ISEAN-­‐Hivos  –  HIV/AIDS  (MARPS)  Round  10   EOI  Number  9:    ISEAN-­‐Hivos  -­‐GF-­‐R10-­‐HIV/AIDS

  Issuance  Date:  May  16,  2012       ISEAN-­‐Hivos-­‐GF-­‐R10-­‐HIV/AIDS   –   FIELD   COORDINATOR   (FC)   FOR   THE   ISEAN-­‐HIVOS   PROGRAM-­‐ PHILIPPINES   “Strengthening   community   systems   to   reduce   vulnerability   to   and   impact   of   HIV   infection  on  MSM  and  TG  in  Insular  Southeast  Asia”       REQUEST  FOR  EXPRESSION  OF  INTEREST       In   2010,   the   Insular   Southeast   Asian   Network   on   MSM,   TG,   and   HIV   (ISEAN)   and   the   Humanist   Institute  for  Co-­‐operation  with  Developing  Countries  (Hivos)  jointly  submitted  a  regional  proposal  to   the   Global   Fund   for   AIDS,   Malaria,   and   Tuberculosis   (GFATM)   Round   10.   The   programme,   entitled   ‘Strengthening  Community  Systems  to  Reduce  Vulnerability  to  and  Impact  of  HIV  infection  on  MSM   and   TG   in   Insular   Southeast   Asia’,   was   approved   by   GFATM   and   contract   for   the   grant   was   signed   on   6  October,  2011.  This  grant  has  the  main  goal  of  reducing  (a)  the  vulnerability  and  risks  of  MSM  and   TG   to   HIV   infection   and   (b)   the   impact   of   HIV   on   their   lives   in   Insular   Southeast   Asia.   It   intends   to   address  critical  gaps  in  supporting  and  scaling  up  activities  that  reduce  HIV/AIDS  among  MSMs  and   TGs.       TLF  Sexuality,  Health  and  Rights  Educators  Collective  Inc.  (TLF  SHARE)  is  a  membership  organization   of   peer   educators,   trainers   and   advocates.  It   works   on   the   prevention   of   sexually   transmitted   infections   (STI),   including   HIV   (or   the   virus   that   causes   AIDS)   among   Filipino   gay,   bisexual   males,   transgenders  and  other  males  who  have  sex  with  males  (MSM).     TLF   SHARE   is   committed   to   the   promotion   of   sexual   health   and   human   rights   regardless   of   sexual   orientation  and  gender  identities.     For  the  ISEAN-­‐Hivos  Round  10  program,  TLF-­‐SHARE  is  the  Sub-­‐Sub  Recipient  for  the  Philippines  and   together   with   PNGOC   will   work   towards   the   organization   of   a   national   MSM   and   TG   network   and   strengthening   the   capacity   of   MSM   and   TG   CBOs   in   leadership,   governance   and   knowledge   management  and  advocacy  for  policy  influence.  It  will  also  work  on  advocacy,  delivery  of  behaviour   change   communication   and   outreach   activities   for   the   prevention   of   HIV/AIDS,   promotion   of   LGBT   rights  and  referral  to  health  service  providers  among  MSMs  and  TGs  in  collaboration  with  other  civil   society  organizations  and  stakeholders.     For   the   implementation   of   the   ISEAN-­‐HIVOS   Round   10   Program,   TLF   SHARE   is   looking   for   a   FIELD   COORDINATOR  (FC)  who  will  be  responsible  for   relating  to  the  partners  of  the  program.  He  or  she   will   report   to   the   National   Program   Manager   and   will   work   with   the   National   Training   Officer.   The   compensation  for  the  position  will  commensurate  to  his  or  her  qualifications.        

ESSENTIAL  JOB  FUNCTIONS   1. Establish partnerships in the area; 2. Organize MSMs and TGs in the area; 3. Act as facilitator / provide capability building to MSM TG community based organizations (CBOs) on HIV AID prevention and control; 4. Advocate / support advocacy activities on HIV prevention and LGBT rights; 5. Formulate detailed activity plan; 6. Participate in meeting and planning activities for the project; 7. Prepare and submit reports – monthly, quarterly; 8. Organize meetings with MSM and TG CBOs’; 9. Organize meetings with local and national partners; 10. Assist CBO members to form networks; 11. Coordinate field activities and meetings with partners; 12. Document project activities; 13. Liaise with local and national bodies to formally register networks (if applicable); 14. Monitor network activities   MINIMUM  REQUIREMENTS       Education:  Tertiary  level  accomplishment  in  behavioral  or  social  sciences,  or  liberal  arts   Work  Experience:  More  than  two  years  of  experience  performing  work  similar  to  Job  Functions   Training  Experience:  More  than  24  training  hours  in  sexual  and  reproductive  health  and  rights,   gender  and  development,  HIV  and  AIDS   Other  Professional  Skills:  Proficient  in  oral  and  written  business  communication,  operation  of   computers  and  other  ICT  equipment  

  FAIR  HIRING  POLICY   TLF  Share  encourages  applicants  from  the  gay,  bisexual,  and  transgender  community  who  have   experience  in  non-­‐profit  and  community  development  work.     SUBMISSIONS  REQUIRED   Interested  parties  may  send  a  Letter  of  Application,  Resume,  and  Contact  List  of  Character   References  addressed  to  the  Executive  Director  on  or  before  May  25,  2012.       TLF  SHARE  Collective  Inc.     Room  305,  AP  Escueta  Building,     819  Aurora  Boulevard,  Barangay  Immaculate  Conception,     Quezon  City,  Philippines.     Phone:  (632)  358.3811  and  940.8800.     E-­‐mail:       Shortlisted   applicants   will   be   formally   invited   for   an   interview.   They   may   also   be   requested   to   provide  additional  documents,  as  needed.        

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