Wondrous Worms


















Worm beginning and endings!
Match the worm heads with their tails. Write the complete word in the boxes

We’ve been reading “How to eat Fried Worms” a few chapters at a time for listening (and comprehension skills!) practice throughout the day – we read a little after morning opener and then before lunch, and right before we go home. We’ve made a character chart and discuss what is happening as we read – the kids are REALLY enjoying it! The next few pages are visualization practice to go along with the book, but if you’re not reading it you could still use them as journal topics!

Name_____________________ “How to eat fried worms” visualization

How would you make a worm taste better?

Name_____________________ “How to eat fried worms” visualization

This is Billy eating a worm

Name_____________________ How to eat fried worms visualization

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Name_____________________ How to eat fried worms visualization

What would you want for eating 15 worms?

Worms can have up to 5 hearts

I think worms are gross.

Worm’s bodies dry out when they are away from soil.

Worms are lovely creatures.

Earthworms do not have eyes, ears, or a nose.

I wouldn’t want to step on a worm!

Worms eat dirt and rotting leaves.

I like worms a lot!

An earthworm will regrow its tail if it is cut off. Worms are the coolest creatures ever!

We begun our worm mini-unit on Monday. We read books, mad a “can, have, are” chart and started reading “How to Eat Fried Worms.” I told my class that sometime I was going to bring (real live!) worms for us to investigate.

Tuesday I brought in a bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles. (hehe!) I hid it in a bag and had each kid reach in without looking and feel what was inside. We came up with a huge list of adjectives that described what they felt when they reached inside the bag. I told them “they might or might not be worms.” They had to draw in the first box and label (using our list) what they felt inside. After that was complete, we all came back together and I revealed the noodles to them. (They thought it was hilarious I tricked them!!) Then they had to go back and draw about what really was inside the bag.


Don’t forget labels!

Ordering those squirmy worms!
Cut and paste your numbers in order from 1-20

1 6 14 20

3 2 13 19

5 4 16

7 10 17

9 8 18

11 12 15

h f

c t


Digging up those wiggly worms!
What words did you make on the way to find him?
Real words

silly words







-et -ot -op
















I hope your kids have SO Much Fun using this little packet!! I know mine really enjoyed it!

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Thanks! Nicole

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