NAPZA (Narcotic, Psychotropic, Zat Aditif

Drug(NAPZA) is substances that could affect the condition of psychiatric / psychological one (thoughts, feelings and behavior) and can cause physical and psychological dependence. Included in the drug are: Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances and other addictive substances. NARCOTIC According to Law No 22/1997, Narcotics are: substances or drugs derived from plants or not either synthetic or semisintetis plants that can cause a decrease or change of consciousness, loss of taste, it reduces to eliminate pain, and can lead to dependence. PSYCHOTROPIC According to Law No 5/1997, Psychotropic are: substance or drug, either natural or synthetic, not narcotics, a potent psychoactive through selective effects on the central nervous system that causes the typical changes in mental activity and behavior. ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES Which includes other addictive substances are: materials / substances that affect Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances psychoactive beyond, including: 1. Beverage Alcohol Ethanol containing ethyl alcohol, which affects the central nervous system pressure, and often become part of everyday human life - the day in a particular culture. If used in conjunction with narcotics or psychotropic would strengthen the influence of drugs / substances in the human body. 2. Inhalation Inhaled gases and solvents (solvent) in the form of volatile organic compounds, found in a variety of household goods, office, and as an engine lubricant. Which is often misused are: Glue, Tiner, Erasers Cat Nails, Petrol. 3. Tobacco The use of nicotine-containing tobacco is widespread in society. In drug prevention efforts in the community, the use of cigarettes and alcohol, especially in adolescents, should be part of prevention efforts, because smoking and alcohol abuse is often the entrance of other dangerous drug.


Methamphetamine ice Street name: SHABU. Semisynthetic Opioda: Heroin / putauw. There are two types of Amphetamine: a. Synthetic Opioda: Methadone. While the form of tablets taken with water. exaggerated feeling of joy (euphoria). MDMA (methylene dioxy methamphetamine) Street name: Inex. CANNABIS Street name: pot. The way the use of fire by using aluminum foil and the smoke is inhaled or burned by using a specially designed glass bottles (boong). c. whiz. COCCAIN Cocaine in the form of white crystals. crystal. they feel that the environment becomes an enemy. grass. Hidromorfin. codeine.B. OPIUM a. Charlie. increase confidence. codeine. AMPETHAMINE Street name: seed. black heroin. bhang. How to use: smoked cigarettes in a way resembling compacted using a pipe or cigarette. sensitive. srepet. How to: by way of inhalation. DRUG MISUSES In a society of drug / drugs that are abused are: A. SS. Feeling the effects of cannabis quite quickly. Pure heroin is a white powder. Opium. brown sugar. xtc. Methadon is a substance that is used by doctors as a very strong painkillers. which led to a feeling of wanting to be alone to enjoy the taste and effects on the user's level of addiction will lose self-confidence to not have a desire to socialize. gelek. and can relieve pain and fatigue. high appetite. Shaped in form and gray-white powder and tablets. 2 . hasish. marijuana. loss of appetite. Opium poppy is produced from the sap is processed into morphine produced putauw with a particular process. often fantasize / menghayal.Sedangkan have the force 400 times stronger than morphine. Derived from the plant cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. The use by dry and inhaled would risk injury to the surrounding inner nostrils. 3. coke. Method of usage: a pile of cocaine divided into several parts lined up straight on the glass surface or a flat base surface is then inhaled by using a vacuum like suction or by fire along with tobacco. Packaged in the form of tablets and capsules. The reaction from the use of this very quickly. b. active communication. dry mouth and throat. such as the opreasi. slightly bitter taste and the more soluble Street name: coca. happy dust. Street name of Putauw: PTW. The user will form his own world. Effects of cocaine usage: users will feel refreshed. gray. Natural Opioda (opiates): Morphine. meth. users tend to feel more relaxed. while not pure white. Morphine. b. marijuana. which powers 10 times more than synthetic opioda morfin. 4. 2. ice. people with cancer. snow / snow.

How to use: to be drunk. Shape: usually found in the form of paper as small as a quarter-sized box of stamps in lots of colors and images. Examples: Aerosol. color. Have other mental disorders. heart and liver. nausea. Behavior that deviates from the rules or norms that exist d. paper. The effects: dizziness. aggressive and destructive 3 . Lexo. PENYALAHGUNAAN DAN KETERGANTUNGAN Abuse are: the use of one or several types of periodic or regular drug beyond medical indications. for dry cleaning fluid. and the reaction after 30-60 minutes later. and time so that the resulting obsession with a beautiful and creepy and even a long . LSD (Lysergic Acid) Included in the class of hallucinogens.traits that have teens at greater risk of drug use: a.long time to make its use paranoid. ALCOHOL Is a psychoactive substance that is often used by humans Obtained from the fermentation of honey. MG. fruit and root . Easily frustrated. Rohyp. The effects: euphoria. gas lighters Content. SOLVENT / INHALATION Is the vapor gas used by inhalation. head spinning. because the youth are changing biology. Traits . even 100%. Lack of confidence e. Tiner. as well as sleeping pills. or inserted through the anus. Individual factors: Most begin in adolescence. Dum. the disadvantaged groups. drink. psychology and social growth. sugar. 7. mild hallucinations.crops that result in alcohol content not more than 15%. vomiting. Used in the medical field for treatment in patients who experience anxiety. leading to physical health. so that the body requires a growing amount of drug (tolerance). There is also a form of pills and capsules. 8. disappeared after 8-12 hours. its use is reduced or terminated if there will be withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptoms). Usually used in a way try . anxiety.try by minors. SEDATIVE-HYPNOTICS (BENZODIAZEPINES) Including a class of sedatives (tranquilizers) and hipnotika (sleeping pills). Street name: acid. Street name: Benzodiazepines: BK.5. after it carried out the distillation process to produce higher levels of alcohol. Street name: booze. psychological and social dysfunction. gasoline vapor. How to: put LSD on the surface of the tongue. stress. decreased consciousness and even C. injected. seizures. lung problems. Feeling the effects: hallucinations occur where. Dependence is: a state where there has been a physical and psychic dependence. Tend to rebel b. # CAUSES OF ABUSE DRUG The causes are complex due to the interaction of various factors: A. tabs. trips. glue. c. 6. such as: depression.

School is located near places of entertainment excessive i.  Family environment: a.factors above. school. However. Political situation. The existence of student drug users. Schools that lack of discipline b. remarried d. 4 . People who lack role models in his life g. peers.    Factors mentioned above does not necessarily make a person would become drug abusers. The desire to have . the more likely someone become drug abusers.f. The community environment / social: a. Schools are not giving students opportunities to develop themselves creatively and positively d. Less harmonious relationship c. Mencaoba's desire for fashion j. lack of social and economic support. indifferent e. Moody. Pressure or threats from a friend. shy. Weak law enforcement b. Environmental factors: Environmental factors include family factors and social environment both around the home. and society. Peer's environment: a. Parents who are divorced. 2. Lack of religious life. Feeling bored and tired h. reserved g. Less appreciate the faith and trust. Friends with abusers b. Parent and child communication is not good b. Dropping out of school m. School Environment: a. Low communication skills l. Parents are too busy. more and more factors . Vague identity k. Authoritarian parents f.

the lion king (syphilis). it's hard awakened the morning. evade met with other family members. d.long in the bathroom. yawning continues. pain throughout the body. cold clammy skin. In the event of an overdose (Overdose): shortness of breath. Sexually Transmitted Diseases that occur are: gonorrhea (GO). Changes in attitudes and behaviors: a. taking valuables and sell your own property or family. Often traveling up late.Disruption to act rationally . Heart: heart muscle inflammation. rotten teeth. Often be very emotional. Effect on: a. linger . the injection in the arm. swelling of the lungs (pulmonary edema) c.Memory disorders . runny nose. HIV / 5 . they want to have sex to get money to buy the substance or substances. and even death. Often shut himself. Lie. violent and often involved dealing with the police. ask a lot of money with a variety of reasons but certainly not its use. closed and secretive. irritable. g. Often received phone calls and visited people who are not recognized by other family members.A disorder of motivation. sleepy. sleepy in class or at work. hostile pencurigaan. # EFFECT OF ABUSE DRUG Drug effect on the human body and its environment: 1. play truant. c. b.. rude.Impairment of attention / concentration . regardless of health and hygiene. And also drug users who use needles together . sexual intercourse. making it difficult to distinguish good / bad. Long-term effect: an unhealthy appearance.together make the rate of HIV / AIDS is increasing. decreased consciousness. seizures. slow heartbeat and pulse. Decreased performance at school. no homework. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV / AIDS. e. 2.# SYMPTOMS CLINICAL DRUG MISUSED 1. Medical Complications Typically used in large numbers and long enough. narrowing of the coronary arteries. apathy (indifference). talk pelo (lisp). d. Liver: Hepatitis B and C there are transmitted by needles.Gagguan perserpsi causing hallucinations . Known drug users with high-risk sexual behavior. diarrhea. Physical changes: a. d. b. c. f. aggressive. Altered sleep patterns. irresponsible. stealing. sometimes not go home without permission. At the time of using the drug: stagger. etc. so the lazy school or work . staying up late. b. Brain and central nervous system: . lazy. angry. Respiratory: pneumonia can occur (Bronchopnemonia).Self-control disorder. e. lazy bath. As I was hooked (sakau): red eyes.

undisciplined. stillbirth . Social Impact The Family Environment: comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in disrupted families. irritable. Complications in pregnancy: . Affects penyalahguanaan improvement amongst their peers 4. free-living) and a family disgrace. since expelled from school or work. Increased crime in the community: burglary.AIDS is transmitted through needles and sexual contact. so they often use long sleeves. These prevention efforts conducted since the early age of the child. 2. Primary prevention Recognizing the high risk adolescent drug abuse and intervene. Increased accident # DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION EFFORTS Prevention efforts include three things: A. 3. stealing. vaginal infections. 6 . low-weight babies. murder so that the community became restless. Reproductive system: frequent sterility. hepatitis. poisoning pregnancy. In the School Environment Destructive discipline and motivation to learn. absenteeism. AIDS. Secondary Prevention Interventions to treat and no longer using the drug. theft. premature. f. so that factors can menghabat growth process of children can be addressed properly. Increased acts of delinquency. financial difficulties. Skin: a former injection for users who use needles.Mother: anemia. after it intervenes against them for not using the drug. Disconnect the school or unemployed. frequent fights.Fetus: growth retardation. Tertiary prevention Rehabilitation of drug abuse. g. This effort was primarily conducted to identify adolescents who have a high risk for drug abuse. except through blood transfusion and transmission from mother to fetus. Parents are upset because your valuables are missing deviant behavior / asocial children (lying. 2. . student brawls. Dealers or dealers use an intermediary teenagers or students who have become dependent. to the detriment of family life. Parents become desperate for money to increase spending for medical expenses and rehabilitation.Content: abortion. 3. In the Community Environment Created the black market between dealers and dealers who are looking for user / prey.

7. appreciate if you do good or to achieve certain accomplishments. Develop good communication Two-way communication. Develop self-esteem. Develop independence.  Prohibit unauthorized persons to enter the school environment. Strengthen the religious life The emphasis is not just a religious ritual. Teach distinguish good and bad. Taking time for togetherness 4. Efforts to students  Provide education to the students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse. listen to and respect the opinions of children. 2. 5. 7 . Involve students in planning prevention and control of drug abuse in schools. Planting good discipline.  Prohibit students out of school in school hours without the permission of the teacher.Membantu students who have misused the drug to be stopped. being open and honest. Well-child Care      Full of affection.  Implementation of religious life in the day .• What can be done in a family environment to prevent drug abuse? 1. 3.  Establish a positive self-image and develop positive skills to avoid it from drug use and smoking.  Improve guidance konseling. Parents are a good example Parents who smoke would be a bad example for children. Parents understand the drug abuse problem in order to discuss with the child • What to do in the school environment for the prevention of drug abuse? 1.  Provide a choice of activities that are meaningful to students (extracurricular). freedom Efforts to prevent drug distribution in school  Raids by sudden inspection. 6. Create a Warm and Friendly Atmosphere This makes the child's longing to go home. but rather strengthen the moral values embodied in the religion and apply it in everyday life .

but to our common task. 3. The role of parents in the family and also the role of educators in schools is great for handling of prevention of drug. To foster good cooperation with various parties. Providing information about the law relating to the drug. Involve all elements of society in implementing prevention and control of drug penyalahguanaan. so that problems that occur in the environment can be solved together. especially in teenagers is very worrisome threat to the family in particular and the nation at large. Drug abuse prevention efforts are done early is good. 3. both in terms of personal health. Increase surveillance since the child came to school. 2. Efforts to foster a school environment  Creating a healthy school environment by fostering a harmonious huibungan between educators and students. Prevention of drug abuse problem is not the duty of a group of people.  Exemplary attitude of teachers is very important  Improve the entrance to the supervision of a child from school.  Promote regular attendance of teachers in schools. Effect of drug is very bad. of course with enough knowledge of these countermeasures. 4. CONCLUSION Drug abuses. D. • What is done in communities to prevent drug abuses? 1. and social impacts caused. 8 . Foster a feeling of togetherness in the area of residence. Providing information to the public about drug penyalahguanaan so that people can notice it.

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