The  Alliance  of  Believers   Thank   you   my   brother,   Eugene   Wamalwa   for   your   inspirational   speech,   what   a   wonderful   day,   we   gather   today   to   launch   The   National   Alliance…..the   Alliance   of   believers.   A   vessel   in   which   Kenya   will   sail   to   the   shores   of   unity,   peace,   harmony   and   prosperity.  A  foundation  on  which  future  generations  will  look  back   and  agree  that  this  was  the  turning  point  when  Kenya  left  the  woes   of  puberty  behind  and  came  of  age  politically.     When   that   which   divides   us   as   a   people   was   abandoned   in   the   interest   of   nationhood;   there   are   no   two   ways   to   this   noble   course   we  pursue.  The  ship  sets  sail  today  and  past  the  storm  we  shall  sail   to   the   Promised   Land.   This   ladies   and   gentlemen   is   your   Alliance.   ….The  National  Alliance.   I  take  this  opportunity  to  first  and  foremost  thank  God  Almighty  for   giving  us  the  sanity  to  dream  of  a  world  of  possibilities.  I  thank  the   love   of   my   life   Margaret   and   my   family   for   unselfishly   agreeing   to   share   me   with   all   Kenyans.   They   add   colour   to   my   visions   and   aspirations   for   Kenya.   I’m   indebted   also   to   the   architects   of   this   wonderful  establishment;  The  National  Alliance.  Men  and  women  of   humble   means   who   with   nothing   but   great   aspirations   for   this   nation   sat   and   asked   the   little   things   they   could   do   for   it.   The   network   of   volunteers   spread   out   in   every   county   and   village   with   a   single   message   at   heart;   this   Republic   deserves   better.   The   foot   soldiers   who   have   taken   to   the   social   media   to   offer   support   and   proclaim   that   Kenya   is   for   Kenyans.   Believers   who   have   resolved   that  this  course  is  unstoppable.  The  text  of  our  country’s  history  will   not  be  complete  without  a  mention  of  these  sacrifices.    


Ladies  and  gentlemen,  this  is  a  union  of  the  willing  and  able.  Those   willing  to  believe  that  Kenya  can  take  up  its  leadership  role  in  Africa   as   an   oasis   of   peace   and   prosperity.     Those   able   to   give   their   all   to   bring   this   dream   to   fruition.   Those   willing   to   give   service   for   the   collective   good   in   their   own   little   ways.   Those   able   to   imagine   a   world  of  unlimited  possibilities.  The  ingredients  of  the  national  cake   are   sufficient   to   bake   a   cake   big   enough   for   every   one   of   us.   Let   us   indulge   wisdom   in   choosing   the   bakery   and   the   team   to   bake   the   cake.   Let   us   no   longer   settle   for   mediocrity   and   barren   promises   because  the  pursuit  of  happiness  is  not  the  preserve  of  a  privileged   few.   It   is   a   birthright   for   all   who   believe   in   its   pursuit.   Let   us   look   forward   to   a   brighter   Kenya   with   unprecedented   hope   and   unwavering  commitment  to  change.     One  might  be  tempted  to  ask  what’s  in  a  party.  Why  should  Kenyans   trust   The   National   Alliance   as   the   last   best   hope   for   their   dreams   and  aspirations?    Parties  have  come  and  gone  since  the  pre-­‐colonial   era.   That   ideologies   have   been   hatched   and   crushed   even   before   the   ink   has   dried   on   party   manifestos.   Many   are   forced   to   believe   that   parties   are   only   a   means   to   gain   power.   And   to   a   to   some   extent   this   is   true.   The   principles   of   why   political   parties   exist   have   been   greatly   abused   before.   The   National   Alliance   seeks   to   dispel   the   belief   that   politicians   are   bigger   than   party   ideologies.   The   new   political  parties  act  has  taken  up  its  big  brother  role  and  any  party   that   pursues   an   individualistic   agenda   and   personality   cults   has   no   future  in  the  Kenya  of  today.     The  National  Alliance  has  a  firm  structure  of  ideologies  it  subscribes   to   and   these   are   firmly   rooted   in   its   core   believes.   We   are   a   party   that  believes  in  principles  of  African  social  justice  that  are  founded  


on   progressive   policies   and   ideologies.   We   are   a   party   driven   by   every   day   desires   that   Kenyans   have.   A   collection   of   small   solutions,   which   when   collated   form   a   collective   solution   to   what   ails   Kenya   today.   Ours   is   a   party   whose   engine   is   oiled   with   the   dreams   of   every   Kenyan.   A   party   that   focuses   into   the   future   by   offering   solutions   for   the   problems   of   today   and   emerging   challenges   of   tomorrow.   We   seek   to   dispel   the   notion   that   parties   are   founded   with  the  vision  of  getting  to  power.  The  Alliance  is  driven  by  a  deep   desire  to  fully  implement  the  Constitution  of  the  Republic  of  Kenya   and   the   spirit   of   achieving   the   national   development   milestones   as   laid   down   in   the   Vision2030   agenda.   That   ladies   and   gentlemen   is   what  we  are  asking  you  to  judge  us  on  as  we  move  forward.   We   seek   your   approval   to   tackle   the   core   areas,   which   we   believe   are   critical   for   the   development   of   our   country.   The   government   cannot  always  solve  all  social  problems  inflicting  its  citizenry  but  it   is  the  duty  of  the  government  to  offer  an  enabling  environment  for   citizens   to   tackle   their   every   day   challenges.   We   seek   to   offer   a   unique   approach   to   addressing   recurrent   problems   that   have   stagnated   development.   We   promise   to   address   the   hurdles   that   stand  in  the  way  of  prosperity  for  all.  We  fold  our  sleeves  and  get  on   the   ground   to   listen   to   you,   to   get   your   feedback   and   partner   in   sustainable   solutions.   There   is   no   greater   calling   than   that   which   demands  of  us  service  to  others.   We  break  away  from  the  norm  to  give  you  a  party  that  is  sensitive  to   your   aspirations   and   in   touch   with   your   basic   needs.   When   that   farmer  in  the  bread  basket  of  this  great  nation  is  able  to  fetch  a  good   price   for   her   maize   because   the   government   has   eliminated   unscrupulous  middlemen  and  offered  incentives  for  farm  input  and  


facilitated  alternative  market  for  her  produce,  there  the  spirit  of  The   National  Alliance  lives.     When   that   young   man   leaves   college   and   is   inspired   to   start   up   a   small   enterprise   with   dreams   of   growing   it   into   a   medium   size   enterprise   offering   employment   to   his   peers   because   the   government   is   willing   to   offer   an   enabling   environment   to   start   up   entrepreneurs;  the  spirit  of  The  Alliance  will  be  there.     When   our   senior   citizens   can   retire   in   peace   knowing   that   the   government   has   safeguarded   their   pension   investment   through   a   revolving  fund  and  a  robust  medical  scheme  that  serves  the  needs  of   the   people   in   a   transparent   and   genuine   manner,   The   National   Alliance  is  alive.   When   our   children,   their   children   and   their   children’s   children   are   assured   of   a   sustainable   planet   because   the   government   partnered   with   the   willing   and   able   to   reverse   the   negative   impact   of   environmental   degradation,   thereby   preserving   the   future,   when   our   constitution   is   used   to   guarantee   them   a   world   of   unlimited   possibilities,   The   National   Alliance   will   have   lived   true   to   its   promise.   When   our   courts   never   shy   away   from   doing   justice,   as   justice   has   the   capacity   to   proclaim   itself   from   the   mountaintops.   We   have   every  reason  to  raise  our  eyes  up  unto  the  hills  and  utter  a  prayer  of   thankfulness   that   our   fundamental   rights   are   protected   under   the   juridical  system  of  Kenya,  The  National  Alliance  lives.   Every   so   often   our   red,   green,   black   and   white   strips   are   hoisted   high   in   the   sky   on   foreign   land.   An   affirmation   that   Kenya   is   a   country   capable   of   competing   and   emerging   the   best   on   the   world  


arena.   Our   sports   men   and   women   have   marketed   brand   Kenya   in   unprecedented   ways,   sometimes   even   without   local   appreciation.   The   National   Alliance   recognizes   the   role   played   by   sporting   activities   in   developing   a   healthy   nation   and   the   investment   gains   acquired  when  the  victorious  sports  persons  return  home  with  their   spoils.   This   Alliance   will   accord   all   sports   the   seriousness   they   deserve  by  creating  a  network  that  mushrooms  from  the  grassroots   to  the  national  level.  Talent  development,  not  just  in  sports,  but  in  all   areas,  will  be  the  new  frontier  from  where  the  war  on  poverty  will   be  waged.         We   cannot   sit   back   and   wait   for   solutions   that   are   imported   from   abroad.  A  nation  that  is  highly  dependent  on  foreign  incentives  can   only   grow   so   much.   The   National   Alliance   will   lay   emphasis   on   homegrown  solutions  to  problems  afflicting  our  nation  of  Kenya  and   the  Africa  continent  as  a  whole.  We  shall  engage  with  other  leaders   of  the  world  to  foster  bi-­‐lateral  relations  and  negotiate  for  economic   opportunities   that   benefit   Kenya.   Our   sovereignty   is   core   to   our   beliefs   and   safeguarding   it   will   be   paramount   if   we   are   to   gain   respect  and  influence.  We  cannot  start  to  compromise  that  which  is   God   given   for   temporally   gains.   Freedom   is   never   given   on   a   silver   platter.   It   is   fought   for   and   earned   by   those   who   believe   in   justice   and  equality  for  all.  Every  year,  as  we  honour  the  men  and  women   who  loved  this  country  so  much  to  have  laid  down  their  lives  for  it,   we   must   task   the   government   of   the   day   with   the   duty   of   safeguarding  this  freedom.  A  government  that  loves  its  people  must   heed  this  call.       Ours  is  a  country  of  unlimited  potential.  A  nation  that  has  proven  it   can  dust  itself  from  the  ashes  of  tribalism  and  immerse  itself  in  the  


springs  of  nationhood  and  prosperity.  Of  this  we  ask  you  to  believe.   Of   this   we   ask   you   to   internalize.   Let   us   believe   that   the   power   to   change   this   nation   lies   within   us;   not   just   the   politicians,   nor   the   experienced   and   not   the   international   community   but   within   you   and  me,  all  forty  million  of  us  together.   We   want   you   to   believe   in   the   possibilities   of   a   government   that   cares,  listens  and  delivers  what  it  has  promised.  A  government  that   might  not  always  go  where  you  want  it  to  go,  but  one  that  will  take   responsibility   and   account   for   all   its   actions.   A   government   that   embraces   the   spirit   of   the   new   constitutional   order   and   lives   to   its   true  mandate.  A  government  that  believes  in  you.   The   journey   we   begin   today   is   long   and   tedious.   The   path   we   take   is   littered  with  snares  and  traps.  Let  us  chose  the  path  least  taken:  The   path  of  peace  and  tolerance.  The  path  of  a  issue  based  campaign  and   respect   for   opponents.   Our   actions   in   the   coming   days   and   months   must  speak  louder  than  the  words  we  utter.  Let  us  not  be  drawn  into   name-­‐calling   and   Politics   As   Usual   that   has   been   characteristic   of   previous   electioneering   seasons.   The   National   Alliance   brings   a   paradigm   shift   to   these   elections   and   we   must   be   seen   to   act   differently.     The  National  Alliance  party  officials  are  professionals  of  all  walks  of   life  committed  to  the  party  and  will  not  be  seeking  elective  positions   in  the  forthcoming  election.  This  proviso  is  there  to  ensure  that  the   party  has  only  the  most  committed  and  dedicated  officials.  The  party   will   also   be   developing   its   nomination   rules   in   an   inclusive   participatory  manner,  through  a  series  of  aspirant  forums,  to  ensure   that   they   are   a   free   and   fair.   The   rules   will   also   seek   to   deal   with  


another   major   political   problem   that   bedevils   political   parties,   that   of  the  winner  take  all.   In   the   past   the   losers   would   be   in   the   political   cold   until   the   next   elections   and   they   would   spend   their   time   undermining   the   incumbent.   The   result   is   that   the   elections   in   Kenya   are   cutthroat   and  inevitably  the  ganging  up  of  the  losers  against  the  victor  ensures   that   our   system   and   society   fails   to   nurture   leadership.   The   party   nomination  rules  will  seek  to  circumvent  this  problem  by  ensuring   that   the   losers   in   the   nomination   process,   having   achieved   a   threshold   of   votes,   would   be   incorporated   at   the   various   levels   of   appointive  positions,  in  keeping  with  their  qualifications,  so  that  no   leader,  able  and  wiling  to  serve  the  people,  is  excluded.   What   that   means   is   that   the   party   would   be   open   to   everyone   without  fear  or  favour.  In  my  career  in  politics  I  can  testify  that  90%   of   the   problems   that   take   place   in   political   parties   in   Kenya   take   place  during  the  nomination  of  candidates.  If  the  fear  of  being  rigged   out   at   the   nomination   stage   is   removed   there   will   be   less   need   for   more  political  parties.  The  accommodation  of  losing  candidates  into   other   positions   would   safe   guard   the   cardinal   principal   of   fair   competition   while   assuring   that   after   the   competition   the   like   minded,   able   and   popular   are   able   to   work   together   for   our   nation   and   its   people,   instead   of   engaging   in   negative   and   destructive   politics.   This   would   allow   the   party   to   grow   and   ensure   its   ideology,   programs   and   policy   are   not   only   developed,   but   effectively   implemented.   Ladies   and   gentlemen,   our   ambassadors   of   change   must   drive   this   new   image   of   a   modern   party.   When   all   is   said   and   done,   this   Republic   must   emerge   from   the   next   elections   stronger   and   more  


united   than   ever.   The   National   alliance   will   spare   no   effort   in   ensuring   this.   In   this   same   spirit   of   unity   The   National   Alliance   is   willing   and   eager   to   work   and   even   merge   with   other   like-­‐minded   parties   to   ensure   greater   stability   and   cohesion   in   the   political   arena.   It  was  once  said  and  I  quote  “  To  accomplish  great  things,  we  must   not   only   act,   but   also   dream;   not   only   plan,   but   also   believe.”   end   quote.   Here   today   we   have   seen   a   dream   being   unfolded,   we   have   seen   the   wings   of   hope   that   can   carry   us   into   the   future   and   beyond.   This   is   not   some   grand   elaborate   design,   no,   on   the   contrary   it   is   very   simple   and   basic,   it   all   about   our   dreams.   We   all   dream,   children   more   so,   but   we   must   now   start   believing   in   the   dream   in   order  to  achieve  great  things   ladies   and   gentlemen,   we   seek   your   blessings   to   offer   a   world   of   possibilities.   An   opportunity   to   draft   the   Kenya   we   want   in   our   manifesto   and   a   mandate   to   implement   the   vision   of   this   new   Republic.   Ladies   and   gentlemen,   It’s   now   in   your   hands,   the   power   to   truly   attain   that   which   we   all   dream   for   Kenya.   The   foundation   has   been   laid   and   the   mason’s   tools   are   once   again   in   your   hands.   Let  us  build  a  God  fearing  republic  and  in  so  doing,  the  Good  Lord  of   all   creations   will   bless   this   our   land   and   Nation.   When   historical   injustices   are   addressed   genuinely   and   reconciliation   takes   centre   stage,  healing   is   inevitable.  It  is  only   then  we   realize  that  the  answer   to   true   nationhood   lies   not   in   revenge   or   tribal   animosity   but   in   justice   being   our   shield   and   defender.   Our   wealth   as   a   nation   will   then  be  found  within  us;  within  our  reach  and  within  our  ability  to   tolerate  each  other  and  work  together  towards  a  common  destiny.  If   we   cultivate   unity   and   peace   and   allow   individual   liberties,   then  


plenty   is   guaranteed   within   our   borders.   The   true   doctrine   of   democracy   dictates   that   governments   are   not   formed   of   some   people  by  some  people  for  some  people  but  rather  of  the  people  by   the   people   and   for   the   people   of   the   Republic   of   Kenya.   This   is   the   core  belief  of  The  National  Alliance   I   would   like   to   reiterate   at   this   stage   that   Jacob   Omolo's   belief,   as   posted   on   facebook,   in   one   nation,   one   people,   one   destiny,   peace   and  prosperity  for  everyone  will  not  be  in  vain  under  The  National   Alliance.   Luzinga   James'   belief   in   a   visionary   leadership   that   will   consolidate   funds   to   the   local   mwananchi   under   an   affordable   repayment   rate   is   well   within   out   reach   as   a   focused   people.   We   believe  the  youth  can  have  greater  involvement  in  decision-­‐making.   It   is   in   the   beliefs   of   all   Kenyans   that     The   National   Alliance   hopes   to   lay  a  strong  foundation  for  today  and  the  future.  Fellow  Kenyans,  a   nation   without   hope   and   a   belief   is   on   the   verge   of   stagnation   and   retrogression.   We   must   keep   believing.   We   must   press   on   with     unparalled  hope.  We  must  keep  vigilance.  We  must  never  lose  focus   of  the  ultimate  destination  as  a  nation.  What  do  you  believe  in?     Ladies  and  gentlemen,     I   believe   in   Kenya,   and   as   a   constant   reminder   of   my   love   and   commitment   to   our   beloved   country   I   wear   this   wrist   band   with   our   nation  flag  colours  at  all  times;   I   believe   that   we   if   we   put   our   minds   to   it   we   can   change   this   country  forever;     I   believe   that   we   have   the   burden   and   privilege   of   carrying   the   country  into  the  future;   I  believe  that  we  are  destined  for  greatness.  


I   believe   we   can   overcome   tribalism,   poverty,   corruption,   disease,   ignorance  and  all  the  other  ills  that  bedevil  our  country   I  believe  that  united  as  a  people  nothing  is  impossible.     I  do  believe.     Ladies   and   Gentlemen,   there   is   no   nation   that   does   not   have   a   history,  but  the  time  has  come  for  us  to  learn  from  history  and  not   wallow  and  live  in  the  past.  For  the  longest  time  the  youth  has  been   told   to   look   up   to   their   elders,   but   now   a   time   has   come   for   the   elders   turn   to   the   youth,   let   us   collectively   carry   the   nation   forward.     The  answers  for  a  better  tomorrow  lies  in  you.     This  party  is  you  and  you  are  the  party.       I   would   like   to   take   this   opportunity   to   thank   you   all,   and   to   say   lets   put   behind   the   past,   lets   move   forward   on   the   wings   of   transformational  change.     I  do  Believe.   Thank  you     God  bless  The  National  Alliance  and  may  God  Bless  Kenya.