antique style

bead accessories


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Simple WOllen ring;s Rings \Nil!':! floral moli's





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SiNer wire rings



8001 lariat wHh pompoms


long lariat 12
M\o~elariats iA

Long neCklsoa with' large accent beads Neck'!llGes with pendaots 21'1



Chokers in soft p!lstels Delical'El WOWllnchokers

32 34

F'bwef beag cho!<:_ef 3-6
lMulli-str1!JID choxers


Fre9hwater pearl bsad dh-okef

Br e o c h s ,
Ha ir Ornaments

Sliver and 9ok1




Corsage broocll Earmgs 'So

MoF)('JC:tJrome bfooohes
8arretl:es 8l'Ic:I combs



Srack-and'-<red pool'ietle MElI'Bb::lu I'IeCklace 56







1'e.- ea::Il proj~cIcan I:KJ, I~nd on ~

o:4or pages or at 111e

back or this book. and "Beb~You 8~in"
Before you begin .....orting. be ,'::i,Jr13 to rsad -Basic T~ues" 011 c-6000 p.58,

"The key tQ Ifl<ll<iinglattractive' ,~ories, to ~ famIlia; with 1IIle Charootoos.1iCs 0'1 the m<lny types of 'beOlcis, and combining '!I'iem ~ffecij.vEtf, Moot 01 \1'l~ ~5 u&ed t" make the ~ries in ~ book are '1Iny glilSS seed beads, and lustfOllls faoetQd glass, Or crystal beads, As accents, we alSo u~ dGisigner beads of varlees shapes, and ,~~ made from moUeriaJsc~her tben gl!lSS C pearl or matal beads, for inslarloo, Orroe yQl;I\'fl ohoser'! a color family for '1001' pr~, you can add o1ilElr tleaotJs of sIIght,ty different hues or tr'llllspaIr6R1 ooads for a !1atural effect We aloo recommeoo th a1 >,00 11'j1' W!lg vintage beads" whioo &fl reaili!y a,V;ilil,,01e. lihey hav8 a speclall aura am, eeer tW1 rouoo In contemporary beads,



M their name Mgests" seecl beads are \!lIlY small. like ~~" Iiley are also the main t'IiPe 01 bead.. USIl'dI 10 make accessories. M~I 01 them are mada 01 g!a.sG. and they come in a va(~ty of ~5; round, 9~metric, long and Ihin (bugiOl DBarls), and in eI wioo .specfrum of coors. TiMe range of sizes is aI~t as. brOOld'; so il is a "good ide!!. to 5!rirtg soroo besds on fishinl<l ~ir1e or other $t~inging tI'I11)!m'ialbefore you ~in a projeo!;tt. 'Yw wiN !han I';naw h'.:Mi' many ~s.,.oo ~ to rover ~ CQIltimeter, for lost~. Yow might. also asK someone at your local bead slJ;«;! for Bl1v1ce,

Tf1ey can be used as accenls inecres.lcejed gl'ass bsads. with a til"lilianoe simil6r tQ 'If'@ of .. range of colors arIl!.. round ~hape and SI. Of combine'd wttll t.l sizes.) Of p!lotograplij ere also faceted blIads.c!f. rectangular. a Floolld.s.geedi beads.>. Otystal beads [at to!.Ir!. . and teardrop OI"j'stal be~!1s are also availabla. n:j are often used In neckl~.hamonds. They come ill a broad.'lces with meny tacets [cuts].de J1r'ima:!i1Jt wi1tJ .! EUidOOgMOO to accessories. FilcelOO gRaM beads (at bottom Qf protograp'll) lISCialfy howe an mrerilll.Cut-glass s Crystal Beads ~aceloed glOlSS beadS and crystal bead!> add lJ'iUiaJ'o.ories me. Crystal biC0l16 beaos are pai'ticutarly OOEl\JtilUl.

Lool!:lor Shops or crall stores.are round.Designer Beads way~. are using.enCIS of 19. them ." Vht1ige booD:> .. 800 al the .h!er materials. or trlangwr. Others an> shaped pj~flower:s '01" bi~ds. or in a COI1lPlement~ry ooII.!i9ls<for in$~. Some .'rW W\i!'I seed beads orfsceted g1ilSS!que beads. <lfl) and ul. and are!l'ltl:iliillie inOOlons andI ~ 'that at6 SUffl !O ~oo OlU Mtlque an aCCeS50!Fy. in 1l'!a same wlor 'ram~ as the 01i1er beads you. They are a'>lai!ab!e OF"!rn<Ii'T\i 1IIXl patterrB (!naiI:JI£Id I ooad5 ate ma::le of 11106\ effecliv\) \vhen CO!TlQ. Dicier !:leads are rer(lll'Qd' to as ·&Ptigu9 b6&l3. oval. twisted.)r. Designer booG~ can btl ussd in many as foal! points In !'1ecklooes. usoo 10 o<?Scrine tleadS manufacllJr·ed 00-99 ~ ago. S€llect dM~rI@r be<id. *Vintage The Beads tsrm o"intage beads" is. GIas.eire more dUFanl9 than .

ere also well worth coosiderlrlg. \MIn thei~ lovely lustet-.ds I. Metal Beads FiOF '<l nice cont~< include a few gold Ol! Silver 00ad5 In a necl<la. The rTl!Jiority BIll gray. Frl3Shw~l~r pefll1 beads ara' lne.Ire also avaitabla.oe made Ir{lrn glass beads. so tN~ \0"01.Jy pleo. Pearl beads.GEms1.IVemone} can tie I/~ry eftectlve. add richness and depth 10 acoe:osori~.:pensil/e aM oarneli~lrI~. 'rbu rDght aiso wMt to rry making nudem ~s. semipr'eojOOS stones pe~idot&. ~rKl opals). Create a SU'i!Qo. They are rather e. . rmt!e from precious aJ'1d (suct) as ~rru..1 ~ Sl'i(.otlll ~~. but while or pastel 'fresMwaler poor! b8a.:pensiwl. a rn6C~ 01" tJroo8l@1 uSing small metal beads exdusWeij!.Juld go 'well with me other oolms in your ~.I by replaejrng 1\1eseed teeds GoidOirid gj""er beads ~ h_ called for in a particular design I'Mh metal 1iheio OWTI special lane coior enG aura. 'bul a few gemstome~ (or l.~!! i'IaIufal stcoes h!irmooilEl perfeclly Vlrith glass ~s..



using a basic technique that invo'lves fonming intersections with wire on whilch beads are strung.SIMPLE. . WOVEN R.revery attractive.!INGS Simple. cylindrical rings macefrom beads that differ subtly ln shape and! oolor a. They are easy to make.

J~t u:5I'Ig s9il'd OeadS and adding Cl'..ilfi Ime Wire'.. bacIo.. 104· rnrn or 7 3-mn 1aCeted glass beads). 'tIYoultl crySlaJ t>ooQ~ be!ween rOWll of seed ooads. inserting rows 01 cryMaf tmd Iacei. 5·8 strands seed beads.lng eigh1 seed beads on OEI'lter of ¥ ~ ~ tiiTl!!S.8cm In diameter.example.MiiII 31idlOt' laoeted glass be<!ds as accents.. BIiACELJEiI' '1'00 can use Ihis same ft!cktique to make a bracelet. Me:! pass wire IhrD~h SieI'>Ef~1 mOl'e lOWS to secure.s€t1 wire into mSI rWi of crysbll beadE. Keep adding rows ot . as shown in drawing a. but vary siyhtly in tone and lrBn~r8ncy... ~we W!. yOu'll get beautiful rlllsul!S.w:j~~.d w!'6 Si8'!o'Ii'l}! n J~tir.TI1~ anCi ooe £·mm cP'/sta1 bead WoO one Sffict lbead. (lllnmrlliCllons I String 5 CtyS1<II beads on oonl!llf of Y<iFS.Supplies Crystal ooads and la~ed 91~ss beads (the amount will vruy acoordiflg to rilg size.. slrghtty mae l!'ian 1 Fn1l1111re II n yOU comtlin9 beads that are In ThB rings in the pl'lologffipfll moosure about! . and pf"QlJ8lld as shown on drawing beloW. 00tIds until ring is wic16'Bl1IOug to lit \lOur finger. night. Ma e OOjLlstm€fits in SlZIl by increasing Or lIecrnasiflg Itie run~r of seed !:le. i! 1r. ~ more sood beOOs ancludil1g bug~ t. but ra.. CtJI' excess wire.dOJl ... We !I.. pass. S<ifTlB CooF farniy. AdeJa row of seed be .ed gt<l.. <lnd wil'1d around boaom 01 cryst. !iI5 shown In dralll!irlg 0010·.and form illter5eCtiC'flS I'. Str. 10 4-fTnJ crystal beads. CloSE} the Circle.ds eq~1 ill leilQth to the row of aystel 000010.

We Ihave ereeteda des~gnwnh a s'imp~9 ftllorsJ mom'" using pearl beads for the petaJs.Collored pear~beads. wirtlhtheir ooflll)Siter. add a de~~cate.fe:minine touch to these rings. and gl:as5 beads for the center of the Hower .

@1!"<!Iti'IIclions I Relaring 101M d'fawiri. seed be<!ds. Use seed beads in the same color family as the pearl tJeadis YO!. yello .n:J ~ aoo Img. then pearl beads on the center of the wile..iw.. 2 3<fTIIll iaceted 9i$$$ beads. nai'I'CMI t:oo:Is. :. blue. n dark oolQII:S (wine am navy). i~~l'6IIq~ c. as. IICXlnd3. anI. End wiIh a pea~ t:>ead at each edge. tscstsc gl<l5S beilds.the phot~raph at left is made with '9!!rnet beads . Form II1lerWCbOns with the wir..! SEoIect. 2 Form an InterSl:!Cliionwith the wire in the first faceted glass bead strung.....SUpp~ei! 6 Jj-11'I'T\ coIared pearl beads... Ths re:s(jts ring i. Oul e.. Pass wire through s~eral mme patt9'ns to SOCUr!J. closing the cil\.lMlor the centers ot the flOWErs.Qrdlnary..... *Variatiol1 You can prod'uce dramatiCSlIy diffarent using lt1is sarns design if you wry Ihe types of beads used. .a.xoess wre- Po~ .. available in lighl colnrs (pink..eeee ...Iring pearl beads.le..p<I'. ".! even ). 500m "we • Pearl beads.! gl<lss tlead~ can elso 00 UJ.. shown lin drawing balow.'"'.....II combination C'I rO.

E\ omamic..sal"nebasic ~oe is usee!to rmke botilQI ~hem.'glvM shape.. The . r . CYLINDRICAL RilNGS Here are· 'I\l10 cylindric. .l. oot the li9h~ llrtlWT:l ring mas a dol.o to rn.LIlIJ rjff~ ~... of riIlrgs" from the casual ro 'U.MIORE WOVEN IRINGS "'ffi$. while IhEl dark brOIWl ring is more compact .!¢ technique can be apj.1.:al rings made Wffi'1 ~ beads.ili.

~ yellow ~O'!Usr tJaads and pa'Je green seed [~s. ooml:Jirile$ sm<!ll is'!he perf. seed beads me SC&tt~r€d for a deoo~atWe 100.This romaJ"ltic de5i'9n.. Be sure 10 pooJtiOO tf1e peJals 00 tII. ROSE RING seed beads to maI<.l S~rfOOOO9d D\! me ~rnisl:!9d ~ is well ~. around ~id1. laatlJTaS 1)<1\1 IAJe f~eJ::I glaSS beads.. 61 .iI Rt:umi ~dsOlrl.OWIEIR BEAD R.e-l.::1"1. ~nlSttUctiOl"l 00 I).sl!NB of llIyttangea petals. FL.. .his I'tJo&9 mg.tspiTlg ~iy..IN:G ThIs fI~. !lygge.

IINGS These ning.lluxurious look" w add high-qua1lity beads. . For a. rappingl the wilre around a ring stick. a creme eoceres.s are made by stringing beads on silver wire.SIILVIER WIIR'E R. wh'il·e. such as gemstone beads.

pass wire through the beads that form the flower. and wind each end of the wire around ring several times. green 6 x 8-mm oval bead B: Ring with oval bead (le11side of photograph at right) 6 x 8-mm oval bead. 16) 6 round 4-mm beads for flower petals. we used gemstone beads (moonstones. peridots. etc) or pearl beads.). *Variation You might want to try a using gemstone beads (garnet. This is a good technique to USB 10 make a birthstone rin9 . 4-mm round bead (use a different color! for center of flower. as shown in drawings below For Ring A. so that it ends up beside the flower. and then through the oval bead. aventurines. hold the ring between your fingers next to the beads. Pass wire through beads. 4 4-mm round beads For allrillgs: 30Cm 8-mm silver wire • For the rings in the photographs. B c Pebble becd 2 To secure the wire. You will need a ring stick on which to wrap the wire. leaving a 5-mm end. 2 4-mm metal beads C: Ring with circle of beads (right side of photograph at right) 6-mm pebble bead. Cut excess. ®Instructions 1 Wrap wire around a ring stick (or a metal rod with a diameter equivalent to your ring size).·Supplies A: Flower ril"lQ(botlom left of photograph on p. etc.



ywhen you 1llOIl6. shol1laiiat with danglIngl pompoms ls worn ti~d IQose~y over the (.lhis.11981. .TIm dGoor8itlv€l!b~ads woven 11n~'Oit sway gentll.

'~1 Comt:*'ESScrimp bead ". lYlOO'Ull-sl:ted.1c&beadS. in ths S3TI8 c~or jaml)' (one lI'P8 will S8r'\1e as accents): 6.~!h plm.Wllh ~s!hing fine doubled."arm an lI'IIEI'seclion in1 the filsi bead. 21 . :1 lengl!'l5 !1:3 ~shln9 Ii"".l. aIId large 9 ass beads ~ltIe@: Two ~ 01 seed beads. ~Ofies in Ihe pholographs.. :I: SiMg a seed ooadl Or! t m 'lis. 4 4 x 1-mm rio::e ooads ~Ol5ITt'IIaceleCI glass beadS) Dec00l1.eoo beads we~ used for the.~""""". Cut excess fiShing Ill1e.hil1lQ line· .j end d head pin lnto 11 clrcl'e.. made as shown above.. and 91'9 pin to ear wire or earring back. OISshown if) drawir1l.SUppSn (fori! 4!}-cmllariarl' PMip:lm: S 5·1ml foceloo glass l. ® IrIstru(.. AdcD pomvom. (451.g. Attach pompom. and connnue passing 1ishilgl line· II1rnughbeads ~n~1 porrij)i)l11 sha_pe Is Uly fonned and fD::oct Out IlXOesSfiSliing line. as shown ~~ drawing below.-a I. ami SIring remainlrng beads on one strand lishlng lin8'. then a Climp bemll. IlIId Ihlm aJ1Qlher lace eel grass bead. bend . stMg decorative glass 'beads.end! no a circle.ti0lt9 1 M~ pompom ~f5t. 2 almp beaJs .l.Jeads for other end o! lBriai: i each 5IT'Iall. Beo. . preE8rably bugle beads.50m rrom 'Bllc.JeaO~.o.rn. feO!iilngcilm bBacis (or Iar'g9 seed 1mId5). but gray 01 pJrpi8 also WOiIk well. InSert en 6ytt FJi~ mo a iaoeled glaSs bead. 1 rm. Attach hooD pin to eye pio. EAR A I!tGS Insert a head pin imlD a s-mm facetoo 91399 bead. P.oos 45cm 1i$t1inglina Ihrough faceted glass l ooacIs and r.

tONG LARIAT One of the nice'~hingsaoout lariats ls thalt they can b€ worn :$0 many different ways. Th~s pa r1iclilar larlat~ withe bl ret at one end and af~ower atths other.tiitllte the Il:ll rd andfiower with designer beads of your OholoB. You can sl:ibs. if you Ilike. is made wl~h purple beads. 1 .

fOllowing iOSlJUction~ In dr<rNi"9 0010"".s.3:>:.5In). :2 head pillS.Id'$ !Cf nool<J:aoe..5m. 1. 3" IGmn Heed P" e'"-' bo<od H yot!J prel'er a Smpler design. Jl3 Mhlng lir.l't-e Iariai $I1CM'Ilin Itle ~h was ~.n 01netnmtiooe I MaI\<l a pompom will1 3{)cm fishing lime end i 2 4-mrn fooet:erl glass boodS: (S€ll p.!'Ille 1hl'Q!1g1l crirfliP bead arid join to bird bead. pass ftSl'lil'!..lh 'beads to orfmpbead. addirlg pompom midway.r.t:m.MIl. oval tJe.'"". 14. <I cdor 'wi i$1I81'\1poptj<lf now.shaped nke ~s and Itowers woold worik: .. Compress crimp bead wtth pters. ~ S!rtlg seed beads ~nd <. . At 0Ihe1 end of lariat.1I 1<l"_~d"'~ """"h"' . l'l8<lcts 00 1 . 4-mm f~ed giOllO$"""~d~. 21 lor irnlruo::tioosj. ardcllll e~ress fislilng 1Ii1E). of PU'iPie. Then malie the bird and flower' (joojj'allons for the eMS of IDa lariat.em I'anal) (101 nower peIaIsj.'S~~II" (fu~ a 95. eye pin.S 01 b~ beads. ~$hiJjg' liM. lO-f]I1l glass beads. too. FGf a unified look. S 6 xlHrny.rri hom end <1M idiowing in!\tn.. ~!. :2 Iengtlr1. / .. String te.6 x lO-mrn lice bead.e {3t..trd beael (01' soostitule a large rouncllbeOO f7 designj)!" beadj. . l)eginning 13l.p1emamary coIws!l1!ou!Jhwt.. 'Pass fishing a ioo back thrCll. uslng haat::I pins and all Sj/9 PlI. . t. CNa4 ~ and dooig(let beads . f *VuiatiOll.i. UIOtl large beeds at ends of 'lariat m\ea::I ol !he bird ~ 1iowI.eII. 25 .Jelil)n$·in QrawilXl6. 2 crimp beads . 'Iwo 1j<prt. seed beads. use beads ' in cClIl1.

For a streamlined look. Crystal beads. are' used as accents in this simp e. .elegant lariat. choose beads in gradations of one color. .

Inslructiolls Oni p.or t.·s dazzing la!"iat SincE! the beads usedl ate ~arger than ooed beadoS.BEAD' LAlRIAT Brilliant crystalr beads: are the maln fooy!> .. {he\NOrk gOO$ vei)r' qrulcWy.. 62 .SHIORT CRYSTAIL .

and then work to ~h8left and rigillt in rnsror image. Begin with the oente.This necklace can be worn coubled or tripled. . or at itsfu'llleI1Q'th.r.

Ind ooge beadll. _suPPlies (for Ir1Mructioos 1 Sttlrg beadS onto sing1e s1rand at ~Shir.II 95~cm III. Adjust the lengm 01 the 1 neck~oo by n:::reasing or decreasing seed boods at each end. B small beads. *Y'ariation Yoo can vary this ~Ji $impfy by substit.. Compress crimp bead .. yOU ccMd use metal e1t1nIcbeads and bIu!I glass beads. seed t. ~ crimp beads. 2 Pass each end 01fishing line through" bead tiP..eckJaeel 7~ beadS.. o~gle W<>ds.Mh plier!. . or siva seed beads and FQI.g line. SIDrling at c€r1ter and workir1Qi 0 left ~ righi in mirror image.eads. For fns!<loo9. then 8 crimp bead. clasp set -For !lest resLms. out excess Ilshfng line.utlng other t)'pes and CQibrS of beads. S'Qil~. close bead tip. ~t the large aceeot I:JeadB first and then the smaller ones. <II. and attach dasp. 2 bead tips.2 jump mgs. slightly IllOffi lheol m #3 fishing 100. 8 medium-sized beeds.

INE. Pompoms are always a Qioodidea. IlWtrudioos on p.attracfivs pendants.CKLACE.shaped pendants. These necklaces. will look better when you wear ~hem if you keep them short. 63 . or you can make square or bsart.S WIITH PENDAINT'S If's easy to weave these simp~e.

F0r a IcWllook. WITH HEAJRT-SHAPED PENDANT The srnal ~-5haped. made in t\tro ~3 around a large bead. NECKLACE WlliH POMPOM 'PENDANT lihe PEf1Idanl is a pompom.made Imm crym"l r:ews. . faosied glass reads. 'penct. and round beads.lnt is .NIE:CKLACiE. mttke malding earJj-1gs.


enl'laooe what ymu are' -"wearing'... but also lighi up you r . .ers .. .

working to t~e left andi rig ht. . Make the oentlti~ flower motiif first. and then t~e rest of the choker.Chokers made with pastel or transparent beads are perfect for springl and summer.

il!l!l. be!"ld wire and iOO!K 00ck lI1rOugh'iOOIIerai patterns. attach ring9J'lcl olasp to circle.illDl'lI 11mt. andl 1emCf! yellow beads were used to make the shown in ihe pho1ograpl\. form a cifcle witn two strercs of wire. 3 16f'91hs wire (1.3I'1 beads.l!tgth) 15 o-fTlm IacetEld glass beacI's.. swd ooads..1!ook.""'~~ ~pg"M3lJ1~ O11I!1'1ce. ~~ pn. Wind wire tigJ'llt)1 s8verilltimes around nonom of 1'11!1 center 00C1icfi Is mads Iils~ to ~ 'Or adM. Adj~1 length of choker by increasing or decroosing the pM nJJnber 01 001!cls at each side.. make cent:Jr secti~ by P~$Sirlg 1.cllilda mgs.. and 10mak.. 2 70-cm lengths).sr.Repeat on ngrrt SIde.. lump .measuring 33·3Scm lin Ie-.. a bbster claspand olllllwr11P ring.l!lIfl!l snoner lengths of Me. For fhe$e chcfws. we used 0. 4 4·nm colored pe. 2 At left edge..lments in l(..~ i!iI9~'Dl~ wr::x~ . Cut Il)(CeSS WIre..Iflglfl at """h amI.e 1I1e W!lfI< oosier by f...{ \'\\I.5m. COOker da:>ps are ellen so6:! in ~ lnal in. jmlp ring. OIasp cieses around last dlClll 01 beads at other OOCIof cJ'iQI(er. IOb$ler Of 'SU.S5. -- jJmp :l~~~... Use brawn or gray b&!ldS lOr e I'I'Q'IIslllJdllJe. Pass 70Cm wire througn faooted g~ss beads to make left side of cOOk.~~'eil (for iii cMker ~claSP ol. Il:lnslnJ(.. circle.k _l"'"..-. \>Voll.Jgl1ltlJe.5111 w'~a rhroug'~ faceted gas:> toods. Wl'1en cente!" section is oOO1pleied.ifll. Oul excess.

These delicate woven chokers g:o particUlarly well with youthful tashlons. They feature flower motifs and ribbon CIHOKER WllH FILOWE. 65 . Wire is used to help retsin its shape.R MOTIFS Tnis romantic cooker fool\. lfI~ilid~lromlaaeted grass and crystal beads. Il'I$tructLons on p.btl! is simply a repei!iool1 011 jh~ basic technique. H Iodks Domp~cated 10 ma]q:j·.!~ fiO'-"fer:o.

oI<: of the necll.IIS Chokers made With riboolil are tied .n the ba. which is then attached to' organdy rlbben w1tilflslJiing line" ." a gauzy look They are made by weavlrlg sood beads into a strip.RIIIBBO'NCHOKER and t\a.

as accents This nostaJlg:icdes!igf] looks wondE:111ul . witi~ a classic suitt" IBronze-col:ored beads are used Ilext to thefl:owers and] ~nth.e dasp.FLOWE'R BEAD CHOKER when wort!.

using 1.:OO(1lf11OOate. Wino wire several hmilS t>etl!\lel:in beads. Attach jump ri'1!l and clasp.o"bw.and seed beads. The earrings in !he photog. FOfTTla circle witt1 end of wire. Sooo~. A1tach eai'rings to oor wires. clasp. """". . are ·ror pie!'Ced ears. wind wire ~allimes BroUf'Kl bottom 01 circie. Make right slde. dfoJe 01 hEedS wide enough to 3r. . ~ possible. ~"'~rt'l!I. . jump ring. brmlJ:I (or 9()1d) seed beads. 1. Weal'S leK side of chokef.II SS-cm <. Make 9. CUI excess.S-CI1iflawer beads.5rn).". 20 4·mm bronze l~ed glass beads.I ~ EARRINGS Pass wre1hoogh ~ beeds.110 kerl 5 Wife. mlnslrOO~ont 1 S1Ji1g a l~ed glass bead on Ihe center of a Z·m strand oi wire. 2 lellQltls wire (ZITI. as shown in drawing at light.e&lppiies !lor . but you oen also use e8l'1'ing backs equipped with jump rtngs. !!I'd cui excess... lobster clasp o\Jjiil \oIntlJ99 ~ower beads. laceted glaSS beads.

. air IEvienif you use beads In the same color farrily.Chokers made from multiple strands. you can create a strikIng eJiec' by using marlY d ifferef1li types of beads. each one strung w~th different beads" have a I'uxurffious about them.

$Scm flsh. clasp oat for 3. and secml with a crimp bead_ CUt excess 1ishir1g line.or 5-strond o llElCillaC91 1<I oo-em 'erJgtN. and mfrl~ 1)ea(lS. and aI1ach to an eye pIn. (one if beads ers to e). Auacl1OO<I<J lips to clasp.ngl line for eadl s~11lI1d f crokf. ~3 ~shing line.>. lISe more 5eed ~s. String them on . H!de fishingl line at each end wtlll a ooad cap. 1:fm1l1!cWM Stnflg ssem beads on eooh length of fishing line_ Attach a bead tip a1 ~ end. lit you can find a 1Ne-51rand perforated clasp . 28 arirnp be<Id~. 11 OOadtips (') IC<.. and attach dasp. as shovvn belOW. belnd ~nd of eye pin into a circle. such as """"d beads. crystal bsads. ' ' 'g *Variation Far a rnors infol1llal look..rnbhe: Cllfferenl types 01 beads.l.1ds ead1 beOO tip. Atwch 2-4.. freshwater pearl bsads. strands of 1. Other possibilities are (IOId·tooed Of tl{oe bEi@s.0 strands li5hing Bine.>i. use that and aleoorale I 'I\'lI!13-mm laoIIted glass beads. .tS"!lPIiH (for a 38=om cooker) 1~ d'tle!ffil ~pes am:! silas 01 gray b€eds.

SeOO be~ . ..imple weaving memoo..IrtO ~E:r 00adS< .FRESHWATER PEARL BEADCHOKER "tou c<)nmakalhis 'Chokstr in a verySfiort iirn€l.:I'@ blsed as acoeras. !JSitIg as.

Other metal. but presents no .beads or pearl beads (or even seed beads) produce 'equa. InstructioilS an brings out their best Qualities. A simple.IHOKE.. 66 .R Thiscoker features silver beads.difficulties.SIILVIER CORD C.lly nioe results" Tlhis choker takes time to make.



a perioratedl pin back to form the petals. They are sasyto make.SIILVIE'R AND GOLD IF'L.OW'ER BROrOCHES These' brooches com b~nesJsveral different types. o.f beads. Ail you do lis attach the beads to . of the flower: .

lar'gar beads 'for the large petals.eSl.ricrlrtoo pin back and iWisI sevaaJ limes. 001 exooss. securing ~ 00 the wrong side wili1 . (l) cenler of fiO'V. c~ecklng 10 make SUI'S piI.'iiI'iea5l.:e Is w~1I balemaed. ~ t-ern ends. 2_4-cm perforated pl~ back • Using Ihe above list as a guit1e.l('. 3 Gather wires \{)9a1l"1Er Oil! W'l"OIll9 stJe 01 p. diameter! For 'he SIl\Ien large r. J~. Insert I&ge palals into holes on p. 2 Flass wire· ihrough i<K:eted glass bead that fo..p01lbilf:kS tmI!I two sections.sood beads. . Finalfl'. POOmlted .lpplies (fer a broooll. 4-mm 'Oi)I9!a1Il4-::one beads Fcrlhe .et~ glass.o:.or silver·toned Mads . beeds. 3.several times._small petals: J. irlSer1 S/ili'IaIi petals Into lnoer holes 01 pin back. smail petals.:fidI 00\Wl leOO 00 00!t. smng 7cm lbeads on taem wire. Bl. wIlleh is ratet' ar~ 10 one1lOtIO!T!. The flower will look more natua. lop and 1:lOIIQ'ii_ TIie holes am in too of Di~ 00ck until ~ 01 togslhi.ancI 4. . bu~ 'ooads Fer cenler '01flower: 1-om faceted glass bead Fer both brooches.0 CrI'np Dead.~1II I"OU vary the· shapes 01 !he larogepetals ~hlily. 1'01' the.. ctloose gold . shiog 9crn beads on 15em wire.and 4-mm faI. Then pass wire through pllrforatoo pin back. ~ pelais.w3ta1s: 5-mrn g~ beads.w're. Wirnl'.shctioI1lS 1 For 1M large PIllals.l!'lmeler and In oente~ of pin back. Wrapl'l1re arouoo base c1 pelals .ii'iii1g Scrn tighllty. crimp mooted gias9 beads. .and smak ooes lor the srnal pala1s.

ether at the end. and all ~he wires are gathered tog. \ . lihesections of 1he corsage are made separately. We also designed matching earrings.CORSAGE BROOCH This broooh is made from a corsage of pas~elseed beads.

.esClpPIies Seed I:16Eids (white for ~tals. '. ..5."" IfOlIll.dol """" fJl.."'__ a.. and eight flowers made from smalillawer beads !see Flg. ~01!1"61' bead. referring to drawing~ ~.~'i:i'I~~ Jtinl.lnsert wires a>aerrdlng from sec60ns ai 1l0\fll€f imo holes in 88rring bac:l<. 8 s._P""" ~.d. 0000"' 47 . 1m ribbon. (l)lllstNcll'olll\iS 1 Make sections of eorsaqs. We reoOlTlmenci nafTCIWlibtloo made Qf organdy 01 other sheer fabric... groon fm ~).. .:..mel leaves. You will need two white 'Howers..m green round bead.. snort btJgle beads.nk> 0 o""ito.l!ld.0 ~. Poooton ~ioos of 0CJtS&g~ S>O t~t pin back doos not show: AI!aCh ooHCOl 01 pill back. EARRINGS These .all \'<ires together aM !wist.. Iwo ye!!ow flowers. Attach to . five ieave..l with ihe wMe flowers used in Ille lbo'ooch... Ilower beaels. Anaoh bcrton'l Of ~rif!g back.. 1)..1. 1st vWe$ togother ~ wwng 5iclaof ~rring back... ~ __ -ChHn O"""'ijC ao:. 10 crimp beads. c.s.! 1"". 3).f. Insert head Ilin "'0 roond bead and atrach to.'&:1. 2. or round beads..phi back with separat. r.."vim... !IQ""11:'f1:13~it.!.I "~fv!V~~ :""C(.earrings are madl..-.2-.!a... wire. Gather... Ihllad pin. pin back (Fig. A. 2 :2 Arlange flowers .ttach folded ribbon to Din back Min wilEi !ll<teooing from flower bead.. .II Soooi DO..wlril~rc·".mall Mile 1. {Fig" 2).·~'4t CO!.cm pertorated pin back -Use seed beads. '. largl!! g~n yellow lot petals a~dI center of Ifower.

all Df the same color . for instancej.It is best to keep the shapes as simp~eas possible (square or roundl. InstructimlS on p. 67 . e!llegam brooches are made with one or two types of beads..Tnese simple.

.e. it lis made lin me same my as !he Fl)lmd brooch shown abo\le1. Inslroctians 00 p. The beads ale woven loosely '00 ftsmlj ~r.nIly when you ff'!O\Ie.IROUND BR'QOCH ThIs brooch Is made· with 1<lCeioo glass beads. 67 . ¥A1ich islhen inSQlled into a pertorated pin back.. ~ 9!.:)l""Ig bugle beads and Faoeled glass needs. f!S~i!19Ittle St100Jd be tlie same color as thl3 bead". SILVER B!ROOCH Th~ beads in this I~ brooch . A CQtJ!1bif!atioo oll.

'EA.These are ideal..chlc earrul1gs are sure to become' a.. CLUSTER: E_ARRINGS Th~ clip-Oil ~s are made by Slringil'1lgl beac:ls 0.. ~ ste then altac!had to ~ted earring bai::ks- . staple of yom accessorv oollectiion.RRIINGS These s'lmple.y to make. projects tor begliinners.1'11 lishing line to form cireles. and the work 'go~s quiclQy. They ans' eas.

·The daslgDl for these .earnings is based Of! a sim.ple !Jowef.otograph :illtl for pieroadl ears. 1"I101if. tnstn . 69' . ICtions 0Ii p. The ttanspat'ent IishilXlline on !Mjch the beads are stlUlg gives them a ciaphanous lode Th@" orrfllgs shown in title ph. o but they can also lbe atlached 10 sta I ard earring indings.

. You might want to try making a barrette or comb using vintage bead's.BAR:RETTE AND C()MB Beaded hair ornaments have becomefashionabte again.

of Iflistruclions on p. 70 . You can vreava seed beads cr (:lIYstaibead'sandaltach t~ to combs.Combs and hairpins leM 1hBmseives to all sorts of designs. . or d'acOtelel a l'iairpin wilh ona beaut[ful bead lor a cOIl"IblnalJoJ'!l bea~.

Th~selegant pocrette ls worked w. whichl are then joined iog. .i~hred beads on a black bac~ground" We have chosen faceted gllass beads for this. design" The pochette is made in two sections.9ther.

120 Srnrn garnet beads (t:( roufld '00 beads) Pat'mporns: faceted glass beads (24 4 -iTm boods. 3. usng 3m flshilg ine !of eacn (see large drawi01(J ano:l Fig. 1 t:>eIow). arid cut excess {:lOO large drawing). wilh the' ~oon of the g<. wc1io~ with ~ al toe edge of olhEf side. lille Ihrough severel patterns: cut e>:C9SlS. 2 Mak~ the Iwo pompoms. 2.2m ~3 ~sIW1g iine -Ail beac. Run fishing. mollfs ~th !soeled glass beads and garnet beads. WO'" 00Ck 'Ihmugh ~I pa~. Weave 1V>IO square. and insert flshing IlOO MOOndilg lrorn thsrn . Jain bo(lom and sides of motlrs. 7 ~ 7~ml ~l"" 562 4·rnm ~~ (l1~'>S bood$ ~Gl round OO<><:Is). 0Ins·b'uclions 11Make pocheHe firM.~ poehette.. wslng 1 m fishing lin!! ~d ad'dingl more tooeted grass beads.into corners at bottorn . passfiSl1ingl Iiie through seversl patterrs. ClJle>::C'ij!lS' fishing line (F>g <!l. 204. 2 6-mm !l9actl) Necklaoe: Seed beees. Sl:Iing Wa.. .:Js Icr onto fishing inB. use only 0119 strand 01 beads lor 'the nockleca.).mm teceted glass.Imet beads. Insert 5m fislrling Ilina into left or right So(J" 01 top of POCMtll'l. using 3Scm fIShing line (. beadS. Foem inl . n""kI_ -II you prefer a simpler loo~...Supplies IPOcltel:le are brac~.

j . pure-wlhlite maraboul plume and deoora~w€ bead dangles" If you dooide 1Io use a differen1! color plume.MAIRABOIU NIIECKLACE For thi.s piece we used a. setect bead's of t~esa"me colm.

tho OOsie~Iquoo I. .§ wei! as insuuctiol)::: !lot provided 00 oD1cr P1I!g'6B. book. 00 P6((¥EI you start work ona ~.Trw fotQoMng pag~scont. --~----------~ Be WI'e to 1!8'ad "Baac T~I'IIli~'G(:'I P' 58 and "Ejt3f01'e Yo.I$«i to ~ !ha ac-oasoories •(j !lI1is.! Begin" 01'1 p. ----~ ..

work bat.Then bend the wfre in half .lt wIre and fishing line Wife and lishiil1g ~ne are the materials most 01181'1 used . we have used IilO slelnless·ste<ll wire. rN: . rcooded points. The higher the oomber..l9h ssveral pallems.JSfI pierS: These pli9fS heve thin.scHi. String the lirs! bead on the oenter of a lenglh oi Wire or fishing line . whldi is resistant to breakage and does nol rust. They are used to gr~p and twist wire. I~ gaps between beads *Finishin.S process ensures that the ~shirJgIline 0<' wife will not core loose.lia' piece.. tl'iie thicker the fishing lin". because it is transparent lancl therelore practically Imisibffi) and easy to wort ""'iih.Ba SIC • SUP~lIES YOU WILL NEEDI n Iq • ~ Chain· nPOO pliers: Theoo plierS halle flat surfaces.8J1d stnng remaining beads on doubffi wire.. W8 ha'116 used 112 and '3 fishing ~ne. Getting stiii'1ed The basic lediniQue for projects in tlis book is I'll fOllows.. These are 1h0!pliers to U5e when yoo W<Xk with wire. make sure tl"Iat tile holes are lai'ge enough.!<.) before you begin_ Don.tor stlinging boods. You will be formil'lg inlerwctions in 1M OOMs with 1lie two Strands of wi~e. I"b"!lf~ 2 V'WL ~~ ""'t oo . Fishing line is ideai for many types. alld cut S)(C!35S wiroe (finiShing techniques lor non-wovsn aocllllsorie.g woven IlIcces.s ". II you''''' working on a oomplex pi!JC9.. to acoommooate tITlewir'. Wh.JjJCJ. work back tlmroogh several patlerns. BASIC BEAD-WEAVING lfEiCHtUalJ. Siooe Ihe wire may pass through the hare in 03"'1 giveo bead several times.!'YYi~OI .... last bead wilh wire or fishing line.. rA<olliiJ'Jins nne..6n yOu add a new strand of Wille. For tne projeots in Ihis book. cut tI'1'" rnaterlal 10 a comfortab1e Ien@th before 1/OU begin work. go back a few panerns Of rows and rework them jJntil yO(l reacIn the point where you ran aut 01 wire. 2 Rllundi·rt. For thoe aeeessories in tills t:1OOk.r..e de!>Cribed on !he next ~age). throl. and to compress crimp beads. 3 Wire-cutlers: 111ese 1U'e used to CLJI wire and fishing line" ilA ling sUck will come in handy lM'len you want to size a ring.~ ~"1"err:.(~wire . They are used to roen the ends 01 eye pns and other firldir1gS. t"~ 'Sil'ifl9' lil~' bcod O-f1'O After you have formed ~n intersection In tile.h"'JIlh L. beca~ it ha3 tenSile srrerlgih and can be shsped.: I=oIJrmin~IiDn!. 01 accessories. 'M1en you are weaving a ril'!9 QI" olher cifcl. and CiJi excess wire. or 10 make a ring usil1g the wire-wrapping technique. Th. and find rt difficuH to INOi'k VIIiIha long lengrh 01 fishing ~r>e or w[re.5S . Wire is best Suited to ril'19Safld brooches.". 'IitAbol. There is no need to tee wire midway through the 1M:lI'k.

WORKING WITH ORIMP BEADS When yO!..J are stringing beacfSrOF a nac!klace or other non-woven accessory, crimp beads (small metal b173'OO1 are used 10 hold lis!"ii!'1lg lile and oiher beads in place after they have It:een compressed will1 pliers. 'lNhen yOU naar 'the end of your wolk, striirllJ a oMm~ beOO onto the fishlng line. After )!OU have strung thl! 10liSI bead, compress lJ1ecnrnp bead ~ v;iIt1 piers. Pass fishing line through a lew mOl'e beads and cut excess (soo drawing at right}. Crimp beads are aso snacreo to secure the ends of fistling line when )IQU use bead tips (see next pagS) 01' perforated findmgs. ATTACHING CLASPS TO ~ECK!ACES Generafl)\ necklace dasps come irl sets consiSling of a lobster or spring clasp and a jump ring or chain tab. Normally, a elasp [s atta.chedl to OJ. beadll ip ($Ss ctawirpgs below). Bead tips are usedl 10 hakl lhe· end of lhe ji$I'nI~' ~ne in place and 10 connect the beads and Ilia ClaSP. II you ~ a !::>eacI tip, a:ttac~a smail jump ring 10 it, fmd (Men alladl lhe jlimp illig to the




lump ring.


Head pins and eye pins are used to join oeadwork

$.[Irring findl1gs. or otilar s-ec!ions of a piEloC::e. Use headl pns !M11i!Jl you're joining IbeaUWork at OM end only, and eye pins !M;m you're ~oii'Oli9 b~ at balii ends. If yQu<re simply bending ttl!! end oj one 01 these pins down. use YOll' hands. If you're forming it inlo a cirCle, use round-rose pliers.



BEFORE YOU BIi'GlIiI .Sttl'ectlnr.g Ibeads



The spooficafl(ll'lS 'rOt each proJect (type and number of IbeadS) are Nltended to serve 8S a guide. yo~ can use any beaCIs )VU like. as long as !hey are the same SIZe as lhose specified, FOf IinSlanoe. \IOU can subs1ilule any '1)ipB of g1ass beeId lor faceted glass or O!"y51al beads. INhBn a design caNs for seed beads. y<MJ call use eilhe1r r'OUr'ldbeads or bugte beads, bYl IIOU may need to EI.d~st !he numbe!' to aliow f()f slight differences In size, IM'len Y'J'.i P'JIC!Jase beads. 00t1er consult with II crall SlO'e employee, or slmg a lew 00 flSl'ning ~ne aOO theIl rneaJllJ1'8 10 see hoW many)I'W wIIJ rweect Unless otooJW1se s~acified, an beads called lor In t~ bOok are made of glass. *M.aMlg adjustments 1111 size The ~ Ol' a beaded ,actl8SSory differs ao(lOI"dJng 10 tha f1umbei' 01 beadS used 8Ild the way ltIey' are WM~EIyay are WOMrtg on 8 project. try it 00 and adjUlSt lMe number of be3J:Is, The easieSI way 10 make slight adju.strnents lis to increase or d~ IhI! number of Sf3(Id beads. For necIIIaCeS lIIIOIked from Ihe ceniS!" out !left-righl mllTOl' image), maJoceincreases or c:Iecrooses on SOich side. YOLJ can enlarge rrings made with wire Oy placing 'll'1erll on 8 ring stick . • AII m.mtJers in drawings "e~ to centimeters .• The starting point is ,rrdca\eo;I b't 11'111'1 all cimwirlgs.
C"I'UNDRICAl. FiliiolGs (shown

on IP. 14) IB,.Dalfi;; brown esupplies 26 4·mm b'own c'YStal beixls.

A. Llg:t.t ~


32 4-IIYI1 Irght brown roosted' glass beads. 64 gold seed beIOOs. 1m Wire


78 brown

seed lbea(js, 1m


(!: Im,lructilons

, These Inslructlorni apply to bo~11 and B. Directions insfde pareoltleses refer to e, Begin bV Slrlnglng a'aceled glass bead A laystal bead) on renter olllllYS. Pass wm througt1161Bceted 913$$ beads or 413seed oeaeJ~ (13 ctySla~ baadlS or 52 seed beadsJ, Artach and of wire to....nre at Oeglnrlng o! work to cIoSlo the circle .

2 A. Weave next HJW eli tmads, es sI'IOwn In drawmg. When row is completed, lorrn an inlersectoo witn wire III laceted glass bead at OOglnnlllg of fWi Work baCK Il1l'Ough a lew pmtarns; cui excess


WIre. B. Follow (j,rectlOllS !or A.
two seed beads at time,






Q;pr o,J ~



IIYDRANGEA fUNG, (showl1I on p,. 15) 'Supplies
20 4~rnm blue faceted glass bead'S, 20

p:Jrple' 5eOO hoods (kl~'c:enter 01 llbwer) , 40 while seed beads. 60crn #Zl'ishing une 0i'nstructions Strilg n1ree seed beads (for oenter of Hower) on center of hshing IiriS. Begin forming inl€IS9COOnS at fourth S€6d bead, Weave remaining beads. r"femfig, to drawing at right Form intersections in first bead strung, doSing the dlde, WDrK back 1hrough se\ffiffiJ patterns and cut excess fishing ~ne. ROSE RING (shown Ion Ip. 15)

7-rnrn round bead. seed beads (po.srpiefor Ir81l1eworkof ring ...... ile for petals, green tor h Tea\l8S). tim wIre Illinstrucliions 1 BeginrIn9 at I, weal/e beads ilto a chain unf) ~ru tla'I<e enoogh LO ~1 around your finger. Tlr.en I'II'iakel the center framol'!fllOl"k, OM!which lhe rose WlWbe formed, Insert wire inlo firrst bead wo!l-:Ed. and wc;rk bad<; through s9'lewl beads (seoeFig. 11. .2 Attach round bead to center fran'ieworl< (Fig. 2), Siring beads for petalS. then 101m petals by ID!lSSirlg wire IlwoLigh ooads in IrlOm9'WOl'k,Repeat 6-B brnss, maki~ sum the de>Sign is w~1 balanced (Fig, 3), Bring wire out nexl to rose and SIring gleM seed b~sPass wire fhrough beads in f,amework, formil1g three leaves (Ftg. 4). WiFld wire around base' of rose; cu.t


.&W,pp'lies :2 small yellow flOwer be'aOs, 35cm wim



fl- ~,5)


C1llnstruotions Siring seed beads on wire, formingl a crni" long err::JUtt1 to fit around your fll"lget (Fig. 11.
Pass wire back Il"Irough beads




point (i). forming a ,circle" Pass IMre Ihrougl1 beads formlngl leaves, and men ll1rough flower beads (F'9. :2). Wmp wire around base of flower severn! limes. then pass through a few adjaceot boods, and cut excess.




2m .Beads are ~e pink unless oltierwise' specified.001 ·the DOi1IetlQ the left and riglll. Climp bead I1llnsiruct'ions String a seed! bead ()f1 center 01 fishing line.2 6-mm faceted gliliSS ~ds.". 2 seed beaidlJ. 2 B· mm ory. 2 8-mm !lower beads. ·t2Q14-mm crystal bicone beads.Supplles 2 6-mm round be&IIs. 2 Several beads from the end. Siring remaining beads. 251 .cryS1E11beads F18vElbeen strlfng. and cot &J<oess e fishing line. cuI excess. string a crimp IDead on fisttng line. Gr~mpbead I. 1 . 2 dark pink 8·mrn crystal beads. seed beads (rOO.. 8 6-mm ~e pink CfjI'S'lalooads. .&.li\3lishil1g line.ds. pass fislnlng line back through work up to and illcludbng crimp bead. P<lss fjshirlg li<>ebaCk hough crimp boead. .Iru~ti(ms 1 Strirlg seed beads on center of fiShing :Iine. string climp bead. referring to drav. pass 'fisnlnog r ne back ltirough se. fishing lillS. Once the last seed bead! has been strullQ.tpplie& 2 8-mi'l'l crystal ruoo beads 1m designer b!!sdsl. 1Qo smell metal beads. 1_3m ft3 fishing line.. pale pink). 2 4-mrn faceted g'lass beads.ings an left When all 4 -rnm .r I :$IiORT . and Ih9(1 remaining bea. Compress crimp bead.PINK lARIAT (shown Oil. p. 241 '.CRVSTiliL-BeAD lARIAT {$hown 011 p. e 1n. r~ more beads. 5 dark pink 5-rnm crystal bicone beOOs.lal beads. WOfl< 1. in mlrrorimage.. Weave as shOWll in drawing. Compress crimp bead.

2). VVOrk Hid".g I.{Ie.NECKLAOE:WI1H SQUARE.lf. climp bead'.po"""''' C:L. seed beads.~i-.211'1 fishing line. String seed beads aoo crystal beads until nsCklace is desired !ength. 2' t-rn Ilengthsl ®ln5tl'uctiQIII~ 1 First. PENDANT (shown ilSuppljelii (pendant Jneasures :2 II 20m) Pilnoont (XIiI. ref'srring to Fi9. until you have joln"!edall four sides (Flg. ar"ld form an n!erscclion in the beaos there. cnmp bead.'''~h ". Place hall 01 pendant ()(1 lOp Ol Ollie< h". make the pendant Pass lishing line through 4mm crvst a 1 bsaos Weave thre>. 4·mm crystal bicone bea"ds. 24 seed naaos Necklaoe: 1 8·mm crystal bead. and pass fishing line Ihrough beads it) one of the comers.""". Conlinue joining halves <lJ:1ding two seOObeads each time.. P.Ir8!i. ends or necklace. 2). Attach a bead ~p. 1). clasp set.. to U1a SIa_r'tiilQ point ~ in Fig. and clasp to ''''''''ooc. :1!3l 1 48 4-mm cryslal bicooo beads. Make another identical piece. and ot fishing line and cut excess (Fig. ::l. bead lip.!I~ish' . 2 jump rings. 6j .l JQW$. #3 flshing line (1 . :I: Strirng two seedl beads onto center of 1.

!oi~~.s. Before compMir>g oompcsn. Attach crimp beads. Al1~J... referring 10 seec SieE. 5" (.~~~~ ord . and clasp. 2 )l1'np 2 @ill no '''''0.11 Crimp heads.J-nYn black faceted gl.NECKl.eted glass bead. :) StriIlg beads for necklace on fishing line.. jump rings. gray ~2 fishing Me of the same type ai"id size used for line. ::1 jump rings..!. bead tips.' . 5O:m Necklace: Beads per'IdMt. fine 1I'Iluugll beads at lOP cenlef of pendan)'. 2 crimp beads. 11· 2 S ring five seed beads on 60cm lishing line. on p...)$ beads. ures 1. u1'1' 1lean ~Irflg~.ACE lMfii POMPOM PENDANT (moM! Oil p. [\'\"'"Oi">Q. String beads to form necklace. 2 bead ti.. 2 bl:liiiCllips.S. Make second half 01 po"'j)OO'l..m~ adJ':dhS . insert fishing line for necklace sllung with a trsnsparent faceted glElliS bead Onto it.'CI i!F""I. '2 crimp beads. 1 8-mm transparenll\.ss se. 3. jiJmp rings... EltlaiIled. 291 <ll1~cti0i1i!l 1 String beads on fIShing line and lmake pendant (Figs.. e"tendlng Irom pompom until desired iengih is. picking l. #2 fishing !'lngs..!lcm in diametfir) Pompom: 15 ~-rnrn black taceied glass t!OO(j.IP faoolad glass beads on outer edge 01 firSt hall as you go along (Fig. 2). 1 and 21. N:ECKtACii WITH HEARl-SWIPED 9Sil111plies PeilClarJt: 20 4-mm seed beads.h~ I~ 1lf!(Kl:il. i:l!i.P..n<JI~ 1I00000l!wo :II'S "'-"QUs" ::::ry.msparent seed beads..p... 29j eSiJIlplles (pglTlPom m . clasp sst @lnSU1!!otions . tr. clasp set PEN DANI" (shown..31 'OO'!!r. so that Fishing line extends from canter 01 pompom on bO'lt1 sides..sidii:1 transparent crystal bioone beads.s 01 £.anq boodO" ""'" . 30 b1ack seed beads. lt3 lishirlg [irlll. Make hall of [pompom.parate strand fishing. and clasp. lJS'"9 6Dem li$hlrlg ans (Fi{l. li!'r' A foQ~ Ft§. beaeJ tips.l!. 2 eo-ern lengths 112fming ~r\(j Necklace: .

.Supplies OHOKElR WITH FLOWiER MOTIFS IsMwn On p. 2 Place woven seed beads. iobster or spring clasp • Beads arll purple L. Eloing 1i$1i00g line cut on wrong siOO.Olless O1I1erwise specified. Weave rwo rows. of ribbon_ Insert When piece ls ~6cm Ion.rtJI)r\d bottom of Cirole.! Sll<In(l or wire.. eho. on center liShirm ~ne into ribbon trorn wrorll] side.ker meOlsllring 340m in lengthl 6-rnrn coord CJy$talbeads (5 eoc:r.. Wind wlrn savereJ limes a..or a. 32 '6-mm bugle beaC!s. co.'"g to drawings t:>etow. .I)~. :2 !i·em lengths) €Jlnstrucilons 1 St~ng seoo beads 00 2m ~shing lioo. Attach a jump ring to each end. Repeat until beads am secured 10 ribbon. RIBBotiCHOK~I&hQW" on p. Pass Scm line thro~h CIySlaI beads. work back tnrough w. ri'J~j oiJ'X! d05. :. IiShinll . pidking up ~shlllg ~ne belweE<i 'I:>ead$. 4 lengths 113 fishing line (2m.r. 5Qcm.raJ patterns and out excess wire'. 341 I'. (for a 9O·cm ehoker} Slack woo I:Ieads. 60 4- mm laceled glass beads.l_5. atld the· claso to ooe end. seed boods. rI(l"Y <If)(! P!IllIe). 01 ribbon: ~elibboo . Saw to end's.. :2 Jump rings.g!hs wire.- ~ .. :2 blaCk teardrop aysllli beilds. $i)) '8SUpplie. 21-m 1er. referr. @lllsWctions Form a small circle at each end 01 a 1-m double. OOcm 8mm gmy organdy ribbon. Pass boll1 ends olnsh~g lirlS back belwem beads. We<we· choke..)..

cm choker) 2-mm silver or o. Pass fishing line back through findings to crimp bead -A bead cap is a domed mndirlfj used 10 cover the end oj the Mtiing lirie. Interspersing. WeENQ Row 4. Mach a cap. 2m wire. Attach Clasp..ilh sil~'er beads or round seed beads (see ~l"Ig). -#0 Slr::. add new Ifshing line. 41) . ~ """9J11&'" Ie-- 2 Pass 45cm 1ishinglline tlYOugh choker. cOmp bead. on p. peart beads v. 2 lengths 113 nShll1l.. ~. and cut old listling line. Compress crimp bead..> ..l line (5m.. 45crn).. out excess Ushlrlgllne.. one· at a lime. SILVER CORD CHOKER (shown on p. W'hen you haw formsd a cy~nder. If you run out.If. picking up the beads trom How 1.. Since long strands are hard to wor!<: with. change according to tile me 01 beads used.L'-"'-~-. -0 0:.. 2 jump rings. out lishlng Ene into 1-m lengths. . smce they wi. 2 crimp beads. clasp set <Dlnstructiion s 1 Weave tIi~ee rows of beads. work back over a fe'w' patterns.. 40) (l)lnstruclions. each 31-33cm long. clasp set forming a small cirde...... Grasp the bend and twisl ii several limes" eSlllpplies (10r a 35-cm 000"8r) 72 small white lor gray) freshwaler pea~ beads.1.)-'(100 .FRESHWAl1ER PEARt. reFerring to drawings.TI1e numbers of beads specified ab:we <Ire siril~ a guid&.. g'EAn CHOKER' (shown. Attaoh a ~l1fTW ring 10 each end..~ .·.(for a :J5. in that order.IOO'"O . attach clasp. Bend wire ttl MIl.. 6<1 large seed beads (sarns color as p~rls)... work back 'througn a few beads andl cut el(cess flUling Ine.....ther metal beads.Suppli&s . 2 beOO caps.. W~ choke... and a metai beact to each end..<:) . . 28 silver (or use a oorrtraslitig colorl beads or roooo seed: boods.

rows fishing line 01' 13 patterns each. Attach bottom half of pin back. When you reach 1M smingl point.hing lina. ~ollQ\Filingdirectioos for round brooch shown abt:lve'.. 80 head pins. pn b!Id<.:)ns. WOfk back. 0<11Sm and weava throe. too beads (Fig. 1).S!!ppli~ Ol'IO'QCh measures 4cm In diameter'1 Pt. Join two halves b)l iJa. Tie 4m fishi nil tine. 49) . u~liI brooch is rOlJld in shape. (.Supplies ~roodl measures 1..qnli . as sl:QM-J in Fig. Place one half 01 broodl on ioo 01 olher hall.5 x 7cm) 186 4-JTVl1 blue crystal Ilicone beads. Inserting a head pin every cartim~er (every two loop~).rple laceted glass be3ds (12 4-mm OO3ds. 2. Pass fia'hing line th(t()lJJQhfNfJI'Y hole In 100 pin Da. 2 lengths 112 fishing line 10 5-mm beadS.RECTANGUlA!R BROOCH [shown !lIl p. woik back dlrough a few patterns and cut excess ILs.acetad glass eeacs (20 3·1Y1Y1 eads. cDlnstrocti'~)ns 1 Il'IS!lrl hwd pin nlO a faoetOO glaM bead IAndl a bugre bead. 112 fishing . 26 is-mm beads). 2~ SILVER BROOCH (shown on p.l9h a few beads: cut excess fl!ll1ing line'. 61 .gths it-2 fislhlng 1100' (2. 5m 1iShfng fine In hall.4-GIll pmoratoo pin (1 rn. 80 b 2--cm bugle beads. 2 ler.doutfe drde.Sm lengltls).4-cm psrforatsd pin back. 2 c~mp beads -All beads are gray. 2). Make 80 of ml9Se.Supplies tbrooch measures 7em in diameter) F. adding a meted glasS bead <!!Very two loop~. 2 crimp boods @Instroctiona 1 Fold 2. (1. 49) .ir'lgl fishing line 'hrO!Jgh bead in a corner of the first hall.ali. Soou~e ~n I)iac~ EO pin back by picking up lishing lile horn woven pioce in ~ Bo::. 5Oan).5 x 7cm) 11l1l1s'IRIctiollls 1 String crystal beads. 1. making sure brooch is well baIar>:::ed (Fig. 21. 4IlJ . . SOcm)I. Gi::mjlrce$S crimp bead. 00 4-mm Ile3dSI. Make another tdentiGai piece. BeM down labs on pin back R OuNtiI BROOCH (showl1 on p. Attech a crimp bead to wrong si::le of pin back. \hrOl. Bend end of pin into a.. Tie fishing 1100 loosely. 64 gray seed beads. an::! bend down labs on pin boc:k (Fig.. 2: Attach brooch to pOOoratOO pill back wilh 50cm fishirlg line. 2 Siring two seed beads on center 01 1m fishing line. Attach brooch to !pin back with doob1e- SiCled tape. excess fishing line. CUI. adding two seed beads et a time.e until you have used all 2: P0lS5 500m fisiTlg hne Ii1rough a permratoo Ipin back from tI"lIe wrong side.

. Rrish by adding II cMIp bead 10 Wl"eng side 01 eamng back. Al1l!dJ bottom of earring back IFIg. 3 lengths H3 lishing ~ne (1m.. altadi peal1 beads to earflflg back by piCking up fishu19 ne between them (Fig. 1I:!WtIId ~WI~jld. 50} . bugle beads. 1).. (i)ilnslnictions. 50) FRESHWA:rER. working two rows.rmp b. ~ crimp boocls. Supp!lu Ce.. A\lilch oettorn of earring back. "'Mildly '9 sre . 4). !!89d beads. 5).5cm In diame1!eti Freshwall!l' pearl beods (22 small.. 501 .s.. String madium-siliad P&arI beads on 1m fishing line and form a cilCle (Fig. PEA'RL BEAll' EARRINGS '. and lareted glass beads en fist1Ol1g liIle.. II1W1 end 01 lishing line Into ho1e . !l'aning back nerl to cerner l1ole. 2.4-cm perfrxatEid elirl'ing tlaGks (j) instruc1i0ll'15 '~ eatrTlgs are made In tt'le same way as the freshwater pearl beed E>erring. Bring stmg ~ out 0f1 ngi'll side through I"iOle on outer edge. 2). 4). the number 01 beads to si~ or ElaJringback.. 24 nnedilJfT1. OOgIa beaI!S. Insen fIShing lillie into eamng back lAg.m'ing. AilBCh a c.ii3me~ 10 4-mm bronze laceled glass beadS. SIring 2. :2 large). With srune simnd of rlShing "ne.arring baCk.'Supplie$ \B3tminSIS measure 2. 5 lelr!gths #3 Ilshing Une 11. :2' and 31.. ..II. 4 orimp . ..J""~ ItQ'4!Jd!ilQ~ 2 to wrong SiCle of . 2 5-cm lenglhs). { Soodbonj. AUacll I.s-crn pai'foraled earring OOCkS .beads. 2 5-cm lengihs). as showi1 In dfl'lWings below. 3). 1).CLUSTER EARRINGS tshown "nllp. 6 crimp beaQ$.s measure 1. smaI Iooetoo g"'oo boods. Aepoot this process siJ< more' times (Figs.'Supplies leaITln95 measure' :to5cm in diameter' :2 4-mrJ'l faceted glass ooeds. PURPLE EAIiIRINGS lshown on p..5cm seed beads. Finish by adOO9 a orimp bead· 10 wrong side 01 eooinllback AHooh ethel hall 01 earrl1g back (Ag. Attach remaining pearl beads in same way (FIg. i.m.S-em per1CQ100 OOrRl'!g backs @lilSmlctions SIrin9 a 4·mm laceted glaSS bead on fishing fine.-ge freshwater pearl bead to earring back wUh 5cm fishing ~oo (Fig.. 4 S·cm ~ngths). Secure beads 10 pertorated earrir)[! backs.4cm In .. BRONZE EARRINGS Istlowml on p.AGjUSI. 3 lengths ~3 fiShirlgl ~M (trn. 1.

" 4-mm mceted glass beads (lor center of fl'owe~... 80cmi.R .A:F!AETIES WITH AN ANTIQUE LOOK (6hown g._.'«boo.HANGING IEARRlNGS (shown WHITE Q. 521 b. earrings.. Cui excess wire...:.S·...:'~=POC.d eeoc iF's·.<gl~ .5-m !>lr.J. Pick up beaos at edge 01 w(J!oJen piece. . \l!Jhen last bead has been 00ded. 16 J·mm gray faceted round cry~al beads strands glass beads..:k h. ery.. .reltB back.5m. B. I'ormlllg intersections on wrong sid of barrette back_ Insert wire Into bead 81 enal of ba. For gray a (pink to d!awmgs at lelt Weave beads tine.5cm in di!lmort~ 10 5-mm 'Ireshwaler pear1 beads Cooter 01 Ilower: 3-mrn pink faceted glass bead earrings).$. IBI"9B barrette back drawings at bottom of page.J~I"'S_ ~~wd~. IL. small freshwater bead (wh~e earrings) peoo ""'Eli Dn fishing GRAY EARRiNGS.u1d IlYire.. 1 • . as shown in drawing.. wo~k back through several paltems..I!:I~ !l.fM wi". and MI wires (or earring backs) !:110m "". ~.\.!I • SiJllPiies (fO. 2 &omm tr:ansparenl -For all tt'Tes lJ'pes ol 88I1i!1gs yw will need :1 40-cm 113 fishing line.m rreHeI @Inslrootio".efefling 10 15 G·mm laceted glass beads. bam • QI] .. wind it aroond finding Where ~ will not shaw. 511 01nstruclions For wI1~8 or pink earrings..s Weave Wewe fiOlNer._ . SR:. /. ~ ~ Wolk t. crt 69 .iht. and relemng to drawing at IlIlt l1~maJnd6'f of barrette.PINK EARRINGS on p.t·IIP.L. ~!artll1g at center of 1. attacin ear wlms (or 6iMl'ing backs). seeo beads. 2 crimp beads. 2 . and cut excess. aee dl'alWir1g11 t rP.g ~!. eSuppUes leal'flngs measure :2.J_P~d C..16r'!~hs ItI1ffi (1. Place woven piece en lbarrette back and secure With 80cm wire.

and 1hef1 \0 other findings.I e'e..We used white beads for the piece shown in the photograph. ." . wrapping around l' ~"'I j-ere ~. 2 2S. 2 crimps . e'lds rlllK~ p. 2 bead ~ips.i(iil$ St~1)Q beads on OOhillig line.. Attach crimp 10 marabou plume.... seed I:JeadS.. 70 . WJI '. camb 10 secure..5:)1 Q'THER COMBS AND HAIRPINS GOLD'COMB QSYW!i" 1 (J 6-mm crystal beads. Add s69d beads. 01f!. p'".ios).1J~'W't'borr'~: ".. MARABOU NliiCKLACE (shown on p. &Jcm wire • ccrnb with seed beads WOVM infO. C1)'Slal 2 B-mm ClJbe beaos {or designer or I"OISlClI eads). Artoch 10 comb. or a U·pir) with yoor favorite beads (Rg. ~ ~o ..'5 string ~IJ crystal beads 00 wi"<l.. 2') Decorate 8J comb o !Mtl'lu.~ . 2 jump rings. 561 . 'It ' • I .m lengths #3 fishing line. Oimps are atlaclled to leather or labrie cord. 2 crimp beads. as shown in drawings.ith1 2 peaks beads. as shown in drawings.. b be. 2 s-mrn crystal bloone beads (2 S-mm.. l.~ruQ!. banas (F"og.COMBS AND HAIRPINS (sboWli! DIn p·.Supplies l.1J. seed v.fOl" a 68-em ner:klaee) 4S-cm maraboLJ plume.

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