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VIII Semester B.Tech.

Mechanical Engineering Course plan and Evaluation plan for ME 490 Seminar
1. Course Code 2. Course Title 3. L-T-P 4. Credits 5. Prerequisites 6. Teaching Department 7.Course Instructors ME - 490 Seminar 0-0-2 one Nil Mechanical Engineering Dr. Prasad Krishna

Objectives: To assess the effectiveness of a one semester seminar course during the final year of the bachelor program to improve student presentation skills. This one credit course serves as a forum for mechanical engineering faculty to evaluate and provide feedback on students presentations to improve their written and verbal communication skills. Students are required to research, develop and deliver a formal presentation using appropriate audiovisual media support and technical reports.
Learner Objectives for the Seminar are: 1. Comprehend, interpret, evaluate and analyze information from a variety of peer reviewed quality technical journals describing the frontiers in the core areas of Mechanical Engineering spanning Design, Manufacturing, Thermal, Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics and Materials Engineering streams. 2. Communicate orally, visually, and in writing 3. Understand the limitations and potential of technology and identify and efficiently use appropriate tools to produce a desired outcome 4. Demonstrate depth of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the common theme

Skill Development of the student expected from the course a. Communication skills b. Technical reporting , presentation and listening skills Course Coverage Contents 1 Seminar Topic to be selected from frontier areas of R & D after perusal of at least 25 journal articles (Year 2009 and beyond only) in core areas of Mechanical engineering as detailed in the learning objectives. What is not considered as a seminar topic: Industrial training, Final Year Project Work, Any Text book Material

Course plan and Evaluation plan for ME 490 Jan-April 2012

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2. Evaluation Plan a. Technical Report (Written Presentation) b. c. d. Content (Relevance) Delivery (Oral Presentation) Attendance and Participation Total Marks 60% and above are required to get pass grade.

35% 20% 35 % 10% 100%

General rules - ME 490 Seminar

1. Seminar topic should not be from normal text book material. 2. Student should be able to convince the relevance of the topic to the audience. 3. Seminar report should contain Maximum no of pages I Cover page with Title, Name & Roll no 01 II Table of Contents with page numbers 01 III Abbreviations / symbols used/Nomenclature (if any) 01 IV One page abstract 01 Introduction, body of topic, Results, conclusions (max) 20 Any general observations 01 References (cite all journals referred as per ASME format) 01 Maximum # pages for the report = 25 4. Report should have the technical report format as per NITK Reporting format (A4 size, Times New Roman, 12 points for running matter etc.) 5. For Tips on Presentation skills, contact your CR and strictly adhere to the tips given in the handouts while preparing the slides as well during your oral presentation. 6. Seminar report should be submitted in soft bound form (not as loose sheets pinned) 7. Time for presentation shall be 122 minutes and three minutes for discussion 8. a. Presentation should highlight the relevance of the topic, its background, current status. b. The manner in which you open the topic is crucial and important. Apply your own skills to open and introduce the topic in such a way that the audience would be attracted to listen to you throughout your presentation. 9. If seminar report need to be resubmitted on account of content, depth, format Evaluation of new report will be done out of 60 % of the mark allotted for report 10. Rejection or repetition of presentation on account of clarity, presentation skills, unorganized presentation material (like PPT/slide) - Evaluation will be done out of 60 % of the mark allotted for presentation 11. Attendance and Participation in each seminar will be noted , active participation is encouraged 12. Minimum of 60% mark is required for satisfactory completion of the course Course plan and Evaluation plan for ME 490 Jan-April 2012 Page 2 of 4 Topics

a. b. c.

13. If the report is found to be a copy of material presented elsewhere, web content, presented paper without any modification or additions, etc. the same shall be rejected. 14. Schedule of Presentation according to the schedule submitted by your CR. Eight students shall make presentations in every class. 15. Attendance requirements as per NITK Regulation (75%, considering only the presentation class)

Course plan and Evaluation plan for ME 490 Jan-April 2012

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Submission deadlines Sl. Item No 1 Topic and Abstract (max. 300 words) (M1 & M2 class representatives are requested to collect the same, arrange in the ascending order of roll numbers and submit along with schedule of presentation on each day) 2 Acceptance of topic and abstract 3 If topic rejected, resubmission 4 5 Submission of seminar report Start of seminar Date and Time 20-01-12, 4.30pm Place and person Room No. M113 or Dept. office Prasad Krishna

23-01-12, 5 pm 25-01-12, 4.30 pm Before you make your presentation 27-01-12

Email to Class representative Room No. M113 or Dept. office Prasad Krishna Hand over to course instructor in the seminar hall. Department seminar hall/ISTE Seminar Hall as arranged by your CR Prasad Krishna

Course plan and Evaluation plan for ME 490 Jan-April 2012

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