A project for better delivery of Citizen Services in the village through computerization of the functions of the Gram Panchayats
Presented at: Conflux 2005 (www.conflux.csdms.in)

Conceptualized, designed and developed by

National Informatics Centre
AP State Centre Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

in close co-ordination with

Department of Panchayat Raj & Rural Employment
Government of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad


Detailed SRS Preparation for Gram Panchayat Information System (ePanchayat ) 3. Pilot implementation of ePanchayat ( Ramachandrapuram.) 6. More (several)pilot implementations (upto 50) 7. Software development for the approved SRS 5.csdms. System Study of the gram Panchayat 2.conflux.in . Roll out (and Training) of ePanchayat implementation to 500 Panchayats The above seven steps will enable introducing IT in the Village Panchayats & e-Governance in the service of rural citizens www. Evaluation and official approval of SRS after due modifications based on user feedback 4. Medak dist. A.Seven Steps to setting up Gram Panchayat Information System 1.P.

in .csdms.conflux.Step-1 Key Processes in Gram Panchayat System Study of the gram Panchayat System Study was conducted by NIC Team on following activities •Administration •Taxation & Finance •Welfare •Development •Civic Services www.

csdms.Step-2 Detailed SRS Preparation for Gram Panchayat Information system SRS was prepared for the following functions Births & Deaths Registration of events and issue of certificate House Tax Assessment. DCB generation Trade Licenses Issue of trade licenses.conflux. levy & collection.in . DCB & MIS reports Pension Schemes Sanction & Disbursement Works/Schemes Works details & Monitoring and payments Finance Accounting system (in line with the formats prescribed by C & AG) Land Records Land Records maintenance and issue of Pahanis MIS Action Plans & MIS Reports www.

SRS was prepared as per ISO 9001:2000 standards www.csdms.conflux.in .Step-3 Evaluation and official approval of SRS after due modifications based on user feedback A Committee was formed by Commissioner of Panchayat Raj to finalize the specifications and approval.

Step-4 Software Development for the approved SRS e-Panchayat : ARCHITECTURE Architecture Concept : Web Enabled : Central Server Central Server : SAN (Storage Area Network) Server at NIC APSC Data Center Software : Linux Server Oracle 9I. JSP ( a few modules are local in Access ) ) ( Some of the modules are locally operated ) www. ORDBMS PSP.csdms.conflux.in .

Data Center Data Center SAN SAN as as Central Central Server Server CPR & RE CPR & RE HOD HOD Gram Gram Panchayat Panchayat Internet Service Internet Service Provider Provider ISP ISP Gram Gram Panchayat Panchayat Performance Periodicals Performance Periodicals Progress Reports Progress Reports GP MIS GP MIS MIS data thru ISP MIS data thru ISP Orders & Instructions // Orders & Instructions e-mails thru ISP e-mails thru ISP Gram Gram Panchayat Panchayat .e-Panchayat : DEPLOYMENT ARCHITECTURE e-Panchayat PR & RD PR & RD State Dept. State Dept.

Information Flow CPR& RE. (HOD) (HOD) DIS Gram Panchayat Applications PRISM Rural Citizens GP Administration Citizen Information Systems Panchayat Web Site . Parishad Zilla Parishad/ District Panchayat Office PR&RD MPIS PRISM CPR& RE. Mandal CPR& RE. CPR& RE. State CPR& RE.

Hyderabad Powered with IBM X-series servers Nine Tera Bytes of Storage San switch fabric on 2gb/second Fibre channal 8 mbps dedicated link from Hyderabad to Delhi District level servers also proposed set up at NIC District Computer Centers www. New Delhi Disaster Recovery site at NIC.conflux.csdms.STORAGE AREA NETWORK AT NIC Storage area network at NIC.in .

csdms.in .e-Panchayat Portal A State Level Portal Of PR&RE . Programs • Welfare Schemes • Application forms for downloading • Information on citizen charter • Panchayat profile • Status on applications submitted to Gram Panchayat • Status on House Tax dues of an Assesse Integration with National Portal www.providing • Panchayat Raj Acts & GOs • Govt.conflux.

Salient features of e-panchayat software • The software confirms to the technical standards and the IT architecture of Andhra Pradesh Provides WEB-based interface to the citizen to transact with Gram Panchayats through KIOSKs Can be integrated with the LRMIS / MPHS project Access controls are provided to avoid misuse Use of Biometrics for attendance monitoring • • • • www.csdms.conflux.in .

conflux.Births & Deaths Capturing of Reported event details Registration Issuance of Certificates Name inclusion Generation of Reports Checklists Registers Certificates www.in .csdms.

House Tax Assessment Procedure Demand & Collection Generation of Reports Checklists Registers Demand Register Base Register Collection Register Cheque Register Receipt Book Register Field Books special Notice Demand Notices www.csdms.conflux.in .

csdms.Trade Licenses Fixation of License fees trade.in .conflux. Sub-trade Turnover wise Demand Collection Issue & Cancellation of licenses Renewal certificates Closure of trade Reports License Certificate License Register Demand collection & Balance Trade wise registers Defaulters list www.

conflux. REPORTING List of applications pending sanction Acquittance roll.csdms. disbursement of Pensions (Old Age. Widow. Summary Reports and fund details Sanction & Disbursement status www.in . Disabled & Weaver pensions ) Accepting applications/ requisitions Online disbursement of pensions Linkage to MPHs data and SSIDs for verifying beneficiaries data.Sanction.

Gram Panchayat Works .conflux.in .csdms.SGRY Works ( Special Component) .Eleventh Finance Commission Works .Individual Sanitary Latrine Works www.Works Monitoring for .State Finance Commission Works .SGRY Works ( Stream II) .

A Comprehensive View of GramPanchayat Finance Information Model Web Retrieval Information of the Collection Particulars Web Retrieval Information of the Expenditure Particulars State Level Accounting Compilation District Level Accounting Compilation Mandal Level Accounting Compilation Mandal Level Accounting Compilation Grampanchayat Accounting Information at GramPanchayat Level .

conflux.csdms.in .Information Services Counselling Services Certification Services Authentication Services Education Services Marketing Services Online Applications Payment Services C2G C2C C2B www.

000 houses www.Step-5 Pilot implementation of ePanchayat Ramachandrapuram Village Medak District A.in .conflux.P.csdms. Covering Population More than 50.000 and nearly 7.

csdms.conflux. Ramachandrapuram (pilot project near Hyderabad ) 2. Madhurawada (Near Visakhapatnam) 4.in . Ananthapur Rural 3. Nandikotkoor (Near Kurnool) 6. Kuppam (Chittoor District) 5.Step-6 More (several) pilot implementations (upto 50) 1. Yedida (East Godavari District) e-panchayat is already operationalised in about 40 Panchayats in various districts of Andhra Pradesh www.

in .Step-7 Roll out (and Training) of ePanchayat implementation to 500 Panchayats Andhra Pradesh Government has declared to rollout e-panchayat in 475 selected major panchayats in Andhra Pradesh www.csdms.conflux.

Will be taken care by the NIC State Units of below states.conflux.csdms. (Software is already installed in various states) Pilots are planned in Major States such as : Uttar Pradesh Tamilnadu Uttaranchal Meghalaya and other North Eastern States Orissa Gujarat Rajasthan West Bengal www.in .Nation-wide rollout plan and Software Supply to various states Customization for local language and local Act.

in .csdms.Thank You www.conflux.

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