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1 REVISED IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE NATIONALBUILDING CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES (P.D. 1096) referred to as the IRR2. Declaration of Policy2.1 To safeguard life, health, property, and public welfare and to provide a framework of minimum standards and requirements to regulate and control the location of buildings, site,design, quality of material, construction, use and maintenance.3. Scope and Application3.1 Shall cover architectural, civil/structural, electrical, mechanical, sanitary, plumbing,electronics and interior design. Shall apply to design, location, siting, construction, alteration,repair, conversion, use, occupancy, maintenance, moving, demolition of and addition to publicand private building and structures except traditional indigenous family dwellings andeconomic and socialized housing projects.3.2 Existing buildings without building permits/certificates of occupancy may be issued sameprovided they conform to these rules and regulations RULE11ADMINISTRATIONANDENFORCEMENT

Responsibility for Administration and Enforcement Secretary of Department of PublicWorks and Highways2. Professional and Technical Assistance created the National Building Code DevelopmentCouncil (NBCDC) with the Board of Consultants (BOC) undertake research anddevelopment of building systems to develop suitable guidelines, standards, upgrade existingIRR and other codes.3. Fees1 . B a s e s o f a s s e s s m e n t 1 . C h a r a c t e r o f o c c u p a n c y o r u s e o f b u i l d i n g 2.Cost of construction 10,000/sq.m (A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I), 8,000 (F), 6,000 (J)3 . F l o o r a r e a 4 . H e i g h t 4. Administrative Sanctions4.1 Administrative sanctions for non-compliance of the Code:4.1.1 Non-issuance, suspension or revocation of permits4.1.2 Non-issuance, suspension or revocations of certificates of occupancy4.1.3 Issuance of Work Stoppage Order or Notice.4.1.4 Issuance of Order for Discontinuance of Use or Occupancy of Buildings or parts thereof 5.Abatement and/or demolition of dangerous/ruinous buildings6.Impositions of administrative fines, surcharges and penalties5.Grounds for the Non -issuance, Suspension, Revocation of Permit1.Non compliance of plans and specifications with the Code2.Incorrect or inaccurate d ata or information found in the application3.Non -compliance with terms and conditions of permit4 . F a i l u r e t o c o m m e n c e w o r k w i t h i n o n e y e a r 5 . A b a n d o n m e n t o f w o r k f o r 1 2 0 c a l e n d a r d a y s 6.Unauthorized change in the submitted plans and specifications and in thetype of construction7.Failure to engage an architect/civil engineer to undertake full time supervisionor failure to keep a logbook of the progress of construction8.Failure to submit the original design plans stamped by the BO or the as -builtplans prior to renovation, alteration, conversion or any change affectingstructural stability, architectural presentability and type of construction6.Grounds for Non-issuance or revocation of Certificates of Occupancy:1.Non -compliance with terms and conditions of permits2 .Incorrect or inaccurate data or information supplied and incompleterequirements in the application3.Failure to submit the logbook, duly notarized Certificate of Completion, as-built plans and specifications, and building inspectionsheets7.Issuance of W ork Stoppage Order or Notice:1.Non -compliance with the terms and conditions of permits2.Unauthorized change, modification or alteration in the approved plans and specifications or in the type of construction3.Failure to engage the services of an architect/civi l engineer tosupervise construction4.Erecting, constructing, altering, moving, converting or demolishingwithout permit

5.Alteration, addition, repair in buildings constructed before the adoption of this code without permit6.Unauthorized change during con struction from the approved plans and

specifications8.Issuance of Order for Discontinuance of Use or Occupancy annual inspection1 . D a n g e r o u s o r R u i n o u s B u i l d i n g 2.Occupancy of building without a Certificate of Occupancy3.Change in the existing use or occupa ncy classification withoutCertificate of Change of Occupancy4.Errors found in the application for Certificate of Occupancy, As-builtplan, Notarized Certificate

1 .

Section 3.8 UILLEGAL CONSTRUCTIONU ( Rule VII IMPLEMENTING RULES & REGULATIONS): A building of structure shall be deemed to be an ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION when it is constructed, existing or is maintained in violation of any specific requirements or prohibition applicable to such building or structure as provided for in the National Building Code; building rules and regulations or in any law or ordinance of the city or municipality relating to the condition and location of the structure and building therein. Section 301 UBUILDING PERMITS:U No persons, firm or corporation, including any agency or instrumentality of the government shall ERECT, CONSTRUCT, ALTER, REPAIR, MOVE CONVERT or DEMOLISH any building or structure or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a building permit therefore from building official assigned on the place where the subject building is located or the building work is to be done. Section 213 UPENAL PROVISION:U It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve, convert, demolish, equip, use, occupy or maintain any building structure or cause the same to be done contrary to or in violation of provision of this code. Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any of the provisions of this code and/ or commit any act hereby declared to be unlawful shall upon conviction, be punished by a fine not more than TWENTY THOUSANF PESOS ( P20,000.00) or by imprisonment of not more than two (2) years of both such fine and imprisonment; provided that in the care of a corporation, firm or association, the penalty shall immediately be deported after payment of the fine and/ or service his sentence. ========================================================================= =