DadsHouse Invites you to take part in a Nationwide Tour, “In Dad’s Shoes: Photography Exhibition on Single Fathers”

Researching Reform

Overview: DadsHouse is an organisation dedicated to helping single fathers going through separation, divorce or the death of a spouse by providing dads with the support they need. This support is currently not reaching dads across the whole of the UK, with many left to cope with children and in often very difficult circumstances, on their own. At present in the UK, there are over 2 million single dads, and over 200,000 single dads looking after their children alone. Researching Reform is a project within the family justice system which aims to help improve family policy and place child welfare at the centre of each sector inside the family justice system. We are collaborating with DadsHouse on this very exciting exhibition. This project is a nationwide tour of a photo exhibition about single fathers, with a twist. We will encourage both mothers and fathers to take part, to sponsor the event and to champion the cause of the single father by celebrating parental love, a notion which is not gender specific and in so doing show that fathers are a relevant and much needed part of the family equation. The exhibition will also aim to raise awareness of the kind of support available to single fathers, so that they can access that support more easily. Policy overview: To incorporate all family members, with a view to highlighting the importance of looking at child welfare not through a parental rights lens but a child needs perspective. To change the current culture surrounding single fathers, which legislation alone is not able to achieve, by helping to remove the stigma associated with single dads continually perceived as the ‘parental rights voice’ and to introduce a more child welfare-based perspective currently strong in organisations like DadsHouse, who understand that parenting is not about claiming a stake in a child but providing love and support the way each child as a unique individual, is entitled to expect it.

The Tour: DadsHouse will be launching a nationwide exhibition of a collection of photos of single fathers and their children, taken by photo journalist Natalie Naccache. This exhibition will be dynamic; the collection of photos will increase as we tour the country looking for single fathers who wish to share their stories of being a dad in the UK and we will visit and collaborate with London boroughs, local authorities and organisations wishing to sponsor or support the event across the country. The exhibition can be taken to town halls, museums, art galleries and beyond; showcasing not only the amazing stories and photos of these single fathers but as an event, will include highlights from each location we visit, such as local artists, makers of unique arts and crafts and high profile residents. It is a truly organic exhibition. We would like to invite you to take part in this ground-breaking exhibition. If you would like to get involved, either by hosting the exhibition or sponsoring us, please contact either Natasha Phillips on 07769 647 983 or William McGranaghan, DadsHouse on 07765 183 504.

Promoting Family, in all its Forms

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