Peter George d'Angelino Tap: Fashionshow PGXXX Thaumazoo

Me and my friend Cheryl went to the fashion show Thaumazoo, by designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap. The exhibition was in Arminius, Rotterdam (A Jugendstil Church, now used for performances and exhibitions) Arminius invited the designer to show his creations in the building. We saw the performance September 10th, 2011 in the early afternoon. A criticism: Peter George d’Angelino Tap Body & Soul d’Angelino Tap’s career spans a period of twenty five years. In these years he has surpassed the boundaries usually known to fashion designers. His designs found their way to the world of theater, opera and ballet.His source of inspiration is the arts - be it poetry, music or the figurative arts.

Shape: The exhibition space wasn’t meant for shows in the first place. It was a church. It is a very pretty cathedral in Austrian Art Nouveau style. The Exhibition includes fashion works which were based on art works by (famous) artists. These were exhibited as well. The artworks were placed randomly trough over the cathedral, in “secret corners” so not actually to make people see in immediately. You had to seek a little, walk, find a way. The costumes were placed on mannequins. The artworks were placed on pillars. There barely was any structure nor strategy in the placement. There wasn’t a very logical route either. There were all different kinds of places and most of the costumes were hidden behind plants or wardrobes or fences.

Meaning: The exhibition wasn’t about anything particular. It were costumes based on artworks. The title is Thaumazoo is Greek for admiration or astonishment. The exhibition was also very stunning so the title matches well. The reason for the arrangement is not very clear to me. I don’t know why someone would make such a mess out of an exhibition. It did not look very professional to be honest. Maybe this has to do with the “marvelous” idea but I think it is somewhat…I don’t know how to put it, unorganized. I don’t even know if things were based on theme, I don’t think so. It was just random. And all put in corners as if it was not meant to be seen. For some information boards were placed, including sketches of the design. Over this sketch information about the artwork it was based on: The information was not hard to understand. It was placed close by the costume though in one space it

was quite camouflaged and we did not see it at first.

Function: The goal of this exhibition was indeed an oeuvre to Peter George d’Angelino Tap. Arminius wanted to entertain the audience. I think the designer meant to show his affection to the artists he based his designs on and also wanted people to make their own ideas about the designs. But it was of course mostly an ode to the artworks. It might also be something to shock people with. I don’t know.

My opinion: I expected something incredible, amazing, stunning, shocking, supercool, epic. It was NOT. It was a big messy chaos. There was only one design I could appreciate. And believe me, I am not all mainstream and unoriginal. I love weird designs. I don’t walk around in cheap jeans and fake D&G tops with a plastic LV-bag. I have a passion for abnormality. My favourite designers are Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen for dear’s sake. This was so…ieh. Those designs had nothing classy, they weren’t finished up with care and beauty, at least did not look like it. And I hate designers who rape the fabrics in some uncontrolled big bunch of bullshit. I mean, respect for your ability to make it. I’m impressed. But WHY not finish it right if you have the skills!? The thing which impressed me most was how… awful it was. Why wasn’t everything put in a white clear space. Why did they drop the things here and there as if it was not worth anything? I just don’t understand. I am not going to watch any Peter George d’Angelino Tap show anymore because I hated it. I just, I am sorry but I cannot even manage to pretend I appreciated it. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO CLOTHES? WHY? This was my report, followed up by some more pictures.

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