COVER ART : Credits: Gina Jane's Girly to the Max backgrounds Gina Jane's Girly to the Max (c) 2007/2008

COVER ART : Credits: Gina Jane's Girly to the Max backgrounds Gina Jane's Girly to the Max

I have tried to include as many international holidays, educational events and celebrations as possible in this calendar. Information has been gleaned from official educational sources, and from my own research. Not all activities have live links – these will be added to the website and to these pages as they become researched and available. Every care has been taken to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate. However it would be prudent to obtain confirmation of dates/events if you are unsure of the date provided in this book. Donnette E Davis and/or St Aiden’s Homeschool cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. Please bear in mind that there can be as many as 18 hours’ time difference on either side (before or after) of our time here in the southern hemisphere and inaccuracies can occur. In as far as is possible I have or will be providing links, resources, educational activities and printables on for as many of the events as possible. Where I am unable to, I will attempt to source reliable and fun educational links for you. I wish you and your family a very safe, blessed and prosperous 2008. May your educational journey with your beloved children continue to be a source of fun, inspiration and achievement. If you have any comments, additions you feel should be included herein, recommendations, suggestions and/or criticisms please contact me at – I welcome input and interaction. With very best wishes to one and all Donnette E Davis St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa (c) 2007/2008 (c) 2007/2008

1 New Year's Day – Ellis Island Opened (1892) – Betsy Ross's Birthday (1752)

2 Georgia Ratification Day – National Science Fiction Day 3 Alaska Admission Day – J.R.R Tolkien's Birthday (1892) – Full "Wolf" Moon 4 Utah Admission Day – National Trivia Day - Louis Braille’s Birthday (1809) 5 National Bird Day – George Washington Carver's Birthday (1864) 6 New Mexico Ratification – Apple Tree Day 6-12 Universal Letter Writing Week 7 Galileo discovers Jupiter's moons (1610) 8 Elvis Presley's Birthday (1935) 9 Connecticut Ratification Day – National Static Electricity Day 10 Volunteer Fireman's Day – Oil Discovered in Texas (1901) 11 Amelia Earhart Day – John Hancock's Birthday (1737) 12 Secret Pal Day 13 Stephen Foster Memorial Day – First Radio Broadcast (1910) – Frisbee Introduced (1957) (c) 2007/2008

14 Revolutionary War Ended (1784) Clean Off Your Desk Day 15 Martin Luther King's Birthday (1929) – Hat Day 16 World Religions Day 17 Ben Franklin's Birthday (1706) 18 Robert Scott Reaches South Pole (1912) – A.A. Milne's Birthday (1882) 19 International Sing-Out Day – Robert E. Lee's Birthday – National Penguin Awareness Day – Archery Day – Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday (1809) 20 Inauguration Day – Basketball Day 21 First Atomic Submarine Launched (1954) – Squirrel Appreciation Day - Martin Luther King Day 22 National Popcorn Day 23 National Handwriting Day 24 California Gold Rush (1848) – Just Do It Day 25 First Winter Olympics (1924) 26 Australia Day – Michigan Admission Day 27 Mozart's Birthday (1756) 28 Challenger Shuttle Explosion (1986) 29 National Puzzle Day – Kansas Admission Day – Seeing Eye, Inc. founded (1929) (c) 2007/2008

30 "Blue Suede Shoes" recorded (1956) 31 Jackie Robinson's Birthday (1919)

Blood Donor Month Hot Tea Month National Book Month National Oatmeal Month Stamp Collector’s Month National Eye Care Month National Thank You Month

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1 Robinson Crusoe Day (1708) – National Freedom Day

2 Groundhog Day – Mexican War Ended

3 Signing of the 15th Amendment(1868) – Super Bowl Sunday 4 Rosa Parks' Birthday (1913) – First U.S. Presidential Election (1789) 4-8 National School Counselling Week 5 National Weatherperson's Day – Constitution Day (Mexico) - Mardi Gras 6 New Zealand's Independence Day – 100 Billionth Crayola Crayon® Produced (1996) – Babe Ruth's Birthday (1895) 7 Tattooing Machine Introduced (1875) – Love Your Robot Day – Charles Dickens's Birthday (1812) - Chinese New Year – National Girls and Women in Sports Day

8 Boy Scouts of America Day – Jules Verne's Birthday (1828) 9 Toothache Day 10 Treaty of Paris signed, ending the French and Indian War (1763) – Umbrella Day (c) 2007/2008

11 Thomas Edison's Birthday (1847) – First Weekly Weather Report (1878) – National Lost Penny Day 11-17 Random Acts of Kindness Week 12 Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (1809) – National Lost Penny Day 14 Valentine's Day – Arizona + Oregon Admission Day – Ferris Wheel Day (1859) - Read to Your Child Day 15 Susan B. Anthony Day – Muhammad Ali Loses Boxing Title (1978) 16 Nylon Patented – Who Shall I Be? Day 17 National PTA Founders Day – Last VW Beetle (1972) 18 Presidents’ Day – Pluto Discovery (1930) 19 – Nicolaus Copernicus Birthday (1473) 20 Family Day – "Batman & Robin" Debuted (1944) 21 National Sticky Bun Day – First U.S. Brain Operation (1902) 22 George Washington's Birthday (1789) 23 First Animal Cloning (1997) 24 Wilhelm Grimm's Birthday (1786) – First Uranus "Flyby" (1986) - Flag Day in Mexico 25 Quiet Day 26 Grand Canyon National Park Established (1919) – Levi Strauss' Birthday (1829) - Tell a Fairy Tale Day (c) 2007/2008

27 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Birthday (1807) – 15th Passage of Halley's Comet (837) - Polar Bear Day 28 Congress Authorized Lewis and Clark's Trip (1803) – International Floral Design Day – Computer Core Memory Patented (1956) - DNA Discovered 29 Leap Year Day

– Black History Month – Library Lovers' Month – American Heart Month – Children's Dental Care Month – National Bird Feeding Month

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1 - Salem Witch Hysteria Begins 1692 - Yellowstone National Park Established 1872 - World Book Day

2 - Dr. Seuss' Birthday (Celebrated as Read Across America 1904)

3 - Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday (1847) - National Anthem Day

5 - Boston Massacre 1770 - Stop The Clocks Day

6 - Michelangelo's Birthday 1475 - Fall of the Alamo1836

7 - U.S. Patent Issued for Alexander Graham Bell's Telephone (1876)

8 -International Women’s Day

9-15 – Girl Scouts Week

9 - Barbie Doll Debuts (1959) - Daylight Saving Time Begins (c) 2007/2008

10 - Harriet Tubman Day (the Anniversary of Her Death in 1913) - US Paper Money Issued: Anniversary 1862

11 - Death of John Chapman, celebrated as Johnny Appleseed Day 1845 - First Flu Case in the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 Reported at Fort Riley, KS

13 - Deaf History Month Begins

14 - Albert Einstein's Birthday 1879 - Pi Day

14-22 Poison Prevention Week

17 - Ireland National Day - St. Patrick's Day

20 - Spring Begins (NH) - International Earth Day - Spring Equinox

21 - Pocahontas' Death Anniversary 1617 - Human Rights Day, South Africa

22 - World Water Day

23 Easter - Share Easter (April 8) traditions with your children/class by creating bunny-themed art projects and dyeing eggs. (c) 2007/2008

24 Harry Houdini's Birthday 1874 Harry Houdini was one of the biggest sceptics of
mediums. So as you probably already know, he and

his wife had a secret code. So whoever died first would try to communicate with the survivor. So for years Harry's wife had mediums try. Did she ever get the secret message? Find out here! this week, here is Harry Houdini Performs a collection of Since Harry Houdini was born his performances that

you can actually watch and hear!

26 - Robert Frost's Birthday 1874 30 - Vincent van Gogh Birthday 1853 30 - U.S. Agrees to Purchase Alaska From Russia for $7.2 Million Dollars 1867 - International Doctors’ Day 31 - Eiffel Tower Opened 1889

Irish American Heritage Month National Craft Month National Nutrition Month Music in Our Schools Month Women's History Month (c) 2007/2008

April is Mathematics Education Month, a great time to focus on this important subject. Enhance your primary students' basic skills with our resources on everything from addition and subtraction to measurement and time. If your middle or high school students are sceptical about math's importance, show them how math functions in real life and across the curriculum. For exceptional resources for your high school student, visit The Family Education Network! April also hosts Alcohol and Drug Awareness National Library Week, and Earth Day — which it a great time to explore the issues around warming. Month, makes global

1- King George III Reacts to the Boston Tea Party by Closing the Boston Port 1774 April Fool's Day National Week of the Ocean 2 - Ponce de León Discovers Florida 1513 Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday Death of Pope John Paul II Passover 3 - SAT Registration Deadline 5 - Booker T. Washington's Birthday 1856 7 - World Health Day

9 - Jumbo the Elephant Arrives in US 1882 - Civil War Ended 1865 10 – Encourage a Young Writer Day 11 - Dandelion Day (c) 2007/2008

12 - First Space Shuttle Launch 1981 - Civil War Begins with Confederate Attack on Fort Sumter 1861 13 Alfred Butts' (Inventor of Scrabble) Birthday 1899 - Thomas Jefferson's Birthday 1743 15 - Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday 1452 15 - Titanic Disaster 1912 13-19 - National Library Week 13-19 National Volunteer Week 15 - Holocaust Remembreance Day - Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 15) Take the time this April 15 for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Your students cab learn about various events and significant dates of the Holocaust. You might also read about Anne Frank, a tragic victim of that genocide. take some On April 15 – Holocaust Remembrance Day to review a horrific period in world


history. Some resources have it as 04 May 16-22 National Park Week 16-22 Astronomy Week 18 Paul Revere's Midnight Ride 1775 - San Francisco Earthquake 1906 19 – Passover 21-27 Playground Safety Week 21-27 National TV Turn Off Week 22 Earth Day - Ecology Games for Earth Day - Endangered Species for Earth Day 23 Shakespeare's Birthday 1564 - World Book & Copyright Day 23-27 National Playground Safety Week 25 World Penguin Day (c) 2007/2008

- Hubble Space Telescope Launched by Space Shuttle Discovery 1990 - Italy Liberation Day 1945 26 - Whydah Pirate Ship Sank Off the New England Coast 1717 - Richter Scale Day 27 Ulysses S. Grant's Birthday 1822 27 - Freedom Day, South Africa - SAT Registration Deadline - Arbour Day (some resources have it as 25th April) 30 - Vietnam Liberation Day1975 - National Honesty Day (USA)

National Kite Month California Earthquake Preparedness Month National Humour Month National Mathematics Education Month National Poetry Month Zoos: Zoo and Aquarium Month Aquariums: Zoo and Aquarium Month

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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month 1 - Sudoku First Published as Number Place in Dell Puzzle Magazine 1979 1 – 7 National Postcard Week - May Day - Worker’s Day, South Africa - Mother Goose Day - Space Day 3 - Whale Awareness Day (in Massachusetts) - National Scrapbooking Day (USA) -World Press Freedom Day 4-10 Music Week 4-10 Computer Education Week 4-10 Teacher Appreciation Week 4 - Fire-fighters Day 5 - Elizabeth Jane Cochran's, Known as Nellie Bly, Birthday 1864 - Cinco de Mayo - Cartoonist Day 7 - Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Premiere 1824 6 - World Asthma Day 8 - World Red Cross Day 10 - Central and Union Pacific Railroads Meet 1869 11 - Richard Feynman's Birthday 1918 11-17 National Police Week (USA) 11-17 National Transportation Week (USA) (c) 2007/2008

12 - Edward Lear's Birthday (Celebrated as Limerick Day) 1812 12-18 Children’s Books Week 12 - Start of California Gold Rush 1848 - International Migratory Bird Day - National Windmill Day (Holland) 13 - Mother's Day (postcard) - Mother's Day 14- First permanent British colony Established in Jamestown, Virginia 1607 - Lewis & Clark Leave St. Louis 1804 15 - L. Frank Baum's Birthday 1856 – Download the Scarecrow of oz - Discovery of Largest Prime Number Known to Man - International Day of Families 16 - Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp, CA - Jerusalem Day 17-23 Deaf Awareness Week 17 - Sue Debuts at Field Museum 18 - Karol Wojtyla Birthday (Pope John Paul II) 1920 18-24 Buckle Up Week Backyard Games Week 19 - Circus Day, Anniversary of First Ringling Brothers Performance 1884 - Frog Jump Day 20-21 Charles Lindbergh Flies Historic Solo Nonstop Transatlantic Flight 1927 20 - Weights and Measures Day - Amelia Earhart's Atlantic Crossing 1932 - Good Neighbour Day (c) 2007/2008

20-27 Hurricane Awareness Week 22 - Most Powerful Earthquake of the 20th Century Struck Chile 1960 21-28 National Backyard Games Week 23 - World Turtle Day 25 – Africa Day 28 - Memorial Day (USA) - Amnesty International Day 27 - Cellophane Tape Patented 1930 - Golden Gate Bridge Opened 1937 29 - John F. Kennedy's Birthday 1917 30 - First Daily American Newspaper Published 1783 31 - Walt Whitman's Birthday 1819 Spelling Bee Week 31 - Mark Felt Reveals Himself as Watergate's Deep Throat 2005 31 - World No Tobacco Day

Asian-Pacific_American Heritage Month Better Hearing and Speech Month Clean Air Month Get Caught Reading Month Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month Mental Health Month National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (USA) Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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1 Stand for Children Day – Kentucky and Tennessee Admission Day – Helen Keller Died (1968) - Doughnut Day

2 Radio Patented (1896) – National Trails Day - National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

3 First U.S. Space Walk (1965) - Repeat Day

4 Cheese Day – First Supermarket Carts (1937) – Aesop's Day - Hug your cat day 5 U.N. World Environment Day – First Hot-Air Balloon Flight (1783) 6 National Hunger Awareness Day – First Drive-In Movie Theatre (1933) - National Yo-Yo Day - Birthday of yo-yo manufacturer Donald F. Duncan. 7 VCR Introduced (1975) 8 World Oceans Day - Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday 9 Donald Duck's Birthday (1934) – London Symphony Gives First Performance (1904) 10-16 National Flag Week USA 10 Ballpoint Pen Patented (1943) (c) 2007/2008

11-16 Little League Baseball Week 11 Jacques Cousteau's Birthday (1910) – Kamehameha Day (Hawaii) 12 Anne Frank's Birthday (1929) – Diary Day - Red Rose Day - Magic Day 13 National Juggling Day 14 Flag Day – Army Day - Pop Goes the Weasel Day 15 Arkansas Admission Day – Celluloid Discovered (1869) - Power of a Smile Day - Fly a Kite Day 16 Valentina Tereshkova Becomes First Woman in Space - Youth Day (South Africa) - National Fudge Day 17 Father's Day - Father's Day commemorates and celebrates Dad. A day to not only honour your father, but all men who have acted as father figures in your life - whether as Stepfather, Uncle, Grandfather, or "Big Brother” – M.C. Escher's Birthday (1898) - Eat Your Veggies Day 18 Sally Ride Becomes First Woman on Space Shuttle - Go Fishing Day - International Picnic Day 19 First Official Game of Baseball (1846) – Juneteenth (Liberation of Slaves) (1865) 20 West Virginia Admission Day - Bald Eagle Day - Ice Cream Soda Day 21 Summer Begins (Solstice) (N Hemisphere) Winter (S Hemisphere) (c) 2007/2008

22 Pledge of Allegiance Recognised by Congress (1942) 23 First Typewriter Patented (1868) – United Nations Public Service Day - National Pink Day 24 U.F.O. Day (1947) 25 First Colour TV Broadcast (1951) – Eric Carle's Birthday (1929) - Log Cabin Day 26 The Signing of the United Nations Charter (1945) – Inventor of the Thermometer Born (1824) - National Chocolate Pudding Day 27 Happy Birthday to "Happy Birthday to You" (1859) – Helen Keller's Birthday (1880) 28 Paul Bunyan Day 29 Remote Control Introduced (1964) – Shakespeare's Theatre Destroyed by Fire (1613) - Camera Day 30 Meteor Day – Full "Strawberry" Moon - Superman's Birthday

National Fishing Week (1st Week) National Safe Boating Week (1st Week) Teacher Thank You Week (1st Week) National Clay Week (2nd Week) National Little League Baseball Week (2nd Week) National Camping Week (4th Week) Black Music Month National Adopt-a-Cat Month Drive Safe Month Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month National Iced Tea Month National Tennis Month Turkey Lovers Month Zoo and Aquarium Month (c) 2007/2008

- Child Vision Awareness Month - Fireworks Safety Month (to 7/04) - National Rivers Month - National Rose Month - National Safety Month - National Dairy Month

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1 Canada Day ~ Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is Canada's national holiday, marking the formation of the country on July 1, 1867. It is a federal holiday celebrated on July 1, annually, by all provincial governments and most businesses across the country.

– First U.S. Zoo Opened (1874) - Build A Scarecrow Day 2 Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Halfway Point of the Year 3 Idaho Admission Day – Stay Out of the Sun Day – Compliment Your Mirror Day - Fry An Egg on a Sidewalk Day! Did you ever hear the expression, "It's so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk." Is that really true? Use these directions and see if it works. 4 USA Independence Day ~ Activities 5 Bikini First Worn (1883) 6 Republican Day (Republican Party Formed - 1854) 7 Pinocchio First Printed (1883)~ Activities~ The Adventures of Pinocchio (Italian: Le avventure di Pinocchio) is a novel for children by Italian author Carlo Collodi. - Cherry Pit Spitting Day ~ Activities 8 First Public Reading of the Declaration of Independence (1776) 9 Argentina's Independence Day – Don't Step on a Bee Day 10 Wyoming Admission Day - Teddy Bear Picnic Day 11 World Population Day ~ World Population Day is observed on July (c) 2007/2008

11, honouring of world population statistics and aspects. During this day most of the major population statistics are released to the public, when during other days of the year, this information would have been hard to obtain. – Patricia Polacco's Birthday (1944) 12 Etch-a-Sketch Introduced (1960) – Battle of the Boyne Day (Ireland) 13 Puzzle Day - Cow Appreciation Day 14 Bastille Day (France) ~ Bastille Day is the French national holiday, celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it's called "Fête Nationale" ("National Holiday"), in official parlance, or more commonly "quatorze juillet" ("14th of July"). It commemorates the 1790 Fête de la Fédération, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789; the storming of the Bastille was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern French "nation", and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution. 15 Howard Hughes Set New Speed Record (1938)

16 District of Columbia Established (1790) – Russian Czar Executed (1918) – Umi No Hi (Marine Day, Japan) - National Farm Safety Week, Australia 17 Disneyland Opened (1955) Our Disney Activities 18 National Ice Cream Day - Nelson Mandela’s Birthday 1918 19 First East to West Rowing of the Atlantic (1969) 20 First Moon Landing (1969) Moon Day – First Special Olympics (1968) 21 Monkey Day – New Hampshire Admission Day 22 Parents Day – Pied Piper Arrived in Hamelin (1264) (c) 2007/2008

23 Pneumatic Tyre Invented (1888) ~ Pneumatic tires or tyres (see spelling differences) are used on all types of vehicles, from cars to earthmovers to aeroplanes. Tyres enable vehicle performance by providing for traction, braking, steering, and load support. Tires are inflated with air, which provides a flexible cushion between the vehicle and the road that smoothes out shock and provides for a comfortable ride quality. Pneumatic tires are made of a flexible elastomer material such as rubber with reinforcing materials such as fabric and wire. Tyre companies were first started in the early 20th century, and grew in tandem with the auto industry. Today over 1 billion tyres are produced annually, in over 400 tyre factories, with the three top tyre makers commanding a 60% global market share. - National Hot Dog Day (USA) 24 Amelia Earhart's Birthday (1897) ~ Amelia Mary Earhart (24 July 1897 – missing 2 July 1937, declared deceased 5 January 1939) was a noted American aviation pioneer and women's rights advocate. Earhart was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross, which she was awarded as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The NinetyNines, a women's pilots' organisation. Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean during an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight in 1937. Intense public fascination with her life, career and disappearance continues to this day. 25 Puerto Rico Constitution Day - Thread the Needle Day 26 New York Admission Day 27 Korean War Veterans' Armistice Day - Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny 28 Beatrix Potter's Birthday (1866) ~ (Helen) Beatrix Potter (28 July 1866 – 22 December 1943) was an English children's book author and illustrator, renowned for creating "Peter Rabbit" and other animal characters. Later in life, she was also a noted conservationist 29 NASA Established (1958) ~ The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an agency of the United States federal government, responsible for the nation's public space program. Established on July 29, 1958, by the National Aeronautics and Space Act, its annual funding for fiscal year (c) 2007/2008

2007 (FY2007) amounts to US$16.8 billion. Its motto is per aspera ad astra, Latin for "through hardships to the stars." – Full "Buck" Moon - Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer 30 Emily Bronte's Birthday (1818) 31 J.K. Rowling's Birthday (1965) (Harry Potter Activities)

- Blueberries Month - National Hot Dog Month - National Recreation and Parks Month - Ice Cream Month - National Tennis Month (USA)

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3-9 National Smile Week

1 World Wide Web Anniversary – Photo Flashbulb Invented (1930) - National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

2 Signing of the Declaration of Independence (1776) - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (USA)

3 Christopher Colombus Set Sail (1492) -Watermelon Day -National Kids Day 4 Gestapo Arrest Anne Frank (1944) - Chocolate Chip Day 5 Neil Armstrong's Birthday (1930) – Friendship Day - Mustard Day - This special day was created by the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum in Wisconsin. The festival began in 1991, and is usually celebrated on the first weekend in August (so the actual day of the celebration varies from year to year). 6 Hiroshima Day – National Kids Day - Wiggle Your Toes Day 7 First Pictures of Earth Taken from Space (1959) - Lighthouse Day 8 National Waffle Day – First Canadian Turtle Derby (1972) 9 International Art Appreciation Day – President Richard Nixon Resigned (1974) - National Women's Day (S Africa) (c) 2007/2008

10 Missouri Admission Day – Smithsonian Institution Founded (1846) -10-16 National Friendship Week - 10-12 Kool Aid Days - A refreshing beverage that is this popular worldwide deserves more than one day of celebration. Check the official Kool Aid Days website to find out about events that are taking place. 11 Martian Moon Phobos Discovered (1677) 12 International Youth Day – Tyrannosaurus Sue Discovered (1990) 13 International Left-Hander's Day - visit the official Left Handers' Day website that provides fascinating facts and good research info. – First Two-Way Satellite Conversation (1948) 14 V-J Day – Widescale Power Outage in the U.S. (2003) 15 Panama Canal Opened (1914) - Independence Day India 16 Bathysphere Reached Record Depth (1934) 17 Davy Crockett's Birthday (1786) – Woodstock Festival Ended (1969) 18 King Kong Premiered (1933) 19 National Aviation Day -Potato Day 20 National Rodeo Day - Lemonade Day 21 Hawaii Statehood Day - Aloha Day – Mona Lisa Stolen (1911) 22 National Tooth Fairy Day 23 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition 24 National Peach Pie Day – First Swimmer Crossed the English Channel (1875) (c) 2007/2008

25 Earth Photographed from the Moon (1966) 26 Women's Equality Day - National Dog Day (USA) 27 Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday (1908) 28 Dream Day –Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" Speech – Full "Sturgeon" Moon 29 Hurricane Katrina (2005) 30 Thurgood Marshall Confirmed 31 International Blog Day - National Trail Mix Day (USA) -Princess Diana Died (1987)

- Back to School Month (USA) - Women's Month (South Africa) - Family Fun Month - Happiness Happens Month - Inventor's Month - Kid's Vision and Learning Month

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1 Great Kanto Earthquake, Japan (1923) Spring Day - South Africa -Labour Day (USA) - Ramadan Begins 2 Great Fire of London (1666) 3 Labour Day USA – Wizard of Oz Published (1900) - Skyscraper Day! Celebrate these feats of architectural engineering. Head to the city and show your child some real skyscrapers. Compare how tall they are to the other buildings around them. If you can, go up to the top of a skyscraper in an elevator to see a view of the city. The tallest building in the world is 1,671 feet tall and is in Taipei, Taiwan. (Show your child where Taiwan is on a globe.) Build Your Own Skyscraper! If you can't go to the city, then build your own skyscrapers with blocks. See how high you can stack the blocks before they all fall down! 4 Henry Hudson Discovers Manhattan (1609) 5 National Be Late for Something Day 6 Star Trek Debuted on TV (1966) 7 Babe Ruth Hits First Home Run (1915) –Buddy Holly's Birthday (1936) 8 International Literacy Day 9 Grandparents Day – California Admission Day – Chrysanthemum Day (Japan) 10 Rickshaw Invented (1869) - Sewing Day 11 Patriot Day 12 Mae Jemison Becomes First African-American Woman in Space (1992) (c) 2007/2008

– Rosh Hashanah 13 International Chocolate Day –Roald Dahl's Birthday (1916) – Ramadan Begins 14 Star Spangled Banner Written by Francis Scott Key (1814) 15 Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin (1928) 16-22 Constitution Week 16 Mexican Independence Day –Stepfamily Day –International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 17-23 Farm Animals Safety Week 17-23 Constitution Week (USA) 17 Constitution Day 18 National Play-Doh® Day – Tsunami in Hong Kong (1906) 19 Mickey Mouse Cartoon Debuted (1928) 20 International Student Day – Chester A. Arthur Inaugurated (1881) 21 Yom Kippur – International Day of Peace 22 Elephant Appreciation Day 22-28 Banned Books Week 23 First Day of Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) – Native American Day 24 Jim Henson's Birthday (1936) - Heritage Day (S Africa) 25 Shel Silverstein's Birthday (1930) –Pacific Ocean Discovered (1513) 26 Johnny Appleseed's Birthday (1774) – Full "Harvest" Moon (c) 2007/2008

27 First Skyscraper Opened in NYC – Ancestor Appreciation Day 28 Tomato Proven Safe (1820) 29 US Army Established (1789) -Rosh Hashanah 30 International Translation Day

–Baby Safety Month –Better Breakfast Month –Hispanic Heritage Month(9/15 - 10/15) –Kid's Eye Health and Safety Month –Kid's Good Manners Month –Library Card Sign-Up Month –National Literacy Month –National Piano Month –National School Success Month –Organic Harvest - International Day of the Tiger

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (c) 2007/2008

1-7 Get Organized Week – Squirrel Appreciation Week

1 World Habitat Day –World Vegetarian Day –Chinese National Day –Disney World Opened (1971) 2 Peanuts Comic Strip Debuted (1950) 3 Mickey Mouse Club Debuted (1955) 4-10 World Space Week 4 Buster Keaton's Birthday 5 World Teachers Day 6 National Storytelling Festival -Child Health Day 5-11 National Fire Prevention Week – National Metric Week 7 World Smile Day – Carbon Paper Patented (1806) 8 Columbus Day – John Hancock Died (1793) 9 Leif Erikson Day 10 King Tut's Treasures Photographed (1924) 11 Eleanor Roosevelt's Birthday 12 Farmers Day -National Children’s Day (USA) 12-18 national School Lunch Week (USA) 13 Milton Hershey Died (1945) – Navy Day (c) 2007/2008

-Columbus Day (USA) 14 Peace Corps Birthday 14-20 National School Lunch Week –Teen Read Week –National Rainforest Week –School Bus Safety Week 15 White Cane Safety Day 16 Dictionary Day – World Food Day 17 Black Poetry Day 18 Alaska Day – Black Olympians Suspended (1968) 19 Largest Mass of Gold Discovered (1872) 19-25 Chemistry Week 20 National Fruit Day – Sweetest Day 20-24 – National School Bus Safety Week 21 Light Bulb Invented (1879) -Apple Day 22 Make A Difference Day -Yom Kippur -Nut Day 23 Women's Suffrage March, NYC (1915) 23-31 Red Ribbon Day 24 United Nations Day – International School Library Day 25 Microwave Oven Debuted (1955) 26 Two Gray Whales Freed from Ice (1966) –Full "Hunter's" Moon 27 James Cook's Birthday (Explorer) – Boston Red Sox Won World Series (2004) (c) 2007/2008

28 Statue of Liberty Dedicated (1886) -National Chocolate Day - USA 29 Internet Created (1969) – First Oscar Night (1929) 30 War of the Worlds Broadcast (1938) – John Adams's Birthday (1735) 31 Halloween –Nevada Day

– Computer Learning Month – Diversity Awareness Month – Family Health Month – Fire Prevention Month – Hunger Awareness Month – Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 - 10/15) – International Dinosaur Month – Learning Disabilities Month – Youth Against Tobacco Month – Pet Wellness Month – School Safety Month

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (c) 2007/2008

1 Family Literacy Day – Day of the Dead (Mexico) National Author’s Day

2 North Dakota and South Dakota Admission Day – Harry Truman Elected President (1948) - Marie Antoinette’s Birthday - Daniel Boone’s Birthday – Daylight Savings Time Ends 2-8 World Kindness Week 3 National Sandwich Day – First Dog Orbited Earth (1957) 4 King Tut's Tomb Discovered (1922) Italy Victory Day

5 Young Reader's Day 6-10 Kids' Goal Setting Week 6 Reagan Re-Elected by a Landslide (1984) 7 Canadian Pacific Railway Completed (1885) 8 Montana Admission Day – Yeti Tracks Discovered (1951) 9 Berlin Wall Opened (1989) – Kristallnacht Began (1938) 9-15 American Education Week - Geography Week 10 Great Wall of China Opens for World Tourism – Marine Corps Birthday 11 Veterans Day – Washington Admission Day (c) 2007/2008

– Supernova Discovered (1572) 12 Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Birthday (1815) 13-19 National Children's Book Week

13 International Day of Kindness – Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthday (1850) 14 American Teddy Bear Day 15 America Recycles Day Great American Smokeout 16 Oklahoma Statehood Day – Oodaaq Island Discovered (1978) – International Day of Tolerance 16-22 Games & Puzzles Week 17 Suez Canal Opened in Egypt (1869) –Homemade Bread Day 18 Mickey Mouse's Birthday (1928) – William Tell Shot the Apple (1307) 19 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 20 North Carolina Statehood Day – Edwin Hubble's Birthday (1889) 21 First Hot-Air Balloon Flight (1763) 22 – JFK's Assassination 23 Zoom Lens Patented (1948) 24 Origin of the Species Published (1859) – Full "Beaver" Moon 25 Wind-Up Car Patented (1881) 26 FDR Signs Thanksgiving Bill 27 Anders Celsius' Birthday (1701) - Thanksgiving (USA) - Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer (c) 2007/2008

thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons. Celebrated the 4th Thursday of November 28 Ka Lahui (Independence Day, Hawaii) 29 Louisa May Alcott's Birthday (1832) – Electronic Greetings Day 30 Mark Twain's Birthday (1835)

–American Indian Heritage Month –Aviation History Month –Child Safety and Prevention Month –Diabetes Month –Epilepsy Awareness Month – Healthy Skin Month –International Drum Month –Peanut Butter Lovers' Month –Stamp Collecting Month

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (c) 2007/2008

1-16 16 Days of Activism again Woman/Child Abuse 1 AIDS Awareness Day - Eat a Red Apple Day! Apples are delicious. Apples are nutritious. They are grown all over the world and can be found in thousands of varieties. Have some Fun with Apples! with your preschooler.

2 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery – Razor Blade Patented (1901)

3 Illinois Admission Day – International Day of Disabled Persons - National Fritters Day! Increase your child's vocabulary by defining a "fritter." Not sure what it is yourself? Well, a fritter is a piece of food that is coated in batter or crumbs and fried. There are apple fritters, banana fritters, fish fritters, and vegetable fritters. Ask the whole family to help make a batch. Yum! 4 National Cookie Day – Game of "Monopoly" Debuted (1935) - Santa's List Day! Print out a wish list, help your child write down the name of a gift or toy they would like, and send the list to Santa. Or simply write a letter to Santa 5 – International Volunteer Day – Walt Disney's Birthday (1901) 6 First Taxicabs in London (1897) - St. Nicholas Day! In Denmark, children receive gifts from St. Nicholas in their stockings on this day. Learn more about this celebration and try some of the activities for some holiday fun. 7 Delaware Day – Pearl Harbour Day 7-13 Hand Washing Week 8 Eli Whitney's Birthday (1765) 9 Computer Mouse Invented (1968) – Roller Skates Patented (1884) (c) 2007/2008

- Christmas Card Day! The first commercial Christmas card was created by Sir Henry Cole of England in 1843. Christmas Cards are fun and easy to make with paper and crayons. Even in their simplest form they will help your child develop a foundation for reading and writing skills. 10 Human Rights Day – Mississippi Admission Day – Emily Dickinson's Birthday (1830) – Nobel Prize Day 11 Indiana Admission Day – National Noodle-Ring Day 12 Pennsylvania Admission Day – Poinsettia Day - Did you know that an ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Robert Poinsett, brought the first Poinsettia to the USA from Mexico in 1828? There is also a legend that a Mexican boy had no gift for the Christ child. As he knelt to pray near Christ's manger, a beautiful flower grew next to him. He gave it to Jesus. That flowering plant later became known as a Poinsettia. 13 South Pole Discovered (1911) – Alabama Admission Day – First Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979) - New Zealand Day – Dutch explorer Abel Tasman first reported sighting New Zealand in 1646. Show your child a world globe and point out New Zealand. Learn about New Zealand's famous bird - the Kiwi.

14 First Miniature Golf Course (1929) 15 Bill of Rights Day – Basketball Created (1891) Sitting Bull Died (1890) 16 Boston Tea Party Day - Day of Reconciliation (South Africa) - Beethoven’s Birthday 17 Wright Brothers' Day – Pan American Aviation Day - National Maple Syrup Day! North America is the only place where Maple Syrup is produced. It was (c) 2007/2008

originally made by Native Americans. You can read "The Legend of Maple Syrup" online. 18 New Jersey Admission Day –International Migrants' Day - Slavery Abolished by the 13th Amendment, 1865 19 Saturnalia Festival - Look For An Evergreen Day! Christmas trees are evergreen plants! Evergreens are plants that retain their green leaves or needles all year round, in contrast to deciduous trees that lose all of their leaves leaving the branches bare for part of the year. Read The Legend of Why Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves online. Enjoy the book, Christmas Tree Farm by Ann Purmell. It's the story of a boy and his family's Christmas Tree Farm. Go On An Evergreen Hunt! Take a walk through the neighbourhood and ask your child to help you find the evergreen trees and plants.

20 Louisiana Purchase (1803) - Go Caroling Day! Caroling can be a magical experience for young children. Organize a caroling party. Bundle up and head out with your family and friends on a dark winter's eve to bring a little joy and song into the lives of others by singing Christmas carols. Here are some ideas:



Print out lyrics to familiar carols for free, assemble them in a booklet (with a cover decorated by your child), and give a copy to each caroler. Practice the songs with young children by listening to and singing carols in advance. Don't forget the Christmas cookies and gingerbread! Or ask each guest to bring a dozen cookies to share.

21 Pilgrims Landed (1620) – Crossword Puzzle Created (1913) - Northern Hemisphere: Winter Solstice and National Flashlight Day! The first day of winter arrives on December 21st. It is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere because there are the fewest hours of sunlight. Because it is the darkest day of the year, it's the perfect occasion for National Flashlight Day! Children love to use flashlights, and thankfully, they are easy to find and inexpensive. Show (c) 2007/2008

your child how to turn the flashlight on and off. Show your child how to take the flashlight apart and put it back together. Describe all of the parts of the flashlight as you do this. Try this activity: Fun with Shadows! Turn off the lights in the room. Shine a flashlight on a bare wall. Ask your child to stand in front of the bright light and experiment with making shadows of all shapes and sizes on the wall. Show them how to make Hand Shadows. Experiment with casting different kinds of shadows by holding different objects up in front of the flashlight. Try a stuffed animal, scissors, a pencil, a toothbrush, small toys like cars and action figures or dollhouse dishes and cups. Puzzle pieces cast interesting shadows too. I'm sure your child will think of many more to try. 21-27 International Language Week 22 Winter Begins (NH) – First Cloned Pet Born (2001)

23 First Nonstop Flight Around the World (1986) – Full Cold Moon 24 Christmas Eve 25 Christmas 26 Kwanzaa Begins - Boxing Day/Family Day - Day of Goodwill (S Africa) - Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami, Dec 26, 2004 27 Visit the Zoo Day - Snowflake Day! If it's snowing where you live, bundle up and go outside to try and catch some snowflakes today. Here are some other ways to celebrate snowflakes whether you live where it snows or not. Make a Paper Snowflake - While these simple instructions are designed for younger children, your child may still need some help folding and cutting the paper. You may enjoy trying these designs too. 28 Iowa Admission Day – National Chocolate Day - Endangered Species Act Enacted Dec 28, 1973 - Card Playing Day! Playing card games is a great pastime for children of all ages starting from about 4 and up. Preschoolers may enjoy just playing with a deck of cards - matching the numbers, or face cards, or (c) 2007/2008

patterns such as clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. Even very young children may enjoy sorting the cards by colour - black and red. 29 Texas Admission Day – Andrew Johnson's Birthday (1808) 30 Rudyard Kipling's Birthday (1865) - The author of beloved children's books such as The Jungle Book, and Just So Stories, was born in 1865. Listen to free audio recordings of Kipling's Just So Stories. 31 New Year's Eve - New Year's Eve Slumber Party! Gather the family together in one room on New Year's Eve for a giant slumber party. Put the aero-beds and sleeping bags on the floor in front of the TV. Everyone can stay up to welcome in the New Year. (If the beds are there, little ones can fall asleep as they get tired, but they still feel like they were part of the fun.) Break out the party hats, horns, and confetti - make some joyful noise! Before anyone gets too tired, have each person make an out-loud wish for the New Year. Tear up the 2007 Calendar and throw the pieces into the air. Put up the new 2008 Calendar. Sing "Auld Lang Syne." Toast in the New Year with some sparkling cider. Eat some favourite snacks. Watch a family-friendly movie such as It's A Wonderful Life. Those that stay awake can watch the New Year's countdown on TV. Share a New Year's hug and kiss! Have fun with your wonderful family! –Make Up Your Mind Day

– Stress-Free Family Holiday Month –Safe Toys and Gifts Month –Universal Human Rights Month -World Aids Month -Write to a Friend Month

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (c) 2007/2008

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ (c) 2007/2008 (c) 2007/2008

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