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Story by AstroSnake Co-writen by JemGirl ===================== This is a gay/yaoi story.

===================== Ben had taken his time in walking back to the barracks. He was tired but happy to finally being able to go home after his last year of military school. It wasn't a completely horrible place, but he wouldn't mind seeing it behind as quickly as he could. It was all white and everyone had to be perfect without a single piece of entertainment in sight. Everyone yelled. That was probably the reason why his ears rang all the time now. It also always seemed to rain when they had to do the obstacle coarse that ended up turning half into mud. At first glance the school seemed like an oasis in the desert compared to what he was leaving behind, but it proved to be more of a prison with an invisible fence. Graduation had just taken place. High school was over for him, not just military school. It was the most important event of the entire year and Ben's parents had failed to show up. The people he came to this place for. They thought that it would be good for him and he wanted to leave at the time, just because they didn't want him there. But the military make you miss your family. No matter how crummy they seem. The barracks were irritatingly clean and shockingly white on the inside. The building was a half cylinder in shape with port hole windows dotting the sides. There were rows of black bunks, with gray chests at the end of each one to hold their clothes. Not that they had much. Just two pairs of uniforms and the clothes they brought with them to this place. As Ben neared his bed, he saw a letter laying on his regulation perfectly made bunk. As he reached for it, he saw that it was from his mother. He tore it open before he sat down, ruining the perfection of the bed. It said that they would pick him up the day after graduation, to avoid the rush of everyone else going home. They were horrible people after all. After three years of not seeing him, they were going to make him wait another day. There were some other words there, but they sounded colder then the ones he read before. Like they were copied form some book on how to relate to a child that you didn't want. Ben crushed the letter and tossed it into the the pail that was next to his bed without reading it to the end. He placed his elbows on his knees and covered his face with his hands. He sat there for a while coming to terms with something he already knew, but hoped would have changed today until he heard the door open. He looked up and saw Max as he now skulking in. "My parents didn't show up," he lamented. "Neither did mine," said Ben, hopping to cheer Max up. Misery was suppose to like company right? Both had become friends over the years. They had both been thrown out of their families in some way because they were considered to be too much to handle. They seem to have ended up together again. They were the last two rejects left waiting for their unenthusiastic parents to show up and take them home where they would be expected to leave and to go off to get an apartment of their own, somewhere, as well as get a job if not attend college. "I think I'm gonna have a shower," Ben announced as he stood up from his bunk and smoothed the blankets

back to the expected standard. "You coming?" he asked Max so he wouldn't feel like everyone was abandoning him today. Max had taken a seat on his chest and drearily looked up at Ben when he heard the question. "Yeah sure," he answered before he stood and started following Ben's example of undressing. Ben grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his muscular waist. The one good thing about military school was that he had built up some muscle mass. The boys walked out of the barracks and headed towards the showers. This particular school had the showers separated from the barracks. Ben believed that it was so they would be made to march or jog as early in the morning as possible. It was a large steel clad shack, for a lack of a better word, with about 8 white tiled shower stalls that only had 4 feet high separating walls that came with stainless steel fixtures and drains. It felt good to be able to take a shower without a sergeant willing to pull you out naked if you took too long. Just the presence of a dressed man in a shower room made Ben uncomfortable. It was like he was watching them and silently mocking all their bodies. How they had been so fat or small, skinny, or even dramatically disproportional when they first got there. The whole time they showered Ben and Max didn't say a word to each other. They had each been pulled out more than once and couldn't help but stay focused on getting through their bath in their usual allotted time. Once they stepped out of the showers they both physically relaxed and took their time drying off before leaving the shower building. As they walked across the mostly empty yard back to their barracks, they started up a new conversation. "Would you be willing to do a guy?" Max asked as he looked straight ahead of them. "Umm depends on the guy I guess. I mean I'd say yes to you, cause I know you wouldn't make it awkward after, and you're a good friend. But not with a random guy, like from a bar or something, Ben honestly answered before he started to question the reason for the question. He pushed the barracks' door open and walked over to his bunk before taking off his towel and tossing it across his bed. "Why?" asked Ben as he turned around to face Max who had walked in behind of him. Seeing each other nude wasn't something new to either of them, so Ben wasn't in a rush to get dressed. Max looked at him nervously for a moment. They had made a pact years ago that neither had broken. He couldn't start lying to him now. "Cause I want to try to see how it is. I've been wondering what it's like for a while Max tailed off as he looked at Ben. You said you'd probably do it with me. Right?" Max asked calmly, trying to keep the earlier comment low key. Ben was somewhat surprised. He had a feeling that Max was gay, but he never thought that he would have contact with him like that. So why did he say he would accept a hook-up? Ben wondered. The silence was weighing on Max. He didn't expect Ben to take this long. He was starting to regret bring the whole thing up when Ben finally spoke. "I did agree that I would do it with you, but I won't have anything up my ass. That's my only condition. O.K?" Ben told him. Max was elated and showed it as he pulled off his own towel threw it on his chest as he walked up to Ben who was still naked. Max grabbed Ben's hand and pulled him down to the head of the barracks, just in case someone were to come in. The head was what the military called the john, the latrine, the bathroom. It was still an open space with no door to walk through, but there was a wall that you had to walk around to get into the area. That would give them enough time to get into one of the many stalls if someone did come looking for them for some reason. As soon as they entered the head Max pulled Ben on top of him, like the big powerful male that he now was

and Ben was surprised that he kind of liked it. Max went in for a kiss and Ben let him. He even let Max's tongue into his mouth. At first he didn't dare use his, but after Max kept pushing and poking it with his, Ben gave up and tried it. It wasn't that bad either. It was just like kissing a girl since Max had shaved not that long ago. Ben didn't know what he would have done if he had felt stubble as they kiss and he didn't want to think of what ifs as he enjoyed the French kiss. Max's lips were smoother then he thought they would be just because they weren't painted red and were glossy looking. Max's tongue felt powerful and eager as Ben played with it with his own, and for some reason it felt nice to be led in a kiss for once. Max took Ben's penis in his hand and his whole body stiffened slightly. Ben knew it would come to this, but he was still startled to feel a male's hand move over his penis and hold his scrotum. Ben was surprised that the larger hand felt better than a girl's. It's vascular and muscular make up made it feel almost like a massage, even when the hand was still. Max's spare hand fell on Ben's strong and very apparent pecks just before Ben pulled away from the kiss that they were still engaged in. "That feels good," he informed Max in a whisper as he wrapped his own hand around Max's penis. Max moaned and fell forward against Ben's shoulder as he enjoyed a few firm squeezes before one pull had him sliding down Ben's lean chest to come fact to face with his pubic hair. He waisted no time in putting his mouth around Ben's penis, and sucking. It wasn't the best blow job, and actually it was probably the worst that Ben had ever received. Max's teeth were just too close for comfort, but at least it was slow. It was the only thing that kept him from being turned off completely. When Max finally came back up to look into the eyes of his taller suitor, Ben had decided that he would try giving a blow job too. He didn't care if it was good of bad, but he did want to know what it felt like to have a dick in his mouth. He dropped to his knees and took Max's stiff, banana shaped penis in his hand. Ben thought that the curve was sexy. He even wished that his penis curved up like that when it was erect instead of just being a straight stick. Max wasn't circumcised like Ben was, so he was surprised to see that the foreskin had retracted completely now that he had an erection. His penis wasn't that long in Ben's option, maybe 5 inches with the curve included. If you measured it perpendicularly from the body out, it might only be 2 or 3 inches which just made it seem smaller. Ben put it in his mouth and tried to work around the curve. It was somewhat exiting. This was the first gay thing he had ever done, and he was going for it. He had never wondered about his sexual orientation before, but now with a guy's cock in his mouth as he tried to make as good for him as could, Ben was sure he wasn't straight anymore. Soon Ben's jaw got tired and Max was shaking too much to guaranty that Ben wouldn't bite him by accident. So he opened his mouth and moved back up the hot body that was between him and the wall. "Now do me!" Max all but screamed as he jumped up unto Ben's torso causing his arms to come up and hold his ass to keep him from falling and to hold him close. That sentence was what Ben needed to hear to have his penis fulfill it's erection. Penetration. He was in; so to speak. Everything he had done so far was pretty mediocre, sadly, but this might actually be at least pleasant. An ass was tight and gave more pleasure right? Maybe a man's would be the same. With one hand, causing Max to hang onto his neck, Ben tried to forced his penis into Max's tight virgin ass but he couldn't get it in. Frustrated, Ben let Max fall slightly onto his penis and it slid in painfully as it's head was compressed. But once it was in, it was good. The pressure and soft inside made for a great feel on his penis. Ben's hands were back on Max's ass as he bobbed him up and down on his penis, but it wasn't enough for him. Ben wanted to go in deeper. He pulled Max away from the wall and Max wrapped his legs around Ben's torso and held on as he was moved.

Ben walked into the main room of the barrack and threw himself and Max on his bunk. He hoped it was his, but honestly he couldn't see where they landed. Ben then proceeded to pounded into him. Max's moans made Ben feel stronger and he pushed in harder every time. Max's yells became more and more intense, and so were Ben's pushes. It was simply amazing. Ben felt like each pass was pumping sperm up his vas deferens all the way to his penis. As he fucked him harder, it was a better pump and a more pleasurable one. So he kept at it and went in harder and harder, until Max wasn't just screaming his pleasure, but also his pain. Ben was amazed as he felt the rush of sperm through his penis, and He closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide as he clenched all his muscles and screamed from feeling all the pleasure in the world in unison with Max. He couldn't pull out, he was frozen inside Max and his muscles didn't want to do what he told them. Soon he started to fall unto to his side and the movement caused his penis to slowly slid out of Max's body and he moaned again from the feeling the tingled along his still sensitive skin. "I think you blew my prostate open," Max half complained and half pointed out as he laid covered in his own sperm, and a growing puddle of Ben's which was leaking from Ben's penis and his ass. The pair stayed on the bunk since they were too tired to get up. But finally when Max had the energy to get up he saw that Ben had fallen asleep. He used what energy he had to get up and clean off the bunk, himself, and his new parter as well. As Max was tucking the clean sheet around Ben's naked body he finally woke up. He looked into Max's eyes as Max looked back into Ben's. They didn't say anything and there was no regret to be seen in either of the boy's faces. Ben reached up and rubbed the side of Max's neck before taking the sheet from his hands and turning over as he went back to sleep. Max straighted up and smiled to himself as he made his way over to and into his own bunk. He also slept naked since they were the only ones currently sharing the barracks.

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