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F-IRE Records F-IRE CD52 - distributed by Proper - Release Date 6 August 2012
Epic rock-edge riffs, angular sax explorations, brooding beats and haunting dub-step style electronics.. Jazzwise As far from the ting-tata-ting school of jazz as can be,, . Soaring sax over buzzsaw guitar riffs built on looped melody and angular drumbeats. Livenotes YLMP Roller Trio is the latest band to explode out of the fertile Leeds music scene where experimental jazz rubs shoulders with DIY alt rock and electronica. Their music is a fresh, visceral stew of conventional and experimental sounds that features stonking riffs, thrashy noise, evocative songs and electronic soundscapes. Incubated in mammoth improvisation sessions and honed in local gigs, their music is delivered with a captivating swagger and greedy energy that is utterly beguiling and packs a hook-laden punch. Little wonder then that they have already snaffled the 2011 Peter Whittingham Jazz Award for 2011 as well as causing a real stir amongst local club promoters who have hailed their powerhouse live shows. With one smitten promoter declaring I have NEVER seen a jazz act appeal so vehemently to a non-jazz audience in my life and another hailing them as My New favourite band of 2012 Killing! Not bad for a band that have only been together for just over a year and their fast-paced rise is set to accelerate with the release of the breathtaking debut album on F-IRE Presents this summer. Roller Trio are James Mainwairing tenor sax and electronics, Luke Wynter guitar and Luke Reddin-Williams on drums, still in their early 20s they met whilst studying at Leeds College of Music. Luke W and Luke RW began jamming together before James (LRWs ex-flat mate) joined in. They started playing and jamming together as a trio and it was immediately apparent that they had a chemistry, but in their minds they only really became a proper band when they were called in at the last minute to support Phronesis at the Brudenell Social club in Leeds in March 2011. Influenced by a wide range of music from Tim Berne, Chris Potter and Anthony Braxton to Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Slum Village, J Dilla and Flying Lotus as well as the vibrant local scene they also name check contemporary bands such as Heernt, Trio VD, Animals as Leaders and Siriusmo. But their invigorating mix of rock riffs, angular drums, electronic loops and James powerful tone and use of circular breathing and multiphonics mark them out as a powerful new band in their own right one with their own unique voice. Roller Trio write their songs by recording improvisations and developing the bits they like, its an on the fly method which gives their music a compelling immediacy. Each member has their own input when they compose, either in the form of an idea that they bring with them, or just something that is played and works straight away in the moment and then becomes part of the tune. Its a very lively, organic process that works best when all three of them are in the same place. Sometimes tunes can be written and finalised within the space of a few hours (the Nail that stands up was written in just over two hours and performed at a gig the very same night) and it this reliance on what feels right over any more traditional compositional process that gives their music such a powerful impetus. Its an impetus that saw the band send a tape of their first concert to the F-IRE label who promptly invited them to release an album and its an impetus that gives that debut disc an energy and freshness that is set to win the bands fans from way beyond the jazz and experimental music world. Their self-titled debut album is a gripping aural rollercoaster ride, opening with Deep Heat a powerhouse riff of a tune, funky and hard edged, before giving way to the bewitching, evocative Rollertoaster and the punchy, hooky Howdy Saudi. Other highlights include stonking The Nail That Stands Up, the echoey sadness of A Dark Place To Think, the rollicking The Interrupters and thoughtful softly anthemic ROR and their use of electronics gives their music a muscular sonic edge and febrile funkiness that makes this music for the heart, head and feet!

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