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Career Objective To obtain a position in a well-established organization that will utilize my knowledge and experience in my chosen field.

Skills      

Good verbal and written communication skills Good leadership, management, and organizational skills Good team player and ability to handle numerous responsibilities Pro-active, self-starter who is able to work independently Ability to operate basic operating systems like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Knowledgeable in Stata

Educational Background University of the Philippines Los Baños BS Economics Major in Natural Resource Economics Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School Special Science Curriculum th 8 Honorable Mention A.Y. 2008 - 2012

A.Y. 2004 - 2008

Thesis Manuscript  Analysis of the Impacts of Trade on the Environment Using an Augmented Input-Output Model for the Philippines- a thesis manuscript analysing the relationship of trade and the environment using different environmental variables with the aid of two trade policy simulations

Trainings/Seminars/Contests Attended  4 ASEAN Business and Economics Students’ Summit, De La Salle University – a 4-day seminar to enhance the relationship and camaraderie among Business and Economics student in the ASEAN region. It features different talks on how to be successful in the chosen field and in life (February 2011). Leadership Training Seminar, University of the Philippines Los Baños – a yearly seminar participated by leaders of different organizations in UPLB (May 2011). Heads Up 2010, CEM-UPLB – a career seminar for students of Economics (February 2010). Estimating Economic Productivity: Parametric VS. Non-Parametric Approaches, Department of Economics, CEM-UPLB (March 2012)

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Last Updated 16 May 2012

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1 Semester A. Department of Economics CEM-UPLB Last Updated 16 May 2012 Page 2 . Econvergence 2011 Participation Head. Department of Economics. Achievements       President. Baldovino Professor. UPLB Economics Society Activity Head. I Dare to Ask Forum – a forum with Sen. CEM-UPLB (February 2012). Asa Jose U. Education Committee 2010-2011 Member. Poverty. Department of Economics. Department of Economics. CEM-UPLB (December 2011).Y. Department of Economics. Econvergence 2011 Participation Head. A. 2 Semester A. Baby! Economics of Sanitation in the Philippines. Sajise Professor. Member. Alcalde Professor. Ekonsehan 2011 nd College Scholar. Escudero about Poverty.       Let's Talk About S. 2008-2009 st University Scholar. The Transaction Cost Analysis of the Philippine Rice Sector: An Agricultural Household Model. April 2012-present   References (contact details to be provided upon request) Prof. Employment. and Sustainable Development (September 2008). 2009-2010 Affiliations  UPLB Economics Society Member. Harvey V. and Economic Development. CEM-UPLB. 2009-2012 Member.Y. Jhoana V. CEM-UPLB (March 2012) Population. External Affairs Committee 2009-2010 Junior Philippine Economics Society Member. Good News for the Modern Economists. Philippine Stock Exchange and Junior Philippine Economics Society – a nationwide quiz contest held at PSE Ortigas for undergraduate students of Economics and related fields (December 2010 and September 2011). Inc. CEM-UPLB (January 2012). Department of Economics CEM-UPLB Prof. Education. Department of Economics CEM-UPLB Dr.Y. Philippine Stock Exchange Capital and Assets Market Quiz Contest. Role of Idiosyncratic Volatility in Asset Pricing in ASEAN Stock Markets. December 2009-2012 Gamma Sigma Delta The Honor Society of Agriculture.

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