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Evangelism Conference

EVG1 Faith Sharing
Learn how to authentically share the gospel, the good news of Gods love in Jesus Christ, in an increasingly changing culture. Look at how cultural changes can inform the ways that we share our faith with others. Topics will include: Engaging a Dramatically Changing Culture The Big Story: The Story God Is Telling Getting Personal: You Have a Story to Tell Whos My Neighbor? Seeing Others with Spiritual Eyes What Is God up to in Our Community? Whos Line Is It Anyway? Faith Sharing Experience Putting It All Together Presenters: Ralph Watkins is the assistant dean of the African American Church Studies Program and associate professor of society, religion, and Africana studies in the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary ( aspx). Ray Jones is the coordinator for evangelism for the GAMC of the PC(USA). Dave Loleng is the associate for evangelism for the GAMC of the PC(USA). Carmelo Mercado is the pastor of El Redentor Presbyterian Church, Oviedo, Florida (www.elredentor. net). Ruthie Merced is the director of young adult and youth ministries at El Redentor Presbyterian Church. Sandra Luciano-Andjar is the pastor of El Buen Vecino Presbyterian Church, Kissimmee, Florida (www She is a New Church Development coach for the PC(USA) and a member of the planning team for the Evangelism Conference. Nancy Graham Ogne is the pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church at Lake Nona (Fla.) and a member of the Evangelism Conference planning team.

EVG2 Disciple-Making Church

How do we make the necessary shift from focusing on making members to taking up Jesus call to go and make disciples? We will learn how to help develop disciples who are the people of God not just for a couple hours a week but throughout all of life. You will gain fresh insight and receive practical tools, models, methods and help with becoming a disciple-making church. Topics will include: Go and Make Disciples: Becoming a DiscipleMaking Church Marks of a Disciple Life-on-Life Discipleship Making the Shift (quick-fire panel discussion) Disciple-Making Models: The Nuts and Bolts (panel discussion) Putting It All Together and Next Steps Presenters: Scott Weimer is the senior pastor at North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia (www Hope Italiano Lee is the lead pastor of Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, Bradenton, Florida ( Jo Saxton is a director of 3DM, a movement/organization helping churches develop a discipling and missional way of being the church ( Jerry Cannon is the pastor of C.N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina ( He is a member of the Evangelism Conference planning team. Dave Loleng (see previous information).

Each elective will be offered on Wednesday, 3:305:00, and Thursday, 1:303:00

EVE1 Going Deeper in Being the Church: What It Means to Be Missional

Presenter: Kennedy McGowan (see previous information)

EVG3 Joining God in Your Neighborhood

What would it look like to live like missionaries to North America, specifically to our own neighborhoods and communities? The church isnt just a place to gather; it is a community of people who are sent to join with what God is doing in our neighborhoods and communities. Topics include: Missional: What Does That Mean Anyway? Grow Where Youre Planted Taking Your Missional Pulse Developing Missional Imagination (panel discussion) Becoming Missionaries to Our Community Facing the Giants: Managing Resistance to Change Putting It All Together Presenters: Kim Hammond is director of missional imagination atCommunity Christian Church, a 12-site church in Chicago (www.communitychristian .org), and the national director of Forge America ( Dave Loleng (see previous information). Kennedy McGowan is pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, Florida (www

EVE2 Catfish & Grits: Understanding the Culture and Context of Evangelism
Presenter: Jerry Cannon (see previous information)

EVE3 Invitation to a Deeper Life

Far too often, religious types imply that church membership is the finish line for evangelismthat maturity derives from spectating in worship, joining a Bible study, completing a pledge card, accepting church office or staffing a boring committee. Really? Is this the abundant life Jesus promises in John 10? By offering a breadth of toolsincluding spiritual disciplines, aids to self-awareness and faith coaching we can help adherents tune the spiritual ear to God and thus commend the good news of Jesus abundant life. Presenter: Nancy Graham Ogne (see previous information)

EVE4 Engage
Engage is a resource that helps people live into their own faith stories and join God in what God is already doing in our communities. This elective will help participants walk through and use the four basic components of the resource. We will explore what it means to engage our spheres of influence and share our faith. We will experience the connection between faith sharing and serving others. Also, we will work through what it means to be a disciple-making church in a changing culture. The last part of our time together will be a time of looking at the variety of ways the resource can be used in a local church context. Presenter: Ray Jones (see previous information)

EVE5 Apologetics
Presenter: Ralph Watkins (see previous information)

EVE6 The Big Story

Presenter: Dave Loleng (see previous information)