Tim Butram Environmental Science 8th Period Theories of Evolution and Creationism Both evolution and creationism have

their sides. Evolution deals with the idea that all life evolved through time to what we now have today. Creationism is the idea that God has created all life within a shorter time span the evolution. While both may seem as if they are mutually exclusive to an uneducated eye, they can work together. However, the theory of evolution is more logical, as compared with creationism.

Creationism, as stated before, states that God created every living thing within 10 thousand years. While a hard-core believer in evolution immediately discounts creationism, there is evidence that the earth and universe were created within 10 thousand years. One such proof would be the decay of the earth’s magnetic field. If the magnetic field has decayed at the rate it has been decaying now, several million years ago the earth would have the magnetic field of a magnetic star, which would prevent life from occurring. Another fact is the global flood, which occurred in Noah’s time. Sedimentary layers show that a great flood may of occurred in that time period. Finally, the levels of helium-4 in the atmosphere lean toward the earth being formed within 10-thousand years. Helium-4 comes from outside the atmosphere. If the rate of accumulation has stayed constant, then that gives an approximate length of at, namely 10 thousand years. So contrary to the pure evolutionary idea, creationism does have legitimate evidence for creationism.

Evolution on the other hand states that all life as we know it, has randomly occurred, in a lengthy process of several billion years. Much of the scientific field agrees with this

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Tim Butram Environmental Science 8th Period view, as much of the evidence can be tested, and does not rely on faith to pull the theory through. One such evidence in favor of evolution is the genetic code that all life on earth has. This code is very similar between different species, showing that life may of come from common ancestors. Another idea is that natural selection can produce evolution. Natural selection is the process of nature removing the weak and useless from the environment. Also, such an action has been proved and shown, and it does not contradict with other standards of life, such as creationism, and is generally accepted by all sides. Natural selection causes change within a population, which in turn, could cause evolution. Finally, the fossil record gives a helpful boost to the Theory of Evolution. The fossil record shows the gradual amount of change throughout the earth’s age. Earlier, more primitive species, such as bacterium, compose the fossils of the earliest times. Further on, higher up on the strata, there are more complex organisms, such as multicellular flora and fauna. Contrary to creationism’s view, evolution does have some good evidence supporting it.

While creationism has it’s merits, and has some evidence that it could be right, I disagree with creationism. Personally I am an agnostic person. The idea of a higher power is something that I, am not able to comprehend or prove, so it lacks purpose to argue about whether there is a God, or there is not a God. So, in effect I am forced to make my decision about the amount and the quality of evidence, which is both reliable and can be proven to happen. Experiments such as Millar and Urey show that with the early atmosphere on earth, the basic compounds of life can be created. Much of the evidence for creationism is largely faith based. While, that is fine for someone who is religious,

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Tim Butram Environmental Science 8th Period the addition of, “I don’t know how it worked, so God did it”, sounds childish, and does not convince me. Evolution has a lot of testable evidence, and while it does not answer every question, it tries to, without giving up and saying “it is that way, because it is that way.” That is why I believe that evolution is the correct theory.

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