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Story by AstroSnake Co-writen by JemGirl ===================== This is a gay/yaoi story.

===================== It was a hot summer's day as Trent tossed Lucas the football. Lucas's backyard was shaded by trees, but it didn't help much. They often hung out together even though they had a large group of friends. They were on the football team together, and they were a dynamo on the field. "It's fucking burning out here," Trent said as he was picking up his shirt up from the deck and wiping his face with it before dropping it and getting ready to catch the ball again. "Got that right," Lucas replied while putting the football down instead. "Wanna go in?" he asked as he now walked towards Trent. "Sure," Trent said. The two self proclaimed jocks walked across the yard and unto the deck to get into the house. "Oh, wait," he said before turning around and coming face to face with Lucas who was closing the door behind them. They were almost touching as they looked into each others eyes as Trent explained. "I left my shirt outside." Lucas moved out of the way and let Trent go back out to get his shirt. Trent quickly got his shirt and came back inside to throw it onto one of the chairs in the living room. Lucas looked at Trent. "You O.K.?" Trent asked as he saw Lucas' eyes as they continued to look him over. "You're staring at me," he continued to get an answer out of his friend. "Cause you're hot. Eu Cause it's hot," Lucas said in a confused voice. "What?" Trent asked to clarified what he heard. "Cause it's hot," Lucas said again, as if nothing had happened. "You got heat stroke or something?" Trent asked as he walked passed Lucas and into the kitchen as he tried to let it go. He took out a glass and poured some water into it as Lucas now walked into the kitchen. Trent took a couple big gulps of water as he hurried to bring down his body temperature. He didn't bother with the two lines of water that dripped down his face and onto his chest. "I needed that," he said as he put the glass down. Lucas grabbed a paper towel and made his way over to him before Trent realized how wet he really was. "I got it," Lucas told him as he started to sponge up the liquid with a tactile hand. "Whoa! O.K. Then," Trent said as he lifted his arms at the sudden closeness of his friend and the feel of his hand mopping up the water off his chest. "I can dry myself," he told Lucas as he took the paper towel from him and walked around the boy to backup into the living room with some water still on his chest. Lucas followed him into the next room as he held his gaze. "Sorry," he finally said as they left the kitchen.

"What's with you today?" Trent asked Lucas after hearing and not believing his apology. "Nothing," he insisted before pushing up against his buff friend and kissing him on the lips. Trent stepped back as number of new ideas and thoughts shot through his brain. "You're gay!" he exclaimed as the major one made it's way out of his mouth. "Just fucking kiss me," Lucas said as he walked up to Trent and kissed him again as he pulled their bodies together. "Whoa!" Trent exclaimed as he managed to pull away. Lucas put his hand over Trent's mouth, hushing him. "I want to pleasure you," Lucas told him quietly. Trent slapped his hand away from his face. "What?" he asked in disbelief. "Since when are you gay?" Trent asked Lucas as he stepped away from him. Lucas reached across the distance between them and put his hand on Trent's crotch. "I want to pleasure you." he said louder. "You hear? Let me play with you. I want you inside me," he said getting ever closer to Trent. "Wait! Wait, wait, wait," Trent said as he continued to back away. "You want what?" he asked as his mind tried to accept what his ears heard. Lucas smiled as he got close again, and put his hand back over Trent's crotch. "I want to pleasure you. I want you inside me," Lucas said clearly to the other boy as he undid Trent's belt buckle. His shorts soon fell to the floor. Trent tried again to back away from this situation that he found himself in but fell onto the couch before he took more than three steps. Lucas got onto the couch next to Trent and pressed his body right up against his. He placed his hand back on Trent's crotch and an arm around Trent's shoulders as he started to massage Trent's crotch area. Trent put a hesitant arm up to push the boy he thought was his friend away but Lucas just kissed Trent's bicep and massaged his crotch with more vigor distracting him from his thoughts of pulling himself free. "Lucas," Trent gasped as his hand now caressed Lucas's head. "Stop," he said without really meaning it at that moment. "Let me pleasure you," Lucas insisted as he whispered into Trent's ear. When Trent seemed a bit more cooperative, Lucas took his hand away and stood up in front of his half naked best friend. The best friend that he has wanted to do this with for the past three years of his life. Maybe it was the heat, but he was going to go all the way today. Lucas took his shirt off and threw it on the floor. He stepped over Trent's legs to sit on his lap and look into his still disbelieving eyes. Lucas leaned in closer and kissed him on the lips again. Trent managed to turned his head away once more, but he didn't fight to get away. "Lucas," he said as Lucas slipped off of Trent's lap and onto the floor. He put his hands in the waistband of Trent's boxers and pulled them down off his legs. "Oh my God! Lucas!" Trent shouted as he reached for them but Lucas slapped his hand away. Trent's penis had started to swell lightly. Lucas threw his head into Trent's lap and swallowed his penis as he hurried to complete his task before anything or anyone stopped him. Trent gasped as his fell back into the couch. When Trent looked down at Lucas, he had already taken off his shorts. Trent did nothing but let his head fall back with a groan. He knew he should throw Lucas off, but he let him suck his cock. It felt so good. Lucas put his hands on Trent's stomach and rubbed up and down, and groaned from the feel of skin and muscles that he felt there. Trent groaned as well from the new feeling that traveled up his cock. Lucas' dick was wet with pre-cum and erect as he now lived out his fantasy.

Lucas reluctantly let go of what was in his mouth and stood up. He climbed up his big, muscular partner and tried kissing his lips again and again Trent turned his head away. "I want you inside me," Lucas said as he now rubbed his cock against Trent's abdomen. Lucas sat up and dropped his ass over Trent's cock as he gave up on going easy on him. He was sitting on Trent's cock and Trent wasn't doing anything. He wasn't even looking at Lucas never mind trying to get him off. Lucas took Trent's penis and guided it to his anus. Trent felt his penis go through Lucas's ass hole. It felt strange; it was tight but slick and soft on the inside. Lucas started jumping up and down on Trent's cock. "Yeah Yeah. Yeah!" he said as he rubbed Trent's thighs with his hands as he leaned back on them for support. "Fuck! Fuck Trent!" Lucas shouted. "Get on me and fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me Trent! Fuck me!" Lucas started to demand and plead for at the same time. Trent just groaned as Lucas fucked himself on his cock. "Fuck me Trent!" Lucas continued to shout, but Trent just stayed down, in the couch, groaning. "Trent! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" Lucas said making it sound like a real order. Trent looked up. "Get on top and fuck me," Lucas said. "Fuck me!" Lucas insisted as he slapped a hand on Trent's thigh. Trent's face became angry. No one hits him and gets away with it. He sat up and pushed Lucas off of him and backwards unto the arm of the couch. Lucas fell on his back and looked up at Trent as he loomed over him while kneeling between his legs. Lucas was scared thinking that he might have gone too far and that his friend was going to beat him up for raping him. The rage in Trent's eyes stayed but when Lucas felt his hands, they weren't doing what he expected. Trent lifted his legs and forcefully penetrated him. Lucas's eyes widened in shock, pain and pleasure. "Ah! Yes! Fuuuuuck!" Lucas yelled out. Trent was fucking Lucas. He humped Lucas with force and he started to cream himself. Lucas had no words left so he just screamed as he got what he had wanted so badly. Trent was still angry as he gripped Luca's shoulders. He didn't know why, he just was, and he continued to take it out on Lucas, humping him with force. "That's right!" Lucas shouted at him. "Fuck me hard! Don't be a pussy. Fuck me!" Trent became angrier. Lucas frustrated him with his belittling. "Fuck me harder!" Lucas shouted again. Trent grew angrier still. He took his hips out further this time for a greater swing and pulled his cock out in the process. He quickly stuffed it back into Lucas's anus and continued with his trusting. "Harder! Harder! Hard-er!" Lucas promoted. Trent put some more force behind his swings. "Yes!" Lucas screamed. Trent was still angry and kept humping the groaning Lucas for long time. Lucas's penis was oozing pre-cum. "That's right!" he said "Take my ass virginity!" he yelled. Trent pushed harder when he heard this. "Fuck!" Lucas shouted in surprise. Trent humped faster. "Yes!" Lucas proclaimed loudly. Trent could do better and he wanted to, to shut Lucas up. He fucked Lucas harder causing him to yell out, but it wasn't enough. Trent slowed a bit, before picking up with a harder swing and slammed his pelvis into Lucas's. "Ah!" Lucas yelled. Trent thought it could be pain, but it wasn't. He wanted Lucas to be in pain. He fucked harder. And harder. Lucas's screams and groans grew louder, and almost painful. Lucas's cock was hard as stone and throbbing painfully. He put his hand around his cock and jacked off as Trent kept pounding at his ass. Trent kept going at the same rate but he was starting to loose some of his anger. "That's right Trent!" Lucas said. "I want to feel you inside me," he continued as he kept rubbing his penis. Trent regained some of his anger like he did every time Lucas prompted him. Trent fucked harder and Lucas jacked off faster until he yelled as he came. His cum flowed out like a river, spilling out onto his stomach. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Lucas yelled as he arched under Trent's humping body. Trent was angered by this and fucked Lucas harder. He humped him with all his strength. Lucas yelled again. "Ah! Ah Trent!" he

screamed "Trent stop! Stop! Stop! Aaaahhhh!!!!" He was in pain. "Stop!" he continued to yell but Trent just fucked him harder. A smile started to appear on is face as he saw Lucas suffering. Then, and only then, did Trent feel an orgasm coming. He was going to cum in Lucas' ass. Just then he realized what he was doing; have gay sex. He was going to cum, he could feel it as it made it's way through his body. Trent pulled out of Lucas, half hoping that he wouldn't cum now that he had stopped and Lucas sighed in relief that he had stopped. Trent pulled away knowing that it really was too late and yelled because he couldn't stop himself. "Aaaaaahhhh!" He screamed as he orgasmed. His big, side curved cock sprayed out cum. Some landed on Lucas' chest and face before Trent fell backwards. With his cock still spraying cum, some fell onto his stomach, and as far up as his chest. Trent continued to yell as he was unable to contain his pleasure each time some cum was pushed out of his body. As his spurts died down he once again realized what he had just done. What they had just done. Lucas didn't want to move but Trent couldn't move. He was still in the dying throws of his orgasm as his cum slowly covered his pubis at the base of his cock. His erection died down from the rock hard cock it was, to a limp, cum covered penis as his mind became even clearer to what had just happened. Trent screamed again but this time in fear. "Ah.. Ah. Ah," he breathed heavily once he was done screaming. Trent lifted his head to see Lucas looking at him. "Your ass fucking is amazing," Lucas told him. Trent sat up. "What the fuck did I just do?" he asked as he started to get off the couch. "You fucked me," Lucas answered, as he laid back on the couch still too happy to move. Trent found his boxers and put them back on, not minding the mess of cum all over his cock and stomach. He put back on his shorts and grabbed his shirt as he walked away from Lucas. As he walked through the house to the front door, he berated himself. Not only did he have sex with a guy, but it was his best friend and he liked it when he was hutting him. What was wrong with him? He stepped outside and paused to put on his shirt when he felt the sun on his skin along with the drying patches of his cum. He walked away from the house and left Lucas behind, who was still laying on his couch.

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