Chapter 1

True or False 1. The term e-business was coined by IBM – True 2. The First e-business transaction was executed between the US and the EU in 1993 – True 3. A uniform EDI standard was developed in 1973 by IBM – False (By ANSI in 1973) 4. TDCC stand for Transportation Design and Co-ordination council – False ( Transportation Data co-ordinating committee) 5. E-business reduces paperwork as the entire work is done electronically – true 6. E-business increases the need for wholesaler and retailers – False 7. E-business limits a company’s market expansion – false 8. E-business can help increase margins through improve in customer loyalty and prospecting new clients - True Fill in the blanks 1. E-business stands for Electronic Business 2. An e-business setting connects critical business systems directly with consumers, workforce, traders, and business associates using Internet, extranet, e-commerce technologies, two way applications and the web. 3. E-business is defined as a business activity that uses electronic media 4. Domain Name service was introduced in 1984 5. In E-business there is reduction of data error as it does not involve data at multi-points 6. Legal formalities such as authorization and authentication need to be completed before ebusiness service can be implemented 7. Data integrity problems could be an issue with e-business. 8. E-business aims to increase the quality, quantity and speed of services 9. A Company can plan its e-business strategy only if the e-business expectation are known

Important points
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 1969 US Defence department started first network 1971 Email was introduced 1973 file transfer introduces 1984 DNS started 1986 Internet based telephone lines introduced 1987 hosts reaches 10,000 1988 hosts reaches 60,000 1989 hosts reaches 1,00,000 1991 WWW created by CERN, Switzerland 1992 host reaches 1 m 1995 host reaches 6.6 million 1997 July 1.3 m domain names registered Dec 1997 22m servers, 40m users on WWW 2000 110m users and 72m Domain names 2003 802.2 m users 233m hosts

Chapter 2 True False 1.3 is covered by a small area (LAN) – True The main disadvantages of the half duplex are effectiveness and space limitation – true With MAN. The TCP/IP model has two layers that match six of the seven layers in the OSI reference Model – False (4 layers that match 6 of seven layers of OSI) 7. NET. Data link layer. Application layer TCP/IP . the error rates are highest – false (Moderate. A domain name always contains two or more components. 6. they can exchange all types of information. fibre-optic cables (called backbones) through which the bulk of the interner data travels are owned by telephone companies. Edu represents educational institutions. Network Layer. The high speed. highest with WAN) LAN has low transmission speed – false (high. GOV. IEEE 802. Low with WAN) The builder of the TCP/IP group created their own architectural model to help describe it components and functions. session layer. HTML is a method where ordinary text can be converted into hypertext – True 8.True 6. Transport. more. EDU. other resources and some times LAN to a range from 5 to 20km. Internet. The important aspect of web server development in application gateway. Transport Layer. MIL HTML codes for 4 marks questions . 3. Application TOP level Domain – COM. MAN connects the computers system. 4. When two computers are connected over the Internet .Network Layer. . ORG. Important points OSI Model – Physical Layer. specifically CGI – True Fill in the blanks 1. 2. 5. With WLAN it is possible for the connections to take place without wires. 2. 3. 4. Presentation Layer. 5.

over the network. CGI is a set of standards where a program can send data back to the web server where it can be processed – True 2.Chapter 3 True False 1. The standard connector for unshielded twisted pair cabling is known as RJ45 connector. . Passwords must be at least Eight characters in length. Fill in the blanks 1. Frame Relay is a digital connection-oriented data services that sends packets of data. Switch is broadcasting device while hub is a point-to-point communication device False (Hub is broadcasting device while Switch is a point-to-point communication device) 4. Online multimedia is increasingly becoming object oriented and data driven. Coaxial cabling is extremely easy to install – False 6. called frames. Routers are cheap – False (Costly) 5. One of the rarest forms of connectors is the BNC (Bayone-Neil-Concelman) connector – True 7. Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different contents form 2. 5. Broad band refers to telecommunication where a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit information 6. Fibre optic cabling consists of a centre glass core surrounded by several layers of protective materials 4. 3. One of the internet’s worst-s-kept secrets is that CGI is astoundingly complex – False 3. 7.

4. The three major components of I-way are network access equipment. Enterprise software provides solutions to problems that concern the enterprise as a whole and not individual departments 7. irrespective of their size or volume of business can support enterprise software – False I-way is a non-interactive one-way method of transporting information and services – False I-way is based on the behaviour of the consumer and the producer because they have multiple roles – True Fill in the blanks 1. Key information systems include information management software and structural database 5. E-business services offer a means of communication between the consumer and company – True The usage of e-business services can reduce errors – true E-advertisement is currently the largest commercial activity on the web – True Online banking is also referred to as cyber banking – True Enterprise application software can serve only one or two enterprises – false All enterprises. e-business can also lead to innovative business 2. 2. Besides reducing the number of human errors. 8. 6. is a network of interconnected data highways of several types 9. While beginning an e-business activity a socket layer is required to secure the gateway 3. Web pages that offer information on products or services that a company offers are available on a e-catalogue. the client-server model lets the client work with the server with the help of a request-reply sequence by message passing 6.Chapter 4 True False 1. 5. 7. I-way is a network of interconnected data highways of several types 8. 4. 3. local access equipments and Global information distribution .

Website intelligence leverages four types of information 2. In partial outsourcing only specific functions of the projects are outsourced 7. 2.I. – ii. 9. 3. A set of special codes that controls a text’s layout and appearance iii. Used in Common Gateway Interface iv. The type of website one chooses to create depends on the market one wishes to target 8. 5. The first step in leveraging the information by e-commerce companies is analysis of web traffic. JavaScript was earlier referred to as Live Script 4. Java Script is a language that can be executed on the Web Server.iv. it is called late outsourcing. 2 . 3. – True 12. 6. 3. A good website should have subsections – true The user returns and enters the requisite information through the login registration – True An HTML editor is a software program used to edit and create HTML document – True FTP is a system that is used to upload and download files to and from a Web Server – true SGML is relatively easy to use than XML – False HTML is a method that converts ordinary text into hypertext – True HTML is a programming Language – False JavaScript is not case sensitive – False JavaScript programs do not require an software – True The internal development team decides the sections of the projects that need to be outsourced – True 11. 3. 7. 5. The internal development team should comprise Professionals. 4. 4. 6. Ans HTML -------VBScript --------ASP ---------Perl Script -------i. 2. Allows users to be treated as unique entities 1. Banners should be on the front page of the website – False Fill in the blanks 1. When the maintenance is outsourced after the company gains competitive edge in the market.iii . the Default ASP scripting language ii. It is not advisable to fix the font size – True 13.Chapter 5 True False 1. 10. Navigation can be made simple by making available a textual or graphical menu on each page Match the following 1. 4 .. 8.

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