1 BRIEF HISTORY OF BROADBAND TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Broadband Technologies Limited (BT) is wholly an indigenous Information and Communication Technology company licensed under the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide connectivity services via VSAT. Since inception, BT has continuously expanded its products and services and is now one of the only Tier-1 Internet Service Providers in Nigeria offering direct access to all major Global Internet backbones. In 2001, BT acquired its first privately owned VSAT Hub in Nigeria and working in conjunction with a strategic partner. Via-Sat has brought into operation its "Secure Matrix Managed Connectivity Service" providing highly secure and scalable connectivity services to all major sectors in the economy. Since then, BT has grown to become a leading provider of integrated WAN services to key sectors most critically the Banking & Finance and Telecoms sectors. BT has a strong tradition of providing cutting edge solutions that enhance the profitability of the customers we serve and has invested greatly in the technical excellence of its personnel and products. Taking advantage of the wave of convergence in the ICT sector, BT now offers world class VoIP and data integration solutions further reducing the ICT burden for its customers enabling them to concentrate on their core businesses. As Nigeria progresses BT will continue to be in the forefront of service provision seeking better ways to serve our customers. Continued emphasis on research, development and training will ensure that our customers will benefit from the best of breed products and services rolled out by us now and into the future. 1.2 COMPANY CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND PROFILE Broadband technologies limited was incorporated in Nigeria with the registration number 204028 as an information and communication technology (ICT) company, licensed by the Nigeria communication commission to provide international and national VSAT services as well as global internet services. It also has the wherewithal to deliver information systems from the internet backbone straight to desktop PCs in partnership with renowned hardware manufacturers (HP). We specialize in the design and deployment of internet, intranet, extranet services, global e-commerce, enhanced learning deployment, implementation of local area networks, wide area networks employing modern global protocols such as TCP/IP and

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent IP connectivity solutions provider in West Africa. metropolitan area networks. it has been recently upgraded to provide full redundancy. THE SECURE MATRIX MANAGED CONNECTIVITY SERVICES The "Secure Matrix Managed Connectivity Service" is our flagship product for the enterprise. Developed to provide secure connectivity services for the distributed organization. implement and support cost effective connectivity solutions that quantifiably meet our clients' corporate or individual goals using world class technology. Our mission is to design.3 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 1. Perfect for banking environments this service has been successfully deployed in over 10 banks and is currently providing exemplary service. Our capital is supplemented by various facilities from our shareholders for working capital needs and project implementation to provide mainly communication and network services with specific emphasis on data network using wireless technologies such as satellite or VSAT for inter-city communications to complement all the services offered by NITEL. colleagues. BT has a corporative agreement on VSAT and telecommunication related services with NITEL. connecting every home and every business to their resources. Ours is a multimedia organization deploying data.IPX. voice and video system. 2 . campus area networks and the attendant communication infrastructure design and implementation using VSAT and a mix of terrestrial networks. 1. friends and family in a cost effective and simple way. Making our Secure Matrix Connectivity Service the only disaster proof distributed connectivity service in Nigeria. enhanced security and manageability as well as native support for VoIP. resources and processes of international standards to the benefit and delight of our customers. As an enhancement to this service BT is deploying a second fully redundant hub in Abuja enabling us to be the first and only service provider in Nigeria to offer full geographical redundancy. technically competent personnel.

Ku & C BAND VSAT BASED INTERNET SERVICES One of our traditional sectors. xDSL SERVICES Giving our customers the ability to stay online while using their telephones. towns and communities in Nigeria making us the best supported service provider in the nation. Whether you are a Telco or corporate with a high volume of calls Broadband technology has the price plan and package to meet your needs quantifiably affecting your bottom line. is deploying the first transparent minutes exchange in Nigeria offering bulk minutes transmission to any global destination. VoIP & Toll Bypass SERVICES Voice over IP is a crucial cost saving technology that Broadband Technology offers all its customers. For the enterprise player Broadband Technology. Perfect for high density urban areas and multiple dwelling units. delivering maximum performance at the most competitive cost. this is one of our fastest growing services nationally. Additionally. 4. BT offers an exemplary support network.2m all the way up to 2. BT's xDSL product range offers maximum flexibility and functionality. Our services are of the highest quality and reliability.2. With 4 regional offices and 13 support centers located throughout Nigeria we pride ourselves on being 4 hours away from any of our customers. 3. 5. 3 . the industry relationship we have built up over the years enable us to co-ordinate and offer 3rd party support for our services in a further 150 cities. Controlled via our state-of-the-art NCC facilities in Lagos.4m. BT offers a combination of 24hr remote support and on-site support operating between the hours of 8am and 8pm. in conjunction with World Telecom Labs. Whether connecting to the internet or interconnecting with your remote offices our VoIP services is high quality and cost competitive. BT SUPPORT NETWORK To ensure that our customers get the maximum value for money on the services we provide. to our various customers. BT offers high quality internet services from a variety of dish sizes priced to accommodate every customer from 1.

The package for educational institutions presents precise internet solutions to institutions based on their individual needs. CROSAT GmbH of Austria for design and deployment of GSM and Advanced Multiservice Voice Networks. WRI of China. BTEDU also specializes in the development of University Portals for carrying out online processes such as Students' admission. Maryland for on-demand broadband TDMA over IP. Tiernan Corporation for MPEG2/DVB for broadcast quality video and TV systems. This has fostered the necessary exposure to cutting edge technology and hastened the skills transfers required to support that technology here in West Africa some of the companies BT is proud to represent are listed below:         ViaSat. VITAL Telephone of the UK for Corporate/International Wholesale Voice Services. result 4 . course registration. it also provides comprehensive LAN & WAN solutions which enables the distribution of internet and telephoning facilities in and around the institution's environment. Texas for Large Antennas (greater than 4. a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadband Technologies. as their main distributor of products in Nigeria and West Africa. STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP Maintaining our leadership position in the industry would not be possible without a strong commitment to excellence. We have achieved this by building strong strategic relationships with a small number of Service Providers. the leading deplorer of fiber and fiber optic networks in Asia in conjunction with ISA their local partner for design and deployment of fiber optic networks. Prodelin Corporation. BT EDUCATION SERVICES BT Education Services Limited (BTEDU). World Telecom Labs of Belgium for carrier class VoIP soft switches. Vendors and Integration specialists. Vertex RSI of Kilgore. Anacom of California for High Power Amplifiers (HPAs).  7.9 meters in diameter).6. specializes in the provision of standard information and communications facilities to meet the ICT needs of many Nigerian Universities.

and several other functions as demanded. 4. booking of resources. 6. 5. There are seven separate departments under the managing director. 2. Engineering Quality management/cashes Finance/Administrative Marketing operation Education and development Internal Audit 5 .checking. 1. e-learning content. these are 1.4 COMPANY STRUCTURE The company has been structured in such a way as to meet the requirement of corporate entity and clients. 3.

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