Questionnaire And Graphs


Customer Satisfaction

1) Which connection do you use? a. Telemor b. Ufone c. Mobilink d. Zong e. Warid

2) In how much time u change your connection? a. Within 3 months b. Within 6 months c. Within 1 year d. More than 1 year e. Never

3) Do you know about MNP? a. Yes b. No

4) Did you ever gone for MNP? If yes then what r the reasons behind it? a. Yes

Neutral d. Agree personnel are able to provide the . Somewhat Unsatisfactory c. Strongly Agree b. Satisfactory e. Somewhat Unsatisfactory c. Yes b. Average d. Excellent 8) How courteous are the customer contact personnel? a. Average d. Excellent 9) The customer contact required information? a. Agree c. Disagree e. No Cuaomer service 6) Are the customer contact personnel easily available on your service providers helping line? a. Strongly Disagree 7) What is the quality of the customer contact personnel’s greetings? a.b. Strongly Agree b. Poor b. Poor b. Satisfactory e. No _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 5) Are you satisfied with the service provided? a.

Disagree e. A lot of confusion b. Disagree e. No confusion . Strongly Agree b. Neutral d. Strongly Disagree 12) How would you rate the customer contact personnel’s explanation? a. Satisfactory e. Strongly Disagree 10) The customer contact personnel have the appropriate product and problem knowledge to solve your problem? a. Poor b. Agree c. Strongly Agree b.c. Somewhat Unsatisfactory c. Neutral d. Strongly Disagree 11) The customer contact personnel able to communicate the issue effectively? a. Bit Confusion c. Disagree e. Agree c. Average d. Neutral d. Excellent 13) What is the level of confusion in finding the right person to answer a query or solve a problem? a.

Zong e. Agree c. Warid . Mobilink d. Neutral d. Strongly Agree b. Disagree e. 4 minutes e. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree Price perception 17) Are you satisfied that your service provider is giving you the best tariff rates? a. Disagree e. 3 minutes d. Neutral d. Telemor b. Strongly Agree b. Strongly Disagree 16) The quality of customer support service would be a influential reason in your decision to switch service providers? a. Strongly Agree b. More than 4 minutes 15) If customer service were to get better would you stick to the same service provider? a. Agree c.14) How long does it take for the problem to be solved after the conduction of the call? a. Strongly Disagree 18) In your opinion which is providing the best tariff rates? a. 2 minutes c. 1 minute b. Ufone c. Neutral d. Agree c.

19) a. c. e. e. In your which one is providing best sms rates? Telenor Ufone Mobilink Zong Warid Which operator is providing best value added services? Telenor Ufone Mobilink Zong Warid . d. b. 20) a. b. d. c.

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