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The Bulls Eye

FALLING STAR Does STAR testing really help high school students in the long-run? Find out more about the complications STAR brings. Please see page 5. ITS NOT A SECRET Have you ever wanted to suprise someone with a random act of kindness? Read more about the nice acts a secrety society does. Please see page 8. I AM YOUR FATHER Do you know the creator of the video game characters such as Mario and Donkey Kong? Read about their father, Dr. Miyamoto. Please see page 9.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



China Faces $7.24 Billion Loss from Recent Trade Deficit

Increasing the value of the yuan, Chinas currency, will cause items manufactured in China to be sold in the United States for lower prices and will lessen competition. Ruby Hwang Staff Writer For the first time in six years, China is facing a trade deficit that will greatly affect the economy in areas such as the stock market and housing prices. The country is facing a loss of $7.24 billion due to this recent deficit. The amount of foreign trade has been slightly decreasing since March 2010. In addition to the lack of trade, a domestic surplus of tradable goods in China has caused a decrease in merchandise affecting trade with foreign countries. The Chinese customs department stated in The Wall Street Journal that another main cause of this deficit was caused by trade with other Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea. Brian Jackson, a strategist at the Royal Bank of Canada, commented that over the last year, the balance between Chinas exports and imports rose up to extreme levels then slowly began to decrease. As stated by Reuters, analysts from China have stated that the issue is temporary and attributable to seasonal causes. They also stated that it is expected to be reversed later this year with a reinstated and increased trade with countries including the United States. This surplus of goods may also force China to increase its currency, the yuan, which has been kept low to increase foreign trade, as reported in TIME Magazine. Hong Kong-based analysts Song Yu and Helen Qiao believe that weak exports were likely caused by the Lunar New Year as Chinese exporters suspended production for a short time before the holiday. Nonetheless, they added that, due to pressure from other countries, a rise in the value of the yuan should to be expected, according to Business Week. Increasing the value of the yuan will cause items manufactured in China to be sold in the U.S. for lower prices. An increase in the value of the yuan will also decrease the amount of items made in China, lessening competition. The relationship between the U.S. and China is predicted to strengthen despite the fact that products created in China have been found to be tainted; reports from analysts show that bad press has not deterred U.S. consumers from purchasing Chinas products in the past. At the Boao Forum for Asia, a forum for Asian leaders in business, government, and academics, Robert Hormats, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs stated that the future of Chinas trade should not be determined solely by the statistics of one month and said that the long-term trends are the most important things to consider.

SHOW: Tickets cost $12 for students and $14 for adults. Preparations for the play began in late January with the auditions. Practice for the play started the first week of February. Andrew John Asst. Sport Editor

Drama Department Presents Spring Musical West Side Story

Available online at

FLY BIRDIE FLY The varsity badminton team finished the regular season off as undefeated league champions. Find out more about their final match. Please see page 12.

Diamond Bar High Schools Performing Arts Department h o s t e d t h i s y e a r s s p r i n g musical, West Side Story, in the DBHS theater with its first show on Friday, April 23 at 7 p.m. I loved the live band. The acting was great, and just how the whole [musical] was choreographed was good, commented opening night attendee junior Jeremy Calimbas. The production continued with two more performances on Saturday, April 24, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. There will also be performances tomorrow and Saturday at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door. I think its a very daunting play, [but] its nice to do a dramatic piece for a musical. I like the script. The script is very sparse, [sparser] than I was aware. I like its simplicity. But with its [simplicity], it is difficult to make the characters threedimensional. The kids have achieved that, explained drama director Peter Bland. Excluding the orchestra, which is composed of selected m e m b e r s o f t h e s c h o o l s band and orchestra program, approximately 50 students make up the purple and gold casts altogether. For the purple cast, the lead roles of Maria, Tony,

Taking the stage... Seniors Simone Moss, Tiffany Lanning, and Stephanie Phillips, and freshman Cindy Xia (from left to right) perform I Feel Pretty at the first showing of the musical. Courtesy of Diana Romero Anita, Bernardo, and Ruff are played by junior Kaitlyn McCown, junior Sam Wang, senior Erica Liu, senior Irving Chong, and sophomore Clay Boonthanakit, respectively. For the gold cast, these roles are played by senior Tiffany Lanning, senior Ashcon Hekmat, sophomore Alyssa Navarro, junior Nieman Gatus, and senior Dylan Parra, respectively. Im real proud of the cast [and] the crew. The orchestra has worked extremely hard. Weve got some very talented people, commented Bland. The play follows the storyline of the classic musical. The Jets and the Sharks are two rival gangs in New York City, but Tony of the Jets and Maria of the Sharks fall in love with each other. The actual storyline came from Arthur Laurents book, which, in turn, is loosely based on William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet. For the actual musical, Leonard Bernstein composed the music while Stephen Sondheim created the lyrics for the songs. [The play] is a relevant and modern take on the struggles of discrimination and forbidden love. West Side Story presents the two opposing themes of love and discrimination under an [Please see STAGE on page 2]

Diamond Bar Celebrates WVUSD to Host 5K RunWalk Citys Birthday

FUND: Attendees can register for the race by completing an application on the WVUSD website. Registration fees and all other profits will go toward funding the school district. Sharon Lin Editorial Editor The Walnut Valley Unified School District will be holding its first Happy 40th Birthday 5K RunWalk and 1K FunRun at Diamond Bar High School to celebrate the districts 40th birthday while raising funds. The event will take place on Sunday, May 2, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The event will begin with live performances featuring high school and middle school bands throughout the district. A v a r i e ty o f p r o g r a m s , businesses, and clubs such as Soles, a student organization dedicated to providing shoes for children, will also be featured in booths. The 5K run will take place in the Walt Holmes Memorial Stadium. After the 5K is finished, a 1K FunRun with participants from elementary schools will be held. The event is designed to showcase the different programs that we have, stated Gabriel Aguilar, an instructional dean at

and 1K FunWalk
DBHS who took part in planning the event. A medal ceremony will take place after both races have finished. A free breakfast will be provided for the attendees in the gym. Breakfast will be sold for $5 to adults and for $2 to children. A video will be played to showcase the districts achievements. There will also be a birthday cake ceremony presented by the WVUSD alumni. This is an opportunity to highlight the district. We need the support of the community, said Aguilar. The event is expected to generate around $25,000 in funds that will help the school district ease budget cuts. Aguilar; Janet Green, the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Director; Jean Chung, the assistant principal of South Pointe Middle School; Jean Hicks, a special education coordinator; and Ronnie Hee, a language arts teacher at Suzanne Middle School, have been planning the event after a parent in the community suggested the idea at a conference regarding the [Please see RAISE on page 3]

The ride of your life... Attendees line up to ride on the Giant Fun Slide and Merry-Go-Round. Courtesy of Jocelyn Hsu FUN: A wide selection of food was sold at the event which included chili fries, corn dogs, kettle corn, and funnel cakes. Wristbands for unlimited rides were sold for $10. Jennifer Wang Contributing Staff Writer The City of Diamond Bar celebrated its 21st annual City Birthday Party at Pantera Park on Saturday, April 17, from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. The celebration included a variety of entertainments, foods, carnival rides, games, and giveaways. It also featured a car show, a business showcase, a craft fair, and free birthday cake for everyone. Approximately 9,000 people attended the event. The purpose [of this event] is to bring the community together. Its a great event and has come to be a tradition. Its a great day to bring your whole family to the park and enjoy rides, games, food and see all the wonderful things Diamond Bar has to offer, commented Diamond Bar Community Services Coordinator Andee Tarazon. The city had been planning this event for the past few months. All the game booths and rides were held by organizations and clubs [Please see GAMES on page 2]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Annual Arbor Day Held at Pantera Elementary School
GREEN: The event consisted of short presentations. Students from each grade level performed skits and shows for the attendees. Performances included a Lion King performance. Justin Kong Feature Theme Editor The City of Diamond Bar hosted its 9th annual Arbor Day celebration at Pantera Elementary School on Friday, April 23, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. A tree planting ceremony and special presentations took place at the school to recognize the City of Diamond Bar as a Tree City USA community. Pantera Elementary School students, parents, city officials, and community members helped plant London Plane trees on campus. Girl Scouts from Pantera Elementary began the Arbor Day Celebration with the presentation of colors and the flag salute. Mayor Pro Tem of Diamond Bar Steve Tye and the principal of Pantera Elementary School, Todd Riffell, made opening statements concerning the necessity of trees and the importance of taking care of the earth. Scott Gardner of the Los Angeles County Fire Department also discussed how to take care of tree seedlings. Holding this event for elementary-age students seems very fitting. The children successfully become our environment ambassadors and spread the message about caring for our trees, stated Diamond Bars Public Information Coordinator Cecilia Arellano. A representative of the States Forestry Division presented the City of Diamond Bar with a Tree City USA award. As a tree city, we are committed to preserving our urban forest and its benefits for our residents and



On Target
FINISH WITH FIVES Are you taking an Advanced Placement class? Do you really need to pick up the slack? Well now is the time to do it! AP testing is just around the corner. You want to do well on these tests so colleges will recognize you! All of the hard work you have put in over the course of the year will finally pay off. So get studying before it is too late! AP Testing is from Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 14. YOURE THE BOMB, MOM Mothers Day is coming up! Its time to think back on all the times she has been there for you through thick and thin. This year, take some time to really appreciate all that your mother has done and do not forget to do something extra special for her. Surprise your mom with breakfast-in-bed or simply give her a card that says I love you. Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 9. ACE THE CAHSEE Listen up juniors and seniors, the California High School Exit Exam is on its way! If you have not passed this test yet, you want to do well this time, so be prepared. Once you pass this test you will never have to take it again! Brush up on your reading, writing, and mathematics skills and get ready to exit high school! CAHSEE exams for juniors and seniors are from Tuesday, May 11 through Wednesday, May 12. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN It has been a long troubling month, and your lunch might be becoming a hassle. Eating the same thing for lunch has become boring and you just want a little change. No problem, Renaissance Give Away will give you relief, even if its just for a day! Dont forget to bring your identification card and get some free, tasty treats. Renaissance Give Away is on Tuesday, May 25. THE MEMORY BOOK It is hard to remember everything that has happened this year, but with the help of the yearbook, all memories are stored in one place. With these books, you can reminisce about your high school days with ease. Most yearbooks were purchased during registration, but if you have not bought one yet, do not fret! You still have a chance to purchase them! Mark your calendars and dont forget to pick one up! Yearbook distribution for seniors is on Wednesday, May 26 and for underclassmen on Thursday, May 27. THE START OF SOMETHING NEW Get ready for a brand new year! It is time for a fresh start where you can meet new people and learn different things. But before we get too excited, we must know our registration dates. Make sure you get your registration date by attending the annual summer registration lottery for your class! Be there or be square. Class of 2011, class of 2012, and class of 2013 registration lotteries will be on Tuesday, May 4, Wednesday, May 5, and Thursday, May 6, respectively.

Listen up kids... A Pantera Elementary School teacher gathers students together after the event. Justin Kong for future generations, stated Anthony Jordan, Diamond Bars Parks and Maintenance superintendent. The National Arbor Day foundation recognizes cities across America that have met the Tree City USA programs standards. The City of Diamond Bar was designated as a Tree City USA community because it met the requirements for per-capita spending, tree ordinances, and citizen advisory committee meetings. Our designation as a Tree City USA is something the City is very proud to hold because it means we are doing our share to contribute to a healthier community and cleaner environment, said Arellano. The event also consisted of many short presentations. Students from each grade level at Pantera Elementary performed skits and shows for the attendees. Performances included a Lion King performance and a Rainforest Conservation Project presentation. Student Chloe Reyes also sang Heal the World for the audience. [The performances were] very nice. Every grade level gets to perform something that is tied to Arbor Day, said Jack Tanaka, a member of Diamond Bars City Council. Fifth grader Brandon Shim, winner of the 2010 National Arbor Day Foundation Poster Contest for Pantera Elementary School, was recognized at the event. Shim was awarded a gift certificate for his submission of the winning poster. Each student that attended received small bags of ecofriendly items. They were also given a pine seedling to take home that was provided by the Forestry Division. The event was open to anyone, including residents o u t s i d e o f D i a m o n d B a r. Admission was free and visitors needed to check in at the school office because the ceremony was held during school hours. Arbor Day is a very important holiday. I think it is awesome that we have a holiday to celebrate trees and the many benefits that they provide, commented

Friendly Reminders
Please do not stop or park your cars on Evergreen Springs Drive from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days. Police are handing out tickets to those who do not abide by the traffic laws. To pick up or drop off your student, drive futher down Evergreen Springs. The Sheriffs Department has indicated that it is issuing tickets to jaywalkers on Brea Canyon Road.

Continued from page 1 STAGE: For the musical, Leonard Bernstein composed the music while Stephen Sondheim created the lyrics for the songs. entertaining light, noted Gatus. Preparations for the play began in late January with the auditions. Practice for the play started the first week of February. Its a really hard play to put on, but Im sure we can handle it. Now, we just need to make it professional [and] perfect, said senior assistant director Paula Zepeda. Several teachers coordinated the production of the musical. Bland was the general director. Dance teacher Janna Lindenberg supervised the dance routines. Choir director Patty Breitag was in charge of vocals, and band director Steve Acciani managed the orchestra. We wanted to respect the authors. We tried not to change anything because [West Side Story is] something that people are familiar with. Theyre expecting something, commented Bland.

Continued from page 1 GAMES: Many community service groups such as Diamond Bar High Schools and Chaparral Middle Schools Leo Club and DBHS Key Club volunteered at various booths throughout the day. in Diamond Bar. [The event] was definitely successful [because] we had more people, support, and ideas, explained Richard Caldera, Chairman of DB4Youth. Many community service groups such as Diamond Bar High Schools and Chaparral Middle Schools Leo Club and DBHS Key Club volunteered at various booths throughout the day. The volunteers were here to help but also [to] have a good time. It is good to know that we are benefiting the community by helping out, commented junior Key Club President, Julie Wu. During the day, the entertainment stage was occupied by performances such as Da Hula Studio, Dellos Dancer Performing Arts Studio, Diamond Bar Herald Trumpets, Diamond Bar Pop Warners, Red Dragon Karate, Showbiz Performing Arts, and Sunshine Generation. Individual youth singers from Diamond Bar included Taylor Ramirez, Mariah Wilson, and Jamie Beeman. The stage was also used for the Birthday Cake Ceremony and the recognition of volunteers in Diamond Bar. DBHS Leo Club President Freddie Peng and Caldera both won awards in the youth division for their involvement in the community. I think [the City Birthday Party] was a wonderful event. The weather was beautiful and there was a lot of stage entertainment plus local talents. We had an opportunity to recognize some outstanding volunteers in our community and had the largest choir show ever, said Jack Tanaka, a Diamond Bar City Council Member. American Red Cross, Edisons Mobile Energy Unit, Historical Society, Inland Valley Humane Society, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Walnut Valley Water District, and Waste Management all held their own booths with activities, information, and demonstrations. The [party] was very well attended. I am always looking for fun and fresh new ideas to implement and also just to improve on the existing event as a whole, said Tarazon.

Put the pedal to the metal... A mother and her son take a bumper car out for a spin in the Bumper Cars ride.

Justin Kong


RENOVATE: Attendees had the opportunity to walk on the newly renovated Sycamore trail. Free shuttle service was available form 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to take attendees to and from the event. Pamela Lewes Contributing Staff Writer


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sycamore Trail Opens to Public

The City of Diamond Bar invited all city residents to take a stroll in the newly renovated Sycamore Canyon Trail on Saturday, April 10, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Saturday Stroll at Sycamore was a family-friendly event hosted and planned by the City of Diamond Bar to celebrate the reopening of the Sycamore Canyon Trail. Weve had other trail celebrations before, [but] compared to other community trails, the one located in Sycamore Canyon is the ideal trail to walk because it is only a quarter-mile long and filled with plenty of sights and sounds of nature, commented Public Information Coordinator Cecilia Arellano. Once the attendees arrived at the entrance of the trail, a cutting-ribbon ceremony was conducted by Mayor Carol Herrera, to allow visitors to enter the trail. The trail consisted of a dirt path lined with Oak and Sycamore trees. Rocks were also arranged along the sides of the trail about every twenty steps. Further into the trail, the dirt path branched off into two different paths. The path on the right led to a waterfall and small creek. I love the waterfall [area] because it is a very serene place to think, said senior Ivana Nguyen. She added, Its great that the City of Diamond Bar has a place to run

Operation Smile Presents Rock for Smiles Benefit Concert

PERFORM: Tickets were sold for two weeks prior to the concert and cost $15. All proceeds will go toward Operation Smile, an international medical organization. Matthew Hapenney Contributing Staff Writer Diamond Bar, Troy, and Walnut High Schools Operation Smile clubs hosted their first Rock for Smiles benefit concert at Citrus Colleges Ross L. Handy Campus Center on Saturday, April 17, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The concert was held to raise money to help children in impoverished countries receive facial reconstructive surgeries, due to conditions such as cleft palates and facial tumors. I am certain to say that we have not only reached our [financial] goal but have surpassed it. We have been able to form new everlasting friendships as well as spread awareness for Operation Smile's cause, said James Lee, president of the Operation Smile club at WHS. A majority of the performers at the concert were YouTube artists. [The concert] was fun and the performers did great. I have never heard of a few of them, but after hearing them at the concert, it made me want to hear more of their music, commented DBHS sophomore Annie Wong. During the first half of the concert, singer Jenny Suk performed Until the End of Time by Justin Timberlake, Every Time You Lie by Demi Lovato, and Gravity by Sara Bareilles. Its great that people are running these [benefit concerts] because its not only showcasing talent, but its also raising money to help out a good cause, commented Suk. I loved how there were different acts like dancing and singing. There were a lot of people I knew. They were all my friends and its always fun performing with other people that you know, stated singer Cathy Nguyen. Other performers included University of California, Irvines Kaba Modern, selected members of the Walnut High All Male dance team, singers Paul Dateh, Jennifer Chung, and groups RuSouL and All Else Fades. I think the concert was a success, and if such an event were to happen again, I would definitely recommend everyone to not miss a great opportunity [to] go see an awesome show for a great cause, commented Pola Rhyu, vice president of the Operation Smile club at DBHS. After intermission, Instant Noodles Crew danced and Request Line, composed of singers Scott Yoshimoto, Casey Nishizu, and Emily Yoshihara, sang. Following these performances, the band named Seriously, performed four of their original songs. [Seriously] is just humbled and thankful that [Operation Smile] would have us at this

Sing your heart out... Singer and keyboardist Russell Isberto, of the band RuSouL, performs with his fellow guitarist for attendees. Diana Romero

kind of event, stated Seriouslys bassist, Nathan Park. Joseph Vincent then performed various songs that included one of his original songs, The Wave. After Vincents performance, the band Founder s Field, composed of WHS students Ivan Wong, Francis Chow, Nick Goto, Justin Li, Cooper Li, and Ethan Chow, performed three songs. The concert concluded with Nguyen singing Fallin for You by Colbie Caillat and Nguyens original song, Changed. [The concert] was a success because everyone walked away with more than a musical performance; they walked away from the concert with new friendships and memories that will be cherished for a great amount of time, commented Lee. He added, With the help of all the staff as well as the volunteers, we put on a fantastic show where everyone was able to enjoy themselves.

and relax recreationally. I love the atmosphere and its a very peaceful place to take a stroll in. The path on the left led the attendees deeper into the trail. A second creek ran below the trail. The thing I liked the most was the environment. It [is] beautiful and very clean, stated junior Chelsea Solis. The left path ended at a playground area. The attendees were able to eat and relax on the benches around the playground. The park also includes many recycling bins. People are able to see wild animals such as squirrels, frogs, and lizards. I have learned that nature is very important [and that] we should conserve it, said senior Nicole Torres. She added, [The stroll] gives us the opportunity to really appreciate the nature around us in Diamond Bar. The event was funded by the 2000 Parks Bond Act and partially funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund through the United States Department of Interior and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Approximately 300 people attended the event including Council Member Ron Everett, Assemblyman Curt Hagman, Herrera, Supervisor Don Knabe, Congressman Gary Miller, Council Member Jack Tanaka, and Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Tye. Free shuttle service was available from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. All the attendees received a free drawstring backpack made entirely of recycled materials. The City staff was very pleased with the turnout and the feedback we received from our event guests. It met our expectations and was great, commented Arellano.

Continued from page 1 RAISE: A free breakfast will be provided for the attendees. budget crisis held in November. [This event] is celebrating 40 years of a wonderful district educating wonderful students, stated Green. Profits will go toward performing arts programs, athletics, and technology in WVUSD schools. All community members, faculty, parents, and students are encouraged to attend the event. About 800 attendees are expected. Lets make people aware of why we have such a great district, stated Aguilar. He added, I want to encourage people to participate. Its a great opportunity to witness the great things in our district.

news bits
Varsity softball coach Tim Gregory of Glen Este High School in Cincinnati, Ohio proposed to his girlfriend, Christy Foster, the coach of the rival team. During the game, he proposed to her after going over the ground rules. They had been dating for more than two years. A wife drove her 91-yearold deceased husbands corpse to Liverpools John Lennon Airport and attempted to take him on the plane in sunglasses in a wheelchair to Germany. The airport staff saw the man and arrested the women for failing to notify a death. The wife claims that her husband was still alive before they left for the airport. A British couple in Dubai was arrested for kissing in public and drinking illegally. An observer complained that her child had seen their display of affection. The couple must pay a fine of 1,000 dirhams, approximately $120, and will be deported after serving their one month jail sentence. A Mexican man tried to smuggle 53 pounds of marijuana across the San Diego border. He filled two lawn mowers with marijuana and was arrested for drug trafficking. A block of apartments in Muelheim, Germany, spent 100,000 euros to track down a highly poisonous snake. Because the snakes bite could potentially kill someone, the entire block moved out. Firemen came to search out the area by removing all of the furniture in the apartments. The snake was found already dead.

Food for thought... Underclassmen pick up a snack on their way to their fourth period class for their last day of California Standarized Tests. Elizabeth Lee

Wednesday, April 28, 2010




Op-Ed: Tainted Blood

Stephanie Cota Contributing Staff Writer In 1992, Kathleen GerusDarbison watched her hemophiliac husband die from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus which he had contracted from a blood transfusion. According to The Los Angeles Times, there have been nine recorded cases in which HIV has been transmitted though blood donations from 1994 to 2007.Though there is no way to verify that the tainted donation from which her husband died came from a homosexual donor, many still believe that homosexuals are at a greater risk of contracting HIV than are heterosexuals. In order to ensure the safety of patients, precautions must be taken. Donation centers should take steps to ensure that all donors are in a healthy state to donate blood. It is not enough for potential donors to list their sexual history and the number of sexual partners they have had, nor is it enough for potential donors to simply state that they are HIV-negative. All potential donors need to be tested for HIV in order for blood donation centers to be certain that all donated blood is safe for transfusion. Although these regulations may be a hassle and slow down the donation process, while also lessening the number of donors, the regulations will ultimately ensure the safety of every patient and decrease the number of cases in which HIV is transmitted through blood. In 2006, a ban was enacted to prohibit homosexual men from donating blood. This ban was a step in the right direction because it helped eliminate a majority of HIV tainted blood. Although this

Natures Ultimate Cure: Video Games

Christine Song Staff Writer When reality proves to be too harsh, people try to escape into their own fantasy worlds. Some people turn to books, some to the arts, and some to video games. People often worry that video games result in unhealthy obsessions, but they fail to understand the healthy benefits of video games. Many bills in Congress have been proposed that restrict the amount of time gamers spend playing video games in response to events resulting from video game obsession, such as the recent case where a baby starved to death because her parents were too occupied with raising a virtual baby. Although it is true that people get obsessed with video games, this obsession is highly beneficial. Video games help people improve their social skills, health, and survival in life. Therefore, the proposed bills restricting gaming hours should not be passed. Some say that video games result in socially inept people because they do not have the benefit of human interaction. However, the constant repetition of video games helps develop patience in gamers, a virtue that will prove very useful in the real world. Moreover, the video games content and storylines give gamers the opportunity to talk to their peers about interesting topics such as the lazy from sitting on the couch or chair all day playing games and never getting any exercise. On the contrary, video games help exercise ones fingers and greatly improve hand-eye coordination. With the pending bills, people will never be able to maintain their extremely fast finger reflexes and will forever have remarkably uncoordinated hand-eye coordination. This lack of finger exercise will result in fat, useless fingers. Last, but not least, video games teach people to succeed in life. People think that video games are detrimental to academic and everyday life, thus reducing the chance of the gamer doing well as an adult. However, video games help people learn to survive in life. Schools do not teach their students how to survive a zombie

Blazing Trails of Satire

number of zealots they had killed the previous night. Thus, if the bills are passed, gamers will have low patience levels and will not have anything to talk about. Another ridiculous myth about video gaming is that it apparently makes people unhealthy and

apocalypse. Gamers, on the other hand, know exactly what to do when the green mummies end up taking over the world. The example of the child who recently died of starvation because her parents paid more attention to their virtual baby comes to mind. This is an example of Darwins survival of the fittest theory. If the childs parents were neglecting her, she should have tried to cook for herself. She must have been lacking in intelligence and was unable to obtain food for this reason. Thus, an entire bloodline of mentally-lacking individuals has been obliterated thanks to video games. Video games are beneficial to the world. The bills that are trying to curtail gaming hours will make people socially awkward, ruin the chances of a generation of quick fingers, and will allow weak people who are unable to fend for themselves to survive in this harsh world. In the end, video games do exactly the opposite of what people think they do. The society of intelligently and physically superior gamers must be preserved; the bills must not be passed.

All potential donors need to be tested for HIV in order for blood donation centers to be certain that all donated blood is safe.

does not seem fair to the rights of homosexuals, the ban was created only to fully protect the recipients. A homosexual may want to donate blood but this could result in jeopardizing the life of another person. Two years after the ban was created, the ban lifted despite the fact that it was successful in further protecting its recipients. However, it did nothing to prevent HIV-positive heterosexuals from donating blood. The ban was too focused on prohibiting homosexuals but there are still heterosexuals who can risk contaminating the blood s u p p l y . Anyone who has a history of multiple sex partners, drugs, or other diseases should not be allowed to donate their blood. Regulations should apply to both homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. Though homosexuals are more likely to carry HIV-positive blood, it must be acknowledged that not all homosexuals are HIV-positive. In addition, not all heterosexual donors are HIV-negative. What it comes down to is that any regulations that are made in the blood donation process are not meant to hinder the rights of homosexuals. It is not a fight against homosexuals, but rather a fight to ensure that contaminated blood is not given out to patients. The only reason homosexuals have a greater focus is because they have a greater chance of contracting HIV and passing it on through blood donations. A number of people have already died as a result of the use of tainted blood in transfusions. More restrictions and precautions should be taken in the blood donation process so that more patients do not become victims.

Pro: Offshore Drilling Plan

CY Tan Contributing Staff Writer President Barack Obama recently announced a groundbreaking decision to open up oil drilling exploration off the United States southern Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and certain areas of Alaska. Although the expansion of oil drilling may not seem environmentally friendly at first, it shows Obamas willingness to compromise in order to gain support for passing a much needed climate bill, something that would secure a cleaner America. His decision to open up drilling to new areas would help America ease out of its evident reliance on foreign energy through controlled domestic energy production. The proposals limitations will also ensure a development in cleaner alternative energies that can offer a stronger clean energy economy and ultimately a strong stability within the global economy. With both short-term solutions and long-term effects, this plan will definitely steer the nation in the right direction. The proposed plan is estimated to offer around 15 years worth of oil and 30 years worth of natural gas at the current rate of use. Although America may not be able to access the oil for up to five years because of startup costs, the plan opens doors by sending a clear signal that Obama is willing to make sacrifices in order to strengthen the economy for the prospect of a climate bill. Obamas approval on the issue has been denounced by both sides of the political spectrum, but his decision has been well-received by his main audience: undecided senators that could make climate legislation possible. Even after losing environmentalist support, Obama affirms that he had studied the With the amount of available oil decreasing daily, Obamas compromise denotes how integral it is to take advantage of our nations natural resources in order to develop alternative long-term energy sources. As a result, the small investment in offshore drilling is a longterm investment toward the possibility of a renewable energy sector that would create hundreds of thousands of domestic jobs and ultimately help revitalize our economy. E s s e n ti a l l y, with nations such as Germany and China leading the alternate e n e r g y e c o n o m y, Obamas plan is another means to move forward with a clean energy legislation that would make America competitive in clean and independent energy. The plan recognizes that with around 30 years of estimated oil reserves left, a clean energy economy is essential in leading the global economy. The plan solves Americas growing energy needs by harnessing the nations traditional energies in order to ramp up the development of renewable homegrown energy. This expansion of offshore oil drilling flawlessly balances our nations need for short-term and long-term energy in a way that will strengthen the nations economy, provide lasting jobs, and ultimately preserve a cleaner America for tomorrow.

Con: Offshore Drilling Plan

Christine Song Staff Writer President Barack Obama has recently decided to expand offshore drilling in hopes of strengthening the economy. However this plan has many flaws and is in direct contradiction to what Obama promised during his campaign, where he assured liberals and environmentalists that offshore drilling would not help the economy because it would have no long-term benefits and few short-term benefits. Offshore drilling will not, as Obama himself had previously stated, help our economy; it will only harm our environment, and so Obama should reverse his decision. Offshore drilling has been proven to be a hazardous and time-consuming project with no real benefits, and it has often times polluted the environment through leaks. Obama has even stated that it would take 10 years to accumulate any amount of oil that would benefit Americas economy. Although the Obama administration has intentions to promote oil drilling without harming the environment, the idea is not plausible; previous oil leaks and blowouts that pollute the oceans were unexpected and unable to be contained. I d e a l l y, t h e O b a m a administration wants to find oil to reduce gas prices without harming the environment; however, realistically, this plan will fail. Studies show that oil drilling will, at most, result in gas prices being lowered by a meager three cents in 2030. This price reduction is in no way worth all of the environmental hazards that come with oil drilling. Meanwhile, it will cost more than half a million dollars a day to rent a deep water drilling rig; these prices are estimated to rise as high as $700,000 a day due to the poor economy. and trains that would reduce the publics dependence on cars. These projects are doing much to make our economy e n v i r o n m e n t a l l y - f r i e n d l y. However, the offshore drilling plan would reverse all of these efforts. A single blowout can have a costly and irreversible effect on the surrounding ecosystems. This offshore expansion plan is supposedly a decision made to lower gas prices but it will only benefit the already strong oil companies and domestic drilling advocates. The government will estrange liberals with this decision. Obama will not anger the oil companies and domestic drilling advocates by not advocating the plan because they have other means of support whereas the coastal governments will lose much from this offshore drilling plan. Despite the fact that the government is planning on taking cautionary measures, offshore oil drilling will inevitably harm the environment. Thus, this project will have no beneficiary outcome and will only serve to anger liberal politicians and the American public. The negative outcomes far outweigh the minimal benefits of Obamas decision to expand offshore drilling. This plan will only aggravate the current economic and environmental situation. Therefore, it should be abandoned immediately.

The small investment in offshore drilling is a long-term investment toward the possibility of a renewable energy sector that would create many jobs and ultimately help revitalize our economy.
issue for more than a year and believes that his plan would be the best course of action for transitioning from an economy that runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil to one that relies more on homegrown fuels and clean energy. Obama has even taken precautionary measures by barring drilling from areas that environmentalists still consider environmentally sensitive and only opening areas that already receive wide support. The early attention to detail in Obamas plan shows a readiness to deal with our nations imminent energy crisis by putting Americans first.

The negative outcomes far outweigh the benefits of Obamas decision to expand offshore drilling, which will only aggravate the current economic and environmental situation.
Obamas presidential campaign had originally opted for a green economy which earned him many votes especially from blue states, but his current plan completely contradicts the original stance that had won him so many votes. This shows that many people will not agree with Obamas decisions. The Obama administration had been making good progress with the promise of a greener economy up until now. His projects included making environmentally safe cars more financially accessible to the public and building up a transport system of subways


Since 1998, students grades two through eleven have been devoting numerous school days to the taking of the California Standardized Testing and Reporting Program as a means of measuring a students knowledge of Californias stateadopted academic content standards and to therefore determine a schools success in teaching students according to state standards. Once released, scores for each student of a school are compiled to form a report card of standardized testing scores as a direct reflection of the school. The emphasis administration places on standardized testing is obvious; weeks prior to the actual days of testing are filled with announcements encouraging students to participate and to put their utmost effort into taking the test to represent the school well. However, what the administration does not realize is that representing the school wellfor the purpose of garnering more students to increase fundingis not as effective an incentive for students to make STAR testing a significant experience as it would be if the results of the test were to directly affect the student. STAR testing, in terms of educational longevity, truly does not benefit a student in any way. Surely if the test were an accurate depiction of a students knowledge of Californias required academic content, it should profit students to score high in order to advance their chances at higher education.

Eye of the Editors

I didnt think [STAR testing] was too important. I didnt think it was a big deal because teachers didnt explain how much it impacts the school. Angela Baek, Senior I take [STAR testing] semi-seriously because it doesnt affect me directly but it reflects your school and colleges look at how competitive your school is. Aaron Matthews, Sophomore I take [STAR testing] sort of seriously because I know its important for the school but I still dont do anything to prepare for the test. Nathan Mehta, Sophomore I dont take [STAR testing] too seriously because its not for grades or college. Its just to see where Im at but I already know. Eddie Sandoval, Junior


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nevertheless, the scores and results of the test are rendered useless in terms of benefiting a students education toward college and beyond. Colleges neither accept nor utilize standardized testing as a means of supplementing a prospective students application. With such knowledge, students lack the motivation to make standardized testing a valuable experience and consequently will not score as high as they would if the test were in direct relation to a students educational future. Furthermore, with the onset of increased budget cuts for public schools in California, schools must maximize the amount of time spent in the classroom as the school year is continually shortened. However, by requiring students to devote a lofty portion of the school year to the taking of the STAR test, weeks of learning is lost for a test which does little for the student. While the test does give an accurate depiction of where each student lies in comparison to other California students, the paradox of having students devote weeks of valuable learning to determine whether a student is meeting the California standards is evident. The time spent taking the STAR test could be more efficiently used to learn the required material being tested. Despite the tests diagnostic role in determining whether a school meets standards, the California State Board of Education should, nevertheless, find a more efficient means of measuring a schools success.

I was only concerned about STAR testing when it entailed a scholarship program based on your test scores. When the state discontinued it, I didnt stress about it at all. Surbhi Trivedi, Senior I take [STAR testing] seriously because my parents pressure me to do well but personally, it is just like any other test. Jazmin Lopez, Freshman

A Healthy Change
Marcel Boubion Staff Writer

Flushing Down Brown

Katie Lee Asst. Editorial Editor The nation of Britain has been left in economic turmoil due to Prime Minister Gordon Browns poor leadership. However, Britain has the chance to redeem itself from Browns faults as long as a responsible and reliable new leader is elected in the May elections. The potential candidates are Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg. It is essential for the nation to realize that Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, is the ideal candidate and a far better choice than both Brown and Clegg. Although Cameron is a conservative, the nation must realize that he is still willing to change with the times and is the one who can bring Britain out of its failing economy. Browns poor leadership and fiscal spending has brought Britain to a suffering financial state due to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and to the highest unemployment rate in years. With the governments budget deficit on the rise, the nation has gotten into its worst recession since World War II. Cameron,

based on better prices to attract consumers. There will be several things to keep the industry in President Barack Obamas check as well. For example, bill on health care reform was insurers will not be able to raise passed last month. The bill premiums without consulting is seemingly costly and has their regulators. Moreover, been foolishly debated to be too c o n s u m e r s c a n r a t e t h e i r expensive for budgets to handle. respective companies according But, the bill comes with steps that to satisfaction. These ratings can be taken to reduce costs and will be shown to customers that lower big budgets, which are are shopping for their insurance detrimental to our economy. With so that insurers must appeal to enough support, this bill will save every individual, which will create money, while keeping American the competitive environment. citizens insured. Both the Obama administration One of the bills strongest and Congress have included assets is the competitive nature every necessary measure to it will create for the health care keep this bill beneficial to the industry. Companies are focused current health care system and on attracting the healthiest avoid drastic changes to the bill customers to increase profits, while it is active. rather than focusing on creating The new bill will help people better coverage plans for a realize how much they are lower price. Because the reform really paying for insurance. The bans discrimination against sick bill counters Cadillac plans, patients and those with preexisting plans that allow insurers to sell conditions, it creates competition around 70 percent of a premium

through employers completely tax-free. This is a poor way to handle employer-paid insurance because it generates ignorance regarding how much people are actually paying for insurance. Because consumers only see what they pay for out of their own pocket, they do not realize how much they are paying out of their own paychecks. They are essentially pushing taxes under the rug, creating a hole in our economy. However, in 2018, every dollar that exceeds a $27,500 mark for insurance will be charged with a 40 percent tax. Legislators have offered this solution to encourage consumers to search for more competitive pricing. This is a fair way to keep prices down while avoiding inequitable taxing. Even with cost controls applied to nearly every aspect of health care, Medicare is still a large factor of the health care system. Before the bill, doctors

made money according to how many prescriptions they sold. Paying doctors this way has greatly raised costs, which are paid for by our government. Now there is a way to efficiently regulate how funds are allocated toward paychecks. Medicare bundling, a new factor included in the health care plan, makes it so doctors will only be paid according to their services for each patient over a period of time, not for how many prescriptions they sell. Instead of abusing the pay rate system, bundling will regulate how much money is spent on doctors paychecks, making health care more efficient. Health care reform is a huge step toward a better economy and a healthier environment where a competitive health care industry can thrive. With the new bill, the health care industry can begin to reform and bring the United States closer to an improved economy.

Out of the Box Looks like the Popell have to go to another pope to repent. Bethany Sun
Oh, all those Polish leaders on one plane, including the president... how convenient. Monika Kozan

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however, has pledged to start curtailing the deficit by increasing payroll taxes. Camerons plans are the perfect tool to undo Browns mistakes. In March 2003, Cameron voted against a motion that states there is no case for war against Iraq despite the

controversy surrounding the war. Camerons stance presents him as a candidate with great knowledge of military strategy and nuclear war-preventing tacticseverything that a nation needs in a prime minister.

Neither Brown nor Clegg the unsuitable Liberal Democrat candidatehave the ability to lead Britain to a brighter future. Moreover, Clegg is presented as a candidate highly detached from the people of Britain. A poll that was recently conducted suggests that two-thirds of the public do not know Clegg. Brown, on the other hand, is too infamously known for his bad leadership, but Cameron has a good reputation. Cameron is the perfect candidate to bring Britain out of its debts and worries. Many say that Cameron has overly-idealistic and foolish plans in his ambitions to be a peoples man and to salvage the economy. However, Cameron takes a realistic approach as he has discussed that quick and efficient cuts are still needed to reduce record state borrowing. It is not surprising that Brown, who has not proven himself

a respectable leader in any way with his poor handling of the economy and wars, wants to delay the idea of cuts in government spending. If the rest of Britain wishes to find peace in good leadership, they must support Cameron. Cameron has already proven himself as an impeccable leader through his great transformation of Britains right Conservative P a r t y. Until Camerons leadership, the Conservative Party had a lasting bad name and even lost three straight general elections; but now, there is a real opportunity for the Conservative Party to make a positive impact on Britain. His political background presents good judgment, persevering character, and discretion. These are all qualities of a flawless leader. Though the opposition states that Cameron is an overprivileged and inexperienced candidate, they do not realize that his upbringing only further validates him as a qualified candidate. To completely move on from the failing economy, it is necessary for Britain to look toward Cameron, a fresh and qualified candidate.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Art of Giving
Lea Chang Contributing Staff Writer Many people, high school students especially, are not quite as nice as they should be. However, it was not until a friend of mine sent me a link regarding the Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy that I noticed this. Basically, the Secret Societys mission is to encourage kindness. Kindness to friends, kindness to family, kindness to strangers, you name it. They have done things like offer umbrellas to strangers in the middle of a downpour or randomly hand out dollar bills. I could not do anything quite like that, but over our week of spring break, I decided to take a page out of the Societys handbook and be kind. Ashley Chen Photo Editor



Iris Li News Editor Iris Li will ofcially end her term as the News Editor of the 2009-2010 Bulls Eye staff on May 8, 2010. Her successor(s) will be announced during the night of the banquet. Just kidding, this is not going to be another news article! Four years at Diamond Bar High School has been a truly, amazing experience. I have denitely grown up in my second home, room 250 and I have to thank everyone on the staff, especially Liz and Eric (thanks for being such hard workers) for making my experience worthwhile. I havent forgotten about my parents. Thank you for supporting me and guiding me in the right direction. To my brother, Darius, thank you for being a good role model and always looking out for me. To all the underclassmen, remember that its not where you start, but its where you nish that matters. Instead of rambling on about what I have learned or wish I have learned, I would rather gear my senior column toward the future of the paper. So here is my letter to the future writers of the news section. Dear future Newsies, First and foremost, I hope you guys know that you are writing for the best section of the entire newspaper. (The rest is just advertising.) It is a privilege to be in Journalism, but it is an even greater privilege to write hard news. As a Newsie, you should always remember that deadlines are everything. In fact, deadline nights are made for you, (and sports, ily chipmunk!) so dont dread it so much! Cherish them because you will make countless memories with the people you love who then in turn become your second family. (shout outs to SEN10RS Adeel, Dez, Ash, Jane, DeVore, AccianiWe did it! Hoostin, Drew, and Russians, I will miss you guys!) Newsies are hard workers. So dont be tempted to play Taboo when you still have empty pages to ll. Trust me, the consequences arent very pretty. However, that doesnt make us boring people. We just work rst and play later. Newsies are exible. Dont stress out when your interview doesnt go the way you planned or the layout doesnt seem to work, because there will always be a plan B. The best advice is to simply be calm when you are working under pressure. Newsies are condent and assertive. Be assertive, not aggressive. Be confident, not pompous. With all this in mind, dont forget to have fun and to foster a comfortable atmosphere within the staff so that everyone has a voice in decision-making. Challenge yourself and never let anyone or anything undermine your confidence. Always do what is best for the paper and remember to keep the tradition alive! A news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has color and lifewhat people are interested in. Thats journalism. Burton Rascoe Love, love, love, Iris Li

Mission 1 Location: Ajisen Ramen

I decided to start off my random acts of kindness with a small gesture. Toward the beginning of spring break, my parents and I went to Ajisen Ramen for lunch. We entered the restaurant with a couple close behind us. Remembering my goal for spring break, I held the door open for them. But instead of the simple thank you I had been expecting, the happy couple pushed past me, not acknowledging my act of kindness, and laughing loudly. I was slightly shocked. My missions were not exactly off to a good start.

Mission 2 Location: Ralphs

My mom had brought me along to the grocery store for that nights dinner. For some reason, lines leading to the cashiers were ridiculously long, and everybody in front of us had cartfuls of items. We had a fair amount of things as well, but the old woman behind us only had two. After a quick discussion between us, my mother and I agreed to let her go in front of us. She looked tired, but after we offered to let her in front, she smiled so wide I could not help but smile back. It might sound clich, but it felt good that I had made someone so happy so easily.

Mission 3 Location: Huntington Beach

I arrived at the beach on Thursday around noon with a few of my friends. I had already informed them about my mission for kindness and they agreed to help me out. We wandered aimlessly for an hour or so until we came across a group of little kids who were doing what little kids on beaches do bestbuild sand castles. In addition to their intense sand castle-building, they were also collecting ladybugs. Infantile? Perhaps. But we volunteered to help anyway, running across the shore, collecting the bugs as we went. I cannot count how many strange looks we received that day, but the expressions on the kids faces as we handed over the ladybugs were priceless.

Mission 4 Location: Home

After all this kindness to strangers, I decided to bring my generosity home. However, it did not work out quite as I expected. Lea: Hey mom, Ill help you make dinner today. Mom: Why? Lea: Just to be nice? Mom: What do you want? But despite her suspicions, I helped her make dinner, no strings attached, and she seemed to appreciate it.


Ashley Ahn Asst. Feature Editor If there is one thing that unites kids all over the world, it is the shared hatred for going to school. Seven hours a day, ve days a week, and nine months every year. Starting from when you were just learning to walk in preschool until you are deemed a legal adult in high school, and even then, there is only more school to attend. But what if you were paid to do well in school? Would all that change? Yes, almost instantly. Doing all your homework, acing all your tests, and being well behaved are the fundamentals of succeeding in school. Sounds easy enough, but when you actually live through it, it is your worst nightmare. Late nights studying for tests, hours of slaving over homework, and the tremendous a m o u n ts o f self-control it takes from lashing out at the annoying kid in class for being obnoxious. Now bring cold hard cash into the equation and the light at the end of the tunnel gets seemingly brighter. When Harvard economist Roland Fryer Jr. experimented with the act of giving money to students who did well in school, test scores seemed to rocket compared to the students who were not being paid. Now that,my friends, is an e ff e c t i v e w a y to get students to pay attention in class. Not a single kid would give up the chance to make money just for doing well in school. You would have to be crazy to give up this opportunity. Kids, adolescents, and young adults are all searching for ways to make money. Date night does not pay for itself! A sure re way to get students pumped for school would be to flash some cash. Sure, students should be selfmotivated to do well in school, but showing a little green never hurt anybody. In paying the kids, Fryer might just have a method to all his madness. Although many disagree with him, others would call him pure genius. If there is a way to help students in school, why not do it?

Andrew John Asst. Sports Editor

No Brain, No Gain

For most people, just hearing the word mathematics sends chills down their spines. For freshman David Yang, however, math is like music to his ears. Yang has found his niche in mathematics, and he simply continues to amaze the community with his incredible mathematical ability. First off, Yang impresses everyone with just his age. Though only 13 years old, he is a freshman. As if that is not remarkable enough, he is already taking two Advanced Placement courses, Math Analysis/ Calculus H o n o rs a n d AP Computer Science. Yang has most recently competed f o r t h e Mathematics Association of America. This year, he qualied for the United States of America Mathematics Olympiad for the third consecutive time. To qualify for this test, Yang took two prior tests. The rst was the American Mathematics Competition. In California, 5215 students took the AMC, and their average score was 66.4. Yang scored a 132.5, a score significantly higher than this years qualifying mark of 88.5. After that test, he took the American Invitational Mathematics Exam. The national average score this year on the AIME was 4.12. Yang got 14.

The USAMO test is taken over two days; each days test is 4.5 hours long and composed of three questions. Yang took the first part of the USAMO test yesterday, and he took the second part today. Of the students who take the USAMO, the highest scoring 12 are called USAMO winners. Yang was a winner last year. In addition to the MAA tests, Yang also competes in various other competitions. This past February, he was rst in the individual round of the California Institute of Technology/ Harvey Mudd Mathematics Compeition. Last year, Yang placed sixth in the American R e g i o n s Mathematics league. He also competed in the Asian Pacific Math Olympiad, but he did not place in the APMO. Ive never seen anyone as fast and as good at math as him. Its really amazing to work with him, commented fellow math peer junior Brandon Sim. Yang has always liked math, and his passion for the subject is evident in his mathematical skill. Although he appears quite reserved about his accomplishments, Yang is surely proud about everything he has achieved. Yang plans to compete in many more math competitions in the years to come, and it is certain that his mathematical savvy will bring him much success in his future.

Oh man. I have waited four long years to get to this column and suddenly I have nothing, and at the same time everything, to say. We l l , h i g h s c h o o l w a s denitely not the best four years of my life. Im not saying that these past years have been dreadful, but rather, that I hope that my life never has to revolve around AP classes, martones de examenes, and borderline grades ever again. I have also learned that life can be a real beach sometimes. I am referring to the moments when nothing goes your way and you are left with the brutally cold, but honest realization that all there is to do is to pick yourself up and nd your own way out of the problem. Each dilemma that arises seems to age you and make you older to a point where you realize that you are becoming an adult and nally leaving the safe realm that surrounds you as a teenager. But, enough with this deep and depressing ramble. There are still the many ups and downs that make high school one hell of a ride. Boy, am I glad to say that I played just as hard as I worked all these years. In fact, I dont think that I would ever forgive myself if I allowed my high school days to be lled with constant obsessing over As and 5s. Of course, any and all of my academic slumps are due to my love-hate relationship with a little something called Procrastination. One too many nights (this one included) have been spent furiously typing away at the computer because of an extra hour or four spent on the Internet, television, or a magazine. But I cant blame everything on procrastination, because through my laziness I have discovered my love for shopping online, making clothes, stalking on Facebook, Googling Anton Yelchin, indulging in my inner geek while watching Supernatural, Glee, and the total awesomeness that is Family Guy! After having written this column, I feel like the past four years have flown by. I have watched myself and those around me change, and Im excited to see where life takes me in the next few years. It may sound foolish for me to say this now, but I want to grow up. I cant wait to experience life on my own, to meet new people, to be successful, to travel the world, to meet the one, and to live a life that I am satised with. This isnt the end to what I have to say, but it is the end of this column, so I guess its time for SHOUTOUTZZ: to the fam bam with love. younahevelynmaymichelleheidi and all the rest of you guys cause all we love to do is eat and play allll day baby! :) janana, aka Lucifer Park (and Lucifer Kang, I guess) and our undying love for miyazaki and corn. assley #2, st pump to your grave! dezz gangsta fo life. the chuckecheese gambling addicts club. Sports-I hate you. Business (AndrewJohn&Gayric!)-I hate you equally. And everyone else in my big ol Journalism family-I love you! And last but not least my one billion cats.


atomic comics
Kevin Kang Asst. A&E Editor After producing sensational hits such as Batman and Superman, DC Comics has become one of the most widely known and recognized companies in the comic book industry. DC Comics commemorated its 75th anniversary as a forerunner in the industry earlier this year. DC Comics has teamed up with stores like Bloomingdales, and companies, such as Medicom Toy, to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Bloomingdales

Arts & Entertainment


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On The Right Track

Sharon Lin Editorial Editor Greys Anatomy, Laguna Beach, and How I Met Your Mother: these are some of the television shows where you might have heard music by The 88. After a successful album released three years ago, the Los Angeles-based band will be making a comeback in the music industry. Their music is ultimately a reflection of their ability to translate their thoughts into music. Unlike many popular artists and bands today, they do not just focus on the worn out topics of love and heartbreak they also sing about things such as their pets. With Keith Slettedahl on vocals and guitar, Adam Merrin on piano, Anthony Zimmitti on drums, and Todd OKeefe on bass, the band will surely make a lasting mark with their new music. Just last June, The 88 recorded a full song, Love Is the Thing, on an iPhone. Using an application called FourTrack to record 14 tracks and Alesis ProTrack to record the vocals, The 88 is the first band to record a full song on an iPhone. The band likes to explore the uncharted waters of the music industry. They always strive to put out something new and interesting. From their music videos to the album art, everything is a reflection of their quirky personalities. The bands songs have been used for a number of productions and commercials,

Nicholson began the comic book revolution when he debuted with his New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 in February 1935. Unlike most comic book writers at the time, WheelerNicholson produced original work. Many fans and critics alike were drawn towards WheelerNicholsons revolutionary ideas and thus began the Golden Age of Comic Books. WheelerNicholson went on to create such icons as Batman, which created much hype and buzz. Before long, Wheeler-Nicholson joined Detective Comics Inc.; however

including a commercial in the United Kingdom. In addition to the publicity on television, The 88 was invited to tour with Matt Costa, a singer/songwriter who has made a mark on the music industry with his unique folk style. For a band with such obvious talents, it is surprising that they have stayed off the radar so much in fact that fans can attend concerts for free. Earlier this month, the band played a free show at California State University, Fullerton. Today, they will be playing a free concert at the University of Southern California at 10 p.m. The 88 have so much raw energy on stage and are always so full of life that every member in the audience will quickly become a fan.

Make some sound... While everyones favorite heroes gather round. Courtesy of stores partnered with the comic book company and will celebrate 75 years of comic book heroes and heroines with the debut of DC-inspired clothing and accessories. The collections, which will be available this holiday season, will include contributions from brands like Converse, Junk Food, Psycho Bunny, Jack Space, and Because We Were Bored. Likewise, DC Comics has also partnered with renowned Japanese toymaker, Medicom Toy to release a set of figurines called Super Deluxe KUBRICK. Characters who will make their Medicom debut include Batman, in his many appearances, The Joker, Robin, Superman, and many other icons. The toys are to be released this year on December 15, 2010. Major Malcolm Wheelerdue to his financial problems, Wheeler-Nicholson was forced out and never returned. His absence, however, did not have a negative impact on the success of the company; in the fourth issue of Detective Comics Inc., editor Vin Sullivan produced the next big hero, Superman. Soon after Supermans debut, the comic became a successful hit and merged with the National Allied Publication. In 2009, Warner Bros. purchased the rights to DC Comics and created DC Entertainment Inc. DC Comics has revolutionized the comic book world with its legendary superheroes and super-villains. Fortunately for us readers, even after 75 years of work, DC Comics continues to produce high-quality work.

The Losers

The settings in the movie were diverse, but nothing more. Scenes failed to show The Losers is an action key landmarks which made it thriller that is based on the obvious that most of the film comics of Andy Diggle. However, was shot inside of a Hollywood the only thing this movie got right studio set. was its name. The actors In the film, however, did a Clay (Jeffrey Dean brilliant job in Morgan), Rogue portraying their (Idris Elba), Jensen characters. The (Chris Evans), most notable Pooch (Columbus was Jensen, Short), and Cougar Chris Evans (Oscar Jaenada) c h a r a c te r. are members of Evans is once a U.S. Special again the Forces Unit who womanizer of are given a search the film. He is and destroy also put in for mission in Bolivia. comic relief, As they are about which he does to commence an a d m i r a b l y. air strike, they Another actor realize that they that stood have been framed Out on a mission... These losers are out to kill. out was Zoe and used by a Courtesy of Saldana, who man named Max. played Aisha, He attempts to kill them, but and clich storyline will not take the leading lady of the film. fails. The unit is then recorded much to understand. Overall, the film had a staras deceased and traitors of A good action movie needs studded cast and took full the United States. Their only to have good special effects. advantage of it. objective now is revenge. This film lacks in its plot, The Losers had nothing of the The movie is filled with loud sort. Groundbreaking special setting, and special effects. noise and explosions; there is effects were not needed, but Nothing can save this film from also a lot of blood and guns. It when they did use effects in the being lackluster and stale and is another clich action film that many unnecessary explosions, it the film will definitely live up to lacks substance in its plot. It looked fake and awkward. its name at the box office. Austin Kong Contributing Staff Writer is amazing how they managed to make a movie from such a shallow storyline. Throughout the movie, the team blows up cars and breaks into buildings without ever catching the publics attention. The crude humor


become one of the most beloved game creators of all time. Living life in rural Japan, Amusement, wonder, and a Miyamoto had nothing but little pinch of magicall things his imagination to keep him needed to create a successful occupied. His childhood and video game. Games like Donkey adolescence was spent exploring Kong, Super Mario Bros., and the countryside that surrounded him. This proved helpful when Miyamoto landed a job with Nintendo, as their first staff artist. Three years later, Miyamoto created his first video Mario and Luigi... Are just a few ideas running game, Donkey through Miyamotos mind. Courtesy of Kong. After Donkey Kong The Legend of Zelda are all came Super Mario Bros., with timeless classics that will forever The Legend of Zelda trailing hold a place in the hearts of game close behind. Along with these lovers for these reasons. Shigeru internationally renown games, Miyamoto, the mastermind Miyamoto created multiple behind all the madness, had an others including spin-offs of his unlikely beginning, but grew up to originals. Ashley Ahn Asst. Feature Editor

Game Brain

iPads scrolling capabilities, and applications open with little delay. As for the user interface, the iPad First, Apple revolutionized is identical to the iPhone. The the music industry with the iPod. iPad is sleek, and it has pages The company then changed of application icons. mobile communication with Still, the iPad is mortal in the the iPhone. Now, it appears realm of personal computers. that Apple will transform the First, the iPad is heavy; it weighs personal computer market with 1.5 pounds. That may not seem the iPad, which was released like much, but one truly starts on April 3. Though the iPad to feel the weight after holding looks promising, people want the iPad for only a few minutes. Next, like the to know if it is iPhone, the really that big iPad cannot of deal. multitask. First of all, Only one app everyone must may run at a admit: the iPad time. Another is impressive. letdown is There should that there is be good no Universal reason behind Serial Bus the tablet drive or Secure computer s Digital card high price of reader to allow $499. The display quality Joining the iPod family...The iPad the transfer of files directly o f t h e i P a d shows off its goods. Courtesy of into or out of definitely does the iPad. not disappoint. One must weigh the One can compare the iPads screen display to the dazzling innovations with the drawbacks display capabilities of an iPhone; of the iPad in order to determine the only real difference is that how extraordinary the iPad the iPads screen is much really is. In short, the iPad is bigger. The iPads software remarkable, but it still possesses impressed reviewers as well. a number of shortcomings that There is virtually no lag in the should be fixed. Andrew John Asst. Sports Editor


Biting Into

As more game systems are released, Miyamotos imagination and ability to create magical worlds grows along with them. With the expanding possibilities provided by each game system, the room to test the limits of video games only further challenges Miyamotos ability to improve his creations. Miyamoto has already indicated that 2010 is the year for hardcore Nintendo gamers. With the Legend of Zelda for the Wii and Mario Galaxy 2two actionpacked games on their way to consumers sometime this year Miyamoto is sure to impress a wide range of game-lovers with his brilliant creations. When it comes to games, Miyamoto is a true mastermind. With his ideas, this one man single-handedly changed the world of video games, and still continues to do so today. With so many brilliant creations under his belt, the world can only wait and see what magical game he has in store next.

Jane Park A&E Editor Im finally done! After four years of ups and downs, my high school career at DBHS is finally coming to an end. During my stay, I have learned that you have the ability to control how you will spend these four years. What you get out of something depends on how much effort you put into it. I wasnt the smartest student and I wasnt the biggest slacker either, but I did get into a pretty good school (Go Tritons!). As hard as it may seem to believe, I do not remember the stress or anxiety I felt preparing for every math test or completing each English project. Instead, I remember the fun times I have had in those classes with my friends, classmates, and teachers. Much of high school is affected by the people you choose to surround yourself with, and I believe that I have found true life-long friends that will continue to play big roles in my life for years to come. Judy! Hi. Thirteen years and counting. I will never be able to get rid of you. You have always been by my side and I am infinitely grateful that we have stayed as close as we have over the years. I will always remember our lazy Saturdays and threeday marathons of swimming in your backyard. There are many more memories to be made, but none of them involve Pitbull (you crazy girl). Nikki! Best friend and neighbor. Disneyland and the beach. Flying kites and hiking. Making weird expressions and watching scary movies. What more can I say? Jaimie! Im not sure how we became friends in freshman year, but we did (was it P.E.?). Our rollie-pollie expeditions were, in a word, epic. You have been a fun friend that I have always known I could depend on. I hope your sty gets better. I will never stop reminding you about how insanely tall you are. Sneha! Our lukewarm first impressions have blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Can I get you some watay? Have fun in New York! Jackie Wongso! You probably think that you are a dictionary and the world revolves around you. And its like...Hello? Thats a globe. Ashley2! We love corn and Miyazaki. Ill miss our really random movie nights (Legion? The Crazies? Clash of the Titans?). Stop trying to hide the Toaster Strudel and Oreos because you guys look crazy. Love, Mama Jane. Desiree! Ill never forget when you fell in that Thai restaurant in Temple City. Eighth grade friends for life! Andrew John! I like your fro, Bro. Lets go to Souplantation because we all know you deserve it. Eric! You look like someone who would go play golf with my dad. I dont know how I feel about that. Justin! Sorry, I still owe you tea. I will keep my promise! Last, but not least, Kevin Kang! You, pale child, have been a great assistant and I have no doubt in my mind that you will be an awesome editor next year. Its been awkward seeing you grow over the past two years (ahem, your hair at the beginning of this year). Good luck with finding fonts for headlines and thinking of captions by yourself. Be nice to your minion next year and STOP CALLING ME LUCIFER.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010





Sophomore Sean Kao, was ranked sixth out of 90 swimmers in the 100-meter breaststroke event. The boys and girls varsity In each race that I swim team participated in the participate in, I get pumped. It Walnut Invitational at Mount San is all about the race and nothing Antonio College on Saturday, else, commented Katoh. April 17. At this meet, In the girls 400-meter swimmers improved freestyle relay, Munoz, their times, and some freshman Connie Tsai, and swimmers even sophomores Olivia Sun and qualified for spots in the Crystal Wang placed second California International with a time of 4:13:95. In the Federation. The same event for the boys, Kao, Brahmas competed Katoh, Ma, and Yuan came in against 20 different fourth at 3:23:37. schools. In the meet I thought our team did ,varsity boys placed 8th well overall, considering the and varsity girls placed number of schools that we 17th. competed against. We swam The competition against the best, and [the was fierce. [The team] team] worked hard all year just went against many tough schools. [The Fly to the finish... Sophomore Sean Kao takes his final breaths in his 100-meter to set new personal records Courtesy of Mateo Yateem at this event, said senior Walnut Invitational] butterfly event. captain Matt Han. shows us what we are The varsity swim team capable of doing, commented Brianna Hom, and freshman boys in this event at 50:58 Bianey Munoz also placed fifth seconds. In this meet, Katoh compete in their last league coach Eric Schubel. was ranked tenth out of the 97 meet today, April 28, an away From the beginning of in the 200-meter free relay. Yuan was one of the swimmers who competed in meet against Chino Hills High the meet, the Brahmas went against tough competition. In successful swimmers in their the 100-meter freestyle event. School at 3:15. Megan Quiamas Staff Writer

DBHS Places High in Invitational DB Slugs Ayala

the 200-meter medley relay, senior Alex Tang, junior Ryan Ma, and sophomores Chris Katoh and Bennett Yuan placed third, receiving a time of 1:47:34. Senior Rana Abuershaid, junior Katrina Zhai, sophomore individual races as he placed third in the 200-meter individual medley with a time of 2:01:86. In the 100-meter freestyle event, Zhai placed first out of the girls with a time of 58:30 seconds. Katoh also placed first for the Rachel Halpert Asst. Sports Editor The Diamond Bar varsity baseball team defeated the Ayala Bulldogs 10-3 in its away game on Friday, April 23. The win brought the teams league record to 6-3. Coming off of an earlier 14-2 victory against the Bulldogs on Wednesday, April 21, Diamond Bars offense scored a total of 24 runs for the week against Ayala. Were going deeper in the season, and adjustments are slowly being made, commented coach Eric Shibley. Diamond Bar hoped to come back after two tough games the week before against Glendora High School, who is in first place in the Sierra League. Starting pitcher junior Kenny Mathews is now 6-1 for the season and has an astounding 1 . 1 2 earned run average. After six innings, he had struck out six Bulldogs, only allowing two hits and one run. I was keeping the batters off-balanced and my fastballs and sliders were good today, said Mathews. As for his offense, Mathews hit a two-run homerun to take an early lead in the first inning. The Brahmas put four more insurance runs on the scoreboard in the second inning beginning with two singles by sophomores Taylor Cavazos and Henry Omana. They advanced to second and third base on a pass ball and scored on senior Chester Paks double up the middle. Pak was later driven in on senior Jeff Crowes single. Crowe scored the sixth run on Mathews line drive double to deep center field. After a fly out to right fielder junior Josh Viloria in the bottom of the second inning, Mathews picked off a runner at first



Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Athlete of the Month: Gavin Duarte

Ashley Ahn Asst. Feature Editor Maintaining good relationships with friends, achieving good grades, and being a member of the Diamond Bar High School golf team may seem like a lot to handle, but senior Gavin Duarte seems to have no problem juggling them all. Having played golf since the age of two, Duarte has stayed committed to the sport throughout the years. Because golf is in the same season as baseball, he had to sacrifice playing on the high school baseball team so that he could continue to be on the schools golf team. The only way you can improve is to practice; there is no way around it. You cant better your score unless you do, commented Duarte. With a personal best score of 34 in an 18- hole course, Duarte seems to know what he is talking about. Although practice takes much time and patience, Duarte finds ways to balance this activity along with multiple others. For Duarte, golf has been more than just a sport where he swings a club and wears collared shirts. The game has helped me control my anger after losing a match. It has taught me that you can still be competitive without losing your temper, stated Duarte. Patience is a virtue; Duarte, having learned the value of patience through golf, now feels able to take on any obstacles that stand in his way. Alongside golf, Duarte manages to stay on top of all his classes by focusing on the task at hand and completing what he needs to get done. In school, Duarte maintains an impressive 4.0 GPA and takes on multiple AP classes, his favorite being his AP Chemistry class. Having such a successful academic career has given Duarte a boost in the right direction, though he is undecided as to where he would like to attend college next year. Although golf and school are a very big part of his life, they are not all that define who he is. There are many other things that Duarte enjoys doing when he is not on the greens or keeping up with school. He enjoys hanging out with his friends at the park, playing a multitude of sports such as tennis, football, and baseball, while also constantly eating his favorite foods. Being such a busy person on and off the golf greens, Duarte makes sure that he has room for everything that is important in his life. He divides his time up wisely so that he can keep up with the things he loves most. Duarte may be a man of few words, but his actions speak louder than words. When it comes to school, friends, and swinging a golf club, Duarte is just the ordinary student athlete with extraordinary abilities.

Were going deeper in the season, and adjustments are slowly being made.

who reached base on a walk. Catcher Cavazos showed great concentration as he battled the wind to make a difficult catch at the fence behind home plate for the third out. Crowe hit a two-run homerun to make the score 8-0 in the third inning. However, in the bottom of the inning, Ayala scored their only run against Mathews on a solo homerun. Pak responded with a solo homerun of his own in the fourth. Their 10th run was scored by Mathews on junior Jonathan Munozs off-the-wall double. Junior Tanner Johnson came in to close the game in the seventh inning. He finished the game giving up two runs, one earned and one unearned, but managed to get himself out of the jam. P a k , Crowe, and Mathews all hit homeruns in the game. After the three runs batted in, Crowe has 18 RBIs for the season. After missing the first three league games due to a knee injury, Pak still sustains a .453 batting average and a .774 slugging percentage. Mathews, who also had three RBIs in the game, has a total of 15 RBIs for the season. The Brahmas were just as strong in the field as they were at the plate. Omana had a solid defensive game, making several good plays at third base. Munoz also had a few good picks at first base to save some bad throws. We came out offensively, defensively, and pitching, and did what we had to do, said Shibley. Diamond Bar has two crucial games today and Friday, April 30, against Chino High School as the final three weeks of league play approach. We have to take it one series at a time. Were worried about Chino next week, stated Shibley.

A Legacy of Champions
Kevin Acciani Asst. Sports Editor The other day, I realized that after spending 17 years as a part of Diamond Bar athletics, I will no longer be a part of it. This was a shock to me, as it has been a major part of my life. I have suffered through the bad times, but I have also rejoiced during the strong times this program has had. Although our current football program has recently been at the bottom of the Sierra League, we at Diamond Bar have one of the most storied football programs in all of Southern California. The Brahmas have won the state championship four times, in 1984, 1995, 1998, and 1999. A total of nine Brahma alumni have played in the National Football League. The 1984 Brahmas still hold the state record in most defensive interceptions and the largest average margin of victory. In fact, our very own Richard Gonzales, who went on to play football at Oregon State University and baseball at Cal State Fullerton, was the star of that team. One of the many stars of the 1998 and 1999 football teams was running back Jason Wright. Wright played football at Northwestern University, and he is now a backup running back for the NFLs Arizona Cardinals. Wright has averaged 3.7 yards per carry over his six year NFL career. DBHS even had the best high school football player in the nation. Dominic Robinson, who played football, basketball, and baseball at DBHS, was the number one recruit when he graduated in 2001. Robinson was the Most Valuable Player in the first-ever Army High School All-American game. He ended up playing wide receiver for legendary coach Bobby Bowden at Florida State University. With baseball, a Diamond Bar alumnus may potentially be inducted in the baseball Hall-of-Fame. Jim Edmonds, who attended DBHS and later played for the Angels (Anaheim and California), the St. Louis Cardinals, the San Diego Padres, the Chicago Cubs, and the Milwaukee Brewers, could very well be one of the best baseball players ever. Throughout his career, Edmonds has had a batting average of .284, hit 382 home runs, and is widely known as one of the best fielders in baseball history. Edmonds actually was All-State in baseball, football, and soccer. Also, at one point in 1992, DBHS was ranked number one in the nation in baseball before losing in the championship game to the number five team. DBHS alumnus and threesport athlete (baseball, football, and basketball) star Mike Burns also plays Major League Baseball for the Brewers. Burns has also played for the Cincinnati Reds, the Boston Red Sox, and the Houston Astros. Former DBHS basketball star Keith Van Horn was the number two draft pick in the 1997 National Basketball Association Draft. The number one pick was future Hall-of Famer Tim Duncan. Van Horn had a nine-year career in which he averaged 16 points a game and played in two NBA Finals with the New Jersey Nets. Brahma dominance does not just spread over three sports, however. Former Brahma softball player Anna Nicole Smith, not to be mistaken for the model, was an All-American player at Ohio State University. Also, Kevin Na, who was a golfer at DBHS, is currently a professional golfer in the U.S. after years of playing in Korea. Now, Na competes in nearly every PGA Tour event. DBHS athletics has been extremely successful over the years. It is still a shock to me that in a few months, I am leaving it all behind. Ryan DeVore Sports Editor

One for the Family

S o m e people have asked me why I watch golf. After the dramatic 2010 Masters Tournament, my only response is, How can I not watch it? A tournament filled with eagles and fist pumps, the Masters Tournament at the famed Augusta National Golf Course was home to a major championship for the ages. A 72-hole showdown that went down to the wire sparked the television ratings and attracted many viewers for the first time in a while. It seems fair to start with the champion, Phil Mickelson. After his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mickelson took an extended leave from the game early in the season. Returning to the game, he would need a lot of concentration and courage to win the coveted green jacket. Mickelsons play was perhaps one of the greatest showcases of golf ever displayed. It started on Saturday, known as moving day, when he made two eagles, one being a hole-out from the middle of the fairway, to shoot himself back into the tournament. He was almost the first player in Masters history to make three consecutive eagles, but he came up inches short when he barely missed an approach shot to the par-five fifteenth hole. However, the brilliant play from Mickelson would not end there. The shot of the tournament was in the final round on the thirteenth-hole where he played an improbable shot from the pine needles to about three feet from the hole. A decision that could have spelled disaster instead gave him a birdie and enough momentum to carry him into the winners circle. After a solid finish and a birdie on the final hole, Mickelson captured his third green jacket and emotionally embraced his wife with tears. Renowned commentator Jim Nantz made the winning call after Mickelson made the winning putt as Mickelson said, This ones a victory for the family. It seems only right that Mickelson would win the seasons first major after all he and his family have been through. A man that always seems to be giving back to the fans and the community is an honorable champion that deserves this little bit of happiness during these difficult times his family is undergoing. However, the spotlight was not only on Mickelson during

the tournament. Tiger Woods made his season debut after he took an extended leave from the game due to reasons that everyone knows. He surprised many by not faltering like many thought he would; instead, he shot his lowest opening round score in his career. Although he contended for a while, he just did not seem to have the magic on Sunday as he came up several strokes short with numerous wasted opportunities. Well, the good news for the fans is that Woods has returned; however, it is bad news for the players since he is now officially back to competitive golf. We can all expect him to return to his old self real soon, for it would not be surprising if his name appears atop the leader board in the next major championship. Fans and players alike hope that this new and improved Tiger can help the sport recover from his long absence. The 2010 Masters, believe it or not, was just as exciting as the Super Bowl, or even Dukes recent victory in March Madness. Filled with excitement and emotion, this tournament even interested some people who would have never dreamt of watching golf. The incredible display of golf at Augusta National has created a desperately needed spark that will change the TV ratings drastically in the weeks to come.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Badminton Wins League with Victory over Wilson

Andrew John Asst. Sports Editor Diamond Bar High Schools varsity badminton team finished in first place in league after defeating Wilson High School, 17-4, on Tuesday, April 20. The team had not lost in league. Overall, I am very proud of our team because we finished as undefeated league champions, said senior captain Ryan Sin. Similar to the match-up earlier this season between the two teams, DBHS dominated in most of the matches. Both the girls and boys swept in the singles matches. Senior Sandra Chang and sophomore Bonnie Chan each won all of their girls singles matches. Playing as the Brahmas number one girls singles player that day, Chang even bageled her first opponent. Sin and junior Kevin Lin also won all the points from the boys singles matches. However, the Brahmas were unable to sweep all of the doubles matches. Of the four fixtures for the girls doubles matches, Diamond Bar only won one. Seniors Eunice Chee and Anh Lee were unable to win in the girls doubles. Senior captain Narita Chuenklung and junior Alexa Markovich scored the only point for DBHS from those matches. I feel like I could have done much better. We just need to play smarter. We kept hitting everything to them instead of making them run. We need to place our shots in the right place, commented Chuenklung. Diamond Bars boys doubles teams, on the other hand, swept all of their doubles matches. Senior captain Mark Chiang and fellow senior Lloyd Baik did well, and juniors Luke Chiang and Alvin Ma won the other two points from the doubles matches. Although they conceded one point to Wilson in the mixed doubles matches, the Brahmas won the four remaining points from mixed doubles. Playing as number one for mixed doubles, Chuenklung and Sin started off the series well by winning both of their mixed doubles matches, even bageling their second opponents. As the number two team, Chang and M. Chiang won both of their games. L. Chiang and Markovich, however, did not share the same success as their teammates. In this meeting versus Wilson, Diamond Bar was




Clearing the birdie... Seniors Narita Chuenklung and Ryan Sin work together in their mixed doubles match. without one of its strongest playersfreshman Samantha Liwho was playing in a private tournament in Mexico. Li normally plays with Chuenklung as the number one girls doubles team, and with L. Chiang for mixed doubles. Still, the team was able to manage with Lis absence. Were a great team without her, but were an excellent team with her. She makes a huge difference whenever she plays. Now, we [had] to fill the spot, and people had to pick up the slack, explained head coach Kemp Wells. Yesterday and today, the team has been participating in league finals at Nogales High School. Diamond Bar will then compete in its first California Interscholastic Federation

Courtesy of Lea Chang

match next Monday, May 3, at home. I think we can make it to the [CIF] finals, but we may actually be the underdogs though. Were going to need to overcome pressureif we want to win CIF, stated Wells.

Track Stumbles
Austin Kong Contributing Staff Writer The Diamond Bar High School track team failed to maintain their perfect season record when they lost at a home meet against Damien and Saint Lucys on Thursday, April 23. The varsity boys lost by a score of 46-90, and the girls lost 3987. The boys league record is now 3-1, and the record for the girls is 1-3. The rain throughout the first half of the meet made the conditions hard. Damien and St. Lucys started showing off their athleticism in the first few events of the meet as they swept the Brahmas in the 4x100 relays. We lost to a team who is the best in league, but definitely beatable. We need to increase the speed of our handoffs, commented coach Marc Natividad. Even after the loss in the relays, the team managed to place in other events. Junior Melanie Rodriguez took first in the 100-meter sprint. We did really well. We got a lot of personal records, said sprints coach Miki Fukusumi. The entire team, including boys and girls, got 44 of their total 85 points from field events. Senior James Gregorian and junior Ifeoma Kpaduwa each took first in discus and shotput for boys and girls, respectively. Gregorian threw 52 feet and 8.5 inches for shotput, and 155 feet and three inches for discus. Kpaduwa threw 36 feet and six inches for shotput and 97 feet for discus. Meanwhile in pole vault, junior Frank Kalinowski took third after vaulting 12 feet. I had a really off day, but Damien is really good competition, he commented after the meet. The jump team however, could not manage to win any of their events. Still, senior Jeffery Chung and freshman Tiffany Khuu placed second in long jump for boys and girls, respectively. Khuu jumped 16 feet and 2.25 inches and Chung jumped 20 feet and one inch. Sophomore Kevin Chen placed second in the triple jump after jumping 41 feet and 5.5 inches. Nevertheless, Damien and St. Lucys still managed to pull ahead. We had a chance to win league, but we did not rise to the occasion, said jumps coach Richard Ford. The Brahmas received a lot of their points from the distance team. Sophomore James McCreary took first in the 3200-meter race with a time of 10:12. Senior David Donner also took first in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:12. In the end, Damien and St. Lucys proved to be the better team. We never gave up. We had kids getting personal records. We had kids competing their hardest. What can you do when they can recruit and we cant? commented head coach Neal Desai. The Brahmas have put this loss behind them as they prepared for their last league meet yesterday, which took place at Chino Hills. League Preliminaries will be this Saturday, May 1, at home.

Brahmas Drive over Cowboys

Winston Cho Contributing Staff Writer Despite light rain and wind, the Diamond Bar boys golf team defeated Chino 197-236. Senior captain Paul Dresser and senior Gavin Duarte led the team to a victory at Chinos El Pedro Golf Course on Thursday, April 22. Duarte shot a solid 37, only one over par. Dresser shot a 41. Senior Josh Park also shot well, with 40 strokes. I played okay today, but I didnt putt very well, said Park. The match went really well, our senior captain played well, but the course didnt have very good greens so it was difficult to putt, said coach Ty Watkins. Duarte admitted, I drove the ball well, but I missed many putts. I even missed a onefooter. After the game, the whole team was complaining about their poor putting performance. First-time varsity player, senior Ryan DeVore, also contributed in the 39 stroke victory with a score of 42. He shot pretty well for his first time on varsity, said Watkins. Almost all the players shot better than their Chino High School opponents. The team went into the match expecting to win. Our players are so good this year, we knew we were probably going to win, said Watkins. Dresser and Duarte were also very confident that their team was going to pull off another victory and they did just that, increasing their league record to 13-1. The team had a busy schedule with a match on the 15th, 20th, and 22nd of April, against Glendora, Damien, and Chino High Schools, respectively. The matches against Glendora and Damien were extremely significant for the varsity golf team. The first was against a very strong Glendora team; the team was not sure they were going to pull off a victory in the pouring rain, but they did and almost set a school record. The team played beautifully on the 15th, all the players shot an even par, which is not a school record, but close to it, stated Watkins. On the 20th the team had another win, beating the Ayala Bulldogs by close to 30 strokes at Los Serranos Golf Course. Were a really deep team this year, we had a really good season, said Duarte. The teams next match is today against Chino Hills High School at Los Serranos Golf Course at 2:30 p.m.

We had a chance to win league, but we did not rise to the occasion.

in our defense. We played together as a team, stated sophomore Julie Walters. The game progressed with Diamond Bars varsity Ayala continuing to score more softball team lost in an away runs. Although the Brahmas game against Ayala on Friday, had many hits, none were April 23. Although successful in making a the Brahmas played complete run. However, better than their when Walters came to previous game pitch in the sixth inning, against Ayala that there was an improvement past Wednesday, they in the Brahmas overall were defeated 10-2. play. Despite having a We played okay, team composed mostly of but not as good as freshmen and no seniors, we did in the past, the Brahmas fought said freshman Dani through; they played hard Wilson, the Brahmas regardless of the outcome. starting pitcher. [The team] came out and The game started competed, said coach off slowly for the Roberta Garcia. Were a Brahmas as Ayala young team. We have to scored three runs by the second inning. The Swinging away... Junior Katherine Petruszak connects with the ball on her way to a build on each game to be . Justin Kong better in the future. Brahmas managed to double. The team looks forward to make a small comeback when runs after a homerun by Jessica missed catches in the outfield. [The team] had a good playing well against Chino at junior Katherine Petruszak hit a Hall, Ayalas starting pitcher, [offense] but there were errors home today at 3:30 p.m. double. This contributed to the making the score to be 6-2. Justin Kong Feature Theme Editor two points Diamond Bar scored after a homerun in the fourth inning, making the score 3-2. However, the Bulldogs lived up to their title as league leaders and fought back with three more

Softball Suffers Second Loss to Ayala

Key player junior Stephany LaRosa made impressive hits and Wilson continued to pitch well. However, the team could not match up to Ayalas skills as the Brahmas consistently