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TEST LAB: This chapter is very important and scoring. Pay attention to the rules while answering the questions.

Q.1 State whether the following rules are True or False:1. When a Collective noun is used collectively verb should be plural but when it is used for its members the verb should be singular. T____ F____ 2. Everyone, anyone, each one are followed by a plural verb. T____ F____ 3. When the phrase ‘A lot of’ is used for a quantity of a thing, singular verb is used but when it is used for number, plural verb is used. T____ F____ 4. The word ‘there’ is an introductory word and does not determine the verb. T____ F____ 5. Infinite verbs change with the subject or person. T____ F____ 6. Finite verb change with the person and number of the subject. T____ F____ Q.2 Fill in the blanks with ‘is' or ‘are'. 1. The rose _____ a beautiful flower. 2. His two sons _____ still small.
VERB 9999904660/61/62

3. My brother _____ doing his degree at that university. 4. Dogs _____ the most faithful animals. 5. There _____ a lot of ants on the tree. 6. That chair _____ comfortable to sit on. 7. The equator _____ an imaginary line round the earth. 8. The natives of this island _____ a friendly people. 9. We _____ waiting for the bus. 10. _____ your mother sleeping now? Q.3 Fill in the blanks with ‘does' or ‘do'. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. _____ you know him? That _____ not mean I _____ not like her. Please _____ not smoke here. _____ anybody know the answer? They _____ not want to play. It _____ not matter where you put it. He _____ the measuring and we _____ the cutting. 8. Those sheep _____ not belong to that farmer. 9. My feet _____ not get tired easily. 10. Everyone here _____ not know about it. Q.4 Fill in the blanks with ‘has' or ‘have'. 1. He _____ a law degree. 2. They _____ gone to the cinema. 3. Only one of the student’s _____ failed the test. 4. I _____ come here to borrow your book 5. "_____ you ever done online banking?" 6. "We _____ not done our homework yet." 7. Each of you _____ to pay a dollar. 8. There _____ been no complaint so far. 9. Does he _____ a bicycle? 10. What _____ she got to say about this?


denoted E. We _____ (like / likes) to swim. included / about B. (are / is) 13. 7.7 Choose the correct word for each sentence. for centuries. (seem / seems) 8. and New Mexico meet. Some of the grain ____________ gone bad. (are / is) 3. 2. One of my instructor’s ____________ written a letter of recommendation for me. He too has to _____ (go / goes) to school.Class Assignment Q. 1. ____________ either my father or my brothers made a down-payment on the house? (has / have) 9. occupied the region now __________ as the Four Corners. A. Colorado. assumed Q. There ____________ a list of committee members on the head-table. 2. The piano as well as the pipe organ ____________ to be tuned for the big concert. John or his brother ____________ going to be responsible for this. (has / have) 2. 3. (have / has) 11. The mayor together with his two brothers ____________ going to be indicted for accepting bribes. A few of the student’s ____________ doing so well that they can skip the next course. 4. 6. 6. He _____ (speak / speaks) good English. 9. removed / over E. Everyone of the postmen _____ (ride / rides) a bicycle. (have / has) Q. (is / are) 4. Eric Gorton has ____________ Nick Fenand in his squad for the next month's qualifying match against Liechtenstein despite doubts ____________ the player’s fitness. Every one of us must _____ (go / goes) to school. Either the Committee on Course Design or the Committee on College Operations ____________ these matters. They _____ (work / works) in that factory.6 Choose the correct word for each sentence. 6. 8. Neither of my two suitcases ____________ adequate for this trip. invoked B. He often _____ (go / goes) to the cinema. a civilization that arose as early as 1500 BC. 9. The Anasazi. labelled D. (are / is) 5. Our neighbours _____ (talk / talks) to us every day. She _____ (read / reads) every day. 5. 7. replaced / concerning 2. The team’s manager. One of us _____ (live / lives) near the hospital. (has / have) VERB 9999904660/61/62 2 . 4. 10. (take / takes) 7. I often _____ (go / goes) to the library. joined / on D. The black dog can _____ (bark / barks) very loudly. she does _____ (go / goes) to the library. A. 8 Verbal Reasoning 1. Those deer in the zoo _____ (look / looks) hungry. Everybody in the class ____________ done the homework well in advance. known C. He _____ (go / goes) to school by bus. Hartford is one of those cities that ____________ working hard to reclaim a riverfront. 1. 1. 10. The jury ____________ their seats in the courtroom. She wants to _____ (go / goes) to the library? She does not _____ (go / goes) to the library? Oh. 8. (decide / decides) 14. I _____ (drink / drinks) milk every day. Neither the teacher nor the student’s ____________ to understand this assignment. Arizona. Every one of us usually _____ (go / goes) to school early. hospitalized / by C. (are / is) 12. 5. where Utah. 3. The earth _____ (go / goes) round the sun.5 Choose the correct word for each sentence. Q. (is / are) 10.

calamitous / revisit 7.Class Assignment 3. way / coy 4. Federal data shows that the number of citizens receiving welfare __________ again last year even though an economic slowdown pushed more people into __________. Margarita Benito. rescinded / beggary B. common / emerging C. and the Lower East Side in the 1980s. moments / along E. A. tripled / pauperism E. A. free / self-governing C. rudeness / agreed D. A. declined / poverty 11. A. Despite signs of a truce. but effective resources and technological advances have ________ the team’s progress. the project was planned to take at least 15 years. centuries / guest C. distant / prying D. jumped / subservience D. seismic / shift B. readings C. rankings 12. reduced / affluence C. energized B. A. Originally. some __________ event forced the Anasazi to __________ their houses and homeland and to move south and east toward the Rio Grande and the Little Colorado River. scorn / swore 9. Americans __________ to loose millions to internet con artists. ratings E. olden / raise VERB 9999904660/61/62 E. should they let the north country remain __________ or should they __________ it. Over the ___________. Tony Benito and his sister. tracing a diagram in the dirt or __________ up a slab of useful flint. signals / incur 10. quelled / annexed 3 . competition B. ordinary / occurred B. independent / separated D. love / promised E. ranting D. contempt / failed B. reduced 5. A. decades / host B. cataclysmic / flee C. unfortunate / desert D. warnings / continue C. accelerated D. A. postponed C. Georgia's teachers received the third largest salary hike in the country last year but still did not move up in national __________. Towards the end of the 13th century. __________ at dawn immortal. A. encouragement / proceed D. whether noble or __________. cautions / persists E. the country’s dilemma remains. When mortals died. SoHo in the 1970s. A. time / games D. decrepit / fixing B. different New York neighbourhoods have played ___________ to the cutting edge: Greenwich Village in the 1950s. Despite __________ printed in newspapers and broadcast over the internet and on television. impoverished / woke E. predictions / persevere B. aged / keeping 8. face 15-month jail terms in Britain on ________ of court charges after they __________ to appear in court to testify about the family's assets. maudlin / appeared D. deferred E. faulty / picking C. autonomous / conquer B. Those __________ ancestors doubtless found sticks helpful for pointing out a direction. they joined Re on his nocturnal journey through the underworld. if all went well. misconduct / refused C. disastrous / move E. domestic / summoned 6. A.

In addition to huge gas __________. but in its traditional __________ of England. uncharted / broken C. and South Africa. failed / locality E. exhilarative / promoted E. A. New Zealand. As the last __________ slice of Atlantic coastal plain bordering the continent's vast equatorial rain forests. master / vicinity C. birth E. mount D. synchronicity / giant C. the region. The term ‘conservationist’ had been defined by some as a person who believes that the natural world is endlessly __________ and beautiful. the Caspian sea may hold as much as 200 billion barrels of oil. known as the Gamba Complex. abhorrent / salvaged C. undeveloped / rich E. Amid / churning 17. supplies E. impermeable /popularity D. support B. an absolute but highly dynamic monarchy that has created an economic __________ out of little more than vision. huddled around laptops and editing equipment. quotas C. Despite / writing E. A groundbreaking exhibition is showcasing Iraq's rich roots in Mesopotamia. canisters D. itself VERB 9999904660/61/62 4 . subordinate / subservient 13. anomaly / powerhouse B. Rugby is still largely an __________ sport in Georgia. France. rally C. was virtually unknown to science. Miller has expressed his hope that the projects can __________ support for conserving the Silverson Wildlife Complex. foster E. deposits 20. Mr. A. raise B. A. and will. is a biologically __________ mosaic of forests. it has. the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that gave __________to the world's first urban civilization some 5. incongruity / dwarf D.000 years ago. amateur / bastions 19.Class Assignment E. until recently. since turning professional in 1995. Although / turning C. appealing / distinguished 16. examined / plentiful D. A. and therefore as much of it as possible should be __________. savannas. explored / abounding 14. irrational / preserved B. water C. voluntary / home B. discrepancy / power 18. booster 15. become a multibillion-dollar industry. geography. The country is a regional __________. Using / tossing D. Australia. A. underdeveloped / luxuriant B. reserves second only to those of the Persian Gulf. lagoons. lakes and beaches that. fascinating / saved D. floods D. A. tanks B. A. journalists and technicians were __________ out news to many outposts. __________ temporary power lines and data cables. Among / burning B. paradox / dependency E. A.

3 1. are 9. E 17. have 6. is 4. has 9. do 2. is 2. is 3. B 10 . bark Q.6 1. go 6. is 8. rides 10. is Q. are 13. goes 2.T Q. speaks 6. lives 8. has 2.E 11. reads 2.8 1. are 10. D 14. B 7. has 2. B 15. goes 10. is 10. seem 8. look 9. D ANSWERS VERB 9999904660/61/62 5 . A 18. has Q. does 7. have 3.2 1. drink 3. take 7. has Q. does. do 10. A 13.T 4.Class Assignment VERB ASSIGNMENT Q. C 16. E 19. A 2. do 6. have 5. has 4. have 10. is 4. are 3. has 6. work 7. go 9.F 3. does. do 3. talk 5.F 2. has 9. has 8.5 1.4 1.T 5. B 6. is 5. have 7. do 8. go 7. is 7. C 8. decides 14. go 4. like 4. A 9. goes 8. is 12. C 5. are 6. does 5. has 11. goes 3. A 4. are 5. E 20. do 4. do 9.F 6. E 12. B 3.7 1. go Q. go 5.1 1. does Q.

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