposed law. Canon Display and Memorial: Mayor Braun said he feels the designs should be in accordance with the historic building. He had asked CEO O*Hearn to research whether site plan review is needed. Hear provided the attached “Governmental Immunity from Zoning” test to help determine this, Mayor Braun noted that the Town CEO would perform inspections but the village may be responsible for site plan review. PUBLIC SAFETY: Surplus Equipment: Chief Elwell received an offer of $4000 on Craig’s List. ‘The Board agreed to sell the surplus 1977 Ford brush truck and discussed his request to transfer the proceeds to the Fire Equipment and Apparatus Reserve, Supervisor Schwartz requested that the funds be transferred back to the Streets account to repay for paving and tank removal at the front of the fire hall. There was a discussion about the costs incurred and how they were paid. It was agreed that Clerk Hicks would research the original costs and report back. MINI1-16-11 reg. Dealt 2012 Line Officers: A motion was made by Trustee Williams, seconded by Trustee Nichols-Scott to approve the following Line Officers for the Fire Department for 2012: Fire Chief Patrick Elwell 1" Asst. Fire Chief Vern Webster 2" Asst. Fire Chief James Bashford ‘The motion carried with a vote of 5 ayes and 0 nays. DPW: Report: Supervisor Schwartz reviewed his monthly report, attached. Water: Supervisor Schwartz reported that he has been researching methods used to design water systems. He found that ERU’s (equivalent resident units) are used to calculate estimates of the capacity needed to supply customers based on standards used in water system design. For instance, they say that for design purposes, a family of four uses approximately 4000 gallons per week. He reported that using the calculations he found on more than one website, the resulting figures match up to what we produce. However, because we provided the engineers with the number of gallons billed, there isa large discrepancy. This is due in part to parties that are not billed, i.e., Naples Central School, Rose Ridge Cemetery and the water station. He said that the NYS DOH regulations state that water system upgrades should be designed using meter readings and the calculations provided should only be used if there are no meter readings. Clerk Hicks asked why they didn’t consider the production number when sizing the system. Supervisor Schwartz noted that, at that time, the tanks ‘were being overflowed and he had questioned it as well, but we didn’t have a way to measure it. Trustee Nichols-Scott asked what's needed to fix the situation. Supervisor Schwartz said that the filter banks need to be sized larger. Those were $60,000 each and we would need to double our capacity at each plant to get the correct efficiency. The buildings may also need to be larger to accommodate them. He said produce 300,000 gallons per day to keep the tanks full. Trustee Nichols-Scott asked what is cheaper, the fix or continuing to replace filters at the current rate. Supervisor Schwartz noted that we should be spending $20,000/year on filters and we've spent $50,000. Due to the savings on filters, she estimated that there would be a five-year return on the investment. There was a discussion about the issue with inaccurate manual winery meter reads in the past. Supervisor Schwartz had a ‘concern that the daily use we report didn’t change once the error was found. He said that the problem is we don’t have anyone in charge of the water system and public works and a manager is needed. He ‘was concerned about the condition of his office. There was a discussion about the PILOT agreements with the school and town. Trustee Nichols-Scott recommended that Supervisor Schwartz meet with his department's Commissioner and have more extensive conversations and come back with a concise report, ie., problem-solution format. Supervisor Schwartz said that we don’t read master meters and compare to individual meters. He recommended that water lines over 100” long be set up with a meter pit for reading purposes and bill off that read. He reported that he has tried to get the NYSDOH to reduce the operator certification requirements, but as it stands, the IIA is still required. GASB 34: Supervisor Schwartz discussed standards being implemented require a written preventative maintenance plan and computerized system to track maintenance in order to qualify for funding for projects. MINI1-16-11 reg 2 Dra Storm water: Supervisor Schwartz reported that Carey Haefele who works for the water conservation department applied for a grant for storm water management, The grant is for $6000 for work on Mt. Pleasant Street, which will be available in January. YOUTH: WSI: Trustee Williams reported that our Water Safety Instructor would not be returning next year. He was very popular but will be attending college next year. There was a discussion that we should advertise for the position in January. INSURANCE NYMIR: Trustee Williams discussed that NYMIR is a not-for-profit insurance company that is ‘owned by the municipalities covered by it. There is a buy-in fee that is spread over 5 years. The buy- in amount quoted in 2009 wasn’t much but the quote was about 30% higher than others. We plan to meet with them on March 1. ATTORNEY: C3 Zoning Map Change: Mayor Braun asked if a local law is needed for the updated map to become part of our Zoning Law. Attorney Miller said that it is not needed since the Zoning Law was amended to change the district from L-1 to C-3 and then the Board did a resolution at the last meeting. ‘The county is looking for a local law for the map change, Attorney Miller is working to contact them to resolve. Sewer Engineering: A letter was sent to the engineers last week asking for more detail on the invoice to verify the what, when and why of work being charged. Tax Cap: Attomey Miller said he would draft a local law authorizing the Board to exceed the 2% property tax cap. It is not mandatory but if one is not adopted and the cap is exceeded, there are penalties. CLERK: Health Insurance: Clerk Hicks reviewed the information as outlined in the attached memo regarding Village contributions to employee Health Savings Accounts and opt out payments and asked the Board how they would like to proceed. ‘There was a discussion that contributions may need to be changed to a flat amount and that each employee currently has a different arrangement. It was decided that the formula would stay at % the savings for H.S.A. calculations and ¥4 the cost of a single plan for the opt- ut payments through the end of the fiscal year. Since these are not tied to the open enrollment period, new methods can be discussed during the budget process and implemented in the new fiscal year. Tax Warrant: Clerk Hicks reviewed the attached unpaid tax certification and the Board to authorized itto be sent to the County Treasurer for collection. Audit Update: The Clerk reported that three Accountants from Ray Wager's office were here for a week reviewing records for fiscal year-end 5/31/11. The audit report is due in February by the Office of Community Renewal in order to comply with the water project grant requirements. DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS: A motion was made by Trustee Frappier to approve the departmental reports. The motion was seconded by Trustee Nichols-Scott and carried with a vote of 5 ayes and 0 nays. MINII-I6-11 reg 3