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The Golden Ratio… Phi … 0,61… probably the most spiritual number in math. The mysterious seal that is impressed to the most elites by God. Our heart beat, our DNA, the special shape of the universe named dodecahedron, lots of galaxies spiral structure, perfect human faces and bodies, the lines of the plants’ leaves and many more are designed by the number of the golden ratio. It didn't take long time for scientists to find this perfect ratio which is used in the nature's design. Historical records tell us that this ratio is known for about 4000 years. In the design of the pyramids and many famous architectural work of art this ratio is used. Leonardo Da Vinci and Mimar Sinan are the most important users of this number in the history. According to this ratio, the number of the ratio which defines the shape was always 0.61.

As we all know, latitudes and longitudes are become as a universal measuring system which are used in coordinate determination and setting the time. God sends his messages with the form of human’s understandings; with their units of measurements, or else the messages won’t be understandable. As can be understood from the calculations on the latitudes and longitudes the earth’s golden ratio point is at Mecca. The coordinates east longitude +39,82 and the north latitude +21,42 (Google Earth) shows that Kaaba and the holy area is at the earth’s golden ratio point. (90 + 21,42 = 111,42 111,42 / 180 = 0,61... ), ( 180 +39,82 = 219,82 219,82/360= 0,61... The formula shows the method of calculating of the distance of the city Mecca to the poles and to the equinox line in both ways.) The Golden Ratio (number of the creation of design and esthetic) = Phi constant = 0,61... Mecca’s distance to the poles / The distance between North and South poles = 0,61... Mecca’s distance to the North Pole / Mecca’s distance to the South Pole = 0,61... Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line / The Earth’s perimeter = 0,61... Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line / Mecca’s distance (east) to the equinox line = 0,61... The inner ratios of the lines that passes through Mecca and combining the poles and the equinoxes = 0,61... In the verse that tells about Mecca and Kaaba (3:96) the number of the letters until the word Mecca (29) / The number of the verse’s total letters (47) = 0,61... If we consider the map of longitudes and latitudes as a painting of an artist, the world map will be a divine painting; the one which’s deepness will never end, a living painting. If we want to show the main Golden Raito point in a world map which is designed by the values of the longitudes and latitudes in the program of the Phimatrix (An American programmed which helps to show the golden ratios of the paintings), it will show us Mecca. The numeric values that the longitudes and the latitudes can take as the Golden Raito formula can only be performed in a single point in the world. The coordinates under the Ecuador or the west of the Greenwich are called as – (minus). Because of that the earth can only have one golden ratio point and Great God choose this as Mecca and then he has designed the verse in the Holy Quran by the Golden Ratio and he never let this area clear away.

(3:96) “The first House (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka: Full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings:”

This holy city’s name is only used only once in whole Quran. In the verse it talks about the existence of the evidences that conduces people believes in this area. One of the evidences is; the area is a Golden Ratio point. Another miracle that cannot be a coincidence shows it self in the verse. Until the word Mecca (Mecca word included) the number of the letters are 29 and 47 is the number of the letters in the whole verse. We will do it like we have done in the world map, without any force. The rate of the number of the letters until the word Mecca to the number of the whole letters in the verse is 0,61 the golden ratio. If a word more or less the ratio will be broken down. We have done the same calculation in the latitude and longitude map of the world; The distance until Mecca to the whole distance.

It is a miracle that Mecca’s / Kaaba’s place on earth is designed by the verse in the Holy Quran, Muslim’s holy book for over 14 centuries and it states that in this holy area the evidences are lurked in that will cause communities’ searching for the right way. It proves that it is written by a force that knows the golden ratio, can see the earth from the space and knows the measurements that are accepted in the future, knows math very well, God. Besides it is known that the surface is covered with the liquid energy canals that are called The Ley Lines. The lines are named like "The world's energy", "The telluric energy" or the "Global Bioenergetics". These lines are a kind of energy, partly from the surface's magnetic power, that is assumed, which travels the whole world on a linear way. This term is firstly used by an English researcher named Alfred Watkins in 1925, who "rediscovered" these lines. The Holy Rivers that is in myths, actually expresses the ley lines, "the surface chakras". One of the most powerful areas of these chakras is in Mecca, the holy lands. This discovery is made by the 3d graphic artist, director who made some works that are world-wide famous, Erdem Çetinkaya. Right now his work of documentary-movie which includes the miracle of Kaaba and the miracles named “Holy Mysteries”.