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Chapter 1 Hot. Too hot. The heat is too unbearable. I'd normally just stay home in this heat, but unfortunately, there are classes. I walked down the pavements at the outskirts of my school. Fortunately there are trees at the side, giving me shade, and less chance of me getting a heatstroke. Students were also walking towards the gates, but were keeping a distance from me. That is expected, as these students know my hobby, which they find disgusting. Some would laugh at me, some would pretend I didn't exist. Still it doesn't matter, two more years and I'll be out of this dump. At last, I have arrived at the school gates. As usual, the student council president checks that only students and teacher enter the school ever since an incident occurred involving a student of this school and her lover. The girl was suspended, and the boy escaped. Stop Kyousuke-san. The president said as she brought her hand to my face. Her height was 5 feet flat. She had red hair, and red eyes, and always wears a ponytail. The girl also hates me, because of my hobby. The student council president must treat everyone equally, so why is this girl giving me a hard time? I need to search your bag for contraband. What about the other students Tsukiyama-san? What about them? You're the only suspicous one here. See what I mean. She's more worried about me bringing stuff here than other students. I opened my bag and hand it over to her. She took out everything in the bag, and was dissapointed when she found nothing. You should bring your otaku stuff Kyosuke-san. What for? I'll be suspended when a teacher finds out. That's the point. Ok, you're clear now, go. That girl just ruined my day, not that it mattered. Out of everyone in school, she was the only one who had the guts to talk to me. Others would just whisper things whenever I walk by, or just throw me a book whenever they have a chance. On one occasion, a girl cried just because I was in her class, and I got into trouble because of it, and all I ever did was sleep.

With that out of the way, I walk towards the school building. There were a lot of people at the lockers this

morning, so I just stood outside and wait. This was the best option at the moment, as going there now would lead me to be beaten up by a girl's boyfriend, and I'm not exaggerrating. I took a deep sigh. I knew this would happen, but at first, I thought my true self would finally be accepted in this school. I was wrong, terribly wrong. Seems like everyone but otakus had prejudice on otakus, even in the media. I peeked at the lobby again, and this time, there were no more people. I walked towards my shoe locker and opened it. 3 letters were in the locker this time around. I looked at my left, no one there, and my right, no one there. I read each letter, Just go die otaku! You're a menace to society. You dirty the Japanese name. As expected, letters like this naturally come to my locker everyday. I put the letters in my bag. Another addition to my collection. I changed my shoes to slippers and go to class. I opened the sliding door, and everyone turned to me. They glared as I made my way to my seat. I was at the back seat, the lonely desk at the corner of the classroom. Students naturally write on my table, much like the content of the letters before. You get the idea. Nobody had the guts to seat at the front of my desk. The seat eventually made its way to the school's 7 wonders, as anyone who sat there would get bad luck for as long as they live. The students stopped glaring at me, and resumed to talk among themselves. The whole class, except me, formed a group at the class rep's table, talking about outings, events, games, and even fashion. They would leave me behind, but I didn't care. The bell rang, and they went back to their respective seats. The homeroom teacher came in with an unfamiliar face. I wonder if she's a new student. I stared at her face when, Kyousuke-san, stop staring at the new student. The whole class started laughing at the teacher's statement. This teacher is like Tsukiyama, always treating me like a criminal, and treats me like I'm not a student, but a delingquent. No, delingquents are treated more postively. I bowed my head on my table, and closed my eyes. I usually sleep in this period, as only insults came out from that teacher's mouth. Once the class' laughter died down, the teacher proceeds to introduce her. Her name is Suzuhara-san. She transferred here from Tokyo because of family issues. N-nice to meet you. Ok, now is there an empty seat there? No teacher.

Well, then I have to request a new seat. What about that seat over there teacher? The girl was obviously pointing at the seat in front of me. She had no clue that this seat gives off bad luck, or I had a disgusting hobby. Better leave it to the others to sort this one out. I continued to bow my head to the table. A-are you sure Suzuhara-san? I think you'll be lonely there at the back. Yes teacher, there's someone at the back seat over there, and I thought he'd be lonely without someone nearby. That girl, she really has no idea. As the conversation ended, a crumpled piece of paper was thrown at me. I opened it, and it read, Don't you dare do anything to her. Don't look at her, don't talk to her, and especially don't touch her. Acknowledged. I placed the letter inside my bag. Suzuhara made her way to her seat. She had a bright and cheerful aura, in contrast with mine. She was happy. I wonder if I should tell her about my hobby. No, that would be a bad idea. They already warned me, so I should stick to it. I bowed my head again, and closed my eyes, when suddenly, Hello. Nice to meet you. The students' chater died down at the phrase. I ignored her. After a few seconds, I hope we would be friends. This girl can't read the atmosphere. Just stop talking to me, damn it. The period ended rather smoothly, with no one giving me warning letters, which means I did a good job of sticking to my place. As I had my nap, I felt a knuckle on my head. Hey otaku. Go outside, the girls won't be able to talk to Suzuhara-san. I began to stand up, and walk towards the sliding door. Why did you- That guy's a maniac Suzuhara-san. He watches anime, and buys eroge. He's an otaku, like on the news. I suggest you stay away from him. Finally, someone explained the situation. I wouldn't have to put up with her talking to me. She finally

knows my hobby. As I opened the sliding door, I heard her say, Don't you think you are a little bit prejudiced against him?

Chapter 2 Don't you think you are a little bit prejudiced against him? I stepped out and closed the sliding door. I didn't think anyone would stand up for me. Then again, she might be kidding, and would join the others. This is so irritating. I walked down the long hallway. There were no students outside their classroom besides me, lucky me. It would spell trouble if there were students here, with all of them glaring at me like a criminal on the way to prison. I entered the bathroom, and turned on the tap. The bathroom was clean, but it smells a little bit funny behind the stalls. Maybe someone took a dump already. That made me laugh, taking a dump in school. I don't know why, but it amuses me. I brought water to my face and washed it, washing anything my face caught on the table. Don't you think you are a little bit prejudiced against him? I inhaled water at the thought of the phrase. I pounded my chest, and coughed, spitting whatever water that had gone to my lungs. I brought out my handkerchief and dried my face with it. I stared at my reflection at the mirror. Don't count on it Kyosuke. She will change, like the others before her. I spoke to myself, reminding myself to never trust anyone at this school, or risk facing the consequences again. There have been many students who I put my trust in, that they would become my friend and accept me as who I am. Unfortunately, those students manipulated me, getting my money, dignity, and even my grades. You might think that I'm overreacting, that this girl might become the one who captures my heart, and we get married. Think again. This is no anime, this is no manga, this is no clich plot. The things that happen in anime won't happen in real life. Yes, it's impossible. As I walked out of the bathroom, three of my classmates stood at the entrance. They stared me down, and I felt like a criminal being judged. They pushed me inside the bathroom, and one grabbed a hold of the collar. Otaku scum. You've deflowered her, right? You've raped Suzuhara-san! I-i d-don't k-know w-what- Shut up!

As the phrase left his lips, I was thrown towards the floor in front of the stalls. I cushioned my head by using my arm, but now my arms hurt like hell. These three were the first who acknowledged me as a menace to society after I revealed my true self. They normally stay dormant and attack me if I did anything wrong. The three was led by the one who threw me, Sunohara. Sunohara walked towards me as I struggle to get up. He pinned me down, and continued to punch me. Every blow was noticably harder than the last one, it's like I just insulted his mother or something. He was serious. After giving me punches, he pulled on my colar and shouted at my face, Admit it rapist. If you didn't raped her, then why are you being protected by her? Answer me! I was dizzy. I didn't know which is which. Those punches were targetted at my head, and Sunohara shouting at me didn't help either. After some more punches, and some more shouting, he let me go. I'm not finished with you Otaku scum. Sunohara pointed at me as he made that statement. Few moments later, they left the bathroom. I was too dizzy to stand up, but I forced myself to even sit. At that moment, I felt like I was being dragged to Hell. Every effort I did to stand up leads me to tumbling down onto the floor, hurting my head even more. I gave up trying to stand up and just sat down. I felt a hard thing inside my mouth, and spat it out. It was white, but covered by a red color. After some thinking, I realized that it was my tooth. Sunohara must have knocked it out. Damn, I feel dizzy. I think I should better sleep.... Hey kid. You okay? The janitor nudged me on the shoulder as I began to come to. The dizziness was gone, but the painful sensation hasn't left me. The janitor looked worried. I'm fine. Of course I wasn't fine, but anything I say to this janitor won't mean a thing. Telling him any information won't lead to action, so why bother? You sure. Yeah. The janitor nodded, he doesn't care about the events happenning in this school, so he simply belived what I said. I stood up and checked myself on the mirror. I was a mess. I had bruises on my cheeks, and blood

flowing from the side of my head. My eyes were swollen, but my nose is fine, at least. I quickly washed my face, and dried it off with my handkerchief. I covered my wound using my handkerchief. I tied it around, and the blood quickly stops. As I was finishing up, Hey kid. There are only 2 periods left. You better get to class. Yeah. Thanks again for waking me up. The janitor nodded, and resumed his work. Instead of getting to class, I made my way to the nurse's office. There were only 2 periods left right, and I'll get beaten up again once Sunohara grabbed a hold of me, and my classmates will just watch and won't stop the fight, and my homeroom teacher might encourage Sunohara to punch harder. The hallways were quiet, but not without the noise of the classrooms. I walked sluggishly, my dizziness came back. I forced myself to walk, as the nurse's office is just on the same floor as my classroom and the bathroom. At times like these, you should get yourself treated than relying on natural recovery. I finally got to the nurse's office. The nurse here is always present, even if the office was full of patients, she would treat you. Fortunately, she accepts my otaku nature, and will treat me once I have an injury. I opened the sliding door, and went inside. Oh Kyousuke-kun. What brings- Oh no, what happened? The nurse's office was roomy, and it had a ward with two beds. There was a window that shed in some light so that the office wouldn't need a light bulb in the day. The nurse's desk was at the far end of the door, and cabinets lined up filled with bottles, syringes, bandages, and other medical supplies, from the door to the desk. The nurse supported me as I walked and led me to a bed at the ward. She quickly took out some bandages, alcohol and other things needed to treat me. She was a kind hearted woman, but she is just 22 years old. She always wears a nurse outfit, and never fails to treat people properly. She has a kind personality, but she is easily angered by stubborn patients who don't do what she ordered for their health. Nothing. Just got in a fight. The nurse poured alchohol onto a piece of cotton and took off my handkerchief. This could hurt a bit Kyousuke-kun. So while I'm cleaning your wound, you tell me what happened. It's nothi-Oww The nurse sticks the cotton to my wound directly. It stings, but it is needed. I cried out at the sudden pain. Liars go to hell Kyousuke-kun. As the minutes go by, she treated me very well. Though, she kept asking me what happened during the treatment. After the treatment, she asked again,

Kyousuke-kun, I won't tell anyone what happened, so just tell me. All right I'll tell you if you let me sleep here during the last periods, and don't let anyone find me. Awww. All right, it's a promise. She is incredibly cheerful, too cheerful if you ask me. After I answered her, she happily closed the curtains on my ward and I lay down. I closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. Suzuhara, your prejudiced line harmed me. Chapter 3 So, that's what happened? As promised, I told her everything about what happened, from the new transferee, to me getting beaten up in the restroom. It was already 4:00 pm. So students must be getting home now, or they're going to their respective club rooms. So now we're even. I walked towards the entrance of the office, and opened the sliding door. I took a peek outside, searching for any sign of Sunohara. I'll be going now. All right Kyousuke-kun, be careful. I stepped out of the nurse's office, and closed the sliding door. The nurse waved at me while smiling. Her smile made me feel a little better, just a little. I walked down the hallway to my classroom. I guess I was right, there were no students left at this floor after classes, though I should take precautions. I stopped at the front of my classroom's door. I can't help but think that this situation is in a visual novel. So right now my choices were: 1. Listen for noises, and then enter. 2. Just enter to not waste any time. Just entering the classroom might lead me to being discovered by Sunohara, and if he did, I don't think that I'll just get away with bruises. So I put my ear on the classroom door, and listened in for any noises. Fortunateley there were none. I opened the sliding door, and went inside. The classroom had no sign of life, and my bag was beside my desk. I walked towards my desk and stared at it, analyzing any changes made to it. None. It seems Sunohara didn't have the energy to vandalize my desk, or destroy my bag and scatter its contents. That was new. At times like these, I'd find my bag at the trash heap, and my books in the girl's locker room. How I got the books will remain a mystery.

Even if there's no one here, I have to hurry for me to be not discovered by other people. I quickly picked up my bag, and headed for the door. As I charge towards the door- BAM! I was flung backwards as I hit something on the way. I landed on my bum, as my bag was thrown to the side, and its contents scattered. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw what was the obstacle. It was Suzuhara, the same girl who got transferred here, and the cause of my day's troubles. She was on the floor, and seemingly unconscious. I panicked, what if someone came by and saw this mess, and jumps to conclusions? Fortunately, she's starting to wake up. I motioned to help her, but I stopped, knowing full well what Sunohara said to her, about me being a rapist and what not. I started to gather my things. I need to get out of here, fast! Let's see, books, here. Notebooks, here. Pens, here. Keys, not here. Where is it? I looked at my surroundings, searching for my keys. Are you searching for this? The voice came from Suzuhara, while holding my... my... my Keys! I stood up, grabbed my bag. I walked towards her, and brought out my palm. Yes, please give it back. Nope. That made me twitch. Isn't it enough for her to cause me more trouble than normal? Please? Nope. Strange, she's supposed to run away now. Maybe she is scared of me, and she's trying to act brave. I walked towards her, about 5 feet. Give it to me or else. Or else what? I'll do something indecent to you. That should plant fear into her heart. She'll believe that I'm a rapist pervert, and I'll get my keys back. Fair exchange. You won't do that to me. That reaction caught me off guard. She's the first girl, who said that to me. I stood there, stared her in the eye. Her eyes didn't waver, she stared right back at mine. She giggled. She seems to find this situation amusing. That, alone insults me. She walked towards me, and handed me my keys. Don't worry, I do not have a prejudice against you, or any other otaku.

Chapter 4 In the end, she gave it back. Though I don't trust her words. It's easy to lie about something trivial. I walked down the stairs, taking care to not be discovered by other students. Peeking around the corner, hiding in the shadows, I feel like I'm in a Splinter Cell game. Though I encountered no other people on the way to my locker. I opened my locker, finding a single letter, in a pink envelope. I realized that this was sprayed by a girl's perfume, and it had a heart sticker at the lid. Dear Kyosuke-kun, I would like to talk to you about something. Please meet me behind the school building. ~Suzuhara That's impossible. Suzuhara is inside the classroom. If she wants something to discuss alone, why not in the classroom? I crumpled the letter and put in my pocket. This could be the work of Sunohara, no doubt about it. I changed my foot wear, and raced to the gate. If he realized I didn't fall for it, he would probably chase and drag me. Oh yeah, before going home, I need to stop by the store. You see I live alone in my apartment. I feed myself, and I work for myself. Yes I was working, as a video game tester. Sounds like a job befitting of me, yes? I only test homebrew games, and seldom games from big companies. They didn't know my identity, so they just sends the money to my paypal account. Now where was I, oh yes. I stopped in front of the convenience store. Just my luck, girl students from my school are there, reading magazines. Sigh..... I better get this over with. I entered the store, taking heed to not go near the magazine stand. I got a shopping basket, and proceeded to throw things in it. What should I cook tonight? I am a little tight on my budget, so maybe I should try Patola miswa soup. I recently learned a dish that even if its ingredients are cheap, it never loses its taste. Onions, Garlic, Misua noodles, and Loofah. There, I'm all set.

I approached the counter, and payed for my purchases. The girls were still reading the magazine, but one of them noticed me. I quickly exited the store, while the girl whispered something to her friends. When they looked at the counter, I was gone. I walked towards my apartment building. It was only a small building, with only 3 floors, and 6 rooms each floor. It was not bad, and not great either, but this was what my salary can afford. As I walked up the stairs, I heard the voice of the landlady. Kyosuke-kun. When are you gonna pay your rent?! Sorry, Aunt. My salary hadn't reached me yet. I'm sure I can pay on the 15th of the month. You better be. The landlady was only this violent when charging rent, but other than that, she is very kind. She claims that being aggressive during payment is the proper way to charge rent. I continued up the stairs and walked to the door of my room. As I was about to enter my room, Oy otaku. I heard a familiar voice at the end of the hall, near the stairs. It was Tsukiyama, the student council president. Wonder what she wants? What do you want? I'm here to get some food. Where? There's no restaurant in this building. You idiot. I was going to get some from you. Even if there was a restaurant here, I wouldn't be able to eat cause I don't have money. And If I refuse? I can edit some photos into looking like you were attempting to rape me. Tsk, she drives a hard bargain. She has pretty good skills at a program called Photoshop. All right. All right. Just wait patiently while I cook. That's more like it otaku. Oh yeah, this happens every couple of days. After being forced to taste my cooking at Home Economics class by the teachers, she suddenly forced me to cook for her. Maybe this is why she can talk to me at school.

I unlocked my door and entered. Tsukiyama followed. I put the plastic bag on the kitchen, while Tsukiyama sat in my living room. She had turned on the t.v, a talk show was on. Joining me today is a journalist from JNN. Japan's crime rate is increasing again, this time the criminals were mainly otakus, what can you say about this? Yes, yes. I had heard of that when I got to work this afternoon. The crimes were commonly sexual, and others just plain theivery. So how do you think this crime rate will affect the general public on their ideals towards the otakus culture? I'm afraid at this rate, the general public will have a very strong prejudice towards all otaku, wether good or bad. Chapter 5 I stare at my reflection on the mirror. Looks like the swelling went down but the bruises are still there. The bandages are almost the same color as my skin, so I won't be removing that. I took out all my hate letters and put it inside a dresser. My room is just ordinary, save for a few posters and a bookshelf full of manga and eroge. I'm not hiding any H-books under the bed either, I have the internet for that. My room had only a dresser, a cabinet, a bed, a computer, and a bookshelf. That's all. My bedroom was connected to the living room, kitchen, and bathroom by a narrow corridor. The living room serves as a dining room too. So that concludes the description of my home. I dressed in my usual shorts, and shirt. This is my usual get-up when I have a visitor, but when I'm alone, I wear only boxers. I walked passed the living room where Tsukiyama was watching and agreeing to whatever insult the talk show host throws at the otaku sub culture. She looked like a dog agreeing to its master. I entered the kitchen and quickly washed my hands. I took out the chopping board and knife. I also soaked the pot to serve as an indicator on when it's ready. I had started up the flame, and exposed the pot to it. While it was being heated up, I quickly grabbed an onion and begin to chop it. Then the garlic. I took out 4 cloves and quickly squeezed them with my knife to expose the juice. And finally, the loofah. I peeled it and chopped it in small bite sized pieces.

Now if you're wondering on why I am working so fast, it's because TsukiyamaKyosuke! I'm hungry. Hurry up. See what I mean. After another 10 minutes the dish is ready. I poured the side dish onto 2 bowls, and provided 2 spoons. What is this? That's misua patola soup. No meat?! No meat. Where's the rice? The noodles will serve as rice. I want rice now! Do you really have the right to complain? I cooked for you. I shared the fruit of my labour to you. I sipped some soup and said, If you eat too much rice, those hips of yours will grow to be a 50. Ehhhhhh? At the comment, Tsukiyama began to feel her hips. Then took a deep sigh. F-Fine then. I'll eat it. Be grateful. I'll be grateful when you stop coming here to eat for free. After dinner, Tsukiyama finally left, but not without insults. My apartment room suddenly went quiet, and the mood became lonely. Where are my parents you ask? My dad cheated on my mom numerous times. Those days finally took a toll on my mom, and she comitted suicide. My dad raised me up until I was old enough to graduate from middle school. After that, he left, leaving me in this apartment and money that is enough for a month. After living on what my dad left me with, I quickly found a summer job as an encoder. Then I found a homebrew game that needs someone familiar with video games to test it. They are willing to pay, so I quit the encoder job and found myself a video game tester. Then swarms of hopefuls approached me to

test their game. You might as say, I feed on their hope. Enough about the past. Once I finished washing the dishes, I turned off the T.V and went inside my room. The time was 6:36 pm. Enough time for me to watch anime. I rarely record shows on T.V, as I prefer storing them to my computer for future needs. My internet is fast enough so it won't be a problem. I turned on my computer, and checked my e-mail. As expected, a link that leads to a flash game was sent to me for testing. They said that I was already paid. I quickly checked my PayPal account, and confirmed it. After giving opinions about the game, I quickly watched my anime. On my student e-mail, I found loads of hate mail spammed into it. I opened one and it said, Stupid Otaku Please just go die. Sometimes the attachment would contain a keylog or a trojan. So I seldom check my student e-mail. Going to a news group, I check news for games' release dates, or another season of an anime. I also check various stuff, like anime reviews, and news updates to a bill which bans or surpress anime. I check the time. 9:30 pm. My anime is finished downloading anyway, so I should sleep now. I turned off the computer, and crawled under my blanket. Due to my injury earlier, I slept easier now. My phone alarm went off. I planned to press the snooze button, but hesitated as I saw what time it is. After struggling myself up, I jumped to the bath, and put on my uniform. An hour left till the school bell rings. Grabbing my bag, and drinking a cereal drink, I went outside and locked the door. I waved goodbye to the landlady who is sweeping the hallway. The day keeps getting hotter and hotter. My sweat is being absorbed my bandages so there was no need to bring out my handkerchief. As usual Tsukiyama stands guard at the school gates. Kyosuke-baka, please surrender your bag for inspections. I lend her my bag, as she dumps its contents onto her feet.

The bag has no contraband, fix your things and go. Tsk. Damn you Tsukiyama. I quickly found myself at her feet, gathering my books and putting it inside my bag. Lots of students was laughing at me, that's becauseYes Kyosuke. Bow to me like a good dog. I finished gathering my things and stood up. As I was walking past her, I whispered, You've gotten fat. At the comment, Tsukiyama began to feel her hips and pull at her uniform, as if testing to see if it was tighter than normal. Seems like she has a prejudice against any comments about her body. Chapter 6 At homeroom, our adviser announced that the school festival is fast approaching. We need to plan now on what we need to do. Besides on what the class will do, there were also the beauty contest, concert, and play. We also need to man the reception or whatever stall the student council assigns to us. That said, we proceed to suggest ideas on what we're going to do. Haunted house, cafe, wrestling show, and even dunk the otaku. The Haunted house, and dunk the otaku both got an equal amount of votes. Unfortunately, I had the deciding vote. As much I love swimming in a pool of cold water during a summer day, I decided against the dunk the otaku idea. It would lead me to having a cold, which would hinder me in buying food. You might be thinking, there must be people who would take care of me when I'm sick. No, those people do not exist. After giving my vote, roles were assigned to other students. Then the beauty contest. Ok now. Who would like to volunteer, or nominate a candidate? A student raised his hand after the question left the teacher's lips. I nominate Suzuhara-san for the beauty contest. The moment Suzuhara was nominated, she instantly turned red. She hung her head low, embarassed at the fact that she's beautiful enough for the contest.

Now Suzuhara-san. Would you like to participate in the contest? It was evident on her face that she was flustered and confused. She looked at her right, realizing that the other students were staring at her. After a few minutes, she nodded. She was still embarassed nontheless. Suzuhara wasn't the only one who was nominated or volunteered. Two others joined the contest. Of course, everybody ignored me during the homeroom, except for the class event vote. Having no further need for attention in the next 30 minutes, I slumped on my table and slept. Oy rapist! Sunohara smashed his fist on my head, making me dizzy for a few seconds. I raised my head, noticing the teacher gone, and the students forming different groups to talk. I'm not done with you yet! Sunohara pulled on my hair, making me stand, and opening my wound. Here comes the beating. He grabbed me by the collar and pushed me against the wall. Admit it now! At these words, all the students look this way, including Suzuhara. They had the eyes of hatred. Yep, I'm gonna die early. W-what's there to admit? These words slipped out of my mouth. Oh how I regretted saying that. You have no right to ask me a question, or are you really as idiotic as they say? That line was accompanied by a punch to the head, striking my bruises. Damn it, the diziness came back. The whole class cheered as I took the punch. Nobody really cared enough to stop Sunohara. Fueled by the cheers, Sunohara took as step further. He had his cronies pick up a book and a cutter. Taking the book in his right hand, Sunohara used his left arm to pin me against the wall, and slammed the book against the right side of my head. Admit... it... rapist... otaku!

He slammed the book each time he said a word. The beating starts to take its toll. My vision blurred, my mind can't keep up. Blood was coming out of my bandages. The book had my blood smeared on it. U-ugh... I was weakened. Parts of my body didn't respond anymore. Sunohara took something from his crony. He pushed a slider vertically, producing a blade. You are stubborn. You still won't admit it, do you? Maybe stabbing you will make you talk. Even if this gruesome scene was enveloping in front of their eyes, the class continued to cheer him on. Their eyes had no mercy, and they plan to continue watching my demise. Sunohara pointed the cutter to my chest, and brought it back. This is it. The last moments of my life. As the cutter went towards me,I closed my eyes and my life flashed before my eyes. My first anime, My first manga, my mom and dad. Looks like I'll meet you soon, mom. STOP! The cheering stopped. As I opened my eyes, the cutter was just inches from me. Why?! Didn't this useless piece of shit raped you?! No! Why would you even say that? Please, release him. B-but. He might rape you! Suzuhara-san is right Sunohara. A teacher was at the chalkboard the whole time! As much as I would like to see him die, you'll be arrested if you kill him now. The cutter withdrawed. Sunohara clicked his tounge in dissapointment, and released my collar. I stumbled on the floor, I leaned my back on the wall. A-are you okay? Suzuhara went straight for me. She kneeled next to me, and examined my wounds. I had no strength. I was loosing blood fast. I need treatment.

C-can you stand? I'm o- okay.... my own. Of course that's a lie, but I didn't want anyone jumping to conclusions. I forced myself up and used the wall as support. I barely made it to the exit when my body forced me to kneel. You're clearly not okay. I'll support you. Here give me your arm. Suzuhara supported me on her shoulder, and walked to the nurse's office. The instant I stepped out of the classroom, the class went into an uproar. That otaku scum. He must have a tutor for acting. That serves him right, but it's not enough. Yeah. Teacher, you must let Sunohara kill him. We'll take care of the body after. These words reminded me that these guys want me dead. We approached the nurse's office. Suzuhara knocked the door for me. Come in. We had just entered when the nurse supported me to a bed in the ward. Poor prejudiced Kyousuke-kun. Chapter 6 Why does it seem that you got used to this nurse? Well, it's because others like Kyousuke-kun get beaten up by Sunohara in the past. Though Kyousukekun got the most damaging attack. I was lay down to a bed in the ward, with the nurse removing my old bandages. Suzuhara sat at my side, holding my hand as I get treatment. Realizing this, I quickly withdrew my hand from Suzuhara, to avoid misunderstandings. Ara, your wounds have gotten worse than the last time you came here? Eh? Aren't you shocked from his wounds?

I told you. I got used to this already. Suzuhara shouldn't be here. She must get to class. Otherwise, this could increase Sunohara's grudge against me. S... Shouldn't you g...get to c..class? I forced myself to speak. It may worsen my injuries, but I better avoid having the others jump to conclusions. You shouldn't talk Kyousuke-kun. Just rest. I did what the nurse said, and closed my eyes. Just for the record, I'm not sleeping. Anyway, he's right Suzuhara-chan. You must go to class. B-but... It's okay. I'll take care of him. You should do your best to clear up misunderstandings, not add them. A-all right then. I hear Suzuhara stand up from her seat, and go to the door. Don't worry, don't worry. He'll be back in class at the third period. I hear the sliding door open, and Suzuhara step out. After the nurse removed my old bandages, she started a topic. Don't you think Suzuhara-chan is pretty? Y-yeah. Do you plan to ask her out? No way. That would bring the others to believe I plan to date rape her, or something. T-that's true. Besides, Suzuhara won't be interested in someone like me. Let's face it, I'm an otaku. I can't feed her my anime collection or posters. Yeah, there's no way Suzuhara will become interested in me. With that, the nurse became silent, and I fell asleep a few moments after. Kyousuke-kun. Wake up. It's already time for the third period.

I open my eyes almost instantly, and touched my head. Looks like the nurse is finished treating me. Now up you go! I'm not a kid you know. The nurse supported me as I stand, and had me walk a few steps to check if I can at least walk straight. After a few tests, I thanked the nurse, and got out of the office. Take care. I walked down the hallway, passing a classroom. I peeked inside out of curiosity. Looks like the third period's started. I walked to my classroom door, and opened it, revealing no one inside. Now that I think about it, today's Tuesday, so they're having P.E right about now. Should I join them? Nah.... I entered inside the classroom and sat on my seat. I stared at the clock, 10:00 am. I needed to kill some time. There were still information on the board which is from the second period. I should probably erase it. Found the eraser near the chalkbox, I began erasing the board. The board's size is equivalent to two regular blackboard, so erasing it will take some time. Even if I hate this class, I was taught this by my past teachers, so I should practice it. Erase, erase, erase. After erasing all the information, I look at the clock, 10:30 am. 10 minutes before the period ends. I decided to go to the roof to just lay down, and maybe get away with cutting classes. Oy, pass it to me! Sunohara, 10 push ups! NOW! I looked at the field out of curiousity. It seems like everyone is having fun. Honestly, I envy those guys because they are given attention. When I was in elementary school, my classmates shun me. They ignored me like a plague. I cried very often, and my dad was the only one who comforted me.

But now, I was alone, alone in this world. Damn my life. Does the world gives punishment to otakus only? What about the real criminals? The true terrorists, highjackers, robbers, thieves? What do they get, a 10 year sentence? After that they're accepted by the public? I was disturbed by the bell, signaling the end of the third period. I decided to hide out on the roof, and get in at the last period. I sat behind the water tower, which is on the entrance of the roof. No one should find me here. Heck, no one should search for me, right? I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep when Kyousuke-kun, it's time for class. A familiar voice broke the silence of the school roof. The voice came from Suzuhara. C'mon, even in times like these you drag me into trouble? Quit hiding, and come out. We'll be late for class. I kept my mouth shut, and my breathing to a minimum. If I keep this up, she should give up and go to class without me. Stop hiding. I know you're here. I saw you here watching us during P.E. Yeah, she should give up sooner or later, maybe. It was obvious it was noon. The sun was at the middle of the sky, and there were almost no shadows, meaning no shade. It's supposed to be hot in my spot but there was a tiny roof surrounding the water tower to give shade to the workers who maintain it. Well unfortunately, Suzuhara's spot doesn't have a speck of shade. I think she's planning to stay there all day. The poor girl. The sun gave her no mercy, and it was evident she's in discomfort. Damn it. I just can't let her dry out here. After much hesitation, I moved out of my spot and approached Suzuhara, who was sitting near the door. She notices me and smiles. I knew you'd be hiding here. Tsk...

She's too annoying, more annoying than she's worth. Do you have a handkerchief? N-no. I think I left it at home. I reluctantly lend my handkerchief to her. She was sweating buckets, so I had no choice. She dries off her face using the handkerchief and gave it back to me. Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling the start of lunch break. Oh look, it's lunch break. You should get something to eat, I'll just be right here. She shook her head and grab my hand. No. You won't escape from me again. You hear me? I nodded. I feel like I was a criminal caught by a female police officer. We walked down the stairs, while Suzuhara held my hand. Should we really hold hands like this? Ah... I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry.... She blushes and quickly let go of my hand and grabs my wrist. Damn, I thought I could get away. We entered the school cafeteria. The place was loaded, and noisy, until I arrived with Suzuhara. Students whisper rumors as we walk to the store. The lines on the store quickly dissappeared as I draw near. They were either scared, grossed out, or mad at me. The lunchlady also notices me and froze in her place. Ignoring the events happening around us, Suzuhara began to buy food. Two Yakisoba bread please. I stared at the floor during the ordeal. I can't stand this. This is why I don't eat during lunch. I tried to escape, but Suzuhara's grip was too tight. After ordering, the lunchlady gave one Yakisoba bread to Suzuhara, though there were five more in stock. E-erm, I bought two. I-I don't give food to future criminals.

At that line, a sword struck my very soul. So, the lunchlady hates me too. B-but, he's hu- Give it a break Suzuhara. She's right, you don't give food to future criminals. What I said was heard by everyone in the cafeteria.The sentence echoed through the cafeteria. I felt her grip loosen, and I took this chance to escape from her grip. I withdrew my hand, and put it in my pockets. I walked towards the cafeteria exit, with my head down. H-Hey. S-she's j-just j-joking Kyousuke-kun. She never intended it that way, right? I stopped at the phrase and turned around, facing Suzuhara. Face it. It's the truth. After saying that, I exit the cafeteria. The instant I left the cafeteria, life came back, as if it never happened. I lay down on my usual spot behind the water tower. The weather doesn't look good. It looks like it's about to rain. Lightning brightened the place, and Thunder broke the silence. The rain fell down hard. I brought my knees to my face, trying to keep large parts of my body dry. Looks like I'm trapped here, inside the roof of the water tower. These scenario can also be used to summarize my life. Through out my life, I'm trapped on a corner. I was abused by insults to my being, chased by the consequences of their ideals, and beaten by their unacceptance. During elementary school, I luckily had a roof under my head, my dad. That same roof protected me from the direct effects of the pouring rain. I felt the rain, but it hadn't changed me one bit. Thus, when my dad left me, I experienced the lightning, thunder, and rain. I was beaten everyday, not only physically but emotionally. I was rumored to capture and rape a girl every night, sell drugs to other otakus, and do nothing but hack credit cards, and many bank accounts. At first, I was hurt by these ideas. I tried to be positive, to make lemonade out of lemons, or so they say. I tried to get along with them. I tried to apply for a club even if I was rejected multiple times, I tried to play sports in P.E even if I was the one left out. I tried to be happy. I was stubborn. I accepted the fact that I was not needed, and shunned for all of my life during the third month of school. Our homeroom teacher gave us forms to fill out for our future assessment.

I filled the form, writing I want to be a Computer Programmer. I double checked the form, seeing if anything is wrong, and passed it to the teacher. The moment I handed over my form, he ripped it to shreds, and exclaimed, You otakus have no future! You are only future criminals! I was shocked. I didn't expect that even our homeroom teacher could say something like that to me. Sunohara joined in by saying, Yeah, teacher's right. You don't have anything to contribute to society. You're just a leech, living off OUR resources. After that one by one, my classmates said a similar phrase. I didn't know what to do at the time, so I just bowed my head, using my arms to cover my ears. I never trusted anyone after that. I didn't do seatworks, and homeworks. I have nothing to worry about. As long as I maintain my grades in my exam, I'll be promoted. The world is cruel indeed. Looks like the rain stopped. I stretched my legs and relaxed. It didn't matter if my pants get wet, it will dry in the sun. I just closed my eyes and slept. Prejudice, why must everyone have it?

Chapter 7 Notice to all junior members to senior members. Is the first sentence I saw on the header of the anime forum I've been contributing to. Since I am a senior member, I clicked on the hyperlink.

A log in screen greeted me, prompting me to log in to view the announcement. This must have been implemented to prevent anonymous members, or spam bots to know the location. After logging in...

We would like to invite you to our first meeting this Saturday. The venue will be a maid cafe belonging to one of our senior member's family. The meeting will start on 2:00 pm. Below is a map of the premises, and an invitation to let you in. This meeting is a token of our gratitude for contributing so much to our community. ~Shirineko Saturday... It's going to start tommorrow. Might as well go. Besides, this may be the only way to retain my sanity. I printed the map, and the invitation, then went to bed. It was pretty late. This must be it. I look at the map one last time to confirm the name of the cafe. Neko-moe cafe. Why did it have a strange name. Here I go.... I opened the door, and was surprised at what I saw. Welcome master. Can I see your invitation? Tsu-Tsukiyama?! E-Ehhhh? You heard me right. It's Tsukiyama dressed like a neko maid, and she's bowing in front of me. What the hell is she doing here? Tsukiyama jumped up at the mention of her name. She saw my face, and began shuttering, looking left and right, unsure on what to do. I must admit, those cat ears, do look good on her. Ara, ara? Is this one of our members? A girl dressed just like another neko maid came up behind Tsukiyama. She's slightly taller than

Tsukiyama, and has a more mature body than her. She has black hair, and her skin is pale white. Not waiting for an answer from Tsukiyama, she began introducing herself. My name is Shironeko. If you are a customer of this cafe, I'm sorry to say that we've rented the place. Shironeko? So she's the one who made the announcement. No no. I'm here for a meeting.... or something. Oh. May I have your invitation. I handed over the invitation. She hapilly examines it, probabily trying to see if it was authentic. After a few seconds of examination... Oh, you are a member. Please have a seat anywhere, and wait. I nodded and made my way to an empty table on the corner of the room. Tsukiyama, after regaining her composure, clicked her tounge and went behind the counter. She took out what seems to be a notepad, and walked towards me. What's your order? she asked, or rather demanded. You didn't even give me a menu. Having realized her mistake, she quickly made her way back behind the counter and brought out a menu. She handed it over to me, while trying to remain poised. What's your order? she demanded once again. Shouldn't maids be polite when taking orders? Tsukiyama knows this, and painfully asks, W-what i-is y-your o-order, M.... M.... Ma.... Mas...ter? Never mind, drop the act. It doesn't suit you. What?! Are you saying I'm not cute enough to be a maid?! She slammed on my table when she delivered the phrase. It was evident that she was angry, or rather furious, at what I said. I didn't say anything. You were the one who said it. Besides, what is it to you that you're not cute enough to be a maid?

That's... That's none of your business! She went silent after that, and on the verge of tears. All right then, I'll have an omelet rice, and orange juice. She quickly wrote this and went back to behind the counter. I may have crossed the line there. Wait a minute? Why is she here? I think back to what the announcement said, A senior member whose family owns a maid cafe... Don't tell me that it's Tsukiyama?! If that's the case, why does she have a prejudice against me? Chapter 8 Tsukiyama walked towards me with a tray. Looks like my order is here. Her steps were heavy, like she's still angry. I continued to stare at her. Her grip on the tray began to shake. She slammed the tray onto the table, spilling some of the juice onto it. I-is that all, master? Yeah, but shouldn't you write something on the omelet? Tsk... Reluctantly, she grabbed a bottle of ketchup, and squeezed it tightly, making a little bit of ketchup escape from the cover. She began writing on the omelet rice, which I can't even read during the process. After some quick and messy moments, it is done. I can only make one word from the writing. Idiot...

May I see your invitation? Here... Thank you. Please come in. The cafe began to fill up with members, and volunteer maids.

Shirineko walked up to the mini stage beside the counter, and tapped the mic. Mic Test... Mic Test... I can't help but stare at her. She's like a fallen neko angel. Round at all the right places. Skin as white as snow.... Suddenly, I felt a chop to my head. Stop staring, pervert. Of course, it was Tsukiyama. She continued to glare at me, though I glared her back. Welcome to the first ever Real Life Meeting of the Senior and Junior Members, otherwise known as RELISEJ. Okay, I'll admit it. The acronym was pretty lame. Nevertheless, the greeting was welcomed warmly by the crowd. First of all, we would like to thank the senior member who made all this happen, Tsukiyama Aoi! What the Hell?! So she is an anime lover. Tsukiyama fidgets at the sound of her name. It was evident that she never really expected that she would be called. She walked towards the stage. Shirineko gave her the microphone. E-erm... W-welcome.... P-please make yourself a-at home... Eh? Don't be shy Aoi-chan. Tsukiyama bowed her head, and blushed. Ok then, I'll make the introductions for you. EH????

Aoi-chan has been our most contributive member of our community. She has always won at the SOTW competition for about thirty times in a row. She is also the- Wait please. Don't say it? Unfortunately for her, her pleas fall on deaf ears.

So called, Princess of Anime! So Tsukiyama, you really had no right to have a prejudice against me after all. Chapter 9 Geez... said Tsukiyama as she plopped down her hands. She was even more embarrassed now, as her face grew 5 shades of red. After a while, Shirineko spoke again. Since many of you are new otakus, I should explain who are the four hierarchies of anime. She held her hand out to Tsukiyama. As you know, Aoi-chan is the Princess of Anime, which means she has greatly contributed to the anime community. From voice acting to light novels, she has done it all! The Prince of Anime had done the same thing. So with the King, and the Queen. The only difference is the King and Queen are companies, and the Prince and Princess are only fans. These four, together, control the anime world! shouted Shirineko with anticipation, followed by a shout of victory from the otaku fans. Meanwhile, Tsukiyama continued to bow down her head. Shirineko noticed this. Well, I think she just felt the pangs of guilt. With that taken care of. Let's start the program! shouted Shirineko. As usual, the fans scream with anticipation, and everyone in the cafe participates in various activities. Well, almost everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can't.... Breathe... I struggle to get out of the crowd and into a stairway. Shirineko-san said that there is a mini balcony here, reserved for those who can't keep up with the energy. Might as well go there, I guess. Catching my breathe for a second, I climb up the stairs. Don't know if it's because of my lack of exercise, or the lack of air, but each step up the stairs felt like

trekking a mountain. And it's TWO flights of stairs... I mean it's a cafe, for people! People who almost have no physical exercise and is addicted to moe! Well, miraculously, I managed to make it, before passing out. I knew I should've taken my chances in that crowd. Well, too late to go back now. Taking another breather, I stood up, using the stairs' handle to support me. Ahhh~~ I smell tea... Someone must've beaten me to this place. I walk outside the balcony, and... That felt good~~ Saw the Princess of Anime sitting on a chair, sipping tea. Actually, it was a table for two. Must've had this here for couples or something... But seriously, can otakus get girlfriends and boyfriends at this day and age? ~~~ I don't want to break the tranquility but I went to this place to relax too. So... May I sit here, Tsukiyama-hime? Tsukiyama jumped at a start when she heard my voice. S-sure. B-but p-please don't call me Princess. As you wish. I pulled back a chair and sat on it, opposite Tsukiyama. The moment I sat down, Tsukiyama poured a cup of tea for me. Here, have some... She said as she handed the cup to me.

T-thank you. I replied, not used to acts of kindness, especially from her. We both drank our tea, and sighed. Sighed because of stress, and because of the events that transpired. 5 seconds passed A minute 2 minutes Uhmm... Hmm? Tsukiyama decided to break the awkward silence. I-I understand if you plan to.. To what? To spread that I am an otaku just like... Me? Now why should I do that? Tsukiyama became silent. A minute passed... B-because of all things... What things? Those... bad... things... Bad things? Please ellaborate.

Tsukiyama became silent, but only for a moment. D-dumping you stuff.... Oh that. That was nothing. It's for contraband right? It's okay. B-but! I focused on you... Other than those delinquents? They weren't carrying big bags, so they have no room for contraband. B-but, the free meals. I give those meals to you for being a great Student Council President. B-but.... Tsukiyama bowed her head once more. She began crying. I-I w-want t-to say s-s-sorry... Apology accepted. How? Hmmm... How? C-can you forgive.... s-so easily? This time, I was the one who became silent. Because, I'm used to this. Huh? I breathed heavily, and answered. Throughout my life, I have not been shown any friendly gesture, let alone love. So I'm used to being bullied, tormented, and abused. Tsukiyama brought her head up and stared at me with teary eyes as I spoke those words. W-what? I noticed the sun setting. Must be late already. I should get home. Finishing my cup of tea, I stood up and began walking through the doorway when...

H-hey. S-stop. Hmm? Oh about the otaku thing, don't worry. I don't intend for others to experience what I'm experiencing --- What the? This warm feeling. I turned around and saw something that should've not happen to me. Tsukiyama hugged me, from behind. We stood there for ages. I don't know about her but, for me, I'm still processing what happened. This scene was taken from an anime or something. Oh yeah, this must be a dream... I-I'm sorry Kyousuke-kun. I-I really am. I-I didn't know. So, she's not prejudiced against me now?

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