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State of Kuwait Ministry of Education Farawaniya Educational Zone Al Sabah Sec.

School for Boys

Grade 12 Classes Fourth Period Remedial School year 2011/2012 English Dept.

Episode 4:sentenced instantly kneel wrecked fortune fragility abandon

Word Meaning

Great Expectations
/ / distance debt furiously Distinguish Rendered Merchant affectionately
Word Meaning

Summary:Pip lived in a state of continual anxiety regarding his behaviour to Joe. Pip began to get into debts and so did Herbert. One day Pip received a note from Mr. Jaggers informing him to call him the next day at five. When they met, Mr. Jaggers gave him five hundred pounds and told him that he was to receive this sum annually until his benefactor appeared. Pip went to Wemmick's office to get his advice about giving some of the money to one of his friends to help him get on in his commercial life. Mr. Wemmick advised him not to do so; otherwise, it would be as good as throwing one's money into the Themes. Pip started business with a young merchant. Business had taken Herbert on a journey to Marseilles and Pip was alone. Someone came to Pip's home, it was Magwitch , the first convict Pip saw on the marshes. Pip recognized him. Magwitch told Pip about his hard times and Pip believed him. Then Magwitch told Pip that he was his secret benefactor. Then he knelt before him and called him his son. He asked for a place to sleep and told him that if he had been found in England, he would be sentenced to hang. Pip felt angry and felt that all his dreams were about to vanish.

D- Answer The following questions :1- As I had grown up used my expectation I had begun to notice their effect upon myself.

A- How was Pip's feelings towards his behavior to Joe? a-He felt guilty for meeting Joe coldly. b- He lived in a state of continual anxiety. B- What were the things that made Pip feel guilty? a-He distanced himself from his old friends b- He made Joe feel so unwanted when he met him. 2- The influence of my new position was not of benefit to Herbert.

A- What makes Pip and his friend Herbert fell into debts? Their expensive lifestyle led him to expenses that he couldnt afford. B- What makes people fall into debts? a- expensive life styles. a- find a job. B- losing the job. C- losing property. C- What pieces of advice would you give to a friend who fell into debts? B- have a reasonable lifestyle.
3- I received a note informing me that Mr. Jaggers would be glad if I called on him at five in the afternoon the next day." A- Why did Mr. Jagger call on Pip ? To give him a bank note of 500 pounds from his benefactor. B- What did Pip suggest to do with this sum of money? He suggested giving some of the money to help a friend start his commercial life. C- Do you agree with Pip's suggestion to give the money to one of his friends? Why? I agree because friend in need is the friend indeed. 4- "My name is Magwitch. There is no one near,' he said, 'is there?' A- Who is Magwitch? He is the convict that pip met in the marches. B- What did Magwitch tell Pip? He told him he was his benefactor. 5- " I have never forgotten how nobly you acted, my boy. A- why was Magwitch grateful to pip? Because Pip helped him when he was in the marches.

B- Pip was entirely amazed to know that Magwitch is his benefactor. Why? Because he expected that Miss Havisham is his benefactor. 6- If I am found in England , I will be sentenced to hang A- Who said that and to whom? Magwitch to pip B- What did Magwitch asked Pip to do? He asked him to help him to escape from England. C- Pip felt that his life has become fragile. Why? Because if magwitch was arrested, he would lose his fortune and his good life.

Episode 5:Word
eventually emerged Chamber inquire

Great Expectations
Meaning Word
swear \ swore \ sworn secrecy moors authorities






Herbert returned from his travels. Magwitch started telling how he came to be sent to Australia saying, twenty years ago ,he met a man called Compeyson , the second convict on the marshes. Compeyson pretended to be a gentleman and introduced him to another gentleman then Compeyson stole him and blamed Magwitch of stealing and prepared everything to make Magwitch shown as the real thief. Then Magwitch tried to escape but he struggled with Compeyson on the marshes as he was trying to catch him . A few weeks later Wemmick sent Pip a letter saying Dont go home. Pip went to a hotel and the next day went to meet Wemmick at home .There Wemmick told him that the authorities were looking for Magwitch .Also, he warned Pip that Compeyson was in London. He told Pip that it would be better to wait till the search for Magwitch stopped . Herberet and Wemmick hid Magwitch temporary in the upper floor of a house near the river This was a good plan for three reasons. Firstly, this house was far from Pips champers. Secondly , Pip could know about Magwitch through Herbert. Thirdly, the house was near the river. Pip brought a boat then he received this letter from Wemmick : Early in the week you may do what you know of, if you want to try. Pip and Herbert decided to help Magwitch to get out of England. Herbert and Pip inquired about a ship heading for Hamburg and decided that it was the best destination. They intended to row down the river until they were between Kent and Essex and hid there the whole night. On their way they saw a light and a roof, they stopped the boat on the bank and headed for an inn on the river bank. Answer the following questions :1- One day , 20 years ago , I met a man called Compeyson. A- Where did Pip see Compeyson for the first time? On the marches when he was going to give Magwitch the food. B- What did Compeyson do to Magwitch? He persuaded him to introduce him to a gentleman he used to work for. C- What did Compeyson do with the gentleman? It emerged that he had been stealing him. D- Why did the jury recommend a lighter sentence on Compeyson? Because he gave up and invented all the information he could against Magwitch. 2- I managed to escape from the prison ship we were both on , and hid on the moors. A- What did Magwitch do when he heard that Compeyson was on the moors too? He decided to drag him back to the prison ship. B- What happened to Magwitch when the police caught him on the moors? He was put in irons, brought to trial again and sent away for life.

3- I took the note and read, in Wemmick's writing . ( Don't go home. ) A- What did Wemmick tell Pip about the note? He told him that the authorities are looking for Magwitch and his chamber is watched. B- What did Wemmick advise Pip to do with Magwitch? He told him it was safer for Magwitch to remain hidden in London and not try to go abroad until the research stopped. C- How did Pip and Herbert hide magwitch? They hid him in the upper floor of a house near the river. D- Hiding Magwitch in a house near the river was a good plan. Why? a- it's a way from Pip's chamber. b- It was easy to know about Magwitch from Herbert. c- It might be safe to get him aboard of a foreign ship. 4- "Early in the week you may do what you know of, if you want to try. A- Who wrote this letter, to whom, why? Wemmick wrote it to Pip to start their plan and help Magwitch to escape. B- What was their decision after receiving the letter? a- They started to inquire about the times of the departure of ship. b- They found one leaving to Hamburg. c- They told Magwitch to come down the river bank on Wednesday. C- Pip was keen on helping Magwitch by all means. Why? a- Magwitch was his benefactor. b- Magwitch tried to make Pip a gentleman. c- Magwitch told Pip he was innocent and Pip believed him as he saw the good in him.

Episode 6:Word
Bank Confusion drown

Great Expectations
Meaning Word
approach Wound Partner


Trial Fever

Complain Receipt

The next morning, they rowed out into the track of the ship. Then came another boat and stopped them, there were four rowers inside , an officer and a man covering his face . The officer gave his order to stop the engines. Then, Magwitch jumped and pulled the cloak from the neck of the other man, he was Compeyson, the second convict. They fell in water and both had gone. Then appeared Magwitch. He swam and came nearer. They caught him and chained his hands and feet. Compeyson drowned. I am quite content to take my chance, Ive seen my boy, and he can be a gentleman, without me. Said Magwitch to Pip.Herbert left to Cairo. Magwitch became very weak and died in the prison. Pip lived alone, in debt, and had a fever . Joe knew about his sickness and came to help him recover. Pip got up to find a letter on the table: Ive gone, for you are well again and will do better without Joe With the letter was a receipt of his debts: Joe had paid it for Pip. Pip felt ashamed of himself and his past actions. He decided to follow Joe and show him how sorry he was. Three days later, Pip went to the town to his old home to see Joe, his sister and all his old friends. They were all happy to see Pip. Pip told them that he would never rest till he had repaid the money with which Joe had kept him out of prison. Pip asked them to forgive him. And now, I said, though I know you have already done it in your kind hearts, tell me, both of you that you forgive me. Oh, dear Pip, said Joe. Of course we forgive you, if we have anything to forgive! 1- Soon the small boat crossed our path and fell alongside us. A- Who were on that boat? Four rowers a policeman and a man wearing a cloak. b- What did the policeman ask Pip and Magwitch to do? He asked them to stop and Magwitch to give him self up. C- What did Magwitch do ? He jumped and pulled the cloak from the neck of the other man. d- Who was the other man on the ship with the officer? He was Compeyson . 2- A dark object was seen in water. As it came nearer I saw it to be Magwitch. A- What happened to Magwitch?

They caught him and chained hishands and feet. B- What happened to Compeyson ? He drowned in the water. 3- I'm quite content to take my chance. I have seen my boy and he can be a gentleman without me. A- Who was the speaker? Whom did he talk to? Magwitch to Pip after he had been caught because he was to be sent to prison to meet his fate. B- How was Magwitch's health conditions when he was in the prison. He had a wound in his head and he was very ill. 4- He smiled, lifted my hand and raised it to his lips; then his head dropped quietly on his breast A- What happened to Pip after Magwitch death? He was alone, in debt, had hardly any money and was very ill. B- Who came to take care of Pip when he was ill? It was Joe who came to take care of pip in his illness. 5- He had been with me all the time. News of my illness had reached him by letter. A- Whom did Pip talk about? He talked about Joe who was with him during his illness. B- Joe behavior with Pip reflects his real character. Explain. It is Joe's nature to sacrifice himself for all people around him especially his relatives. 6- I have gone, for you are well again and will do better without me. A- Who wrote this letter and to whom? Joe wrote the letter to pip when he was about to recover from his illness. B- What was Joe's feelings when he read Joe's letter? He was deeply thankful to Joe and deeply ashamed of himself. c- What had Joe done before he left pip? He had paid all his debts and left the receipt near the letter. d- What did Pip decide to do? He decided to follow Joe and show him how sorry he was. 7- Of course we forgive you, if we have anything to forgive. A- Who was the speaker? To whom was he talking to? Joe was talking to pip. B- How did Pip's family meet him?

They were all delighted and proud to see pip . C- What did tell them ? He told them that he was going abroad and would pay his debts back soon. D- What did pip ask his family to do? He asked them to forgive him. E- What moral lessons did we get from this story? Loyalty to family members is much better than advancement and social class.

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