Behavioral Science IV – Assignment 1

Q1) Describe a situation in which you took the lead without being asked to do so and why? There are not a single incidence but many in which I have taken lead in situations. These incidences are a part of my college tenure. It was my second day at Amity, induction was going on in full swing, with different team building activities and games going on. We were divided in different teams, no knowing each other.. and we were asked to volunteer for being the team leader who was supposed to download the instruction given to the leaders about the game conduct and rules. It has always been my inner instinct to be in the top list.. be the first mover.. as such, I am self motivated to be on the front foot of various activities that happen in college, be it study related or extra curricular. Also to quote another instance, during college we came up with the idea of having various teams which would be related to the study domain we are interested in. this was the time when I took the lead in forming the Marketing Club of AGBS. Still this club is very close to my heart. I feel, I took lead in this activity because of my keen interest in the domain. Q2) Analyze how you can be an asset to your organization. Employees can become valued assets of a company by adding value to the delivery of a companies product or service offering. Qualification is not only the main carrier for an employee to get into the company but yes off course my hard work, dedication and punctuality are the three things which will play a vital role in the company’ s success. So I will assure you that I will give 100 % justice to my work and especially when it comes to dedication hard work and punctuality.

considered the country's biggest ever corporate scam. 2012. You can refer ET or Business Standard for the purpose. The foreign institutional investors (FIIs) more than doubled their holding in Mahindra Satyam during 2011-12.71 per cent to 7. The holding of domestic institutional investors also rose from 3. used to figure among the most favorite Indian IT stocks for the overseas investors ever since its inception. The major domestic and foreign investors in the company include LIC.Q3) Analyze the news of last week . Indus Capital Advisor UK. Goldman Sachs and Abu Dhabi Investments Authority. While FIIs held close to 50 per cent stake in the company on an average prior to .economic times FII holding in Mahindra Satyam crosses 20% Mahindra Satyam seems to be winning back the faith of foreign investors as their holding in ithas crossed 20 per cent mark for the first time since it was hit by the accounting scandal. 2012. as against just 8. foreign investors dumped their holdings in the company after an accounting fraud broke out in January 2009. more than three years ago. which became Mahindra Satyam after being acquired by the diversified conglomerate Mahindra group. The total FII holding in the company stood at 20.92 per cent a year ago. The erstwhile Satyam Computer. Reliance Mutual Fund.03 per cent during the fiscal year ended March 31. However.81 per cent as on March 31. April 16 2012.

82 per cent. The total foreign holding of the company stood at as high as 73. While FIIs held 8.21 per cent by September and to 17. a successful turnaround by its new owners and management seems to have attracted the foreign investors as well in the past few quarters. The FIIs used to held 30-35 per cent stake in the company during its initial years in 2001-2002.the highest since December 2008. However. the FII holding has now crossed 20 per cent -. Last month. As per the latest shareholding pattern of the company.13 per cent by December 2011.the scam. their stake came down to as low as 4.95 per cent by June. 2011.4 billion . when the FII holding was 44. it rose to 12. The FII interest seems to be on a revival path even as the company continues to face damages and claims from some overseas investor groups for the losses suffered by them after disclosure of accounting fraud. Mahindra Group also announced the long-awaited merger of Mahindra Satyam with its another technology arm Tech Mahindra in an all-share deal that would create the country's fifth largest software firm with an estimate d annual revenue of about $ 2.92 per cent as on March 31.5 per cent in March 2006.5 per cent by June 2009. 15. which rose to above 50 per cent by early 2004 and remained over this level for many years.

d. To be adaptive you need to grasp and learn and develop. I was always very hurried in anything I did. Change is Nature’s rule. c. I could relate it to the theory of survival of the fittest. There was a little thought behind my actions. But now I see myself as a more thoughtful and action oriented person. Desire To survive in the competitive market To adapt to changing situation To cope up with others To avoid people with bullying nature . b. Overall I would list the following as the reasons for this change to be necessary: a. Awareness List the reasons you believe this change is necessary.BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE IV – ASSESMENT 2 Q1) Change is one of the most difficult things for humans to readily accept. This is evident that my personality and behavior has changed a lot from what I was and what I am. But over the years I have evolved my personality into one which is dynamic and feel free to express my views and actions. I remember myself as a very quiet person who was not interested in meeting up with people and express what I felt. Briefly describe a personal change in behavior you are trying to achieve. This leads to change in one’s overall personality. If you have to survive you have to be adaptive. Compete the following exercise to the best of your ability.

Are incentives in place to make the change stick? Are there incentives . d. b. Are there any barriers inhibiting your ability? There are no such barriers which inhibit my ability to perform or act in the new way. Awareness about the surrounding Adaptabity Thoughtfulness Courage and confidence Ability Considering the skills and knowledge from above. Its just that I need to have confidence in myself when I am making the first move. Reinforcement List the reinforcement that will help to retain the change. c. evaluate your ability to perform or act in the new way. Knowledge List the skills and knowledge needed for the change.List the factors or consequences (good and bad) that created a desire to change. a. both during and after the transition.

to not change? Strategy for change: Q2) Stress is a very common experience. this helps me to cool down. All of us. it begins to take a toll mentally. and emotionally.  I try to think and read positive quotes which help me boost up my confidence. every day. b) What is your strategy for coping with stress.  I talk to a friend  I go out for a walk to relieve stress . experience stress.  I drink lot of water when I am in stress. a) Identify the main stressors in your life – the major stressor in my life are:  Work pressure in form of TARGETS  Feeling of loneliness  Weather also poses a stressor. When stress becomes too great. physically. especially summers.

Do you think Kingfisher Airlines should be given a bailout by the Government? Justify. he can also spend money to bring back his Kingfisher airline. debt-laden carrier that has slipped from being the second largest airline by traffic to holding a mere 10 per cent of market share. Shares of Kingfisher Airlines plunged over 6 per cent on the Bombay Stock Exchange.c) Do you think stress is always detrimental? Yes I feel stress is always detrimental. Director General of Civil Aviation Bharat Bhushan said that the airline’s situation was “difficult” and that it “could not go on like this”. banks have declined to extend working capital to the cashstricken. Q3) Kingfisher Airlines is reported to have almost shut down 25 centres. Making matters worse. After a meeting with Kingfisher Airlines’ chairman Vijay Mallya last week. I strongly believe that government should not give bailout to Kingfisher Airlines. it has helped me to achieve what I want to. Because personally I have never had any good out of it. . If vijay mallaya can spend money on his wishful desires. The UB group already has enough in its bank account and the government need not to spear its money which is nothing but Public’s money. But only if I try to overcome it.

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