The end will be sudden

Third world war: Nature’s Revenge

The Second World War has been done away with quite a long time back and we all have forgotten it. At times, there is an odd programme on Hitler shown on History channel which no one bothers about. We all have our own lives, our prerogatives, our pubs, our shopping malls; our shrewdness, our culture, our nationalities etc and we all seem to be very busy. The end result – well we have missed out on two most important things which we really have to be concerned with. One is our planet Earth and the second is…. Guess what? Ourselves, of course. We don’t look inwards at what we are and what stupid things we do. We carry on the same garb of “superior than thou”, “holier than thou” and act outwards, without realizing that outward world is merely such suspense thriller, the end of which we all know. What I really wish to say is something which someone will say as “stark pessimism” and it is actually a pessimistic essay, as pessimism is inevitable as destruction of the world is inevitable, in the next 50 years. The calamities might as well start in the next 5-8 years. Some have already started, if we see the recent climate changes in India and other south East Asian countries. If you ask me the reason, here are the following: Killing of Habitat The Human being has destroyed the resources which were given to nurture him (him includes her also, hope I don’t get caught on gender inequality) by the nature. Tons of trees have been killed mercilessly, to give us the fuel and the paper and what not. It has created disharmony in the habitat. The human being has also killed innumerable animals, although it doesn’t bring any such ecological disaster but it talks about who we are and how much respect has been given to our planet. Animals only resort to killing human beings when they are hungry or in cases where they are provoked. Also, the way global warming is increasing and major glaciers melting slowly and slowly, there would be more Tsunamis and Earthquakes. We live everywhere, even on

the hills, which are meant to be without any big construction. This would all lead to natural disasters and so many coastal cities might as well get submerged into water, including cities like Mumbai. Resources Vs Population Today, the world’s population has increased into the level of “Population Explosion” and there is so much burden on our planet. It definitely has led to depletion of resources and we have a severe crisis of water on our planet, especially in Africa and South Asia. It has also led to more infrastructure, more buildings, more of concrete in our lives and less of forest cover all across the world. With massive urbanization and migration to city life, even farmers are reluctant to carry on the business of farming. In poor countries like India, when the rural folk cant adjust to city lives and are not meaningfully employed, they resort to crimes and then it effects the social fabric. Massive urbanization with huge population sizes is an area of grave concern. Aircrafts and Missiles Does anybody ever think that necessary nuisances like Aircrafts and Missiles also work against the very nature of planet Earth? I do. Just imagine an Aircraft’s landing. It has tonnes of weight and it lands with a thud, releasing a lot of energy. The impact goes down to the Earth crust also and millions of micro-organisms die with each and every landing. Research also shows that Aircrafts are also responsible for a lot of Global warming as they release too much of energy, creating heat and invariably contributing to Global warming. Global Terrorism The worst part of the humanity is the urge to kill cohabitants of mother earth, for some utopian dream or with a perception that some “man made” religion is in danger. Nothing can be sillier and stupid than this menace. After the break-up of USSR, a lot of nuke arsenal has gone into the hands of “rogue” countries in Central Asia. The fear is that people like Bin Laden and company would like to use Nuclear weapons against US and its allies, the repercussions of which would be felt all across the globe.

There are a lot of other factors which are contributing to the disaster. If earth stretches for even a fraction of a millimeter, there can be hundreds of calamities. Can you think that how miraculously our Mother earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun simultaneously, without tiring. What are we doing to let this remain as it is? Just nothing. When there will be big calamity, then there will be no life, no family, no shrewd business deals, no false egos, no pubs, no attitude problems, no corporate buzzwords, no movies, no religions, no caste, no politics, no drama, no cheating, no hatred, no rains, no television, no cuisines, no cruises, no flights, nothing. Just nothing. The theory of Karma says that whatever we sow, we reap. It is exactly what I am talking about. It is said that a meteoroid struck the earth millions of years back, resulting in the disappearance of dinosaurs. This time, it’s the nature which will take revenge and it can happen anytime. Sadly, there is no solution in view. This is the best time for us to be good human beings. This will carry us through any disaster, any calamity. When you pray to your God, pray for your Mother earth, everyday!