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===================== This is a gay/yaoi story.


Hotel Hook-Up

Story by AstroSnake Re-writen by JemGirl

Ten college aged boys carrying over night bags, that had been with them much longer, walked into the lobby of a decent sized hotel for the first time in two weeks. They all stood in front of the reception desk and waited for their coach to walk past them to check the team in. When he was finished he turned around holding a bunch of key cards that he gave to the assistant coach to hand out before turning to get the second set from the lady behind the desk. There is no rhyme or reason to who bunks with who tonight, the coach said as he watched James, the assistant, as he handed out the last of the six cards he had been given. Those of you who got a key can go up and start getting ready for dinner. It will be at six, he told the gathered group before half of them started to walk away. I walked away with them. My name is John Theme. I am one of the reserves for the upcoming game. In fact, all of us that used the elevator to find our rooms first were the reserves of the team for the up coming game. The hotel was three stories high and we were on the top floor. Finding our rooms were easy enough once we looked at the cards that we were given. Kyle actually tired to see which door his key would open before he realized that the room number was printed on it. The basketball tournament has now taken us a few states away from home but this place eased a bit of my homesickness. I found my room and got down to unpacking what I would need right away since it wouldn't be long until it was time for dinner and I was hungry. The room was small, or it only looked that way because of the large queen size bed that sat in the middle of it with the bathroom off to the side. I wondered who I would be paired up since we had to share a bed this time around. Bunking with each other wasn't something new, but normally there would be two beds in the room. Some of the players on the team were unsavory, whilst others were quite the opposite. I had placed my bag on the bed and I continued to unpack toiletries as I went back into the bathroom. I was in there when I heard the door as it was unlocked and my room mate as he stepped inside. "Hello?" Derek called out as he walked further into our room. I didn't have to look to see who it was, but I ducked my head around the door to greet him anyway. Hey, I said to his back as I watched him drop his bag into the only chair in the room. I was relieved it was him. I liked Derek and I liked Derek's looks. "Hey," he said as he turned around and faced me. "Oh! Hey John," he said before turning back to his bag and opening it. For some reason I wasn't convinced that he was that surprised to see me, but I quickly didn't care. "I think I need a shower after that long-ass bus ride," Derek said as he took out his own toiletries.

"You are going to have to wait until after supper," I informed him as he walked past to put his toiletries in the bathroom. "Yeah, maybe," he answered as he walked back out. "What time is supper again?" he asked. "Umm six o'clock, I reminded him. Derek glanced at the clock that was sitting on the table next to the bed. "Holy crap it's five fifty eight! We should go," he said as he grabbed his card from the bed. I followed Derek out the door, and ran down the hall to the elevators. An hour and a half later we were coming back from supper and Derek was having a conversation with Alex. I went ahead of him as they stopped to continue their talk. "Curfew in fifteen minutes!" the coach yelled from down the hall. His announcement was promptly followed by boos from the rest of the team. "Hey hey!" the coach continued. "You can stay up as long as want, in YOUR rooms! You can even be as loud as you want, the walls are firkin sound proof here!" was his parting words before he entered his own room behind the assistant coach James. Soon after I entered my room Derek walked in behind of me. "You gonna shower?" he asked "Or can I go?" You can go first, I told him as I now looked around for the remote. I sat down on the bed and turned on the tv to past the time until it was my turn. The first thing I saw was the part of the seven o'clock news. The next thing I saw was Derek getting undressed and tossing his clothes on the bed close to my feet. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, like I always did when we were in the locker room together. It wasn't long before he was taking his tight, gray, boxer briefs off. That had me turning my head slightly in his direction before I caught myself and turned back to looking at the tv that was now showing an ad for a vacuum cleaner. Derek went into the bathroom and didn't bother locking, never mind closing the door for his own reasons. I thought it might be because he just walked out of this room naked. What was there left to hide? As I heard him turn on the water I settled in and tried to concentrate on what the television was trying to show me. The news was back on, but I really wasn't interested. I then remembered what the coach said about the rooms being sound proof. I got up on my knees and turned towards the wall behind of me. I knew that Jackson and Sean had the room on that side and I wondered if I could get them to hear me. I knocked on the wall a few times and waited to hear if anyone would knock back. I didn't hear a response so I banged with my fist this time before waiting for some sign that I was heard. Still nothing came. I guess they really are sound proof, I told myself before turning around and laying on the bed. I reached for and pointed the remote at the television to change the channel. I went through them one at a time to see if there was anything on any of them that was worth watching. Nothing had really caught my attention so I heard the water from the bathroom as it turned off and Derek as he pulled the shower curtain aside. Almost right away, Derek walked into the room and I turned to see him in all his wet beauty. Derek was a tall, buff guy that sported a lot of good physical points. He had deep set blue eyes. Short cropped black hair, and big pecs that went with his big hands. He was a real hunk. "Yo, where are the towels?" Derek asked as he stood there dripping wet. He was incredibly sexy. "Ummm" I said as I tried to think past what I was looking at. "Oh. There they are," Derek said as he looked in the direction of the television. I turned to see what he was looking at and there was a basket with towels and shrunken toiletries on the floor next to the television. Derek walked into my field of vision allowing me to see his penis as it moved with each step he took until he turned his back to me. When he got to the basket Derek bent over to pick up a towel and I understood why it was

called mooning. It was amazing, tight, muscular, and just a bit hairy. Before I knew it, I was standing up as I felt myself being drawn to Derek and his almost glowing backside. As I entered touching distance Derek turned around with a towel in his hands and I was now gazing into his blue eyes as he gazed back into mine. The thought of kissing Derek occupied my mind until some kind of self preservation kicked in and I moved around him to get a towel for myself. "Sorry," I quickly commented before grabbing a towel and moving away. "No worries John," Derek answered as I moved back to sitting on the bed instead of going for my shower. Derek didn't move either. He just stood there in front of the basket for a while before he started to dry off in an almost exhibition type fashion. I couldn't stop myself from looking at him since it seemed like he was putting on this little show for me. Derek was looking at me with a somewhat malevolent smile on his face as he did this. It would have worried me if I kept looking at his face, but my attention was drawn to his hands and where he was placing them. After making sure that his skin was dry in a very hand touchy kind of way, he reached over and turned off the television. I blinked a few times at the real silence that now occupied the room. Derek dropped the towel that he was finished with on the bed before he sat down next to me. "You're gay, aren't you?" he asked, but really stated. "I know that you have been looking at me," Derek continues. And I don't mean just now. That was just to see how you would react with me that close and with no one else in the room, he explains as he starts to lean in closer. I didn't say anything as Derek got so close that I had actually moved and was laying down with him on top of me. "Well John, wouldn't a gay boy like you want to blow me right now?" he asks me, but I still didn't say anything. I could smell his skin and besides being aroused I was very confused. Derek got right up to my face and I forced myself to think about what was going on. What was I suppose to do now? His eyes look so blue. Is he telling me that he likes me? I can feel the heat from his breath on my face. Is he telling me that he's gay too? "John" Derek called out softly. I threw my face forward and kissed him on the lips. He wanted me. At least that is what I thought until I felt Derek pull away with a sound of disgust in his voice. "I didn't say you could kiss me," he told me as if I was his sex slave. For a moment I was surprised at his reaction, then I was surprised that I liked it. "O.K." he said as he watched my eyes for something, or was it my face, as he slowly backed away from me some more. Before he stopped moving this smile appeared on his face. He must have been happy with what he saw. He realized that he had some control over me. "Blow me," Derek now demanded as he knelt on the bed and and some of his clothes as he held his swelling cock. I slid down to the floor and knelt in front of Derek as I took his cock in hand before looking into his face again. "Blow," Derek said aggressively. I smiled at the irony of being told to do something that I wanted to do, and placed my mouth over Derek's cock. As I moved my head back and forth, I could feel Derek's dick grow a bit more in my mouth. He quickly placed a hand on the back of my head and I kept on sucking. I reached my hands around to hold Derek's ass. When he didn't stop me I squeezed and felt it up as I sucked and slobbered all over his dick. With pride I thought that I made him a little harder as I continued to suck and lick at the curved, uncut cock that was in my mouth. Derek's cock was already big when limp. About five inches long I would guess. When he had a boner Derek's cock grew to around seven, maybe eight impressive long inches. I stopped sucking Derek just long enough to take my shirt off, so I could have more skin to skin contact, as I went back to having his cock in my mouth and my hands on his ass. I was moaning unto his dick when Derek slid the hand he had on my head down to the back of my neck. He pulled me up and pushed me away so he could stand between me and the bed. He was breathing hard and that twisted smile was on his face again. Goose bumps went up and down my spine and I couldn't tell if it was a warning or a sign of anticipation.

A second later I found myself being thrown unto the bed and Derek's hand on the waist of my sweat pants. He quickly pulled them off and tossed them aside before I felt his hand as it entered my loose boxers. I moaned as he jerked my cock and for the first time I felt how wet I had gotten. All too quickly it stopped and I opened my eyes to see what was going on when I felt his hands pulling down my boxers. I sat up to help and watched to see what he would do next. I looked at him, then his hand as he gave my cock four jerks and placed his slick hand on his own cock to rub it up and down the length of his boner. Derek then placed one hand on my neck and his other on my arm, to turned me around with a surprising amount of force and speed. As I realized what had happened I felt Derek as he bent over my back. I turned my chest and head to look at him as he continued to hold me down and started to stick his rock hard cock up my unprepared ass. I squinted and let out a small groan of pain as Derek pushed through the outer ring of my anus. Derek laid his chest on my elevated back as he started humping softly. It was so painful that I couldn't scream no matter how much as I wanted. "Ah" Derek moaned in pleasure. I didn't say anything as I continued to fight off the waves of pain I was still feeling from this mostly dry fuck as Derek continued to slid in and out of me. "Yeaahhh," he moaned over me. "You like this John? You like this don't you?" Derek prompted me. I frowned for a moment as I thought about it and tried to spread my legs wider. "Yes" I answered him as I finally felt the pain start to ease. "Yes, I like it," I fully confessed as I felt the precum from Derek's dick as it started to really coat my insides and his cock. Derek's breathing became louder as he got lower and placed his mouth next to my ear and moved his hands unto my waist. "Yeah, you're my little sex doll aren't you?" Derek asked me. I turned my head around to look at him. "Yes," I said with a smile. I liked this feeling of being dominated. Derek gave me a hard push and I yelled "Ah!". I watched as Derek smiled back at me. "Fuck yeah. You're my sex doll," he whispered before getting back up and fucking me a little harder. I started groaning in pleasure instead of pain. Derek pushed in and out of me stretching my ass some more. The feel of pleasure as Derek's hard dick rubbing across my prostate now almost made up for the pain I felt at the start. My dick was hard again and pointing it's six inches of flesh straight at the sheets below me. Derek gave another really hard push prompting another "Ah!" pleasure moan from me. Derek fucking started to get harder. It had been about half an hour since I had seen his wet body standing in front of me. I felt his hands as he moved them up onto unto my back, and pushed my chest down onto he bed. My ass was still up in the air and he moved over me to fuck it harder. I screamed in surprise and then moaned in pleasure. Yeah," Derek said. "Fuu-uuckk!" he shouted as he pushed harder into my ass as he got closer to coming. Derek pushed so hard at that shout that he knocked my ass down, pressing my cock into the bed. Derek wasted no time as he took a hand off my back and used it to slid his hot, curved, rock hard dick back into my open ass. I stayed lying down as Derek fucked me as hard as ever, with both his hands on my shoulder blades. He fucked me progressively harder until he started to feel his orgasm coming. "Fuck!" he shouted as he started to loose his rhythm. My cock slid in a pool of my precum as he went as hard as he could in and out of my ass. I yelled, almost in pain, but defiantly in pleasure from Derek's hits to my prostate. Then Derek yelled out and gave one last extra hard push on my ass and froze in his position over me. Derek stayed like that, before he curled back and yelled again. "Fuuuuucccckkk!" He fall onto his side and pulled his cock out of me. I felt his spermy cum as it flowed out of

my ass. "Fuck" Derek said quietly again to himself. I turned on my side and looked into Derek's face before looking him over. His chest and abs had a trial of cum that lead to a small pool of it that was under the dripping head of his cock. I reached out and put my hand on Derek's chest and smeared the cum across his skin. "That was hot," Derek said. "That was fucking amazing." he reiterated. I hadn't come yet, but I was so close. I just need him to touch me. I reached down for his hand placed it over my still hard cock and as I started to moan at feeling his fingers on my hot flesh he pulled away. "What are you pulling? he asked. You're my sex doll. I get pleasure out of you. That's it, he informed me. I started to think of a way to make him want to jack me off. Would it please you if I begged for you to jack me off? I asked in a voice that barley sounded like my own. His grin came back and I felt his hand pushing me to lay on my back. Beg if you know how to sex doll, he told me. Then my mind went blank. I never had to really beg for anything before. So with cum burning a hole in my nuts I told the truth and asked for what I wanted. Please jerk me off Derek. Please. I'm so close to coming. My nuts and dick hurt, I told him. That is the best you can do? he asked with a laugh in his voice. When I heard that, I almost regretted that I begged him for anything. I was about to tell him to go fuck himself with his own dick when he pressed my cock down unto my body with his foot and rubbed it fast like he was scratching his own itch. Surprise, puzzlement and excitement shot their way through me before I arched up into his feverishly fast moving foot and came as he pulled up on my cock with his toes under the ridge of my head. Aaahhh! I shouted as cum shot out of my dick and over my head. Some landed in my hair. Some landed on my face and some fell onto my chest before it started to dribble out the over my cock that Derek had already released. I laid there panting hard as I tried to catch my breath. Not bad fag boy, I heard Derek say. I turned my head to look at him and saw as he got up unto his knees and came towards me rubbing his cock again. He wanted me to suck his cock. I saw it in his face and I heard it in his voice before. He didn't like me. He didn't even want to admit that he might be gay. I sure as hell knew that he was at least bi from what we just did and all the girls that hung off of him before and after the games. He was fine with me getting off if it happened while he was using me. I was lucky he even let me beg for him to get me off this time. I'm sure it's never going to happen again. If I didn't pull away now and stop things from continuing, I was going to be his sex doll like he said. I was going to be his to fuck. I was going to be the mouth that sucked him off and if he wanted me to jack him off, then I would do that too and that would be it. He didn't like me and most likely he never would. I looked at him as he came closer looking at me as a means to an end. Derek leaned over me and placed his arms on the head board leaving his cock to hang just above my lips. I could end this now. I could. I opened my lips and reached my tongue up to taste his skin again. Aahhh, Derek moaned when I sat up a little to suck more of his cock into my mouth. You are so lucky that I picked your room John, he moaned over my head. Some of the other guys won't be as nice, he told me before I felt his hand on my head.

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