The Windy Story

The wind has four children. The eldest one is the South wind. He is called Vayu. He is very powerful and strong. The second brother is the North Wind called Hawa. He is very naughty and he can bring cold air from the great Himalayas. The third brother is the West wind named Vara. He is playful and strong but he used to cause trouble to people. They have a baby sister, the East wind and she is called Maushami. She is shy and soft spoken and she likes to play with children when they fly kites. As they were all a little afraid of Vayu Dada, the three were playing with each other on a nice sunny day. The day was beautiful, children were playing outside and everyone felt good. Maushami loved the day and was happy but soon her brothers Hawa and Vara made her upset.

Hawa entered a little girl’s home and broke her toy. She started crying and began to shiver due to cold.

When Vara saw the children playing on the ground, he started moving in circles so fast that he shook trees and scattered dry leaves and dust on all the children. They had to run back to their homes and their mothers won’t let them go out to play again. Seeing the fallen and broken branches of the trees, Maushami began to sob softly. She did not want to play anymore and started to go back. Now the brothers were very fond of their sister and were sorry. So they begged her to stay. They promised that they will be good.

To please her, Hawa collected lots of pretty flowers for her. When they saw some children making paper boats, Vara helped them to sail by gently blowing on the pond water.

Now Maushami was relieved and she watched and played sitting on a soft cloud. Thus she and her naughty brothers had a great day.
Tanvi Pophali , Age 10 years

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