Metric Weights and Measures

Most of the world uses the metric system. The only countries not on this system are the U.S., Burma, Liberia, Muscat, and South Yemen. The metric system is based on 10s. For example, 10 decimetres make a metre (39.37 inches). Units smaller than a metre have Latin prefixes:

A millimicron is one thousandth of one millionth of one metre.

  

Deci- means 10; 10 decimetres make a metre. Centi- means 100; 100 centimetres make a metre. Milli- means 1,000; 1,000 millimetres make a metre.

Units larger than a metre have Greek prefixes:

  

Deka- means 10; a dekametre is 10 metres. Hecto- means 100; a hectometre is 100 metres. Kilo- means 1,000; a kilometre is 1,000 metres.

Helpful Hints
Remember: A metre is a little more than a yard. A kilometre is less than a mile. A liter is a little more than a quart.

The Metric System

Unit Kilometre (km) Value 1,000 metres

Hectometre (hm) 100 metres Dekametre (dam) 10 metres metre (m) Decimetre (dm) Centimetre (cm) Millimetre (mm) 1 metre 0.1 metre 0.01 metres 0.001 metres

Unit Value

0.000.000 Grams Quintal (P) 100.54 .000 Litres Hectolitres (hl) 100 Litres Dekalitres (dal) 10 Litres Litre (l) Decilitre (dl) Centilitre (cl) Millilitre (ml) 1 Litre (*) 0.000 Grams Myriagram 10.001 Litres * 1 litre + 1.785.Kilolitre (kl) 1.000 Grams Kilogram 1.01 Grams Milligrams 0.507 .0833 To Find feet inches centimetres cent.7853 .1383 3.3937 30.01 Litres 0.035 ounces Metric Conversions All you'll need to know about them! Multiply Centimetres Centimetres Feet Feet/minutes Foot-pounds Gallons Gallons Grams Grams Inches Inches By .0022 2.0353 .000 Grams Hectogram 100 Grams Dekagram 10 Grams Gram Decigram 1 Gram (*) 0.001 Grams * 1 gram + U./seconds metre-kilograms cubic centimetres liters ounces pounds centimetres feet .057 quarts Mass and Weight Unit Value Metric Ton 1.4 3.S.10 Grams Centigram 0.4801 .10 Litres 0.0328 .

After Jane spent ¼ of her money.0567 3. Alice spent $80 of hers and Peter spent ½ of his money.946 67. miles Sq.2 57.6214 pounds feet miles feet/minute miles/hour kilometres/hour quarts feet inches yards foot-pounds centimetres/second feet/second kilometres knots kilometres/hour metres/second grams (2) Kilometres/hour 54. yards Yards Yards 1.59 . Jane. kilometres Sq.75 .2046 3.3861 1.196x10 be handed in on 8th Jan 2010 1.6093 .8361 91. kilometres Sq.2307 kilograms grams kilograms liters cubic inches cubic inches square feet square miles square yards square feet square yards square kilometres square metres centimetres metres Sq.2808 39. they had an equal amount of money left.6093 . Alice and Peter had a sum of money.37 1. December 10.4536 .9144 (6) metre-kilograms 7.6214 Knots Liters metres metres metres metres/minute metres/minute Miles Miles/hour Miles/hour Miles/hour Ounces Ounces Pounds Pounds Quarts Quarts (dry) Quarts (liquid) Sq.0011 Thursday. 2009 P5 Problem Sums.0547 1.280. metres Sq.44 .667 .833 .196 2. centimetres .68 Kilometres/hour . If they had a .447 28.0936 1.Kilograms Kilometres Kilometres 2.7639 1.8532 1.5924 .3495 2. metres Sq.8684 1.8349x10 453.

His sister is 3/11 of their mother’s age. his father was four times as old as he was. When 2/3 of the boys and 1/5 of the girls left the of $1008 in the end. Aaron bought 2 similar books and 3 similar rulers for $40. What is the number? 6. If Patrick gave Juliana 20 marbles. In how many years’ will their combined age be 51? 11. If all the flour was packed into 25 bags instead. If Juliana gave Patrick 20 marbles. James is 8 years old. She used ¼ of it to bake 16 cherry pies and packed the rest equally into 9 bags. There were 1518 boys and girls in a room. Sharon bought 3 such books and 5 such rulers for $61. Sally is 15 years older than Sandy. Sally and Sandy have a total age of 45. What is the total cost of 3 bags and 3 wallets? 12. What was the total cost of a book and a ruler? . both of them would have an equal number of marbles. Juliana and Patrick had some marbles. Find the number of marbles that each of them had. A bag costs $24. If she had bought 7 such shirts instead. how much did each of them have at first? 2. 10. Half of a number is 90 more than a fifth of the number.) 5. What was their total age when Sandy was half as old as Sally? 8.50. How many years later will Tom be of half Gary’s age? 7. she would have $19 left.30. Juliana would have 3 times as many marbles as Patrick. Cleo wanted to buy 16 similar shirts but she was $8 short. how much flour would there be in each bag? (sorry. please change 16 cherry pies to 15 and 250g to 270g. His sister is 3/5 of his age. (a) How many girls were there at first? (b) How many boys were there at first? 3. (a) How much older is Eugene’s mother than Eugene? (b) In how many years’ time will Eugene’s mother be twice his age? 9. There were 250g more flour in 2 similar bags than what was used for a cherry pie. there were twice as many girls as boys remaining in the room. the total cost of 2 bags and a wallet is $85. Eugene is 15 years old. Last year. (a) What was the cost of 2 such shirts? (b) How much money did Cleo have? 4. Mrs Baker bought some flour. Tom is nine years younger than Gary who is 13 years old.

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