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The BeatSwap project has three phases: 1 - Promotion* We provide promotional sessions for your year 4 and 5 children

this July or September/October. Children take a letter home. 2 - After school clubs We run a series of 11 clubs at your school. The children learn teqhnique, notation and taught compositions. They create and share their own rhythms with children from other schools, and work on a larger performance piece that with involve all of the other schools taking part in the project. 3 - Practice and performance All of the children from the participating schools come together for two whole group practice sessions and a final performance to an audience in a professional setting.

'It was fantastic performing at the end with other schools' - Sujita, Newtown Primary
Cost to your school for this project is 800. This covers: All sessions, teaching equipment, practice equipment loan, practice/performance venue, staff, insurance Parents or schools are responsible for transporting children to the practice and performance evenings. Schools must also provide a member of staff to take responsibility for their children on these three dates. You have the option to charge participating children. Example: A 3 charge per child / per session could recover 660 of the cost to you (based upon 20 children attending each of the 11 after school sessions). Claire will be in touch to talk about supporting the children with the project. This could be as simple as reminding them to practice during a few lunchtimes, and providing them with some computer time so they can visit the project blog and experiment with the online resources. *Max 25 children per group for the promo sessions and per school for the actual project. We can offer you up to two hours promo time. Divide the time for your groups as you choose (ideally 1/2hr to 1hr each). Current year 4/5s will be in year 5/6 when they participate in the taught and performed elements of the project (academic year 2012/13)

'I had a lot of fun and everyone was supportive' - Amazon, Oxford Road
Contact either Andy or Claire with your questions. Andy is responsible for the content and delivery of the project. Claire helped to design the project with Andy and supports the children of ORCS to participate. She can help you to understand what being part of the project can mean to your school. Andy Fowler - Programme Leader. RhythmZone 07884 231188 / Claire Hurst - Deputy Head. Oxford Road Community School 01189 015511 /

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