Have you ever been so sure that it happened before?

That what you were experiencing had already occurred once, playing through precisely as reality let it. Seventy percent of the human race is believed to have this same encounter as you, making déjà vu a worldwide mystery. This is one of the few situations where the professionals are just as clueless as you. “Leading” theories are present, but none can be one hundred percent proven and with déjà vu arises way too many unanswered questions that the human mind can measure. Charles Dickens explains déjà vu in his own words stating, “ We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time- of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances- of our knowing perfectly what will be said next, as if we suddenly remember it.”

“Wait! Hold on. Just, just say whatever your going to say…” “ Um, alright. What is wrong with you? Granted that it seems like all the time, but your just acting especially weird right now.” “ This is awkwardly weird, but what a sensation. I swear I’ve been here…” “ No way!” “Shut up. I’ve been here, exactly in this spot, holding this exact thing, talking to you, and thinking the same thing.” “Well then psycho, or shall I say physic, sounds like you have the case of déjà vu on your hand. Fun ay?” “But how, this is crazy.”

Aside from the exact situation, this is how most encounters with déjà vu play out. The one that felt this aurora of positive memory usually would soak in it for a few minutes, then continue on with his life never recalling the unexplained feeling of past knowledge. For those who do decide to speculate this highly questioned topic, they themselves come up with theories or dig into others.

Divided Attention Dr. Alan Brown, hoping to bring déjà vu back to life willingly, has put subliminal suggestion to work. Through his tests the Dr. introduces the cell phone theory. Mr. Brown believes that many things distract us the people, and by this we take in everything else sublimely, not archiving them into our complex minds. With subliminal speed we “take in” everything but do not realize it just seconds before. When we then indulge ourselves in the situation it seems as if we had been in that specific place in that specific scenario.

Dual Processing Another leading theory leads us in the direction of brain processing. Robert Efron has delt with how the brain banks short-term and long-term memories and has founded an interesting idea. Information filters into the brain through more than one passageway, and Efron believes that if the coinciding of the information were to be mixed up this could potentially get sent to the long-term section of the brain, making it seem as a reoccurrence.

Precognitive Dreams One of the more science fiction theories deals with dreams that foresee the future so to speak. Arthur Funkhouser, a Swiss scientist, found that over twelve percent of his ginny pig’s dreams had similar outcomes with the future. This obviously leads to weird power that nature has over us as we sleep, which could arise controversy, but hey ideas are were things happen. Who knows what will come from this.

Déjà vu You come only in surprise, Resulting in fearful reprise Your origin not yet explained, But convictions easily proclaimed Whatever you may be, you truly are amazing Bringing commotion and inquest to those without Brightening a day and sending the mind away, you must stay A phenomenon you surely are, Only showing your face from afar Whatever you are, don’t go too far

Troublesome Déjà vu has given scientist a never-ending roller coaster ride to its core, but they have found that it is much more common among those with actual disorders. Disorders

including schizophrenia, anxiety, and epilepsy have aroused extra research. In conclusion, the brains believe that it could be an improper electrical discharge in the brain.

Reincarnation For those who believe in “new life” after another, this is their explanation. It is alleged that déjà vu is just memories from your past life. But wait there’s more. They also speculate that it could also be due to the astral projection “out- of- body” experience. This would mean taking a nice stop at the place you remembered in your astral body while sleeping. This is always fun to think about.

The Explanation I don’t have one for you to be honest. The concept of a natural, identical reoccurrence is over my head. I have examined these theories and tend to favor the subliminal interpretation, finding this the easiest to believe. We are all human, and with being human comes the colossal chance of being wrong (believe it or not). Maybe we had a past life; maybe we even roam around in our sleep. None is for sure and that is the fun of it. You make up your own mind, but in some cases you obviously don’t.

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