The labyrinth of My Mind Traversing through the labyrinth of my mind I come across footsteps that pretend to be mine Who

is it that baffles me so? Who is it that carries a double axe to grind? Meandering through the labyrinth of my mind I hear footfalls echo from far deep Deeper than I have ever been I need to find this beast That plays hide and seek I must take this bull by the horn Ambush him at the next turn if I can What of the thread entangled in itself What a mess! What good is it? Except to bind To confine All mired and tied up knots Just shackles of spools Leading from here to nowhere No I must free my hands Let go of this knotted thread And unstitch whatever binds me in Somewhere here in the labyrinth of my mind My soul lies threadbare Naked as I was born But first things first I must kill the beast first And then find my way back Sans thread All by myself! 22 May 2012 Shyam

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