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ObamaYou so Obama

1.Its a hit

2.You hit the nail on the head

3.Its all greak to me

4.Hes always on the go

5.Thats a good gimmick

6.He is a fast talker

7.Whats the gag?

8.Drop dead

9.Whats eating you?

10.He double-crossed me

11.Its my cup of tea

12.Oh,my aching back!

13.Im beat

14.Ill back you up all the way

15.Its a lot of chicken feed

16.Cut it out.= Go on. =Knock it off

17.Go to hell

18.Stop pulling my leg

19.Dont jump on me

20.No dice

21.He always goofs off

22.So,you finally broke the ice


24.He is a nut

25.Its on the house

26.Dont panic

27.He is a phoney

28.He was put on the spot

29.Hes down and out

30.That will be the day

1.Dont push me

2.Dont give me your attitude

3.Dont dream away your time

4.Dont you dare come back again?

1.A flash in the pan

2.He always likes to play a lone hand

3.That boy never says uncle

4.You rose to the bait

5.Play to the score

6.Im from Missouri

7.Hes a brain

8.This draught occurs once in a blue moon

9.How dare you!

10.In doing we learn

1.Get off my back

2.Keep your temper under control

3.Thats enough of your back talk

4.He is trying to cash in on me

5.Dont chicken out.Be a man

6.Im hard up

7.Its full of hot air

8.He told me to get lost

9.Whats in it for me? = Whats my cut? = Whats my share?

10.I got a big kick out of it

1.He kicked the bucket

2.Oh!You are killing me!

3.He is an operator(here it means a thief,a swindler,)

4.He passed out

5.Dont be that way!

6.You are casting pearls before swine

7.Example is better than precept

8.There is no one but hopes to be rich

9.He really has no guts

10.He has a lot on the ball

1.Wow,the car is awesome.Can I get a load of it?

2.Im totally maxed out

3.Give me a hand

4.Foot the bill

5.Youre still wet behind the ears

6.He had racked his brain

7.Our team gained the upper hand

8.There go the house lights

9.She eats like a bird

10.He got off on the wrong foot when he started doing

1.In her hometown ,she was a big fish in a small pond

2.He lives only a stones throw from here

3.Our hopes were all gone

4.Go ahead with your plan.Im all for it

5.He has his faults,but all in all,he is a good guy

6.Your explanation is as clear as mud

7.Im really crazy about Michael Jacksons rock and roll

8.Their opinions on art are simply for the birds

9.I told him to beat it

10.I beat my brains (out) to get a job

1.When it comes to fishing,I beat him by miles
2.Tell me whats your beef?

3.Ill come back before you know it

4.Please behave yourself before the guests

5.He is the man behind the curtain(scenes)

6.You need to make a case for your suggestions before you can get them approved

7.Dont tell others.Let sleeping dogs lie

8.Its in Gods hands and we have prepared for the worst

9.When I knew I just being hired ,I jumped out of my skin

10.The whole team was in the doghouse because they lost the game

1.I looked high and low for my pen

2.He got to know the ins and outs of the accidents

3.He left his wife high and dry

4.If you remain stuck-up,they will often try to pull your leg

5.How can we know whether a person is on the up and up by his appearance!

6.Hell be out and about very soon

7.He will not turn the cold shoulder on me when I am in trouble

8.Its no use talking to him ,youll only waste your breath

9.You gave me an awful pain in the neck

10.The lummox has loused up their companys whole business

1.When he asked me to marry him , I felt in a bind

2.She knows her beans in working

3.In his speech Mr.Brown laid stress on the sagacity of cats

4.The criminal tried to grasp at a straw by feigning mental disorder

5.Since he is as silly as a goose , he will not get a promotion

6.The mayor really made a slip of the tongue!

7.Johns friends said he was mistaken , but he stood his ground

8.You can trust him , for hes honest through and through

9.Trying to study a lesson for one class during another class is like robbing Peter to
pay Paul

10.Facing his enemy , he had to play it by ear

1.He is in a jam

2.I will make it up to you

3.To me it is just peaputs

4.You dont have a care in the world

5.I smelled a smell of cooking

6.He ran his horse up the hill

7.Cant you do anything right?

8.Dont nag me!

9.I dont know what has set my nerves on edge these days

10.With things as such ,well have to let things slide

1.Let bygones be bygones.We are still friends

2.No big talk with me.I have your number

3.I am the apple of my grandmas eye

4.I wouldnt freeload

5.I didnt know.I was only a shot in the dark

6.Why should you always like to rib others?

7.They drove the car and went out for a spin

8.There must be someone who had put him up to that

9.Give me a break

10.Take a hike!

1.Get over yourself

2.Get the hell out of here

3.I detest you

4.Youre away too far

5.Youve ruined everything

6.Youre a pain in the ass

7.Youre a joke

8.Youre impossible

9.Youre an asshole

10.Youre a jerk
1.Really?Youre so bad!

2.Someday,when your ship comes in ,youll build your dream house

3.Someday youre going to have to face the music for your actions

4.We could make beautiful music together

5.Ill speak aganist anything I know to be wrong

6.Its supposed to start 6:30 sharp,but I doubt it will

7.The brothers differ from each other in their interests

8.Stone has always had a crush on baby

9.I am sick of always waiting for you!

10.Id like to repair our differences

1.This experience will make me show my true color

2.As far as policy is concerned ,I have to say something

3.They are only too delighted to accept the invitation

4.He has a nice sum of money put away

5.He dare not tell us his evil conduct

6.This joke has gone a little too far

7.You should have a mind of your own

8.He is heavily insured against death

9.Close the door after you ,please

10.Dont pull the chairs about,boys!

1.He is capable of any crime

2.I have no direction ,I just go wherever the winds blows

3.He struck his attacker on the ear

4.I have a bottomed-down mind

5.Mind your own business!

6.Im a man of my words

7.Look at this mess!

8.Every time I see you ,you leave me out in the cold

9.I hope your idea takes wings

10.If the shoe fits ,wear it

1.Id do anything to see you crack a smile

2.If you dont want to lose me,youd better lay it on the line

3.Ive had enough of your garbage

4.Im not going to put up with this!

5.He is about to explode

6.I only have eyes for you

7.I havent got a good house,but Ill keep a good house

8.He won a monkey at the horse races

9.I wish that you would put your cards on the table

10.Love is photogenic.It needs darkness to develop

1.You are a dreamboat

2.Tell me your story,Im all ears

3.Have you ever seen your old fame?

4.I cant burn the candle at both ends forever

5.You are always trying to get my goat

6.You swept me off my feet

7.Ive been dying to meet you

8.We will take a chance on the weather and have the party outdoors

9.Never say die.Try again and youll probably succeed

10.Just cool your heels!

1.She seems like a cold fish

2.Im so surprised that you have the face to do so!

3.Im only waiting for the green light from you

4.Mary wanted to buy that painting by Picasso,but another millionaire beat her to the

5.Work on the construction site was at full blast

6.The judge will put him behind bars for at least two years

7.He suddenly realized that he had been made a monkey of by his opponents

8.The fighter planes saved our necks

9.Mind you eye!

10.He sat there without turning an eyelash

1.Drop me a line!

2.Youd better look before you leap

3.Draw your chair up to the table

4.I lost the door key about here

5.Im fed up

6.He has a remarkable memory

7.He walks with a quick pace

8.She used to learn everything by rote

9.I cant help it

10.Pull over!

1.At heart,hes very nice

2.Once or twice a month we live it up

3.Wed better hit the road or well be late

4.I cant go out.I have to hit the book

5.I hear this book sells like hot cakes

6.It was touch and go for a while

7.Im not a spring chicken any more

8.Dont take it to heart

9.He who seizes the right moment is the right man

10.So that explains it

1.Im all fingers and thumbs this mornings

2.He gave me a black look

3.They treated us white

4.Im a chair zucchini

5.John took out a loan to pay his tuition

6.All set?





1.Never cackle till your egg is laid

2.The good seaman is known in bad weather

3.She is coming on to you

4.He will give me cradle-to-grave protection

5.She is as mild as a dove

6.Some things rub them the wrong way

7.He has never rested on his laurels

8.The news came as a bombshell

9.These are more than old wives? tales

10.Thatll save your skin