Portfolio Preparation: Working from Observation Course Syllabus

H. L. Leatherman, Instructor Grades 9-12 ***Notes***  Depending on weather, the sequence of lessons may be rearranged to accommodate the landscape painting problem, which will be completed outdoors. If this occurs, notice will be given to students and parents in advance so everyone can be prepared.  It is important that students have a sketchbook on a daily basis for work inside and outside of class. A sketchbook currently in use is acceptable; however please reserve 2-6 pages per day for this class.  Lastly, this class is for a variety of ages and abilities. The lessons will be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of students, whether they are about to enter Art One or have just completed Art Three AP/GT. All levels will be challenged.

G/T Summer Institutes for Talent Development

Problem One: The Still Life Explored Through Color Days 1-3
Objective(s): Students will receive an introduction to the media of oil paint. Students will construct their own individual still lifes, select a direct light source, and render it with oil paints using a variety of painting techniques. Students will engage in a gallery talk about their paintings. Homework: Find 10 examples of still life painting. Create a sketchbook entry with prints of those examples.

Problem Two: The Landscape en Plein Air Days 4-6
Today’s Objective(s): Students will learn plein air practices with oil paint. They will select a landscape viewpoint at the painting site, and paint with oil on canvas or draw with oil pastel the landscape from observation. Students will engage in an in-process peer review of their landscape. Homework: Photograph (digitally) 5 potential compositions of landscapes. Print and create a sketchbook entry. Find 10 examples of plein air painting of interest to you, create a sketchbook entry.


G/T Summer Institutes for Talent Development

Problem Three: The Self Portrait Days 7-9
Objective(s): Students will look at contemporary artists’ strategies for portrait drawing and painting. Students will complete a ‘Pieces of Me’ Self Portrait painting. Students will engage in a class critique of their ‘Pieces of me’ self portrait. Homework: Find 5 examples of portrait drawing, 5 of portrait painting that interest you, create a Sketchbook Entry with all 10 prints.

Final Class Day 10
Today’s Topic: Catch-up/Refining Works Final Critique Exhibition of works Today’s Objective(s): Students will use this time to complete any of the works from the previous two weeks that have not been completed. Students will engage in a full class critique of their entire body of work from this experience. They will observe good studio practices by returning the work space to its original state. They will install their work in the gallery for the open house/exhibition. Parent Activity: Exhibition of works, Art Suite Gallery, 11:30-12:30


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