EIL Sample Paper 1

Paper consists of 2 parts: 1. Non-tech. (50 ques.) , 2. Technical (100 ques.) 2 hrs Here we are submitting you the ques we remembered.... Part-1 Out of 50 ques hardly 3-4 were of general English, no ques.is from aptitude the rest all were GK ques. 1. Which country is rich in thorium.. Ans. India 2. "Eco Mark" is used on products which are: Ans. Eco friendly. 3. Animax channel belong to which of the following: a) sony pictures, b)zee, c)star, d)disney 4. first nuclear plant in India was set up at: Ans. Tarapur 5. Recently India has done "Science Express Deal" with which of the following countries: a) Germany, b) Japan, c) China, d) Russia 6. Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru award was given first time to the president of which of the following countries: a) Brazil, b) Mexico, c) Austria, d ) Sweden. 7. Kaziranga National Park is Famous for: a) Rhino, b) Zebra, etc.... 8. APJ Abdul klam is related to which of the following missiles: a) ASLV, b) GSLV, c) SLV,etc.. 9. Progen is the BPO of which company: a) Satyam, b) Wipro, c) Infosys, etc.. 10. Bharat Parvasi Divas is celebrated on which day: Ans. 9th nov. 11. Pongal is the festival belongs to which state: a) Kerela, b) Karnatka, c) Orissa, etc.. 12. Which dance is known as the "Ballet of East": a) kathak, b)bharatnatyam, c) kuchipudi, d) manipuri 13. Sunderbans are famous for: Duration:

b) keniya. 21.. c) national farmers comission..etc. the cell is written by: a) Sashi Throor.. etc.a) Mangroves. 18. 29.etc. Who is known as the father of modren biology? a) Charles Darwin. 17..Sainath is related to which of the following: a) TV Anchoring. c) Maldives. 28... etc. Dr. etc.. b) Mcdonals. etc.etc. etc. b) Unusual. b) Tropical forests. 15. Nightmare: Dream a) Dread: Expectation.. . b) sixth pay comission.. etc. Alam Ara 25. Golden Arches is related to which of the following: a) KFC.. 22. 26. b) Drama. Anandmath is written by which author: a) Rabindernath Tagore..... The elephants. etc... 27. Meaning of Concur: a) to deny.. c) machhi Puchhi.. etc. etc. etc.. Which of the following is not included in new 7 wonders: a) Taj Mahal. etc. Steve Fosset is related to: a) Crocodile Hunting.. 19. the tiger. b) easily available. 20. c) Mountaineering.. b) Frustration: Confusion. The famous Golfer Vijay Singh belongs to which country: a) Fiiji.. b) way the things are.. b)BC Chatterji. c) Premchand. 24. b) The Grand Canyon. First soundless movie of Bolyywood: Ans.. Shrilanka 16.. 23. 14. etc.? a) easy to get. LTTE is related to which country: Ans. P. Meaning of: "The way the wind blows" : a) way the things were ... What is the meaning of Dime a Dozen. MS Swaminathan is related to : a) planning comission. Bessel 2 norms are related to: a) Cyber crimes..

b) V(pwr)2.. Dimensions of Power: a) M1L2T-3. b) Transient state. Torque in Induction Motor is directly proportional to: a) V. d) Integrating type. 1 ques like. d) V(pwr)1/2 3. Stability limit is higher in: a) Steady state. c) ears. When Surge impedence equal characterstic impedance then : a) Vs = Vr. In Ambulance which of the aural postural balance is difficult to maintain: a) nose.. I would hope that you ____ take tea with me 2mrw.. 7... c) Vs< Vr.. 6. The internal resistance of a meter is 4 ohm and current drawn is 30mA.30. c) V(pwr)3. If we want to increase its range as voltmeter upto 150V then find out the series resistance added in the circuit? Ans. d) could 31. 10. etc. b) V(pwr)2. the next olympics wiil be held in which country: a) london. a)shall. c) would. b) eyes. 2.) Part-2 (Technical-100 ques. etc. b) will. If relay setting is at 125% and the CT ratio is 400/5. 4996 ohm 9. d)V(pwr)1/2 4. c) Paris. then the fault current in hv winding is? Ans. c) Sub transient state. d) hands 32.. etc.) 1. c) V(pwr)3.. etc. c) Deflection type. If capacitve reactance of a 200 km line is 2000 ohm then what will be the charging reactance of a 100 km line? . Flashover at the surface of condenser bushings is due to: a) moisture in air. 6. Power in Transmission lines is proportional to: a) V.25 amp. b) Absolute type. 8. Those instruments which give constants and direction only are called: a) Secondary type. d) Switzerland 33. b) M1L2T-2. c) M1L1T-3. Where is the OPEC head office located? Ans Viena Upto 50 (but i remembered this much. 5. b) New York. b) Vs> Vr.

if we consider single line to groundthen its capacitance will be: a) 4microF.02ohm and reactance . .a) 2000 ohm. 13.. b) Routh criteria is stability based. Skewing in the squirrel cage rotor of Induction motor is purposely done to : Ans. earliest power plant is: a) Thermal.capacitance of 3phase line is given 4microF. d) 8000ohm. Circuit Breaker arcing contacts are made of which material: a) copper tungsten alloy.. c) 500 ohm. conduits and piping. d) graphite.. If resistance of the secondary winding of the transformer is given as .. 14. 11. 12. b) Nuclear.. . etc.. b) copper... The reflection coefficient for voltage of a short circuited line is: a) -1. 17. etc. 1 ques like.08 ohm and . c) Unconventional.. to avoid interlocking and reduce noise.... b) 4000ohm. 22. With the increase in feedback of the system which will increase: a) stability. etc. c) 0.. c) 1microF. etc.. d) 2 19. In power factor meter . 1 ques like. Operation and maintenance cost is min. b) sheath. Mechanical stress is max. b) 1. b) Nuclear... 15. Underground cable laying is done by: ans..24ohm 21. Which is wrong: a) Transient response is frequency domain.. 16. Recovery voltage 24. Double cage rotor is used in Induction motor is to improve: Ans. 1 ques like. 18. at which part of the cable: a) core. d) Diesel. c) manganin.06ohm then find out the primary resistance and reactance respectively: Ans. which element is used as shunt in instruments: a) silver. The normal frequency RMS voltage that appears across the breaker poles after final arc extinction is known as: Ans.. b) copper. starting torque. c) Hydel. b) 2microF... d) 8microF 23. 20.. c) Nyquist is time domain. c) silver.. b) gain. in which of the following plants: a) Thermal.

b) 415 V. c) De-Sauty Bridge.. c) distributor. Rotor core is laminated.. 26. 1 ques like. etc.. the highest range of temperature of insulations is. 34. d) 1460rpm..2 V.. The line feeding from distribution system to the consumers is called: a) feeder.. c) 680 V. A full wave centre tap thyristor is given. find out the PIV.. b) sweep. 28. Which of the following is the distribution 3 phase voltage: a) 220 V... 1 ques like. Which type of turbine is used in tydel power generation: a) Kaplan. a) cycloconverters. c) 1440rpm. etc.. etc. b) service mains. On increasing the frequency of the transformer ...3 V.. d) both decreases.... c) both increases . a)1400rpm. d) Reverse type. 36. 39. capacitor start capacitor run etc motors were given.25. b) decreases and increases. c) AC voltage controllers. c) Pelton Wheel type. Rotor copper losses are small in Induction Motor as compared to transformer becoz: Ans. c) increases.. 40.. Class B insulation is done in : a) DC choppers . arrange the following in ascending order: resistance split. d) remains same. 1 ques like.... etc. 37. Ans... d) Maxwell Bridge.. b) Fransis. 1 ques was based on. b) Wein's Bridge. a) Vertical and Horizontal plates. 1 ques like. b) 1420rpm.. 31..If anode of the SCR is made positive and cathode is made negative thenit will be: Ans. etc.? dnt remember exactly some values were given. a) 141....... b) choppers. 33. b) decreases exponentially. b) 100 V... what will be the speed at half the load... 38. c) 248.... d) 800 V. 32. optical pyrometer 30. Cros have which of the following. 1 ques is based on. .. Resistivity of insulators with temperature a) decreases linearly.. 27... 180 29.. temperature of the boiler furnace is measured by: Ans.. Natural commutation is done in. 35.. forward biased and conducting. Which of the following bridges is used to measure dielectric losses in capacitor: a) Schearing Bridge. hysterisis loss and eddy current loss respectively: a) decreases and remains same. Speed of the Induction Motor at full load is 1400 rpm .

. 6 pole... in frequency variable method which of the following factor is kept constant: a) V/f = constant.. how the corona effect varies with size and frequency. d) 25 HP.. 51. 1 ques was based on. b) 1HP. c)V=constant... c) 5 terminal 3 junction device. c) overcurrent relay. d) &/(1-&)V 53. options were.. 1 converter and 1 inverter. In Air Blast circuit breakers the air pressure inside is: a) 1kg/cm2. b) current sensitive relay. 50... b) V/1+&.. 1 ques was based on . 1 ques like. load current in thyristor depends upon... 52. Buchholz relay is: a) a gas actuated relay. a) increasing size and reducing supply frequency. etc. c) 2 HP . relation of Voltage with load angle delta. 47.. b) 3 terminal 2 junction device. 43.. 54. etc. 42. d) copper. b) delay angle but not on load type. b) graphite. 48... Which of the following generation plant is most reliable.....4 Pole . d) over voltage relay.. Slip is min. 4 pole..... a) delay angle and load type. 55. a) V/1-& .. DC Choppers are used to convert: a) DC to DC.. Universal motor is: a) frequency dependent.. b) 100 mm of Hg . b) 159. d) none of these. 46.. b) reducing size and incresing supply frequency. 44. .. b) AC to DC.. it increases with..41. ans. for which of the following machine: a) 25HP. etc. c) 1-&/&V. If CT winding connections are made in star/delta on the primary side of the T/F then CT connections on the secondary side winding of T/F will be: Ans. Interconnected system. slip rings in DC machines are made of: a) carbon... d) 200-300 kg/cm2. 1 ques like. b) frequency independent. b) Vf = constant.... 1Barrel contains how much litres: a) 216. etc. Dual converter consists of: Ans. c) AC to AC. c) only delay angle. 6 Pole. 1 ques like.. Diac is a: a) 4 terminal 2junction device.. c) 20-30 kg/cm2. delta/star.. etc. 45. 49. c) copper alloy. d) 6 terminal 3 junction device.

c) lubricating agent. 1 ques like. 1 ques like. d) cooling agent. etc... bending radius of the cable should be: a) D. In cycloconverters the O/P frequency power factor will bw as compared to I/P frequency power factor: a) higher. ambient temperature.. c) current induced in the 66.. etc. c) same. b) moving iron type. b) sin&. 62.. 58. etc. c) both will be in phase... etc.. b) Transmission lines. then MVAR ia proportional to: a) cos&. Ans. 1 ques like. c) Transformer. Why earth pit is filled with alternate layers of salt and charcoal: Ans. b) over voltage relay.. Heavy water in nuclear reactor is used as: a) accelerating agent. b) oil tank..d)none of these.Two transformers are connected in parallel R/X is smthing... body. d)4m 69. 64. 59.. 60.. b) decclerating agent. 67.. Distance of ground electrode from building is: a) 1m.. If cos& is a power factor. b)2D. In higher rating transformers the tank is of the following type: a) radiator. b) voltage induced in the body.. c) 3m . c) seperator.. 70.. skin effect does not depend upon: Ans.. etc.(smthing dnt remember exactly) . etc.. b) 90*90*12. d) 4D 57.. 61. c) 3D. 71. 1 ques like.... Meggar is: a) moving coil type. 1 ques like.. Human body gets shock due to: a) static charge discharging of body..5 . etc.. b) 2m. 63.5 .56..why central phase is reversed. skin effect 65. to reduce earth's resistance.. Merz Price protection is used in : a) Alternator. then the currents in the two T/F will be: a) Ia lags Ib . specifications of earth plate are: a) 60* 60*12.... b) Ia leads Ib. 68. Differential relay is: a) over current relay. b) lower. AC resistance is more due to..

b) at receiving end. etc.72. Which gas is used in the gas fired prime movers at gas power plants: a) LPG. etc. . 73. b) CNG. c) in the middle of the line. capacitors are connected where at the transmission line: a) at sending end.

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