IRST Programme v13 | High Frequency | Ionosphere

The IET 12th International Conference on Ionospheric Radio Systems and Techniques

15-17 May 2012 | Royal York Hotel, York, UK

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Registration and refreshments


Conference chair’s welcome and introduction Professor Les Barclay, Barclay Associates Ltd, UK

Session 1: Sounding and spectrum management
Session chair: Karl-Arne Markström, ÅF Consulting (Ångpanneföreningen), Sweden


O1.1 New oblique sounders for ionospheric research N K Jackson-Booth1, P S Cannon1,2, M Bradley3, P A Arthur1, 1QinetiQ, UK, 2University of Birmingham, UK, 3Roke Manor Research, UK O1.2 Spectral occupancy of fixed and mobile allocations within the high frequency band D I Warner1, S Bantseev2, N Serinken2, 1Department of National Defence, Canada, 2 Communications Research Centre, Canada Refreshments, poster sessions and networking opportunity



Session 2: Cognitive radio and spectrum occupancy
Session chair: Yvon Erhel, Les Écoles de St Cyr Coëtquidan, France


O2.1 "Cognitive Radios" and their relevance to HF radio systems A K Shukla1, N K Jackson-Booth1, P C Arthur1, 1QinetiQ, UK O2.2 Efficiency improvement of HF communications using cognitive radio principles L Melián-Gutiérrez1, S Zazo2, J L Blanco-Murillo2, I Pérez-Álvarez1, A García-Rodríguez1, B Pérez-Díaz1, 1Universidad de Las Palmas de G.C., Spain, 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain



Keynote 1
Wideband HF: Rationale, strategy, and prospects W N Furman1, 1Harris Corporation, USA


Lunch, poster sessions and networking opportunity

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UK 09:15 O4. 1 Universidad de Las Palmas de G. V Félix1. Russia 09:40 .6 Optimizations for efficient and transparent use of IP applications over HF links I Icart1. France Conference chair’s final remarks and close of day one 16:10 16:35 17:00 Wednesday. L Melián-Gutiérrez1. Petersburg State University.2 HF propagation modelling within the polar ionosphere J S Naylor1.5 Selection of CSI-based precoding techniques in the HF channel J López-Pérez1. I Pérez-Álvarez1.1 Analysis of Chilton ionosonde critical frequency measurements during solar cycle 23 in the context of mid-latitude HF NVIS frequency predictions M C Walden1.C.4 Optimization of ARQ parameters of STANAG 5066 for the HFDVL modem I Raos2.2.C.. J López-Pérez1. A F R Gillespie1. poster sessions and networking opportunity 14:25 14:50 15:15 15:45 O3. UK 14:00 O3. 1University of Leicester. 1 Universidad de Las Palmas de G. UK.3 Modelling 2G and 3G ALE: a quantitative comparison D Tait1. Sweden O3. 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.1 Simulated performance of the STANAG 4538 HF transmission standard J Le Masson1. UK. UK O4.. Spain O3. A J Stocker1. I Pérez-Álvarez1. Spain. S Zazo2. N Y Zaalov2. 1Thales Group. 2St.Session 3: ALE and coding Session chair: John Milsom. 1Combitech. France O3. 1Thales UK Ltd. 2University of Bristol. B Pérez-Díaz1. B Pérez-Díaz1. 16 May 2012 Session 4: Prediction Session chair: Marcus Walden. E M Warrington1. 1Saint-Cyr Military Academy. S E Trinder1. Spain. 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Plextek. 1Plextek Ltd.2 Results from field tests of STANAG 4538 H Bergzén1. Y M Erhel1. S Zazo2. I Raos2. Spain O3. UK Refreshments. L Melián-Gutiérrez1. A R Mamane1.

UK O4. J L Sanz-González1. Qinetiq. E Jiménez-Yguácel2. Spain. J López-Pérez2. UK 13:35 O5. 1Barclay Associates Ltd. J L Sanz-González2. B Pérez-Díaz2. Germany O5. L MeliánGutiérrez2.C. 2Rockwell Collins. 2Universidad de Las Palmas de G. 1Harris Corporation.5 Wideband HF over-the-air performance test results M B Jorgenson1. Canada. 3 Fraunhofer Institute IIS. Spain. USA 11:25 11:50 Keynote 2 Global Navigation Satellite Systems and the ionosphere C Mitchell1.3 A practical method of calculating delay spread from VOACAP predictions A J Stocker1. R Koch3. L MeliánGutiérrez1. I Pérez-Álvarez2. 1Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.10:05 O4. E M Warrington1. 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. J W Nieto1..3 Analog mitigation of out of band strong interferers in wide band acquisition for multiband HF transmissions S Zazo2. I Pérez-Álvarez1. J-Y Bernier2.4 Spatial domain mitigation of out of band strong interferers in HF wide band acquisition using analog beamforming principles S Zazo1. 2Thales Group. S Pudlewski2. UK 12:30 Lunch. Belgium. R W Nelson2. S Chen2.. UK Refreshments.4 Outstanding problems for the probabilistic prediction of the performance of HF terrestrial services L W Barclay1. USA 14:00 14:25 14:50 15:20 15:45 .C. 2State University of New York.2 Design and demonstration of a very high data rate multimedia HF communication system I Icart1. 1University of Bath. Spain O5. USA. 1University of Leicester. 1Rockwell Collins. 1Universidad de Las Palmas de G. USA O5.1 Design concepts for a wideband HF ALE capability W N Furman1. Spain Refreshments. poster sessions and networking opportunity 10:35 11:00 O4. 1Thales Group. B Pérez-Díaz1. 1Harris Corporation. France. T Melodia2. J López-Pérez1. poster sessions and networking opportunity Session 5: Wideband systems Session chair: Matthew Angling. poster sessions and networking opportunity O5. R Elmostadi1.5 Network simulation for advanced HF communications engineering E Koski1. E Koski1.

S. Petersburg State University. 1Nottingham Geospatial Institute. V L Frolov2. UK O6. Russia. 1St. W N Furman1. University of Bath. I A Bolotin2. USA Conference chair’s final remarks and close of day two 16:35 17:00 17:25 18:30 Drinks and reception dinner (registration via the IRST website) Thursday. G P Komrakov2. 17 May 2012 Session 6: Transionospheric Session chair: Cathryn Mitchell. MIL-STD-188-110C appendix D wideband HF data waveforms W N Furman1. S A Kalashnikova1. B Y Krysanov1.1 Total electron content mapping using Global Navigation Satellite Systems V E Kunitsyn1. A M Padokhin1. Lomonosov Moscow State University.7 Improved data rate robustness of U.and low-orbital Satellite Navigation Systems. V.1 Study of artificial ionospheric disturbances produced by HF-heating at mid-latitudes with high. MIL-STD-188-110C appendix D wideband HF waveforms J W Nieto1.S. E S Andreeva1. Radio Propagation Services. 2 Radiophysical Research Institute. 2Rockwell Collins.6 Wideband HF over-the-air test results for ARQ & networking data transport R W Nelson1.3 Two-time. 1 Lomonosov Moscow State University. I A Nesterov1.16:10 O5. Russia . Russia O6. USA O5. V E Kunitsyn1. UK 09:00 O6. 1Harris Corporation. two-frequency coherency of the stochastic field in characterization of the transionospheric UHF channel of propagation N N Zernov1. 1M. USA 10:45 O7. M B Jorgenson2. Canada O5. USA. poster sessions and networking opportunity 09:25 09:50 10:15 Session 7: Mapping and modelling Session chair: John Goodman. M O Nazarenko1. M Aquino1.8 Latest on-air testing of U. Russia Refreshments. 1Harris Corporation. E Teterin1. 1Rockwell Collins.2 Impact of ionospheric scintillation on GNSS receiver tracking performance over Latin America V Sreeja1. J W Nieto1. A M Padokhin1. E S Andreeva1.

France O8. S D Gunashekar2. UK P03 Estimation of ionospheric layer heights and velocities using available DRM P04 The "Saint Petersburg" effect. O Y Pelevin1. UK 1 British Geological Survey. M Ghogho3. UK. Nordic Radio Society. UK Comfort break 11:35 12:00 Session 8: MIMO Session chair: Carl-Henrik Walde. 1The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. J López-Pérez1. N M Abbasi2. A S Ogar1. UK P05 Real-time prediction of quality of binary message transmission via radiolinks using a channel simulation model B G Barabashov1.. 2Chevron upstream P02 Anomalous ground wave tilt measured over wet ground 1 1 M J Underhill . B Nava1. Europe. UK O8. 1Durham University. Russia . S M Feeney1.11:10 O7.2 Total electron content modelling for trans-ionosphere propagation applications S M Radicella1. UK. Underhill Research Ltd. 3 University of Leeds. anomalous performance of a medium wave broadcast antenna P A Ede1.3 Experimental results on multicarrier SIMO HF communications I Pérez-Álvarez1.2 Experimental investigations of MIMO in the HF band S Salous1. Sweden 12:10 O8. E Jiménez-Yguácel1.1 First experiments of a HF MIMO system with polarization diversity P M Ndao1. M Oger1. 1Underhill Research Ltd. 1South Federal University. Morocco Prize giving and close of conference Lunch. 1IETR Université de Rennes. poster sessions and networking opportunity 12:35 13:00 13:25 13:35 Poster Sessions P01 Interpolation of magnetic and electric fields using spherical elementary current systems C D Beggan1. Y M Erhel2.3 Upper ionosphere plasma FDTD formulation for inter-satellite link analysis S A Malik1. Y Migoya-Orue1. Italy O7. UK signals M J Underhill1. T Vladimirova1. E M Warrington2. 2University of Leicester. E M Warrington1. 2Centre de Recherches des Ecoles de Coetquidan Saint-Cyr.4. J Le Masson2. 1Radiowave Technology. S Zazo2. 1 Universidad de Las Palmas de G. S A McLay2. 4International University of Rabat.C. Spain. France. Spain. 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. 1University of Leicester. B Pérez-Díaz1. D Lemur1. UK.

Russia 1 Southern Federal . L Melián-Gutiérrez1. J López-Pérez1. University.P06 Theory and practice for modelling the broadband acquisition in HF transmissions B Pérez-Díaz1. Spain. 1Universidad de Las Palmas de G. T Thing Quang1. E Jiménez-Yguácel1. 2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. T V Nikitenko1.C. Spain P07 HF radio wave propagation in conditions of prolonged low solar activity O A Maltseva1.. N S Mozhaeva1. S Zazo2. I Pérez-Álvarez1.

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