Importance Of Lord’s Supper

(John 12:1-7; 13:1-7)

The beauty and importance of the upper room ministry. Other strange thing is, John who records more of evening than many others who doesn’t record of Lord’s Supper. And of course the Lord’s Supper was a chief thing on that evening. He gives so much a/c on last evening but not the Lord’s Supper. You should ask a question and why is it so? There are six great things in the life and ministry of the LJC. It will be lengthy study. But he gives us the record of two other suppers, the subject of our study for now. If we go into the spirit of chapters 12 and 13 and come along to remember the Lord at Lord’s Supper, it will make a great change. We want to focus on these two suppers. The first supper is in Bethany in chap 12 and the other supper is in Jerusalem, chap 13. They are separated by six days. In chap 12 they made supper for him and in chap 13 he made the supper for them. In Lord’s Supper we have a supper prepared for us and it is our privilege to come to the one who prepared for us. I hope you come to Lord’s Supper to give and not to get. You come to give him his portion. That the Lord will have a large portion. If you find why you give, then it is more blessed to give than to receive. And discover as you give you receive to your surprise. That we have something to offer and give to the Lord. And the Lord’s portion be greater from us. We shall see first, what he prepared for them and then what they prepared for Him. Now chap 13 is very blessed chapter, and a delightful experience. 1. What He prepared for them: the chap begins with ‘knew’. Repeated very often v3, 11. Speaks to us of the perfect knowledge of the LJC, of people, circumstances, their doing, himself and glory, and it is a perfect knowledge of the LJC, so we read Jesus knew. But with disciples it is not their knowledge but the lack knowledge, did you not know? By this the world shall know, by how we treat and meet one another, 13:33-34, others shall know that you are my disciples.

The other interesting thing to learn from other disciples, that they actually did not know where to hold this supper. Why the LJC did deliberately concealed the place? In Mark 14:13-15, when the two men left out, they had no idea where to set the supper. The Lord gives the direction, a man with the pitcher, follow, meet and the man will allow. That water was used to wash the feet. They knew nothing of the location of the upper room. Until they were given instruction and direction by the LJC. They didn’t have sophisticated equipments to know. Why Lord sent them such? I have no doubt, It was a last evening, last meeting, and last tender occasion of supping together with his disciples and wouldn’t want to be distracted or interrupted. But there was one man, who didn’t know the place, zealots. It would have been easy for Judas to come with priests and Pharisees and arrest him there. He has already taken the ransom to betray Him and was just waiting for an opportunity (Matt 26:2, 14-16). He said, with great desired have I desired Luke 22:14, and would not allow any interruption. So were able to do it all without any interruption. Beloved He took so much care. How much we should remember this and have such a desire like that of the Lord, allow no distraction and interruptions and long to meet Him, obey Him, remember Him and Celebrate it. There is little expression here, ‘his own’; in chap 1 ‘his own’ that is his own world. But here gender of that word tells us by the nation of Israel. But here in chap 13, having loved his own, are not own of chap 1, but these are men with him, recognized him, and called them his own. This is something special, different than the nation who rejected him. A tiny little remnant from that nation that rejected the Lord. So are you and I in His sight today. We are His own, precious to Him. To them alone He is pleased to reveal. He loved them unto the end. He loved them unto death. It means the intensity, the uttermost. If want to see in living experience, then follow him in chap 18, 19. This is the LJC who was sitting with them in the supper. For 3and half years, talked, dined with him as constant companion. Now arrived at the last evening, for the last time, so is it also known as the last supper.


There are seven steps in this wondrous humility of the LJC. The tense of them is in present tense. He rises from the supper, he lays asides garment, he takes a towel, girds himself, he pours the water, he washes their feet and he wipes their feet. There is a great parable here, there are no parables in Jn. While he literally rises and does all of those things. Isaiah said, I saw the Lord sitting upon the throne, high and holy. And here in gospel, he came down, he laid aside his garment, the outward emblem of glory and Godhood, came in the fashion of man and form of bond slave, wrapping the towel of humanity, walking among the men as servant. He not only washed but wiped. Began and concluded that. Why should the LJC do it here? If these men were guest at another man’s house, the slave would come with water, basin and towel and would have attended to the guests washing. But these were not guest, they had borrowed the room for the evening. So it was one of them to do that act of washing feet. There were no guests and no host. The refreshment of feet at that place and time is most desirable. Left Kidron valley, come to mount, none to wash the feet. They wait. They missed perhaps the greatest opportunity. They failed to grasp what the LJC was teaching them. If a man wants to be great, he got to be ambitious, uncaring from feeling of others. Now LJC said, in the realm of the kingdom it is not like the world. To be great be least, to up be at down. You know what they were doing? They were arguing which of them is great. LJC said, you want to be great, you are missing your opportunity, and he lays aside his outer garment, girds with towel, goes down on knees and washes the feet. Read John 13:13-15, do you mean what you call: You call Me love, and you desire Me not. You call Me word, and you read Me not. You call Me giver, and you ask Me not. You call Me precious, and you value Me not. You call Me judge, and you fear Me not.

You call Me coming, and you wait Me not. You call Me Lord, and you obey Me not, And if I condemn you, blame Me not. They missed their opportunity. What a lovely assembly that would be? If the only striving would be, No, let me do it brother. He has given something to put us in spirit of worship even if he has not written on Lord’s Supper. 2. In what they prepared for Him (John 12:1-3). Remember when his people, Israel were in bondage, Moses went to Pharaoh, let my people go, and on three times concluded that in a different way: Let my people go: o That they may serve me o That they may hold a feast unto me o That they may sacrifice Jehovah wanted a people to serve Him, to have fellowship with Him, and for to worship Him and eventually the people were let go. But how they disappointed Him, again and again they withheld. Until you come to the last book, Mal 3. But now here is the same God, incarnate, man amongst the men, sitting in a room, in a little home in a Bethany, and he appreciated that. Lord didn’t criticized Martha. - Martha’s service, - Lazarus just a fellowship, not even a word spoken. Man risen from the dead and in fellowship with the Lord. You don’t need to be vocal in the Lord’s Day, but just to sit in sincere and real fellowship. But - Mary she worshipped. Saved to serve, trying my best to do for him. Are you saved? Yes. The highest form of service is worship. I have learned being busy, activity all the time, is not he really looks for but the quietness and the worship.

With what a delight the Lord could have marched ahead to Golgotha. May our lives, families and assemblies be filled with this ‘Bethany experience’ as we remember Him.


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