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Goalkeeping Session 1
Session 1 The

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Coaching Points
Dynamic Movement. Pads on by 20 mins 1. Movement should be efficient and appropriate. 2. Moving from A to B depends on time availablei.e. Is the ball on a forward’s stick, or is there a pass involved? 3. Movement should be quick and free flowing, not rigid and robotic. 4. GK must be ready for the shot at goal by being in a set, balanced position 5. Ensure correct angle 6. Read ball off the forward’s stick. Balance= weight distributed evenly through both feet at point of shot Rotate quickly through 2-4 times

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Drill 1Warm Up (10 mins)
Warm up-Footwork, athletic stance (with pads on)


5 F

10 min

Number or color cones. 2 4 Call out instruction to GK 3 GK moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. GK break’s down steps and ‘sets’ for a shot at goal. Continue to call either number or color , GK moves to that location. Include small movements where GK will side shuffle and large movements, simulating a pass or cross into the circle where GK has to move fast over distance. Vary time or number of movements for the GK to perform.

Footwork Athletic Stance

Note: Movements to include- forwards, backwards, side shuffles, drop step, running. Drill 2 (10 mins) Variation-Feeder can push/hit ball in at various locations to assess skill Instep Kicking for Accuracy
Drill 2 (10 mins) Instep Kicking for Accuracy Partner kicking
Partner kicking V Kicking

Partner Kicking GK’s start at 15 yards apart. V Kicking Using the instep kick, first time kick the ball back and forth with partner. Control the ball using appropriate power Vary distance- shorter to focus on accuracy, longer to focus on power and accuracy.

Instep Kicking Used to save or clear low shots close to the GK. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Good footwork and body preparation Open kicking foot to direction of clear/target Push of plant leg Lead with head/chest Contact ball mid-foot Knee and foot in line at contact and follow through 3 GK’s Reset and return to athleticEncourage good footwork to stance •
redirect, open up the hips

Partner Kicking

10 min
V Kicking GK is the focus point. G1 kicks to GK, GK kicks back to G1 or G2. G1 and G2 kicks with accuracy back to GK. 3 GK’s GK’s must be able to change • Encourage goodangle ofto ball. direction and footwork the GK must use good footwork to redirect, open up the hips skill in a balanced set up the correct position. Don’t force the ball in a direction where balance is compromised. GK’s must focus on contacting the ball mid-foot to assist in accuracy.



Work on power and accuracy Encourage use of non-dominant foot **Use appropriate foot i.e. if ball is well outside left leg, do not kick back to the right GK2**

V Kicking

Clear second save to space Motivate and encourage rebound GK’s to kick accurately and keep ball in circle Feed ball according to level of GK V Kicking + Clearance Rebounding GK’s will clear ball back to GK (with accuracy and sympathy). Encourage good footwork and body preparation 2. right leg clears to the right. Step to the ball 4. Feed ball according to level of GK 4. etc . Explosive game like movement 6. GK GK 20 mins GK GK Left leg clears to the left. F 1. Step to the ball F Spare GK’s positioned around circle to collect balls Feed ball to GK. Footwork and body preparation 2.g. GK kicks ball with accuracy to cone nd V Kicking + 2 save clearance V Kicking + Clearance (off stick) Use Instep kick for accuracy Alternate ball feed to each leg. sides. Use appropriate foot-encourage use of non-dominant foot 3. alternating Drill 4 Call out number/color of cone. Play rebounds out. -1 for goal against. 2 points for accurate kick and second save clearance.006 2 Time Goalkeeping Session 1 The Drill Drill 3 Page 2 Coaching Points Use Instep kick for accuracy Video Link 4 cones/number drill-Accuracy Instep Kicking Set 4 cones out-2 on each side of the circle Number or label cones 10-12 balls each GK 1 1 10 min Accuracy Kicking 2 2 Instep kicking/saving is 80%+ skill used in games/training need to practice! 1. Readjust and set for second shot 5. Use appropriate foot-encourage use of non-dominant foot 3. Watch ball onto middle of kicker 5. Working GK will clear second save to the appropriate space. **Add points for incentive e.

GK communicates using clear instruction and appropriate tone. concise calls of direction and emphasizing appropriate tone. Get to know field players • Listen to field player coaches/players. 4 Attackers v 3 Defenders +GK See field player curriculum Communication Continue to help GK communicate.Embrace the difficulty. Introduce simple clear. GKD reacts to calls and attempts to intercept pass of Feeder to GKA. don’t beat yourself!” Read ball off the stick Goal Scoring 20 min Rotate GK’s. relevant 3. GK must communicate to GKD as to what side she is on. Tone –appropriate (urgent or not?) Video Link Communication. depending on situation.clear. back if pressure on ball inside the circle. Identify defender. ball side Effective GK Positioning. F Use GK as a high forward (GKA). instruction (clear & concise). GKA and Feeder ‘connects’ and GKA makes urgent lead to space. Give instruction.No more than two sequences Rebounding .up in circle if ball is outside circle. 10 min GKA Communication GKD Coach/feeder stands over the ball at 15-20 yards from goal.006 2 Time Goalkeeping Session 1 Drill 5 CommunicationThe Drill introduction Page 3 Coaching Points Communication Set goals for GK’s over course of 10 sessions Discussion• Confidence to Communicate=Experience + Knowledge + Practice • Be assertive at training. not on the attacking 25. facing the Feeder. Use GK as a defender (GKD).name first 2. Look to improve over course of 10 sessions Gain ground when ball is out of control (off the stick) Balance when forward is shooting “Make them beat you. to increase knowledge of game • Avoid ‘vague’ terms and cheerleading • Organize defense while your team has ball. not when turnover occurs • Start from the back first. Drill1.Name.introduction to gain confidence. GKA moves in behind GKA. tone Defenders to front mark-inside. 20 min Rotate GK’s Goal Scoring See field player curriculum Challenging drill for GK’s. concise.

Date. back if pressure on ball inside the circle. GK to continue to educate and learn game LEADERSHIP in defense Video Link 20 min Rotate GK’s Individual skill work if appropriate INDIVIDUAL Ensure all are engaged Provide feedback to EVERY GK Ask GK what they learned and what they need to improve on 10 min Goalkeepers encouraged to review & practice a skill they believe they need to improve 10 min Cool Down Thorough Cool Down and Stretch Establish areas needing significant practice prior to next session Reinforce training intensity and quality Importance of basic skills Review keys: Footwork. Time 10 min REVIEW .006 2 Time See Field Player Curriculum Goalkeeping Session 1 The Drill 8 v 8 Game (7 plus GK) Page 4 Coaching Points Continue to help GK communicate. athletic stance Balance Angles Instep Kicking/Saving Communication TRAINING SESSION 2 Venue.up in circle if ball is outside circle. tone Defender positioning Effective GK Positioning.Name. instruction (clear & concise).

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