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Ludwig Van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven was a famous German composer and pianist.

Ludwig van Beethoven used to be one of the world's greatest composers; he used to write symphonies, overtures, and pieces for piano as well as other instruments too. Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770, in Bonn. He was the secondoldest child of the court musician and tenor singer, Johann van Beethoven; he was also his first teacher. However, he wasn't a good one he would beat his son and lock him in the basement to make him practice. At times when he arrived home late at night and awaken Ludwig to make him practice till morning. Beethoven began studying the piano and violin at the age of four. When he turned eight his father had decided to make some money from his son's talent, and represented Ludwig as a concert pianist. Beethoven's father wanted Beethoven to be known as a child prodigy, so he had advertised Beethoven to be six year old instead. When he turned eleven, Christian Gottlob Neefe, an organist and court musician in Bonn, became his new teacher. He was much more patient with Beethoven, and by the age of eleven Beethoven wrote his first composition. When Beethoven was twelve, his teacher allowed him to direct an orchestra part of the time. Beethoven who was employed as a as a musician in Bonn since 1787, Beethoven was granted a paid leave of absence to go study in Vienna by Mozart . Then he soon had to return to Bonn to look after his family after the death of his mother. In 1792 Ludwig chose to move to Vienna and took lessons from Joseph Haydn, however Haydn had insisted that Beethoven write Pupil of Haydn at the top of each composition he wrote. Beethoven had tired of giving Haydn all the credit for his work and quit studying with him. At the time most composers were hired by people to write music and wrote the kind of music they were told to write. However, it was different for Beethoven he was treated as a friend and wrote the kind of music he chose to write. Beethoven enjoyed taking long walks during his day, and during these walks he would plan his music and make notes in a notebook. The after he ate dinner in the evening, he would write music from 7:30 to 10:00, he followed this routine everyday. Even if Beethoven was eating in a diner and didn't have his notebook he would write on the menu's he once even wrote on a window shade. Beethoven always wanted his compositions to be perfect, he would work on his composition until he thought they were perfect, because of this sometimes it took years. When Beethoven was somewhere in his twenties he had begun to lose his hearing. Since he had trouble hearing he became hard to get along with for he was suspicious of people. However, this hadn't stopped him he could still hear the songs in his mind and wrote them down. In 1826, Ludwig van Beethoven had a cold but this could soon develop into pneumonia and died, and so the world had lost one of its greatest composers.