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2010 Biology Past Exam Paper Answers: Q22b) Humans have a negative impact on biodiversity but in this case

the development of the anti-malaria drug has led to a new form of malaria that is more resistance to the vaccination. This has increased the biodiversity of the malaria disease. Q23a) Hybridisation is used to create an offspring or species with selected characteristics. For example the new hello generation wheat had many favourable features from a variety of wheat species to make it most suitable for the Australian climate. Q23b) The new generation wheat is a hybrid form of wheat that was produced especially for Australian wheat farmers. A social advantage is the wheat was made to have the excellent baking properties of the English wheat, allowing the food made from this wheat to taste better. A social disadvantage would be a possible increase of price as this wheat is considered premium. A environmental advantage is that the wheat is resistant to many diseases, meaning there is less need to pesticides and herbicides. A environmental disadvantage is that there will be a decline in the variety of wheat species as other species will become obsolete. Q24) Independent Variable: The amount of fresh oxygen available (A degree of the opening of the window). Control: Window closed and fully open Variable 1: The amount of people in the room will alter the amount of oxygen absorbed by each person as the more people in the room, the less oxygen available to each person Variable 2: Activity level of the people, because the more active they are, the less concentration of oxygen. How to measure oxygen saturation: Pulse Oximeter Q25a) we used a scalpel to cut a cross section of a celery stick and we used a scalpel because it was the best item available to cut a clean piece of celery. We used a light microscope to view the section of xylem tissue because magnifying it would be the only way of seeing the whole section. Q26) Increasing the price of cigarettes will only stop a small amount of people from smoking because although it may cost more, its a addiction and they will find some other way of getting the money. Since the smoking directly negatively affects the lungs and in turn is the main cause for lung cancer, the incidence of lung cancer cases will drop, but not by a significant amount as people will still smoke regardless of the increase in price. Q27 Ai) Bird Flu disease. The prevention of all possible infected animals and people from entering Australia with strict rules and regulations.

Aii) New pests and insects. By quarantining all plants, organic material or foods that enter through customs to ensure no new animals or insects are introduced into Australia. b) By actively quarantining all plant, food or organic material that is brought into Australia, we can make sure that no new insects or pest are introduced into our environment. Q28) a) Non-self antigen b) The diagram is effective in showing the reason for the rejection of donated organ because it shows that donated organs will display non-self antigens on their exterior, resulting in the recipients immune system recognizing the organ as foreign and doing everything possible to kill it. c) Killer t cell: Directly kills foreign materials by excreting a toxin to kill it. Helper t cells: produce antibodies that work to kill the foreign material. Q31) e) Our eyes are responsible for detecting sights and depth perception. With two eyes that are directed forward, our brain is able to see a 3D image and allows us to have depth perception. We can have depth perception because while one eye looks at one view of the image, the other eye will see another view, and its up to the brain to then translate those two different images and produce a 3D image. 3D glasses help our brains to translate the two different images that is produced on the screen. Sound shadows is our bodies way of determining where sound is coming from and surround sound systems take advantage of this process where the ears hear a sound, as depending on how much each ear is hearing, the brain will then be able to determine where the sound is coming from.