Last April 10, I started Furniture Apprenticeship together with Rohainie Mandi at Luon Rattan Industries Inc.. The First day was very interesting to the very point that we did many activities within a day from learning everything about their furniture and company. But of course I was very nervous as we are both supervised by our mentor Mr. Toni C. Lo. He was also the president of LRI Design Plaza holding 40 companies at Makati. He starts giving us the task of familiarization and followed by Lectures of their company profile, furniture products, constructions, material, finish, process, and so on. He introduced us how do these elements contribute to their High-End Furniture. We took down notes and proceed to the next tasks. I never imagined at first that it was so complicated doing a single and simple furniture by process in order for it to be a high-end furniture. And since their design style is simple but elegant, we got difficulties on the demand of creating the simplest design yet the spirit of aesthetics and function were both highlighted. I used what I had learned from school regarding the design process. Being exposed in the real world of designing furniture, I had found out that it’s less complicated in terms of the design process than on what we do on school. For example a simple label would do than writing the complete Specification to be presented on the craftsman and furniture maker. The field of learning became more interesting as we go through. On our Second day we visited their factory and we learn so much of the process. The mentor also explains us the ups and downs of their company sale and how do they manage it. And of course he highlightedthat everything wont be successful without their furniture maker and craftsmen. Our one week in Luzon Rattan Industries Inc. is very interesting. We are trained to go further and make our designs possible considering all elements they teach us. It was very challenging yet an unforgettable experience, especially when we are asked to come back if we still have time to work on their company as a furniture designer. We had so much fun. As we last our hours on Luzon Rattan Industries Inc., we then started Interior Design Apprenticeship at Best Partition and Office System Inc. with the left time within that day. I start here with Sarah Jane Kitching. I became nervous as it was our first day with a new mentor. We start familiarizing with their company’s profile and job descriptions. They explain to us that we are expected of being willing to learn and being trained and be able to help them in handling the projects. We are asked to be a part of the projects. In order to meet the objectives of learning to the real world, they give us the trust so we are demanded to be productive. They check our abilities and knowledge in space planning, Communication skills, Design Ideas, other tasks and of course the knowledge in Auto-CAD and Sketch up. Since it’s still a training they let us improve our skills in a short while and have us expose to the different task we have to experience.

As we had client calls, we are sometimes sent to have client meetings with them and conducting ocular inspection with the guide of our head designer hired by our Mentor. After that, we are then assigned to work for the requirements of the space. Sometimes it’s residential and mostly of office layouts and designs. We are also doing the same process of designing from Scheming to Space planning of final proposed plan, next are approvals and then proceed to the 3D layouts for presentation of perspective. I t was so fun working for those stuffs especially when they approved your designs. Most of the time when done space layouts by some designer didn’t met the requirement of the space, following revisions is being assigned to the OJT apprentice. I can’t forget the funniest yet great experience I had in the company. That was when we visited the client and I was asked by the head designer to open the presentation on laptop. I follow what he said without knowing that I will also be the one to present the design proposals. It was just funny thinking that I’m doing it on the spot and not so ready at all because I was not really asked to, before we arrived there. But yet, since we are part of some of the design proposals and as it went through the approval of our Interior Designer, I became able to explained it and defend it to them. They are somewhat like Iranians because they are using somewhat like language that we don’t understand. They are the Admi Man Manning Inc; agencies of Marines Company. They want a renovation of their office space for some design that is easy to work with. As the presentation is going, I was so worried with their facial expression of something like not convinced. When the presentation ends, my worries are then gone as they said that “the design was very nice”. As they followed asking the quotation of the Design Proposals, I see how their eyes become larger saying that “the design was very nice, but the price is vey outrageous”. I expected their expression because I know that our company is doing some strategically sales. We are already out of that confidential issues but they are explaining well to us on how to be smart when it comes to sales. We are so glad to hear what they shared. Our Interior Design Apprenticeship ends by May 7 and it was so great. I won’t forget it. We really learn a lot. As we Start Architecture Apprenticeship with same company and with new Architect Mentor, there are just little changes on the task being assigned. We are assigned more on revisions of proposed Floor plan layouts and do some 2D drafting and Layouts. We are still doing site visit and monitoring some site works of their projects. Whenever we are sent to clients of companies and some residences we are always with our measuring tools. I now understand how important that stuff to be with the designer as always. We are commuting most of the times but when our boss is not busy she is dropping us to the place we are asked to go. They are the one who spent expenses on commutes and sometimes for mirienda. We are still asked to conduct ocular inspections and followed by some same tasks.

As our Architecture Apprenticeship ends by May 15, our boss asked us to celebrate with them our farewell with their good companies. But they highlighted that; it could be possible when their recent projects finally end. It was so great working with them. We really learned so much at last. What more interesting that makes us smile is when the boss asks us if we want to be a sales plus a designer on their company. She told us that she will teach us how to. We just reply her a smile because we are thinking that it was a great opportunity but maybe we could grab it after the school. OJT on the real world is a very great experience!! We learned a lot including those stuffs that had not been scooped at school.

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