Sharkey and Bluey

Once there were two friends called Sharkey and Bluey.

Once Sharkey saw a man swimming in the sea

Sharkey pounced on him and said, I shall call my friend. When Bluey came Sharkey said I have hunted this man will you share him with me. Bluey said I can’t eat such a small hunt. I need thousands of fishes. The man said if you leave me I will tell you about a magical fish she is filled of 999 fishes. And then bluey thought if I leave this man I could eat the magical fish. The man showed them the fish and swam away. He was happy because no one ate him. Bluey and Sharkey hid behind the cave where fishes were having a birthday party. When fishes time had come to cut the cake, she went to take out the cake from the box. But the fish had magic so she realized someone was waiting to pounce on her. She played loud music suddenly and bluey and sharkey got scared. The magical fish and the rest swam away.

Sharkey and bluey learnt a lesson! They had lost the man and also the fish! The end!!!!!!!

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