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Apr to Jul 2012 BTEC : EHRM / EBM / HND Title Assignment No.

Assignment Title Assignment Due Date Assignment Brief: This assignment has two sections. The student is supposed to answer both the sections completely. Section A: Is a case study based on the functions, responsibilities and duties of an HR department. The student is expected to analyze the situation prevailing in the organization and suggest ways and methods of dealing with those problems. Section B: It covers questions based on importance and growth of Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management 01 Case Study 'Jack Nelsons Problem' Taken from DesslerHR Management (10th ed): p. Refer to assessment Schedule

Assignment Task / Description: Section A: 1. Individually read the case study provided and attempt the 3 questions at the end of the case study. 2. When attempting question 1, identify the problems faced by the Bank. 3. When attempting question 2 and 3, focus on HR practices. Section B: Answer the following questions: 1. Explain the difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. (500 750 words) 2. Trace the historical development of the field of Human Resource Management. (approx. 1000 1200 words)

Apr to Jul 2012 Assessment Criteria: The student will be awarded a PASS grade if he/she Identifies the HR problems in the organization.. Shows an understanding of the basic functions of HR (eg. Recruitment, selection, etc.) Explains the importance of having a Human Resource PASS Management department in an organization. Identify the functions of HR managers and supervisors. Is able to reflect/trace the development of HR and differentiate between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. The student will achieve a MERIT if he/she along with the criteria for PASS; Analyzes the problems of the organization Processes information related to importance of Human Resource Management. Identifies and analyzes the reasons for setting up of the HR Department. Applies and analyzes detailed knowledge and skills pertaining to various Human Resource functions and coherently presents and communicates work using technical language accurately. A student will be awarded a DISTINCTION if he/she along with the criteria for MERIT; Evaluates and synthesizes the information acquired from various sources to generate and justify valid conclusions for setting up a Human Resource department in an organization. Is able to bring about important differences between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. Shows an individual approach in identifying the importance of Human Resources as well as presents and communicates work coherently, using technical language fluently. Makes clear recommendations and suitable suggestions for the problems identified.



Apr to Jul 2012

Learning Outcome/s achieved in the assignment: By completing this assignment successfully, the student will achieve the following learning outcome:1. Investigate the traditional view of personnel management and the new approach of human resource management distinguish between personnel management and human resource management and discuss the historical development and changing context in which they operate assess the role, tasks and activities of the human resource practitioner evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource practices

Submitting assignments beyond deadline "(for any reason) except medical will be awarded a maximum of only pass grade. Any assignments received after the last date of class will not be accepted and will hence receive a FAIL.