Apsara and Divata of Angkor

Over time, tested by the years and moments altogether, the captivating and impressive celestial nymphs of Angkor captivated my heart in earnest. The entire Angkor Wat temples have excessive presentations of the Apsara known as Vidhya Dhari in Khmer culture. One has to take their time out to appreciate it in columns and door jams as well as in blind windows.

Travelling Tip
Spend time alone, with your camera and roam around, soak your senses on the beautiful celestial nymphs abounding the temples in Angkor. Only then that you can see through them on the walls, windows, doorjams and libraries in all of the Angkor Wat.

Set on the trail to redefining myself in the context of my journey through culture and tradition, I searched every columns, balusters and windows including walls for the dancing apsaras.

Travel Trivia
No two apsara or divata are the same even if they looked similar in all aspects.

Long ago, it is believed that in many temples of Angkor, great and wise men were enticed by pretty celestial dancers on the orders of the King. Sometimes, the dancings apsara enticed these men into submission, giving out details of their truest intention.

Divata as seen in many of the walls and doorjams of the temples of Angkor are goddesses who resemble daily life and through which life of beauty and grace emanates. I believed that these figures guard the temples from intruders by seducing its unsuspecting journeyers and for it, life begins.


Just like the rising Angkorean sun, these beauties captivates, seduces and love

Through what I saw and captured, the great contributions of Khmer culture to the world is preserved for all humanity to enjoy and appreciate.

An apsara dancer (Siem Reap)

Behold the beauty of Khmer Culture

As they said, apsaras and divatas are celestial goddesses of dance and they are out to seduce mankind for all men love their graceful dances.

For unto this I confess that I have been smitten by these lovely nymphs and in my heart, Cambodia will be a home. It is here that I found beauty unadulterated and carefree!

For in life, we mimic what others have made perfect! – Dr. Wends

For like the flower which blooms, The Apsaras dance while your heart sings!

May your journey to the great Angkor brings you closer to your dancing apsara as your divata watches the step you ever take...
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